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Chapter 1240: Opening of the Remains

Xiao Yan was suspended in the night sky. His eyes looked towards the spot where the black shadow had disappeared towards. He frowned slightly. This person did not directly exchange blows with him. Therefore, he was unable to probe the other party's strength. However, that unusual green light caused him to feel some danger.

"I wonder where this person has come from. Why did she attack Zi Yan?"

Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. Currently, an increasing number of experts were attracted to the ancient remains. There was an unknown number of hidden experts amongst them. It seemed that they really needed to be careful during this trip.


A couple wind splitting sound suddenly appeared while Xiao Yan was in deep thought. Immediately, a couple of figures swiftly rushed over. Their bodies paused when they were passing by. Their sharp eyes swept over Xiao Yan.

"There is the aura from that person here. Do we need to bring these people back for interrogation?"

The few figures paused. A fierce looking young man's nose twitched slightly. His eyes contained a fierce glint as he suddenly looked towards Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan's eyes carefully observed these four people, who had appeared. All of their auras were quite strong. Three amongst them had reached the peak of the Dou Zong class. The one leading them was already in the Dou Zun class. An obvious dark and chilly aura lingered over them, causing one to be afraid of slighting them."

"Members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe?"

Xiao Yan swept his eyes before pausing them on the special vertical pupils of these people. He narrowed his eyes as he muttered to himself within his heart.

"That scent has fled into the mountain forest. It is likely that she has exchanged blows with this person…"

The gray robed old leader glanced at Xiao Yan in a hesitant manner. He could sense that the latter was also an elite Dou Zun. It was best not to cause any additional trouble at this moment. Hence, he shook his head and directly turned his eyes towards the mountain forest, where the black shadow had disappeared towards. He waved his hand and said, "Chase!"

He took the lead to move after uttering those words. His body transformed into a black shadow that rushed towards the forest. The three large men, with a murderous aura all over their bodies, closely followed from behind.

"The tribe members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python are a little overbearing…"

Xiao Yan sent off this group with his eyes while laughing coldly within his heart. If his strength was a little weaker today, it was likely that these people would really choose to bring him back first before talking.

"Looks like the black shadow person from earlier should be the mysterious person, who has turned the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe upside down recently. However, why would she attack Zi Yan?"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment while carrying this doubt within his heart. After which, he turned around and return to the mountain top. At this moment, everyone on the mountain top had already been awaken due to the unexpected situation from earlier. Little Fairy Doctor's group hurriedly went forward to meet Xiao Yan upon seeing the latter's return.

Xiao Yan landed and explained the matter earlier. Everyone had stunned faces when they heard that the attacker earlier was the mysterious killer, who had caused an uproar recently.

"Doesn't that fellow purposefully target the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe? Why has she suddenly placed her focus on Zi Yan?" Little Fairy Doctor knitted her brows slightly and softly asked.

Xiao Yan also shook his head. He glanced at Zi Yan and laughed, "Perhaps the other party has treated this girl as a Nine Serene Deep Ground Python…"

"Pooh, who would be those smelly large snakes." Zi Yan curled her mouth. She immediately rubbed her brows and a solemn expression flashed across her small face. She said, "When the green light from that fellow shone over earlier, I feel like I was almost controlled by it. However, it is fortunate that I have the protection from my bloodline. Even though I will not be completely controlled by her, I will still lose my defensive ability for a short period of time."

Xiao Yan's group was clearly startled when they heard these words. Zi Yan had merely come into a single contact with the black shadow person earlier. Yet she was actually nearly controlled by the other party?"

"This person is really strange. She is actually able to control one's mind. Since when did such a mysterious expert appear in the Central Plains? Why have I never heard of such a person before?" Tian Huo zun-zhe frowned and said.

"Damnit, I will definitely burst her head the next time the old me meet her. If anything happen to this little grandaunt, the old me will also get into trouble." Xiong Zhan cursed.

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. He exchanged looks with Little Fairy Doctor and softly said, "Zi Yan should avoid running around during this period of time. She will follow beside us. This person is too strange. Moreover, she has an unknown origin. We must not allow her to gain any opportunity. Base on my guess, those experts from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, who had disappeared, have likely been controlled by her…"

"What?" Everyone's faces paled from shock when these words sounded. There were some Dou Zun class experts from amongst those Nine Serene Deep Ground Python experts that had disappeared. If that person was even able to control a Dou Zun, that would be a little to terrifying.

"Originally, I am able to stop her. However, an elite Dou Zun has stopped me at the critical moment. That elite Dou Zun's Dou Qi is tilted towards the dark and chilly side. It is similar to the expert from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe earlier. Therefore…" Xiao Yan voiced his thoughts.

"This kind of ability to control others is something that I have never heard before. Even some of those sonic Dou Technique that could confuse one's mind would have difficulty completely controlling an elite Dou Zun." Little Fairy Doctor shook her head and said.

Xiao Yan also nodded. This world was indeed filled with mysteries. It was likely that the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe would suffer greatly by provoking such a mysterious person.

"Everyone should be more careful during these few days. The ancient remains will open the day after tomorrow. At that time, we will enter it at the earliest possible time. Otherwise, things will be troublesome if the Soul Baby Fruit ends up being taken by someone first." Xiao Yan looked all around him and spoke in a deep voice.


Everyone replied in usion upon hearing this.

After that night's chaos, no other unexpected situation occurred. The sea of people on the Bone Mountain Range multiplied. The noise similar charge into the clouds. Countless number of people were waiting for the ancient remains to open…

Two days quietly flowed by like the sand between one's fingers amidst this anticipation from the tens of thousands of gazes…

By the time a ray of morning light scattered down from the sky and broke through the darkness covering the mountain range two days later, the mountain range, which had become a little quiet, had basically erupted into an earth-shaking liveliness in an instant. Rushing wind sound appeared from all directions. Numerous human figures rushed towards the middle of the mountain range like locust.

Xiao Yan's group on the mountain top was also fully prepared. Due to the entry into the ancient remains being too dangerous, only Xiao Yan's small group would be entering it. The disciples from the Falling Star Pavilion and the two Elders would remain here and wait for them.

Although many felt regretful at not being able to enter this rarely seen ancient remains, no one objected to Xiao Yan's order. Currently, the latter had gradually established his own prestige within the Falling Star Pavilion.

Xiao Yan stood at the side of the mountain top and looked at the human figures from all directions. He involuntarily shook his head. It was unexpected that this ancient remains actually had such a frightening attraction.

"Let's go."

Xiao Yan did not hesitate much. He waved his hand and his body took the lead to transform into a ray of light that rushed towards the middle of the mountain range. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest followed closely behind him.

At this moment, a liveliness that was quite shocking had undoubtedly erupted in the Bone Mountain Range. The origin of these lifeforce was the countless number of human figures flying in the air. Under this kind of frightening atmosphere, even the kind of dark and cold aura unique to the Bone Mountain Range had been forcefully diminished.

With Xiao Yan's exceptional perception, he could sense those vague aura around the mountain range, which had been silent for a long time, beginning to move at this moment. They turned into numerous rays of light that hurried to the mountain top.

"This ancient remains is truly going to have an intense fight…"

Even Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed softly upon sensing the strength of these aura. The difficulty of trying to successfully obtain the Tian class Dou Technique in front of these many experts was quite large.

It was not difficult to imagine just what kind of earth-shaking bloody battle would erupt in this Bone Mountain Range in order to obtain the Tian class Dou Technique…

The mountain peak that Xiao Yan''s group was at was already near the middle of the mountain range. Hence, after a mere couple of minutes, a distorted space appeared in front of their group's eyes.

Xiao Yan's body moved as he watched the distorted space a short distance in front of him. He landed on a gigantic tree. After sweeping his eyes, he finally realised that this place had a five hundred kilometre large basin. However, the current basin had already been filled by countless number of dense bones. Looking from a distance, the sea of dense white bones appeared quite glaring. It caused one to feel as though one's pores would stand…

At this moment, some densely packed human figures stood around the sea of bones. Numerous heated eyes stared intently at the distorted space within the sea of bones. Once that spatial seal disappear, countless number of people would surge in continuously like a great wave.

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over the surrounding sea of people. After which, it paused over some areas. His eyes were a little solemn. After a brief glance, he discovered that there were at least five elite three stars Dou Zun.

"A Tian class Dou Technique does indeed possess an endless allure. Even elite Dou Zuns are unable to withstand this allure…"

Xiao Yan sighed softly in his heart. He also possessed some desire towards the Tian class Dou Technique. However, he also understood within his heart just how difficult it was to successfully snatch the Tian class Dou Technique from this kind of place. The possessor of it would be a magnet for trouble. Even if an elite Dou Zun was to obtain the Tian class Dou Technique, whether he could successfully leave this Bone Mountain Range would also be a question.

"I wonder whether my Annihilation Lotus Flame or the Tian class Dou Technique is stronger?" Xiao Yan blinked his eyes. A curiosity also rose within his heart.


This entire sky suddenly erupted into a slight ripple while Xiao Yan was quietly thinking within his heart. The eyes of countless number of people suddenly turned towards the sea of Bones. Some ripples had already been formed in the space there.

The ancient remains was finally going to see the light of day again…

Chapter 1241: Enemies Appearing Together


Water flow like splashing sound was emitted when the space became extremely distorted. As this sound spread, the rippling of the entire space also became increasingly intense.


Looking at the energy seal, which was becoming increasingly illusory under the ripple, the eyes of the countless number of people outside of the sea of bones suddenly had a bright redness appearing within them. Even their breathing had become a lot rougher. They slowly used a greater amount of strength on their hands, which were holding on to their weapons.

Xiao Yan's eyes were narrowed as he looked at the increasingly distorted space. Amidst the strange splashing sound, he could sense a wave of extremely frightening energy ripple. This kind of ripple was unusually fierce. It was just like a volcano that was suppressed at the crust. There was a kind of crazy gushing feeling to it.


Another strange crushing sound appeared. The distorted space suddenly became still. Immediately one could hear a strange 'bang' sound. The distorted space was actually blasted into countless of spatial fragments with a 'clang' sound, appearing just like fragile glass.

"Charge. The ancient remains has been opened!"

The moment the spatial seal was blasted apart, the eyes of the countless number of human figures around the sea of bones immediately turned bright red. Their throat emitted a low and deep greedy roar. Their bodies became just like locust flying by as they rushed explosively towards the middle of the sea of bones.

"Withdraw quickly!"

Compared to these people, who simply simply charge forward, Xiao Yan's expression changed when the space burst apart. He grabbed Zi Yan beside him and his toes pressed on the tree branch. After which, his body suddenly pulled backwards. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also reacted quickly. They immediately pulled back without any hesitation.

While Xiao Yan's group was pulling back, there were also quite a number of human figures from the surrounding large trees suddenly pulling back. Clearly, they had also discovered something.

During the time that Xiao Yan's group was rushing back, the spatial seal fragments that had been formed from the blast suddenly paused. Immediately, one could hear a loud 'bang'. A wild and violent spatial strength that would cause even an elite Dou Zun to feel their heart palpitate, swept in all directions like a storm. Those who were the fastest to charge forward were the first to be struck by it. Within the blink of an eye, they were swallowed by the storm. Immediately, sharp miserable cries resounded on this sea of bones in a ripple like manner.

The wild and violent spatial ripple annihilated those people charging at the front like it was cutting wheat. Some of those experts towards the back had also finally discovered that something was not quite right. Hence, the originally forward charging sea of people immediately turned around and fled in a miserable manner. The sea of bones appeared unusually chaotic at that moment.


Due to there being some distance, the spatial storm was no longer able to cause any damage to Xiao Yan's group by the time it had spread over. At this moment, the couple of them finally sighed in relief. Their eyes swept over the place and saw countless number of figures rolling on the ground and screaming miserably. Bright red fresh blood dyed a large portion of the dense white sea of bones.

"What a frightening spatial seal. It actually still possess such a frightening offensive strength even after so many years. This is indeed worthy of being the remains left by an elite Dou Sheng…"

A surprised expression surfaced on the face of Little Fairy Doctor's group when they saw the destructive force that this spatial ripple had created.

"Let's go… these fellows are too anxious. They deserve to be unlucky."

Xiao Yan smiled. He waved his hand and his body transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sea of bones. At the same time, the many experts, who had successfully dodge the spatial ripple earlier, also moved their bodies, transforming into numerous blurry figures that rushed into the sea of bones.

The sea of bones was extremely vast. Only after Xiao Yan's group had rushed in did they discover that there was a towering mountain peak like large contour vaguely present within the sea of bones. Looking from a distance, it was as though there was an ancient fierce beast creeping under the sea of bones, causing one's heart to feel startled.

Xiao Yan's group flying speed had involuntarily slowed greatly upon seeing the large contour. From the earlier spatial storm, they understood that this place was not a friendly one. If they were not careful, it was possible for them to even lose their lives in this place.

Following their gradual approach, the white fog that was suspended within the sea of bones also gradually become thinner. That enormous thing also finally appeared in front of Xiao Yan's group sight.

It was a large hall. It was a ten thousand feet large hall that appeared to be like a little mountain. Compared with this kind of large hall, the branch hall of the Hall of Soul that Xiao Yan saw the last time had become unusually tiny. A feeling of being tiny would suddenly be formed when one looked at this enormous thing that stood in this place.

The large hall was bright red in colour. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though a flame was rising from it, appearing exceptionally glaring amidst this dense white sea of bones.

The surrounding experts were similarly absent minded because of the vast size of this bright red large hall It was a long while later before they recovered. They looked at each other and saw some shaken expression in each other's eyes. It was indeed worthy of being a place left behind by a Dou Sheng. This grandness was indeed sufficiently majestic and mighty.

"Swoosh swoosh!"

Numerous figures gradually reduced their speeds before halting a hundred metres from the bright red large hall. The large hall appeared even larger when standing at this place. At a glance, the top of the hall appeared to reach into the clouds.

"No wonder it must be covered by a spatial seal. Such a vast hall would be a glaring existence no matter where it was placed…"

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head when he watched this bright red large hall. He led everyone to slowly land a hundred metres away. That elite Dou Sheng from the ancient times would actually build such an enormous remains. It was likely that he possessed quite a rich foundation. It seemed that this trip would not be wasted.

At this moment, many experts outside the bright red large hall continuously arrived. However, no one chose to to take the lead in stepping into the hundred metre radius. Those who could arrive at this place were all people from large factions or who possessed great ability. Naturally, no one would be foolish enough to be the one leading the herd at this moment…

Since these people were not anxiou, Xiao Yan was naturally not anxious. It was likely that only a fool would believe that such a rich treasure did not have any defensive measures.

While Xiao Yan was crossing his arms over his chest and waiting quietly, he suddenly sensed a pair of icy cold eyes being shot over. His brows was immediately lifted. He turned his gaze and immediately focused it on the origin of those icy cold eyes.

The owner of those icy cold eyes was a lady in colourful clothes. Her noble demeanor set her off in a manner that no ordinary person would dare to directly look at her. Her phoenix shape hair had also added some nobility to her demeanor.

"Feng Qing Er?"

Xiao Yan's fingers could not resist rubbing against each other when he saw this familiar face. It was unexpected that he could see her in this place.

Quite a number of people were clustered beside Feng Qing Er. The people from the Wind Lightning Pavilion were amongst them. At this moment, this group of people had clearly discovered Xiao Yan's group. A densely cold expression flashed across their eyes.

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over this group of people. After which, they paused on a spot beside Feng Qing Er. There was a tall white haired man wearing bright clothes at that spot. The man was around thirty or so. However, this kind of age was undoubtedly young for the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.

This white haired man was extremely handsome. His smiling face caused him to appear like a blessed person. At one glance, it was possible to tell that he was not an ordinary person.

"Qing Er, is that the person whom you have said to have the essence demon phoenix blood?" At this moment, the white haired man also glanced at Xiao Yan and laughed in a faint voice.

"Yes. However, it is unexpected that after having only not meet him for a short couple of years, he had actually reached the Dou Zun class…" Feng Qing Er gritted her silver teeth and spoke unwillingly.

"Ke ke, Dou Zun huh… after this, you will also be able to receive the inheritance from the tribe. At that time, it is not impossible to breakthrough to the Dou Zun class." The white haired man smiled slightly and whispered, "As for that Xiao Yan, just leave him to me. Regardless of whether he possess the demon phoenix essence blood, we will know if we bring him back for an examination. Even if he had already swallowed the essence blood, we will also have a way to refine it from within his blood…"

Feng Qing Er nodded slightly. Although Xiao Yan had advanced to the Dou Zun class, she had quite a great confidence towards the person beside her. The latter had received the inheritance earlier than her and was extremely familiar in using the inherited strength. He could be ranked amongst the top ten even amongst all the younger generation within the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. It should not be too difficult to deal with Xiao Yan.

"Humph, there is a path to the Heavens which you refuse to take. Instead, you have choose to barge into hell, which does not have a road leading in. If you have remained in the Central Plains, I might not be able to do anything to you. However, you have delivered yourself here. In that case, do not blame this miss for accepting it…" A cold glint flashed across Feng Qing Er's pretty eyes as she laughed coldly within her heart.

In the face of this icy cold gaze that Feng Qing Er shot over, Xiao Yan merely took a glance at her before withdrawing his eyes. He could sense the killing intent of that white haired man towards him. Xiao Yan was only slightest surprised at the latter reaching the strength of a Dou Zun at such an age. The Heaven Demon Phoenix was not an ordinary Magical Beast. Being in possession of the Ancient Heaven Phoenix bloodline, they also possess many ways to greatly increase the strength of their tribe members. On the whole, however, this kind of strength that was obtained by relying on their inheritance, ultimately had some gap when compared with his strength, which was obtained from training. This kind of difference was not obvious when one looked at the surface. However, some clues would be revealed when one fought with others.

With Xiao Yan's current strength, he basically had the confidence of being victorious when meeting anyone from the younger generation as long as it was not some specially abnormal existence. Back then, this was the case with Yi Chen. Currently, it would be the same with this white haired young man…

Xiao Yan shifted his eyes from Feng Qing Er. He looked around him and the expression on his face became a little interesting. This was because he had actually discovered quite a number of familiar faces from the various large factions that had arrived from all directions. Moreover, there were quite a number amongst them that had a great enmity with Xiao Yan…

"Wind Lightning Pavilion, Heaven Demon Phoenix Tribe, Ice River Valley, Profound Xuan Sect…"

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over these factions with an enmity against him. In an instant, he involuntarily shook his head and sighed. This time around, he has really entered the wolves' nest…

Chapter 1242: Entering the Remains

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over those enemies from the past one after another. His heart also let out a wave of bitter laughter at this moment. It was unexpected that these fellows would all be here…

While Xiao Yan was watching this group of people, the latter had clearly also discovered his observation. Numerous eyes immediately turned over quickly. Their expressions underwent various respective changes.

"Humph, it is unexpected that we can still see this little brat here…" Bing He zun-zhe from the Ice River Valley stared at Xiao Yan. There was a densely cold glint vaguely flashing within his eyes. Back then, he could only withdraw because he was afraid of the Gu clan. Otherwise, Xiao Yan's group would have long since been successfully captured by him.

"Currently, all sorts of people have gathered here. If I have the chance after entering the remains, I might be able to attack. At that time, as long as I do it secretively, even the Gu clan would no longer be able to observe it…" Bing He zun-zhe gently turned the snow white Storage Ring on his finger. There was vaguely some killing intent surfacing on his face.

"It really is the case of enemies frequently crossing path. He is actually able to meet this brat in this place. Hei, without the protection of the Pill Tower, the old me really wished to see how you can do anything earthshaking!" A ferocious expression flashed across the face of the chief of the Profound Xuan Sect Zhen Tian Nan while he muttered quietly within his heart.

Although these fellows hid very well, the vaguely present killing intent was still sensed by Xiao Yan. He knitted his brows slightly and felt a little troublesome. He was unafraid if it was just one of these fellows alone. However, if they were to join hands, things would become a little troublesome.

"It is unexpected that I have unknowingly create so many enemies…"

Xiao Yan and Little Fairy Doctor exchange glances with each other. Their expressions were a little helpless. Originally, he did not intend to create so many enemies. However, due to various different reasons, he had ended up becoming enemies with these large factions. This was indeed something that he felt extremely helpless about.

"Hey, Xiao Yan? You are really here?"

A surprised delicate voice was suddenly transmitted from a short distance away while Xiao Yan was feeling helpless. Xiao Yan was startled. He raised his head, only to see a red dressed woman using a pair of beautiful large eyes to stare at him. The latter's beautiful appearance gave Xiao Yan a familiar feeling.

"Tang Huo Er?"

Xiao Yan's mind churned slightly and immediately recalled her. His brows was immediately raised. Since the young miss of the Burning Flame Valley had arrived, it was likely that the chief of the Burning Flame Valley, Tang Zhen, should also have come.

Xiao Yan's eyes turned as he thought in this manner within his heart. He immediately saw the red robed Tang Huo Er, who was beside Xiao Yan. The old man, who was fill of smiles, was surprisingly the chief of the Burning Flame Valley, Tang Zhen.

"Ke ke, young friend Xiao Yan, it has been a long time since we last met. You still appear as fine as you have always been."

Tang Zhen laughed in front of the eyes of many experts around the,. He led the experts from the Burning Flame Valley towards Xiao Yan, cupped his hands together and laughed.

"Valley chief Tang is too polite. You have become stronger with age during these few years that we have not met." Xiao Yan did not slight Tang Zhen as he hurriedly replied with a smile.

The Burning Flame Valley could be considered one of the higher ranked large faction within the Central Plains. Tang Zhen was also a renown expert. His action would naturally attract the notice of quite a number of people. Hence, Feng Qing Er, Bing He zun-zhe and the rest involuntarily knitted their brows when they saw this scene. None of them had expected that Xiao Yan would possess such a relationship.

"Within a short two years, you have not only become the champion of the Pill Gathering but has even advanced into the Dou Zun class. This swift speed cause even the old me to feel ashame." Tang Zhen acted as though he did not notice those gazes. His eyes swept over Xiao yan and sighed. What he had said were some heartfelt words. When he had met Xiao Yan for the first time back then, the latter had only just advanced into the Dou Zong class. However, the next time they had met, Xiao Yan had already successfully advance to a Dou Zun. This kind of training speed was indeed something that no one could match.

Xiao Yan did not reply to Tang Zhen's sigh. He merely smiled, changed the topic and laughed, "Has valley chief Tang also come because of the ancient remains this time around?"

"Ancient remains are quite rare and the things left behind by an elite Dou Sheng are even rarer. Since it the remains has appeared, I will naturally need to come and have an eye opener." Tang Zhen laughed. His gaze randomly swept around him. With his sharp old eyes, he was naturally able to tell that quite a number of big factions present had some enmity towards Xiao Yan.

"Young friend Xiao Yan, your current situation does not seem to be quite good?"

"My luck is bad." Xiao Yan waved his hand and spoke in a casual manner.

"Ke ke, if there is anything that you need help with after entering the remains, you can just ask me. Back then, you have helped the old me refine a Fire Bodhisattva Pill. The old me still owes you a favour." Tang Zhen softly replied.

"If it really comes until that stage, Xiao Yan will definite come and seek your help." Xiao Yan smiled slightly and gently nodded. The reason Tang Zhen was willing to help him offend these strong large factions was partly because of the favour from the pill refinement back then but a larger part was likely because of Xiao Yan's other identity. An eight star alchemist guru and the Pill Gathering champion.

An alchemist guru was an existence that many large faction would fight to draw over no matter where he was. A pill refinement favour might not be sufficient for Tang Zhen to step forward at this moment. However, if one added this alchemist guru status, it would be sufficient.

The Xiao Yan from back then might not be truly viewed by Tang Zhen like an expert of the older generation. However, the current Xiao Yan already possessed the qualification to be viewed seriously by Tang Zhen.

Of course, it was difficult to tell whether things would develop to that stage. Although many powerful people were currently looking at Xiao Yan in a malicious manner, it would be difficult to say just who would win if they were to really engage in an all out fight. Moreover, all of these fellows wanted to obtain the Tian class Dou Skill from the remains. Hence, it was unlikely for them to engage in a bloody battle with Xiao Yan's group before they obtain the Tian class Dou Skill. After all, they still needed to preserve some strength to snatch the Tian class Dou Skill.

Additionally, if the Tian class Dou Skill eventually fell into their hands, they would have even less time to come and find trouble with Xiao Yan's group. This was because there would be an even larger number of people finding trouble with them… therefore, despite this situation appearing quite dangerous, it did not reach the point where Xiao Yan needed to beg for help.

Xiao Yan smiled as these thoughts flashed across his heart. He raised his head and swept his eyes once around him. Currently, the large hall had been occupied by a black mass of human sea. Moreover, base on the momentum, there seemed to be an endless human flow gathering here. Even though this was the case, no one dared to easily step into a hundred metre radius of the large hall.


This kind of stalemate continued for around ten minutes before the land suddenly trembled swiftly. The large hall, which had been void of any activity, suddenly created a loud rumbling sound. Immediately, everyone saw a bright red stone door that was weighed in tons suddenly being slowly opened. A dark black tunnel was revealed behind it.

"The entrance has been opened!"

The eyes of quite a number of people immediately reddened upon seeing this scene. Some people could not control themselves. They immediately moved their bodies and appeared outside of the tunnel within a couple of flashes. Immediately, they charged in amidst a loud laughter.

The sea of people immediately turned into an uproar when they saw someone leading the way. Numerous figures flashed swiftly as they charged into the tunnel. Looking at that manner, it seemed that they were afraid that the treasures inside would be snatch by others before them.

Compared to the recklessness of these people, Xiao Yan's group did not make any move. If it was so easy to barge into the remains left behind by an elite Dou Sheng, it would indeed be far too much like child's play.


The truth was indeed as Xiao Yan had expected. Soon after quite a number of people had charged into the tunnel, the dark black tunnel suddenly turned bright red. The hard ground was slowly split apart. After which, everyone saw bright red boiling hot lava spluttering out from within. At the same time, the walls of that spacious tunnel also suddenly spat out numerous demonic blue fire pillars. Anyone who touched these blue fire pills would be turned into a pile of ashes before they could even unleash a miserable screech.

This sudden unexpected change had basically caused the people inside the tunnel to completely disappear in an instant. Those people who were about to charge in hurriedly halted their bodies in shocked. However, they were still directly knocked into it by the people pouncing from behind. Hence, a sharp miserable screech resounded immediately. The exterior of the large hall was once again chaotic…

The chaos continued for a moment before things finally calmed down. They faced each other and the greed within his eyes finally become a lot fainter under the threat of death.

"Humph, a mere fire path actually wish to stop us?"

While everyone calmed down, those large factions finally began to act. This fire path might be dangerous but it did not possess any lethal threat to them.

Soon after these words sounded, one could see many majestic Dou Qi surging out. Immediately, the Dou Qi lingered around their bodies as they transformed into numerous light figures that rushed into the fire path with a sizzling sound. This time around, those fire pillars did not immediately incinerated their bodies when they shot onto them. Instead, it ended up in a stalemate with the majestic Dou Qi. With the Dou Qi defence, these experts also hurriedly rushed towards the end of the tunnel. Of course, there was no lacking of some unlucky people who were swallowed by the flame due to their Dou Qi being unable to keep up with the expenditure.

"Ke ke, young friend Xiao Yan. You are in possession of a Heavenly Flame. It is likely that this fire path will not be able to stop your group. Let's move." Tang Zhen laughed after seeing everyone beginning to charge into the large hall. He waved his sleeve and the bright Nine Dragon Lightning Flame surged out before wrapping around everyone from the Burning Flame Valley.

Xiao Yan also smiled upon seeing this. He nodded slightly and the purple-brown coloured Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame swept out from within his body. It swept around and encompassed Little Fairy Doctor's group within it.

Tang Zhen by the side had a sudden change in expression when the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame appeared. The Nine Dragon Lightning Flame also trembled intensely. Nine fire dragons were vaguely visible on the surface of the flame. They were emitting a soft dragon roar, which contained some fear within it.

"This little fellow's Heavenly Flame… why is it completely different from the past?"

Tang Zhen's heart was incomparably shaken as he looked at the purple-brown flame on Xiao yan's body. This was the first time he had seen a Heavenly Flame that could cause the Nine Dragon Lightning Flame to reveal such an emotion.

"Ke ke, valley chief Tang, Xiao Yan shall enter first."

Xiao Yan smiled. He ignored Tang Zhen shocked expression as he waved his sleeves. His flame dragged everyone and rushed out and charge into the incomparably hot fire path.

"This fellow… he is really frightening…"

Chapter 1243: The Fire Path With Another Secret


The purple-brown flame was wrapped around Little Fairy Doctor's group. It was just like a fire dragon that arrogantly rushed out from amongst the countless number of people. It brought about some chaos as he directly rushed into the unusually hot fire path.

After charging into the fire path, the surrounding temperature had clearly been raised by dozens of times. The surrounding hard bright red stones were burned until they were completely red. The hot lava below continued to splutter out like a spring. Those hot rock fragments contained in the lava also possessed quite a great lethal force. If he was careless, it might penetrate through the Dou Qi and cause one's to end up being completely pierced.

However, this fire path, which might be quite troublesome to the others, did not possess the slightest difficulty to Xiao Yan. With the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame protecting the body, regardless of whether it was the lava or the surrounding demonic blue fire pillars that were shot out, they were unable to cause any harm towards Xiao Yan. The use of the Heavenly Flame was completely revealed at this moment.

At this moment, there were quite a number of experts charging forward with all their strength. Majestic Dou Qi covered their bodies until there was not the slightest gap formed. Although they were able to endure it and charge in, they were clearly not as relaxed as Xiao Yan's group. These blue flame possessed a mysterious effect of melting Dou Qi. When the two were engaged in a stalemate, the rate at which one exhaust Dou Qi would far exceed the expectations of many. Base on this rate of consumption, even an elite Dou Zong would not be able to endure for long.

While these people endured the flame and lava as they fiercely charging forward, they also saw Xiao Yan's group, which appeared to be progressing in a relaxed manner. All of their eyes were a little stunned.

Xiao Yan ignored these gazes. A thought passed through his heart and the purple-brown flame withered. It left everyone behind as it swiftly rushed into the deep parts of the fire path.

With the help of the Heavenly Flame, Xiao Yan's group advancement rate was quite rapid. Within a short few minutes, they had directly passed some of the experts, who had entered earlier than them. Even though this was the case, they were still unable to see the end of the fire path.

"It is indeed worthy of being the remains left behind by an elite Dou Sheng. This fire path is actually so long. It looks like some people are going to be unlucky…" Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily laughed softly when she saw this scene.

Xiao Yan also smiled and nodded. The surrounding blue flame was extremely mysterious. They were able to melt Dou Qi. Those who wish to rely on the strength of one's Dou Qi to forcefully barge in would indeed be unlucky. Unless it was some extremely powerful experts, otherwise, those who could rely on Dou Qi to pass through such a long fire path would be an extreme minority.

Based on Xiao Yan's expectations, it was likely that just this entry fire path would have eliminated many people.

"Hey, isn't that the Ice River Valley's group in front?" Tian Huo zun-zhe swept his eyes over the front of the tunnel and suddenly said.

Xiao Yan raised his brows and took a glance upon hearing this. Indeed, he saw a large cluster of white coloured fog permeating the area a short distance in front. One could vaguely see some human figures within the fog. Xiao Yan was extremely familiar with those cold air. It was the unique icy cold Dou Qi of the Ice River Valley.


While Xiao Yan's group eyes were being shot over, Bing He zun-zhe, who was within the icy cold fog, also appeared to have sensed Xiao Yan's group behind. Immediately, he let out a cold snort. He waved his large sleeve and the cold air that wrapped around the experts from the Ice River Valley transformed into a cold glow. Its speed swiftly increased and disappeared from the sight of Xiao Yan's group.

"These terrible characters, are they running so quickly because they are afraid that we will attack them?" Xiong Zhan parted his mouth and spoke with disdain when he saw this.

Xiao Yan smiled. With their current lineup, there would not be afraid of an Ice River Valley. If they were to really fight, it was likely that the one who needed to be worried was Bing He zun-zhe.

"Let's go, I have a feeling that something is not quite right with this fire path. Let's leave first before talking…" Xiao Yan's eyes swept over the surrounding blue flame. His brows involuntarily frowned slightly. Although this flame was not a Heavenly Flame, it was also extremely strange. Ordinary Dou Qi would appear like a catalyst in front of this kind of flame. Not only would it be unable to extinguish the flame but would end up causing the flame to become increasingly fierce.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeves after uttering those words. Their speed rose suddenly as they transformed into a fire glow that shot explosively towards the end of the fire path.

Xiao Yan's group charge wildly for some distance while riding the fire glow. Along the way, they were able to meet some people, who had terrible expressions, alone. The thing that surprised them was that the people from the Ice River Valley had actually completely disappeared.

"The situation is not quite right. It is impossible for the speed of those people from the Ice River Valley to exceed ours…" Little Fairy Doctor's brows were knitted tightly before she finally uttered in a deep voice a moment later.

Xiao Yan reduced his speed a little. His eyes flickered slightly. After which, he raised his head and looked into the deep parts of the fire path. That place was still completely bright red in colour. There was not the slightest trace of its end.

"This fire path is really too damn long. Is the end really in front of us?" Xiong Zhan also cursed somewhat impatiently."

Xiao Yan was suddenly startled when he heard these words. He immediately lowered his body. Those eyes of his flickered, appearing as though he had understood something. He spoke in a deep voice, "This fire path is a trap. The path in front of us is not the true route into the remains. If we continue to travel through the fire path, the Dou Qi within our bodies will be exhausted sooner or later."

"If this fire path is not the true entrance, where is the true entrance then?" Little Fairy Doctor raised her eyebrows. Her eyes also looked towards the bright red walls beside her when she spoke. Those walls were built from an extremely hard bright red magma rock. Even Xiao Yan's group was unable to identify just what this kind of rock was. However, it was definitely not an ordinary thing if it could be selected by an elite Dou Sheng to built this remains. It was obvious that one should not attempt to break it with brute force.

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. His eyes suddenly shifted downwards a moment later. Finally, he paused it on the bright red viscous magma below and slowly said, "The reason why the members of the Ice River Valley had disappeared is likely because Bing He zun-zhe had discovered the true entrance. However, the left right and top of this tunnel are rock walls…"

"You mean… the path is not in front but below?" Little Fairy Doctor asked in surprised.

"The owner of this remains is indeed cunning. Which ordinary person would leap into the lava for no reason…" Tian Huo zun-zhe's face was similarly a stunned one.

"Hee, no wonder the members of the Ice River Valley was in a hurry to shake us off. They are actually unwilling for us to find the true entrance." Xiao Yan laughed. He gave a reminder to everyone before waving his sleeve. Purple-brown flame wrapped around everyone. With a 'splash' sound, they directly entered the hot bright red lava.

Xiao Yan's group swiftly sunk after entering the lava. Although the lava was hot, it pose no obstruction to everyone, who had the protection of a Heavenly Flame. Hence, after this sinking continued for around a minute, everyone could hear a slight muffled sound. The area under their feet became empty and they fell for a certain distance. Finally, their feet once again stood on the icy cold ground.

Everyone hurriedly raised their heads to take a look after their feet landed. A shocked expression immediately covered their faces. The Bright red lava appeared like numerous huge pythons above their heads. They adopted a ring shape as they hung above in a distorted manner. One could vaguely see some human figures occasionally rushing past the fire path. Clearly, this lava was the fire path that Xiao Yan's group had travelled through earlier. If one was to really follow such a long fire path, there was no telling just how long it would take to travel to the end.

"Tsk tsk, it is indeed deserving of being an ancient remains. To think that it has actually fooled everyone. If these people reached the end of the fire path after much difficulty only to discover a rock wall at the end, would they end up being so furious that they would die on the spot?" Xiao Yan looked at the bending fire path and involuntarily spoke in a somewhat gloating manner.

Little Fairy Doctor's group also involuntarily laughed upon hearing this.

"It seems that those who has entered in the past has never found the true entrance. However, perhaps it is because of the seal but these traps were also not completely activated. Therefore, it had allowed some lucky fellows to enter…" Little Fairy Doctor reasoned.

Xiao Yan nodded. His eyes swept around. The current location of theirs was an extremely spacious large stone path. The path extended for a great distance. It was possible to vaguely see a square there. There seemed to be some human figures on the square.

"Let's go. This place should likely be able to truly enter the remains. However, our target is the Soul Baby Fruit. We will let them go and snatch for the Tian class Dou Skill first. We will discuss about everything else once we have obtained the Soul Baby Fruit." Xiao Yan mused for a moment before speaking in a solemn manner.

Everyone nodded upon hearing this.

"Once we enter the hall, the matter of finding the Soul Baby Fruit will be left to Zi Yan. Zi Yan, you have a special perception when it comes to finding this kind of natural treasure. It will be much faster for you to search for it rather than all of us randomly doing so." Xiao Yan looked towards Zi Yan and instructed.

"Hee hee, this is a small matter. Leave it to me." Zi Yan nodded. She was extremely happy to take the initiative when it came to searching for natural treasures.

Xiao Yan also smiled when he saw this. His toes pressed on the ground and his body transformed into a blurry figure that rushed towards the square in the distance. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest swiftly followed from behind.

The path was not considered long. With the speed of Xiao Yan's group, they had appeared on the square after a couple of minutes. At the same time, they discovered that there were already quite a number of people who had arrived on the square beforehand. Most of these people were those who were the fastest to charge in. Amongst them include the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, Ice River Valley etc.

The sudden appearance of Xiao Yan's group also attracted the attention of everyone on the square. Bing He zun-zhe frowned slightly. Clearly, he did not expect that Xiao Yan's group would discover the mystery of the fire path so quickly.

Xiao Yan ignored these gazes. His eyes paused at the edge of the square when he stepped into the place. There was an extremely heavy stone door at that spot. Ten straight spear like bodies stood at that spot without any movement. The skin of these bodies were bright silver in colour. Their eyes were hollow and they were expressionless. It was as though they were some old corpse.

"Earth Demon Puppet?"

The corner of Xiao Yan's eyes twitched involuntarily when he saw the existence of these corpse like being. His heart was extremely shocked as he muttered.

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