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Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237: Roll Down


Fei Tian violently shot into the interior of the tent like a cannon ball. A fierce force exploded at this moment. One could hear a ripping sound and the tent was actually blasted into countless number of fragments that danced in the sky. It immediately fell slowly.

Seeing that Xiao Yan was actually this ruthless in his attack, the surrounding experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion were also stunned. For an instant, no one actually dared to say anything.

“Young fellow, you are really bold!”

The tent was blasted apart. It appeared as though those within it were stunned by this action of Xiao Yan. A moment later, someone finally recovered. A furious roar that was filled with the desire to kill resounded over this entire sky.

The current Bone Mountain Range had already been filled by an endless sea of people. There were people everywhere. When Xiao Yan’s group was charging over with surging killing intent, quite a number of people became aware that there was about to be a good show. Hence, rushing wind sound appeared in this entire sky the moment this roar sounded. In the blink of an eye, numerous figures had appeared in the sky around the mountain.

The eyes of these people glanced onto the mountain top. After which, they saw the tent that was forcefully ripped apart. In an instant, a surprise surged within everyone’s eyes. The Wind Lightning Pavilion could be considered to be quite a strong faction on the Central Plains. Otherwise, they would not possess the qualification to occupy a mountain top as a campsite here. It was unexpected that there was actually someone who dared to openly attack. How could this not cause them to feel shock and curious?

Xiao Yan ignored those observers that had suddenly appeared around the place. His eyes looked towards the part of the tent that had been broken. Lei zun-zhe, whom he had met long ago, was currently standing with a gloomy face. At this moment, his hand was grabbing Fei Tian’s robes. There were two old men in beast robes beside Lei zun-zhe. However, these two people did not open their mouths at this moment. Instead, they chose to stand idly by the side and observe the situation.


Fei Tian, who was in Lei zun-zhe’s hand, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His dim eyes contained an expression of disbelief. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier had definitely reached the Dou Zun class. Even though he had seen it with his own eyes, he was still unable to believe it. This younger generation whom he had chased until the point where the former could only hide like a mouse had currently reached the Dou Zun class before him!

“Xiao Yan, you are really bold! Back then, this venerable self had let you off on account of Feng zun-zhe. Yet, you actually dare to deliver yourself today?”

Lei zun-zhe’s face was dark and solemn. He slowly placed Fei Tian in his hand down. His low and deep thunder like voice was filled with killing intent. The Wind Lightning Pavilion was used to being overbearing during these years. Currently, they were being bullied by a younger generation in such a place. If he let the matter today rest, he would really lose all of his face.

Although he spoke in this manner with his mouth, the shock in Lei zun-zhe’s heart was currently not any less than Fei Tian. He was extremely clear about Xiao Yan’s strength back then. The latter was merely a younger generation who had just advanced to the Dou Zong class. At that time, the status of the latter in Fei Tian’s heart was not much higher than that of an ant. Yet, within a short two to three years, the younger generation from back then had actually soared to the Dou Zun class!

Being an expert of the Dou Zun class, Lei zun-zhe naturally understood just how difficult it was to leap acr

oss this step. Fei Tian might currently be at the peak of the Dou Zong class but if he lacked the luck, it was not a rare occurrence for him to remain at that level forever. It was also because of the difficulty of taking this step that his heart would feel that shocked when he saw the current Xiao Yan for the first time.

“Lei zun-zhe really knows how to joke. Back then, it is just that the skill of the Wind Lightning Pavilion disciple being inferior to others. It is completely unrelated to your magnanimity…” Xiao Yan laughed softly. Back then, Lei zun-zhe was an elite Dou Zun whom he could not match in his eyes. Now, however, this high existence that he could not reach back then, was no longer even the least bit strong and mysterious in his heart.

Lei zun-zhe’s face twitched. The fury within his eyes also became increasingly rich. He spoke in a dense manner, “We have not met for a couple of years but your tongue is still as sharp as ever. This venerable self shall advise you to leave as soon as possible. On the account of Feng zun-zhe, this venerable self shall not make a fuss about this matter with you, this younger generation!”

“Lei zun-zhe has joked again. Your Wind Lightning Pavilion has attacked my Falling Star Pavilion in front of so many people. Could this also be because of Feng zun-zhe’s face?” Xiao Yan laughed. That mocking tone also caused some laughter to appear around the mountain top.

Lei zun-zhe slowly clenched his fist. His eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan as he ended up laughing from extreme anger, “Good, good, looks like you have come prepared today. In that case, this venerable self shall see just what you, as someone who has just entered the Dou Zun class, can do today?”

“Nothing much. All I am going to do is to retrieve the Falling Star Pavilion campsite.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He slowly stepped forward. Purple-brown flame slowly surged. The temperature of this entire place swiftly increased as the flame rose.

“In that case, we’ll have to see whether you possess such qualification!” Lei zun-zhe laughed furiously. Bright silver lightning glow flickered over his body. Countless number of electric snakes danced. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though a thunder god had descended. His aura was extremely shocking.

Seeing the atmosphere between the two swiftly becoming a tense sword-drawn one, the eyes of the many experts around also became fiery hot. A Dou Zun class battle would be quite an interesting one.

“Hee hee, this Xiao Yan is really arrogant. He actually dares to oppose Lei zun-zhe…”

“Looks like he is here to find trouble. Earlier, the Wind Lightning Pavilion had forcefully chased the Falling Star Pavilion away and had even injured someone. I thought that the Falling Star Pavilion will definitely not just swallow this offence. It is unexpected that they have come so quickly.”

“It is not so easy to find this trouble. This place not only have Lei zun-zhe present. Moreover, have you seen the two old men beside Lei zun-zhe? Those are the tribe leaders of the Earth Tiger tribe and the Silver Moon Wolf tribe. They are the subsidiary tribe of the Heaven Demon Phoenix. Given the relationship between the Wind Lightning Pavilion and the Heaven Demon Phoenix, do you think that the two of them will just stand idly by the side? Three elite Dou Zuns whose strength had reached the peak of two stars. This trouble is made of metal,”

“However… this Xiao Yan’s name is a little familiar…”

“Damnit, how can it not be familiar. Isn’t that the young alchemist who had become the champion of the Pill Gathering conducted by the Pill Tower. It is unexpected that he would actually appear in this place after disappearing for over a year…”

Xiao Yan acted as though he did not notice these surrounding eyes that had suddenly become fiery hot. Purple-brown flame rose on his body. Back then, the Dou Zun pressure that seemed undefeatable was currently unable to deter him by even a little.

“Ha ha, this young friend. The matter today is just a misunderstanding. The matter of the two friends from the Falling Star Pavilion is merely because pavilion chief Fei Tian is too irritable and had accidently hurt them when attacking. Moreover, pavilion chief Fei Tian is currently injured by you. These matters can more or less make up for each other. Therefore, I will like to trouble young friend to stop on account of the Earth Tiger tribe and the Silver Moon Wolf tribe. What do you say?” When the atmosphere became increasingly tense, an old man in tiger pattern robes, who had remained quiet by the side, finally laughingly said.

The lightning glow on Lei zun-zhe’s body was withdrawn slightly when he heard the old man speak. He spoke faintly, “Since the tribe leader of the Earth Tiger tribe had opened his mouth, this venerable self will naturally give you face. This matter…”

“Since this old mister has put it this way, Lei zun-zhe, please…”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He gently waved his hand and the Falling Star Pavilion disciples behind him formed a pathway that led to the foot of the mountain.

The face of Lei zun-zhe immediately became gloomy upon seeing this scene. The smile on the tiger robed old man’s face also solidified. He said, “This young friend, must you really do things in such an extreme manner?”

“The Wind Lightning Pavilion had destroyed the reputation of my Falling Star Pavilion in public. This old mister, are you intending to allow my face to carry this slap back to the Falling Star Pavilion?” The smile on Xiao Yan’s face was slowly withdrawn. A fierce glint flashed within his dark black eyes.

Faced with this Xiao Yan, whose demeanor had suddenly become forceful, Lei zun-zhe and the two beast robed elders also had a slight change in their expressions. A chillness immediately surged in their eyes.

“Good fellow, you actually possess such boldness in the face of three Dou Zuns. You are indeed worthy of being the Pill Gathering champion…”

Xiao Yan’s sudden uncharacteristic slight smile and politeness also caused everyone to be shocked. Immediately, some low cheer sounded.

“I do not care about just how outstanding you are in the human world. However, this place is the Beast Region. It is not a place where you can behave atrociously!” The tiger robe old man’s expression became icy cold as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Leave this place and we can let the matter rest. Otherwise, even if Feng zun-zhe is here today, I will let you, this younger generation, understand just where is this place!” The other silver haired old man with brutal eyes also spoke in a dense manner.

After his words sounded, two vast and mighty aura also suddenly surged out from within the bodies of those two. Immediately, it swept apart like a storm. It caused the expressions of those surrounding experts to change slightly. All of them hurriedly withdrew.

Three elite Dou Zuns stood tall on this mountain top. That frightening pressure was just like a tall mountain that crushed onto Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air when faced with this frightening pressure. Immediately, he once again took two steps forward in front of everyone’s eyes. His finger still continued to point towards the foot of the mountain. A low and deep voice resounded beside everyone’s ears like a muffled thunder.

“This is the final time I’m saying this. Roll down from here or descend while lying down!”

Xiao Yan’s icy cold voice slowly fell. Three hidden frightening aura behind him also erupted without holding back at this moment. The appearance of these three auras had basically forcefully scattered the energy pressure that pounced over in an instant.


Faced with the sudden retaliation from such a frightening aura, the expressions of Feng zun-zhe’s group immediately changed. Their feet also hurriedly took two steps back.

“Four Dou Zuns?”

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