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Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226: Both Side Suffering Losses

The fire lotus was merely the size of a palm and was suspended over Xiao Yan’s palm. The core of the lotus was made up of four colours. At a glance, it appeared incomparably beautiful. However, under this beautiful surface hid a annihilation like terrifying strength…

Xiao Yan’s expression had became quite pale at this moment. A Heavenly Flame that was merged from four types of Heavenly Flames was not as easy to create as he had thought. Although he had the experience from merging the Annihilation Fire Lotus in the past, the Life Transforming Flame was not a true Heavenly Flame. There was naturally less trouble when merging it. This time around, however… he had used four types of genuine Heavenly Flames. The difficulty of merger was exposed almost immediately.

If it was not because Xiao Yan’s strength could be considered to have soared and that his soul had advanced to the so called Soul State, it was likely that he would not be able to truly successfully merge the Annihilation Fire Lotus even if he possessed four types of Heavenly Flames.

Moreover, the fire lotus at this moment was not a complete success. The destructive energy within it was far too terrifying. Even Xiao Yan could only carefully mediate it until an equilibrium. Only then did he dare to use it to deal with an enemy.

Cold sweat continuously appeared on Xiao Yan’s forehead. After which, it followed his face and fell like flowing water. His eyes were staring intently at the fire lotus slowly rotating on his palm. Vast and mighty Spiritual Strength was continuously poured into it.

“What a terrifying destructive strength…”

Old ghost Zhai Xing in the sky a short distance away also had a drastic change in expression because of this scene. The destructive force that was spreading from within the fire lotus even caused an uneasiness to surge into his heart.

“How is it possible for this brat to display such a frightening attack with his nine star Dou Zong’s strength?” The corner of old ghost Zhai Xing twitched slightly. Immediately, murderous desire surged in his eyes. This person must not be allowed to live!

With this thought that was filled with murderous intent flashing over his heart, the expression of old ghost Zhai Xing had instantly become ferocious. His body moved and he transformed into an afterimage while rushing towards the location where Xiao Yan was located. He could sense that the attack of Xiao Yan had yet to be fully completed. If he interrupted it at this moment, he would definitely cause Xiao Yan to suffer a backlash. At that time, he would not only be able to destroy this terrifying attack but he would also be able to finish off Xiao Yan while doing so. It was really killing two birds with one stone.

The figure of old ghost Zhai Xing had just moved when it was discovered by Zi Yan. She hurriedly cried, “Big fellow. Quick. Stop him!”

Xiong Zhan by the side laughed bitterly upon hearing this. All he could do was to nod his head. His feet stomped onto the empty air and his body rushed out like a cannonball. He caught up with old ghost Zhai Xing after accelerating for a couple of times. With a furious cry, he raised his metallic fist and violently smashed towards the latter’s back.


Xiong Zhan’s actual body was an Ancient Dragon Bear. The strength of his physical body was extremely frightening. When this punch was thrown, even the space itself was bent a little. The invisible air formed a circular concave arc on the surface of his fist. A deafening rushing wind sound continued to resound over the place.

A fierce glint also flashed across old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes when he sensed that ferocious punch of Xiong Zhan behind him. He glanced at Xiao Yan a short distance away, After which

, he clenched his teeth. His body was twisted in a strange manner but he actually did not turn around to fight.

Xiong Zhan was also stunned when old ghost Zhai Xing did not turn around. However, he could not be bothered with this. Since the you did not turn around, you will just receive my beating.


The punch that was mixed with a fierce force finally tore through the air and violently landed on the shoulder on old ghost Zhai Xing. A low and deep meat collision sound suddenly appeared.

When Xiong Zhan’s fist landed on old ghost Zhai Xing’s shoulder, some dense black fog immediately appeared. The black fog was just like cotton and reduced the force on the punch significantly. However, there was still some force penetrating through it and heavily collided onto on Zhai Xing’s shoulders.


This heavy attack directly caused a paleness to surge up old ghost Zhai Xing’s face. A slight bone cracking sound was also quietly emitted. Clearly, this punch by Xiong Zhan had directly broke a couple of his bones.

A ferocious smile surfaced in old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes despite having forcefully received a punch from Xiong Zhan. By borrowing the push force from the latter’s fist wind, his speed had suddenly soared. Within a flash, he had appeared above Xiao Yan’s head. A ferocious and deep laughter was emitted from his throat.

“You fool!”

Zi Yan’s originally pale face no longer had even a trace of blood when she saw this scene. She stomped her foot and chided Xiong Zhan angrily.

Xiong Zhan had a face containing a bitter smile when he saw that old ghost Zhai Xing had went all out to endure a punch just so that he could kill Xiao Yan. Immediately, Xiong Zhan gritted his teeth and charged forward in a stifled manner. He wanted to send old ghost Zhai Xing flying at this last moment.

However, it was obviously too late for him to move now. The moment old ghost Zhai Xing appeared above Xiao Yan’s forehead, the seal formed by his hand changed abruptly. Black fog surged out in all directions. In an instant, it had formed a five feet large dark black ghost claw in front of him.

The ghost claw had a dark and deep colour that was terrifying. It was sinister, appearing just like the hand of a death god climbing out from hell. At a glance, it caused one to feel a chill over one’s entire body.

“Nine Imprisoning Ghost Hand!”

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing became increasingly ferocious after dark black ghost claw was formed. He cried out coldly towards Xiao Yan. Immediately, the ghost claw was swung downwards without mercy. It violently slammed towards Xiao Yan’s chest.

This attack by old ghost Zhai Xing had basically used all the Dou Qi within his body. That ghost claw might not be large but space crumbled wherever it passed, revealing a dark black hole in the process. That ghost claw appeared even more sinister and frightening when mixing with this hollow space.


The speed of the ghost claw was extremely swift. Within a flash, it had penetrated through the empty air and appeared in front of Xiao Yan. That dense wind, which was contained on the ghost claw, caused Xiao Yan to feel a kind of extremely dangerous aura.

At this kind of extremely critical moment, there was no longer anyone who could rescue Xiao Yan in time. Xiao Yan also appeared to be aware of the current situation he was in. He looked at the savage face of old ghost Zhai Xing and a crazy expression suddenly surged into his dark black eyes.

“If you wish to kill me, you will also accompany me to death!”

When the crazy expression surged within his eyes, Xiao Yan ceased bothering about the energy within the Annihilation Fire Lotus that had yet to stabilize. His hand shook and the fire lotus left it. The fire lotus transformed into a fire glow that rushed towards old ghost Zhai Xing, who was within close proximity.


An earthshaking loud sound suddenly resounded over the place when the fire lotus left Xiao Yan’s hand. At this moment, a annihilation like strength swept out like a storm in the sky. The entire mountain range trembled like an earthquake at this moment. Numerous enormous crack lines spread in all directions with the valley at its centre. That large hall also began to sway unsteadily under this trembling. Numerous experts from the Hall of Souls were so shocked that they covered their heads and fled like mice.

The annihilation storm that suddenly arrived also stirred the attention of the Dou Zuns from both parties in the sky. They glanced sideways and astonishment surfaced within their eyes. After which, they ceased pestering their opponents as they hurriedly withdrew. All of them were afraid of being implicated by the destructive force.


The dark and dense ghost claw had finally rushed over the moment this destructive force spread. After which, it heavily slammed onto Xiao Yan’s chest. That majestic dark and dense force suddenly erupted like a volcano!


Xiao Yan’s expression instantly paled upon suffering this lethal attack. A mouthful of blood fog was spat out. There was even a clear bone breaking sound being transmitted from his chest. His body was also shaken by that terrifying force until it flew out like a cannon ball.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth revealed a dense arc the moment his body was sent flying. This was because he saw the face of old ghost Zhai Xing, which was covered with horror at this moment…

The Annihilation Fire Lotus had exploded…


The firestorm that was a thousand feet large instantly erupted. If one looked up from below, the storm appeared as though it connected the sky and earth, appearing just like a miracle.

The firestorm was rampant as a destructive ripple spread like a wave. That incomparably firm large black hall within the valley had finally collapsed at this moment. Many experts from the Hall of Souls emitted a puff sound upon being struck by the ripple of destruction and turned into a cluster of dark black ash…

The destructive ripple continued to spread for nearly a thousand metres. Everything was red within a thousand metre radius. The dense forest was also destroyed at this moment…

The Dou Zuns from both parties in the distant sky watched the valley that had basically vanished within an instant. A shock surged into their eyes immediately. After which, they inhaled a deep breath of air. Such a terrifying destructive strength was something that even some of the Tianzun within the Hall of Souls had difficulty achieving…


Xiao Yan’s body, which was flying backwards, heavily shot onto a mountain wall. Large rocks rolled and buried him inside. Soon after, a lovely figure hurried over. She waved her hand and shattered the large rock. After which, she grabbed Xiao Yan from inside and swiftly rose into the sky, dodging the spreading destructive ripple.

“How is he?”

Xiong Zhan flashed and appeared beside Zi Yan. He hurried asked as he looked at Xiao Yan, who was covered with fresh blood. The latter’s chest had even sunk inward.

Zi Yan’s face was so dark and solemn that it was frightening. This was the first time that she had seen Xiao Yan suffer such a serious injury. A full force attack by a five star Dou Zun was something that no one present could receive. Even less needed to be said for Xiao Yan.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The sound of rushing wind resounded over the sky. Feng zun-zhe, Little Fairy Doctor and the rest hurriedly came over in a flash. Their expressions changed when they saw Xiao Yan was covered with fresh blood.

Just as Little Fairy Doctor and the rest had a drastic change in expression because of Xiao Yan’s injury, an intense spatial fluctuation was suddenly emitted from within the enormous firestorm. Immediately, two vast and mighty aura that was even more powerful than old ghost Zhai Xing slowly appeared…

The hearts of Feng zun-zhe’s group immediately sunk when he sensed these two vast and mighty aura. This aura… was that of someone from the Hall of Souls.

The firestorm swept over the entire place while those two majestic auras quickly became clear. A moment later, the firestorm suddenly paused. After which, a vast and mighty strength surged out from within the storm. It forcefully reverse the storm, shaking it until it slowly disappeared.

Old Mu Gu sighed in relief within his heart when he saw the firestorm that gradually disappeared. If the firestorm was allowed to continue run rampant, it was likely that the other people from the Hall of Souls would really be completely buried under it.

Following the slow disappearance of the firestorm, two elderly figures also slowly appeared in everyone’s sight. That majestic aura had suddenly soared to the peak at this moment. An enormous pressure descended from the sky, causing the hearts of everyone present to feel tensed.

“In so many years, someone who dares to destroy my Hall of Soul… Xiao Yan, you are the first…”

An unfamiliar icy cold elder voice slowly resounded over the sky as these two figures appeared.

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