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Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225: Delay

Old ghost Zhai Xing frowned slightly as he looked at Zi Yan, who was blocking in front. His eyes rotated twice over the latter. For some unknown reason, he discovered that he was actually unable to see through Zi Yan’s actual strength. While he could not see through it, he could still sense that Zi Yan was unable to pose much of a threat to him.

“Perhaps it is some unique items that can shield one’s aura…”

Old ghost Zhai Xing muttered to himself within his heart. Immediately, his eyes turned towards Xiao Yan behind. At this moment, the latter shook the ring on his finger after summoning three types of Heavenly Flames. A wisp of dense white flame slowly rose from it.

“Four types of Heavenly Flames…”

Seeing this scene, old ghost Zhai Xing could not help but shrink his eyes slightly despite his calmness. His expression also changed a little. The might of something like the Heavenly Flame was extremely great. However, it was incredibly rare. One would be considered to be greatly blessed to obtain one of them. However, Xiao Yan’s hands had four types of Heavenly Flames! How could this not cause old ghost Zhai Xing’s heart to tremble?

“This brat is indeed a little mysterious. From the looks of it, he seemed to be preparing to unleash some extremely powerful attack…” Old ghost Zhai Xing guessed Xiao Yan’s intention after seeing the latter’s solemn expression. Although he was uncertain about just how powerful the Dou Skill that Xiao Yan had prepared was, his usually cautious character would not allow Xiao Yan to successfully display it. This was the case even if he did not think that Xiao Yan could turn the situation around.

“Brat, do not continue to act recalcitrant. This will only cause your fate to be increasingly painful.”

Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed in a dark and cold manner while this thought flashed within his heart. His feet stepped on the empty space and he slowly walked towards Zi Yan. Vast and mighty black fog lingered behind him and a pressure spread. This had caused the aura of quite a number of Hall of Soul’s experts to become a little sluggish.

Faced with old ghost Zhai Xing slowly walking over, Zi Yan’s pretty face also became increasingly solemn. A rich purple light surged out from within her body and her hand was also tightly clenched.

“Are you going to step aside yourself or do you wish for the old me to attack? The old me does not know how to go easy on a beauty like those young people.”

Old ghost Zhai Xing slowly extended his hand after stopping a couple of dozen feet in front of Zi Yan. He aimed it at Zi Yan from a distance and spoke in a faint voice.

“Chi, just attack if you want to. Why do you have to say so much nonsense?” Zi Yan merely curled her lips and laughed in the face of the enormous pressure from old ghost Zhai Xing.

“You are indeed the same type as that brat. Even your tone is this dislikable…” Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face became a little gloomy. A chillness suddenly surged over his eyes. Immediately, he clenched his hand that was aiming at Zi Yan!

After old ghost Zhai Xing clenched his hand, an invisible ripple immediately spread in a lightning like fashion. Soon after, the space around Zi Yan appeared to have been pinched by an enormous invisible hand. It suddenly sunk amidst a wave of cracking sound.

The space around Zi Yan ruthlessly compressed towards her. If one was to firmly pressed onto that majestic force, even the flesh of an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class would immediately burst apart.

However, when the compressing space was about to touch Zi Yan’s body, that purple glow lingering around her suddenly fluctuated. Immediately, it spread. When it did so, the sinking s

pace that was violently compressing inwards solidified. After which, it slowly disappeared into nothingness.

“You are still too tender to be playing spatial force in front of this grandaunt.”

Zi Yan randomly resolve this spatial compression. After which, she curled her little mouth and spoke in an elderly manner.


A surprise flashed across old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes when he saw that Zi Yan had easily resolve this spatial pressure that even someone at the peak of the Dou Zong class would be helpless against. He immediately laughed coldly and clenched his hand. After which, a punch was thrown without any fancy move.


This punch from old ghost Zhai Xing had just been thrown when the majestic black fog immediately fluctuated in a monstrous manner. While it wiggled intensely, it transformed into a thousand feet large enormous black giant python. It subsequently roared towards the sky. With a swing of its huge tail, it emitted a ripping sound and tore through the empty space. At the same time, it carried an incomparable wind and rushed over towards Zi Yan.

The black large python rushed through the sky. That powerful wind pressure that was created directly caused a couple of hundred feet long gully on the ground of the valley even though it was thousands of feet away. Some large rocks burst apart on the spot…

Zi Yan’s face also changed slightly in the face of this ferocious attack by old ghost Zhai Xing. A rich purple light surged out from within his body. His hand was also clenched tightly. Purple light vaguely agglomerated into a blurry dragon head on his fist.

“Ancient Void Fist!”

Zi Yan let out a delicate cry. Purple glow suddenly erupted from her hand like a volcano. Immediately, a purple light large dragon that was a couple of hundred feet large left his hand while carrying a sharp palm wind and a dense dragon’s might. It roared towards the sky and violently collided with the large black python.


A soul stirring sound immediately erupted when the two collided. Terrifying air wave swept apart in the sky like a wind storm. The cliffs around the valley and the southern square collapsed on the spot. Enormous stones rolled down. Finally, the heavily landed onto the bottom of the valley, emitting a loud sound as they did so.


Zi Yan’s delicate body continuously pulled back as the frightening air wave surged over. A low moan was emitted from her throat. Fortunately, she did not suffer any injuries.

The air wave raged in the sky for a moment before finally scattering. Those gazes that old ghost Zhai Xing used to look towards Zi Yan also became increasingly strange. Although the punch from Zi Yan earlier was strong, it was impossible to completely receive his palm attack. From his senses, that purple dragon light had cut open a spatial crack line when the two collided and sent the majority of the attack by the black python into the empty space. This mysterious fist technique was something that old ghost Zhai Xing had never even heard of.

“What a strange fist technique…” Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed in a strange manner. Immediately, his eyes glanced at Xiao Yan’s direction. This glance caused his entire body to be filled with cold sweat. This was because Xiao Yan was already forcefully kneading the four types of Heavenly Flames together. Looking from a distance, it appeared just like an extremely wild and violent fire ball. A terrifying temperature spread from that spot. Old ghost Zhai Xing could clearly sense that the moisture in this entire place was swiftly being vaporized. Those green grass in the valley was swiftly withering at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

“This brat is a little strange. I cannot delay any longer…”

This strange scene finally caused old ghost Zhai Xing to feel a little uneasy. He was naturally clearly aware of the might of the Heavenly Flame. Moreover, the strength of the four types of Heavenly Flame being stacked on each other… even he would likely feel terrible should he be struck by it.

This thought flashed across old ghost Zhai Xing’s heart. His expression swiftly became dark and dense. With a flash of his body, he appeared in front of Zi Yan in a ghost like fashion. He slammed with his large hand and a vast and mighty force slammed towards Zi Yan’s chest in a lightning like fashion while carrying a frightening shape shattering strength.

Faced with old ghost Zhai Xing, who had suddenly used lethal attacks, there was a slight change in the expression on Zi Yan’s pretty face. She could not pull back at this moment. Otherwise, should she end up giving the former an opportunity, he might interrupt Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame merger. Hence, she could only step forward. Purple light lingered over her as her hand directly collided head on with old ghost Zhai Xing.

“Bang bang bang!”

Two figures followed each other like shadows in the sky. Each time the purple light and the black fog collided, it would bring about a thunder like explosion. At the same time, numerous muffled groan would continuously appear.


Another fierce collision occurred in the sky. The purple coloured figure was finally unable to hold out any longer. A mouthful of bright red blood was involuntarily spat out from her mouth. Her body was also shaken until she continuously pulled back. It was a moment later before she stabilized her body. That pretty face of hers was filled with a paleness. She was no match for old ghost Zhai Xing when it came to this kind of head on clash. Was it not because Zi Yan had a strong constitution and that she was born with great strength, it was likely that the veins in her body would have been forcefully shattered during these dozen over palm collision. After all, an expert at the peak of a five star Dou Zun was really too strong.

However, compared with the pale pretty face of Zi Yan, a great storm was brewed within old ghost Zhai Xing’s heart. After exchanging blows, he clearly understood that the former’s strength was merely that of a Dou Zong. However, this seemingly gentle and weak girl was even more terrifying than Xiao Yan. Not only did she forcefully received over a dozen punches from him but that terrifying strength that was vaguely reflected had actually caused his hand to become a little numb.

“This girl… just what kind of monster is she?”

The corner of old ghost Zhai Xing’s mouth twitched and a killing intent suddenly surged within his eyes. These people were not ordinary people. They must never be left alive to cause future troubles. Otherwise, the next time they meet, the one who was unlucky might be him instead.

“Star Plucking Hand!”

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing finally became completely dark and solemn as killing intent surged within his heart. He densely looked at Zi Yan, who was watching him with caution. After which, he let out a cold laugher. Black fog surged over his hand before he suddenly grabbed it. This grab was extremely strange. This was because old ghost Zhai Xing’s hand had strangely disappeared when he did so. Only his arm was still left outside that space.

A rich sense of danger surged within Zi Yan’s heart when she saw this strange scene. Her body hurriedly withdrew. However, she suddenly sensed a chill on her neck when he was pulling back. Immediately, a great force was transmitted over and firmly grabbed her neck.


“You are the one who will damn well die!”

A killing intent surged within the eyes of old ghost Zhai Xing when his hand grabbed Zi Yan’s neck. He was just about to kill her when a spatial crack line was suddenly formed a short distance away. Immediately, a strong tower like figure rushed out from it. His fist violently smashed towards old ghost Zhai Xing’s head. That manner was such that old ghost Zhai Xing’s head would burst apart with a bang should he be struck by it even with his strength.

This sudden unexpected change caused old ghost Zhai Xing to be shocked. It was definitely impossible to adopt a life for a life method. Hence, he released Zi Yan in a lightning like fashion and his palm collided with the metal fist that was fiercely charging over.


A terrifying storm erupted. Old ghost Zhai Xing took two continuous steps back. That strong body of his flew backwards. After which, it landed beside Zi Yan in a somewhat staggering manner.

“Cough… big fellow, didn’t you go and roam the continent?” Zi Yan held her throat and coughed. After which, she looked at the large man beside her and gasped with surprised.

The big man was naturally Xiong Zhan whom Zi Yan had brought out from the Pill Realm. At this moment, he also let out a dry laughter. After which, he carefully looked at the spatial crack line that had been torn earlier. He mumbled, “Damnit, it is not that the old me wish to come but I was thrown over…”

Old ghost Zhai Xing had a gloomy expression as he looked at Xiong Zhan from a short distance away. After sensing that the latter was also a Dou Zun, his eyelids twitched involuntarily. His expression changed abruptly before he could speak. After which, his eyes hurriedly turned towards the direction that Xiao Yan was located, only to see an exquisitely beautiful fire lotus formed by four colours slowly being suspended in Xiao Yan’s palm. An annihilation like strength that caused his heart to feel a little chilled quietly spread…

Through the delay caused by Zi Yan, Xiao Yna had finally managed to merge and form an Annihilation Fire Lotus that was created from four types of Heavenly Flames…

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