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Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221: Killing

Xiao Yan appeared as though he did not hear the furious roar of the purple clothed Dou Zun. His body transformed into a blurry black line that rushed towards the large hall in a lightning like manner. Within a couple of flashes, he had charged into the main door and disappeared within the corridor.

The face of the purple clothed Dou Zun twitched upon seeing this. He was just about to let out a furious cry when the fierce fist wind that head his way forced him to change his expression and hurriedly receive it. Even he felt a kind of pressure in the face of this dark gold puppet. If he was careless, it was likely that he would be in some danger today.

This thought flashed across the heart of the purple clothed Dou Zun as the vast and mighty Dou Qi surged within him. Dark black metal chains rolled out from his sleeves. After which, it whizzed and tore through the sky before ruthlessly struck towards the Sky Demon Puppet.

While a soul-stirring big battle had erupted outside of the Hall of Souls, Xiao Yan became just like a breeze as he charge into the interior of the hall. Before the experts from the Hall of Souls along the way could attack, they were already shaken by the powerful force until the spit out blood and withdraw. In an instant, no one actually dared to intervene and stop him.

“Brat, you dare to barge around my Hall of Souls. Are you seeking death!”

Although this place was only a branch hall of the Hall of Souls, its defensive strength was still not any weaker than some top tier factions. Xiao Yan’s rampage did not last for long before a furious cry resounded. Immediately, four figures rushed over from four different corners. After which, they stood on the path that Xiao Yan must pass like some metal towers. Black fog permeated the place and traces of unusually vast and powerful aura was present. From the looks of these auras, there four people were actually all expert Dou Zongs that had actually reached the level of six or seven stars!

“Bastard, this Protector demands that you halt!”

A black fog surged from one of the four people after they appeared, revealing a sinister elderly face. His eyes stared at the black line rushing over in a dark and dense manner as he cried out in a cold voice.

The four people did not say any additional useless words after the cry sounded. They let out an orderly furious roar. Majestic black fog surged out from within their bodies. After which, the black fog gathered together and directly transformed into an enormous black python that was hundreds of feet in size. It roared towards the sky and swung its huge tail, carrying a powerful wind pressure that violently struck towards Xiao Yan.

Powerful wind pressure shook the hard ground into powder wherever the black giant python passed. Numerous crack lines rushed past that spot as they spread in a lightning like fashion.

“Just four Protectors alone actually dares to stop me?”

A cold smile flashed across Xiao Yan’s face when he was faced with four Hall of Souls’ protectors who were quite powerful, stopping him. His forward charging body did not even pause a little. Purple brown flames swiftly surged out from within his body. After which, it transformed into an enormous purple brown fire dragon. The tail of the dragon was swung and Xiao Yan’s forward charging speed suddenly increased. After which, it became just like colliding meteorit and ruthlessly collided with the black giant python.

“Get lost!”


This powerful collision instantly erupted into a soul-shocking explosion. Energy ripples swept out from the point of collision like a storm. Some of the large stone pillars around suddenly cracked apart amidst a cracking sound. Those Hall of Souls guards nearby were also being affected by this frightening energy ripp

le. After which, their bodies flew backwards like kite with their string broken amidst a miserable screech. Finally, they heavily smashed onto the dark black walls. They were directly shaken into a cluster of blurry and bloody minced meat amidst a wave of cracking sound.

The energy ripple spread and the expressions of the four Hall of Souls protector changed. He did not even have the time to withdraw when the energy ripple whizzed over. After which, it violently collided onto their bodies.


The dense black fog over the four of them immediately became thin after suffering this kind of heavy blow. After which, their bodies flew backwards. Their bodies only slowly stabilized after having rubbed over the ground for nearly a hundred metres. However, they no longer possessed the strength to even stand.

“Mantis trying to block a car!”

The fierce attack forced back the four Dou Zongs. After which, Xiao Yan let out a cold laughter. Some fierce glow immediately flashed across his eyes. His finger was flicked and four purple-brown flames surged out. Next, it violently smashed onto the four Hall of Soul protectors, who were seriously injured. The terrifying temperature of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame caused a miserable cry to be emitted from the four of them. Finally, the black fog scattered amidst the earth-shaking miserable screech, revealing four somewhat illusory spiritual bodies.

“You are also spiritual bodies, yet you aid in the harm of your fellow kins. You ought to die!”

Xiao Yan’s tone suddenly became dense as he faced the four souls that had terrified faces. He clenched his hand. Vast and mighty Spiritual Strength surged out from between his brows. Three spiritual bodies in the midair immediately emitted a ‘bang’ and was shattered into nothingness.

Xiao Yan sucked with his hand after using a thunderbolt like tactic to kill the three Hall of Souls protectors. The soul of the final Hall of Soul protector was sucked into his palm. After which, he spoke in a sinister tone, “Where is the place where the souls are imprisoned? You only have one chance. Otherwise, your fate will be the same as those three earlier!”

The horror on the face of the Hall of Soul protector grew even denser when he saw the sinister expression that covered Xiao Yan’s face. He quietly let out a bitter cry in his heart. Why did he step forward and intercept this fiend


Xiao Yan’s expression vaguely contained a savageness. Feng zun-zhe and the others were buying time for him outside. He did not have much spare time to waste.

“In the Lock Soul Hall…” That Hall of Soul’s Protector spoke in a terrified manner. Currently, he did not dare to hide anything. Those three companions of his earlier had been vaporized by Xiao Yan into nothingness in front of his eyes. That was a true vanquishment. It was impossible to revive them no matter what one did.

“Tell me the way. Otherwise, die!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were icy as he spoke.

“Turn left in front…” The Hall of Soul’s Protector hurried replied upon hearing this.

Xiao Yan’s feet stomped onto the ground after listening to these words. He once again transformed into a black shadow that rushed towards the deep regions of the large hall in a lightning like fashion.

With this Hall of Souls Protector telling him the way, the subsequent journey was a little more relaxing. However, he was still hindered by many Hall of Souls’ experts along the way. There were quite a number of Dou Zong class experts along the way. However, with Xiao Yan’s current strength, it was basically impossible for him to find an opponent under the Dou Zun class. Although these people were great in numbers, they were defeated relatively quickly under the incomparably ferocious Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan could be considered to have experienced many bloody battles along the way. Base on his rough estimate, it was likely that the number of Hall of Souls protectors who had died in his hands along this route at least numbered to ten. It was difficult for him to tabulate those who were even weaker. In any case, all it took was a slap and those weaker Hall of Souls guards were directly swallowed by the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame until not even dregs were left.

However, the strength of these protectors were not very strong. The strongest was only around that of a seven star Dou Zong or so. Those stronger were quick to escape. Xiao Yan could kill them if he gave chase but his main aim was currently to search for Yao Lao. He could not afford to waste time on this.

Wherever Xiao Yan passed as he charged forward became a complete mess. Corpse cover the floor. At this moment, Xiao Yan was just like a killing god. A terrifying killing aura spread all over his body. Each time the purple-brown flame surged, it would be accompanied by countless of sharp miserable screams.

At this moment, the new Heavenly Flame that was born after having swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame had also displayed its terrifying strength. Almost no one could stop hsi footsteps along the way.


On a spacious corridor, Xiao Yan was expressionlessly inserting a hand covered by the purple-brown flame into the chest of a Hall of Soul Protector. He looked at the latter’s body, which was slowly vaporizing. After which, he randomly tossed the body aside as though he was throwing garbage. He glanced at the soul of the protector, which he was grabbing on his left hand, and spoke in an icy voice, “How much further?”

“The Lock Soul Hall is at the end of the corridor…” The Hall of Soul’s Protector spoke with a frightened heart. The killing by Xiao Yan along the way had caused a chillness to spread deep within his soul. This terrifying fellow was likely someone that only an Honorable Elder could deal with. However, all of the Honorable Elders in the hall were currently being delayed outside.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His expression became even darker and colder.

The heart of the Protector from the Hall of Soul felt cold after sensing the change in Xiao Yan’s expression. His body suddenly shook and escaped from Xiao Yan’s hand. However, before he could even flee for some distance, a hot wind had rushed over from behind him before swallowing him…

After doing all these, Xiao Yan finally patted his hand with a cold expression. He had deep hatred towards the members of the Hall of Souls. As long as he thought of those spiritual bodies that these fellows had captured, he would not feel any burden in his heart when he killed these people.

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked towards the end of the corridor after finishing off this person. There was a dark black metal door at that spot. This door was currently tightly shut. Xiao Yan could vaguely sense the strange aura that was spreading out from behind it.

Dou Qi was quietly circulated around Xiao Yan’s body as he hastened his footsteps a little. After which, he arrived outside of the black door. A chillness surged within his eyes as he waved his sleeves. Purple-brown flame surged out from his sleeves. After which, it heavily collided onto the metal door.


Regardless of how hard the metal door was, it could only directly burst apart under this fierce attack. After which, the scene behind the metal door appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight.

It was an extremely spacious square. Thousand feet stone pillar stood on the square, supporting the sky. Black chains spread like a spiderweb. Countless light clusters were suspended at the end of these chains. The interior of the light clusters were filled with illusory spiritual bodies.

Although Xiao Yan had already seen this kind of situation twice, he involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of cool air when he truly observed it from his actual body’s point of view…

Xiao Yan slowly walked into this square that was permeated with a strange deathly aura. He paused on a towering stone stage deep within the square. There was an exceptionally bright light cluster at that spot. An aura that caused Xiao Yan’s entire body to tremble quietly spread from that spot.

Xiao Yan’s body was just like an arrow that left its bow as his feet pressed gently onto the ground. It rushed over the square in a lightning like fashion. After a couple of breaths, it had appeared on a flat platform. His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at the interior of the light cluster. An old man with large chains lingering over his limbs was seated there. Xiao Yan’s eyes became red. His knees were bent before he heavily knelt onto the stone stage. His voice contained a hoarseness that caused one to grieve.

“Teacher, this disciple is here.”

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