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Chapter 1212: Fight

Yi Chen's pretty face did not reveal any surprise as he watched the young figure slowly appear in front of Qiu Ling. He gently smiled and asked, "You are that XIao Yan?"

Xiao Yan did not reply. His eyes were calm as he stared at this handsome man in front of him. The rich bloody scent on the Yi Chen's body caused his brows to slightly twitch. This person was clearly vicious. Just how much blood must his hands be dyed with in order to obtain such a powerful stench.

"Xiao Yan, do not be provoked by him. This Yi Chen is not a friendly character!"

Qiu Ling behind Xiao Yan slowly informed him.

"The other party has already put up a challenge. Can I still reject the battle?" Xiao Yan slightly smiled as he wondered aloud.

Qiu Ling was momentarily dull upon hearing this. He also understood that it was impossible to mediate this matter. Although Xiao Yan might appear gentle on the surface, the pride within his heart was quite great. It would be alright if one treated him politely. However, if one were to display a mocking enmity, the attitude that the person would receive would likely not be good.

"Do your best, Xiao Yan."

A lovely laugh that caused one's bones to grow numb suddenly sounded behind Qiu Ling. Everyone looked over, only to see the long absent Cao Ying standing beautifully beside Qiu Ling. Her ample, extremely well-proportioned yet delicate body caused the eyes of a countless number of men to reveal a trace of fiery heat. The allure of this enchantress was really too shocking.

"Hee hee, there is a good show today. The battle between the champion of the Pill Gathering and the demon of the Profound Sky Sect. This can be considered an extremely rare top level battle between members of the younger generation. I wonder just who will be victorious…"

"I think that Xiao Yan will likely lose. This Yi Chen might only be at the peak of the Dou Zong class, but I have heard that this fellow has successfully escaped from some Dou Zun experts a couple of times. It is likely impossible for him to do so if he does not possess some genuine ability."

"That's right, Xiao Yan specializes in pill refinement after all and not in this kind of Dou Qi battle."

"Chi, that may not be the case. Xiao Yan was able to remain in the Star Region for over half a year. Who dares to say that he does not possess any trump cards?"'

Seeing the two similarly outstanding young people in the square, the surrounding crowd immediately erupted into waves of private conversations. Clearly, they were anticipating this big battle.

A dense smile appeared on Yi Chen's handsome face in the face of the voices being emitted. An unusually bright-red tongue gently licked his lips. At a glance, he appeared to be just like a wild beast that was about to have its meal, causing one's pores to open.

"Uncle Chen, I will represent you in the fight. This is alright, no?" Yi Chen turned his head, glanced at Chen Tian Nan by his side, and smiled as he asked.

"As long as you can kill this brat, the Profound Xuan Sect will definitely stand on your side during the chief selection in the future." A ferocious expression flashed across Chen Tian Nan's eyes as he spoke in a dark, dense voice.

The smile on Yi Chen's face became even richer when he heard Chen Tian's promise. He softly laughed, "I'll do as you wish. Moreover, I am also extremely interested in the flesh of this Pill Gathering champion…" Yi Chen's gently stepped forward in front of everyone's eyes after his words sounded. After which, he walked to the middle of the square. His eyes contained a bloody glow as they stared at Xiao Yan as he said, "One's limbs has no eyes during a battle. Come if you are mentally prepared. Of course, you can find an excuse and hide under the protection of the Pill Tower. If this is the case, I might not be able to do anything to you today."

Xiao Yan smiled upon hearing Yi Chen's words. He said, "There is no need to say such provoking words. Since I have already revealed myself, I will naturally not shrink back."

"Good, you are worthy of being the Pill Gathering champion. This demeanor is something that no one can compare with." Yi Chen laughed. However, his laughter contained a bloodiness.

Xiao Yan ignored Yi Chen's wild-beast-like eyes. He gently shifted his feet and walked to the middle of the square. Xiao Yan had yet to fight since he had left the star Region. If someone were to deliver himself to be a test subject, he would naturally not reject him.

The name Demon Yi was one that Xiao Yan had heard of. Moreover, from the way this person had reached the peak of the Dou Zong class at this age, Xiao Yan could tell that his fierce reputation was indeed not obtained from mere boasting. However, this person, whom others saw as holding sway among the younger generation, did not appear to have reached the stage where he could dominate the younger generation from Xiao Yan's point of view.

He had seen too many geniuses over the years.

"Ha ha…"

The smile on Yi Chen's face became even richer when he saw Xiao Yan walking over. His foot stomped on the ground and an unusual force surged. Immediately, the ground trembled. The surrounding people hurriedly retreated.

Following the retreat of these people, a stone stage, around two hundred feet in size, rose from the ground. After which, it slowly came to a stop when it was five feet above the ground.

"We will use this as the boundary. Whoever leaves it will have lost." Chen Yi laughed.

"Agreed." Xiao Yan gently nodded.

A crimson color flashed across Yi Chen's eyes when he saw Xiao Yan nod. What he wanted to do was not force Xiao Yan out of the stone stage. Instead, Yi Chen wanted to kill him. The reason he was doing this was to allow Xiao Yan and Qiu Ling to relax a little. He would never stop a battle with anyone unless he saw blood. Otherwise, the name Demon Yi would really be nothing but child's play.

"Relax, I will allow you to quickly forget about pain. You will thank me…"

A savage smile was lifted on Yi Chen's face as he looked at Xiao Yan a couple dozen feet away from him. Immediately, his feet stomped on the ground. One could hear a 'zoom' sound as his body disappeared.

"What rapid speed!"

Waves of exclamations sounded from outside the stone stage when everyone saw Yi Chen disappear.

Xiao Yan in the arena did not move. An instant later, his eyes became chilly. A swinging kick that possessed great strength cut through the air and violently flew toward a certain space behind him.


The leg brought about numerous afterimages as a figure strangely appeared when it landed on that space. The figure raised his hand and forcefully received this kick from Xiao Yan. After which, he let out a furious cry as his hand turned into a claw. A majestic blood-red Dou Qi surged out his body in all directions at this moment. This fellow had used all his strength at the beginning of the fight. From the looks of it, it was obvious that he intended to use his fastest speed to kill Xiao Yan.

Yi Chen's hand grabbed Xiao Yan's leg and a ferocious smile was immediately lifted on his face.

"Allow me to try whether your flesh is different from that of an ordinary person!"

"Devouring Blood Bone Transforming Hand!"

A cold cry sounded and an extremely frightening suction force suddenly erupted from Yi Chen's hand. Under this suction force, the blood within Xiao Yan's body had become a little chaotic. It appeared as though it was about to break away his body.

Xiao Yan's eyes became slightly cold upon sensing this. His heart let out a cold cry and the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame circulated around his body. After which, it followed that suction force and surged out.

"Chi chi!"

Waves of white fog suddenly erupted from the hand Yi Chen was using to grab Xiao Yan's leg. Yi Chen's expression drastically changed. He hurriedly withdrew his hand and pulled back. Lowering his head, he saw that his palm had been charred black. If not for his vast, mighty Dou Qi defense, it was likely that his hand would have been crippled.

"This is a Heavenly Flame, huh…"

Yi Chen's bright-red tongue licked his lips. His heart let out a cold snort. He aimed his hand at Xiao Yan and suddenly clenched it.

"Blood Explosion!"

A dense blood glow suddenly erupted from Yi Chen's palm when his cry sounded. Immediately, an unusual ripple spread from it.

That strange ripple spread extremely quickly. Within the blink of an eye, it had completely wrapped around Xiao Yan, who had suddenly sensed it. At this moment, the blood within his body had a boiling feeling with the intention of bursting his blood vessels.

"This person is filled with evil skills. He does possess such ability…"

Xiao Yan's arm shook abruptly when he sensed the change of the blood within his body. A purple-brown flame swiftly surged out and wrapped around him. The unusual fluctuation scattered upon coming into contact with the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame.

A solemness also flashed across Yi Chen's eyes when he saw that Xiao Yan did not show the slightest activity. This attack of his was such that experts who had reached the five star Dou Zong level would have their blood forcefully pulled out if they were careless. However, it did not even manage to affect Xiao Yan's body even a little.

"No wonder he is able to become the champion of the Pill Gathering. He does have some ability… forget it, it is best not to let it drag on for too long. I'll finish him off. Otherwise some other situation might occur."

A bloodthirsty crimson color flashed across Yi Chen's face when this thought flashed across his heart. He inhaled a deep breath of air, and his hand seal suddenly changed.

Following the rapid change of Yi Chen's hand seal, his body gradually shrank in front of the many stunned gazes present. Waves of Blood Qi gushed out of all his pores, causing his entire being to look like a blood person. His appearance was terrifying.

"Xiao Yan, be careful. This is the Great Blood Agglomeration Skill of the Profound Sky Sect. It relies on the evaporation of one's blood to temporarily strengthen oneself!" Cao Ying outside of the stone stage became worried when she saw Yi Chen's appearance. She hurriedly cried out in a delicate voice.

"Xiao Yan, it ends here!"

The corner of Yi Chen's mouth revealed a ferocious smile while the Dou Qi in his body swiftly soared. Having used the Great Blood Agglomeration Skill, it was hard for him to find anyone who could match him below the Dou Zun class. It would be an easy matter to finish Xiao Yan off!


Yi Chen's foot stomped on the ground. Numerous arm-thick cracks swiftly spread out. Within the blink of an eye, they had covered the entire stone stage. The space in front of Yi Chen became distorted as he once again disappeared.

Xiao Yan's brows twitched when Yi Chen's body disappeared. His feet swiftly took two steps back and a redness immediately flashed across his eyes. Yi Chen was just like a blood-red ghost that flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Yan. Yi Chen's five fingers formed a claw-like shape. His sharp nails were just like blades filled with a densely cold aura.

"Hand your flesh to me!"

Yi Chen revealed a bloodthirsty and cruel expression to Xiao Yan, who was in close proximity. Yi Chen's hand claw violently grabbed at the lethal point on Xiao Yan's heart.

"Get lost!"

Xiao Yan's eyes revealed a chill as he looked at Yi Chen, who was filled with a bloodiness. A thunder-like explosive cry erupted from the tip of his tongue. Immediately, a nine star Dou Zong aura that was boosted from the Flame Mantra and the Heavenly Flames finally erupted at this moment without holding back!

Chapter 1213: Thanks for Conceding

A vast and mighty aura surged out of Xiao Yan's body in all directions like an erupting volcano at this moment. The ground immediately formed countless numbers of cracks amid a cracking sound!

The powerful aura that erupted from Xiao Yan also caused Yi Chen, who was in close proximity, to be shocked. Before he could recover, a fist that was wrapped by a purple-brown flame tore through space almost instantly, and it ruthlessly smashed against his hand claw.


Incomparably powerful wind ripples suddenly swept out at this moment. A layer of the hard granite floor was sent flying.

The breeze carried some rock dust as it scattered. Immediately, everyone saw Yi Chen's figure tremble within the battleground at this moment. He took some steps back before stabilizing his body. Immediately, numerous uproars involuntarily erupted.

"Chief, it seems that something is not quite right. The aura of this fellow is much stronger compared to back then. Young master Yi…" An old man behind Chen Tian Nan slightly frowned as he spoke. It was surprisingly that elite Dou Zun following behind Chen Xian back then.

Chen Tian Nan knit his brows when he heard this. He said, "There should not be a problem. Regardless of how strong that brat is, he is merely a nine star Dou Zong. It is not as though there haven't been any nine star Dou Zong who have died to Yi Chen's hands during these years."

The old man could only slightly nod and cease speaking when he saw heard Chen Tian Nan's response.

"Nine star Dou Zong?"

Yi Chen's hand slightly curled after stabilizing his body. A blood glow surged, causing the searing pain on his hand to gradually weaken. His eyes were quite gloomy as he stared at Xiao Yan across from him. However, his heart was a little shaken. Based on what he knew, Xiao Yan's strength should only be that of a four or five star Dou Zong. Why was it that his strength had suddenly soared at this moment?

A nine star Dou Zong was slightly different when compared to his strength. Moreover, the most important thing was that he might appear young, but anyone who knew him was aware that he was already older than thirty. He had ten years more than Xiao Yan to train. However, the current gap between the two was just this tiny bit. This was a serious blow to Yi Chen, who was usually extremely proud.

Moreover, even with Yi Chen's talent, he was able to reach the peak of the Dou Zong class at such an age only because of the evil Qi Method of the Profound Sky Sect, relying on swallowing flesh to obtain Dou Qi. Although this method might be strong, it had terrible repercussions. In other words, he had used all of his future life force in order to obtain this current strength. He had thought, that with this strength, he would be all-powerful among those of the same generation. However, Xiao Yan's sudden appearance told him a cruel reality. He had not obtained the kind of strength he had wanted from what he had paid…

"I have experienced killing since I was young, and I have killed countless numbers of people with my hands. After staking the remainder of my life, how is it possible for me to be unable to compare with this brat?"

A crimson color that caused one's heart to turn cold gradually surged into Yi Chen's eyes. His eyes stared at Xiao Yan in a dense manner. The killing intent within them was about to solidify.

"This person must be killed today!"

A roar that was filled with killing intent resounded within his heart. Yi Chen's hand was suddenly clenched. Blood Qi lingered over it before agglomerating into a blood-colored long spear in his palm. Both of his eyes gradually turned a blood-red color. Anyone who witnessed this scene was aware that this Devil Yi from the Profound Sky Sect, with a fierce reputation, was preparing to kill someone.

The blood spear agglomerated and a bloody scent, rich to the point of causing one to puke, slowly spread out of Yi Chen's body. Looking from a distance, the Blood Qi spread like a Killing God descending to the world.


A low and deep roar that was filled with killing intent rolled from Yi Chen's throat. His body disappeared in a flash. An instant later, there was a ripple in the space beside Xiao Yan. A sharp bloody spear, filled with Bloody Qi, appeared and violently pierced at Xiao Yan's head.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort after sensing Yi Chen's attack. His body steadily shifted one step to the right and dodged the bloody spear.

"Seven Kill Spear!"

The bloody glow within Yi Chen's eyes became denser after the spear missed. The long spear suddenly danced, transforming into numerous bloody figures that shot toward all the lethal spots on Xiao Yan's body.

Faced with Yi Chen's storm-like attack, a silver glow began to flash under Xiao Yan's feet. Numerous afterimages appeared, and he dodged those densely packed, blood-colored spear shadows.


The blood spear pierced explosively forward. Suddenly, a clear sound appeared. The dancing long spear stiffened and Yi Chen's expression also changed. One could see the edge of the long spear forcefully grabbed by two of Xiao Yan's fingers. They were covered in a purple-brown flame.

The swift reaction of Xiao Yan also caused Yi Chen's heart to feel solemn. He had vaguely sensed how troublesome it was to deal with Xiao Yan. Those nine star Dou Zong that had exchanged blows with him in the past did not even possess the ability to retaliate, much less grabbing the tip of his spear.

This thought flashed across Yu Chen's heart, and he decisively abandoned his blood spear. His body flashed and transformed into a blood shadow that rushed to Xiao Yan's side. A vicious blood fog surged onto his palm.

"Blood Evil Palm!"

An unusually bloodthirsty blood palm was accompanied by a dense corrosive scent as it violently slammed toward Xiao Yan's heart.

A cold smile flashed across Xiao Yan's face in the face of this kind of vicious attack. A thought passed through his heart and the purple-brown-colored Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame suddenly spluttered out of his chest. It transformed into a fire dragon that ruthlessly collided with Yi Chen's palm. When the flame and the blood fog collided, a sizzling, white fog erupted. There was a vague stench being emitted.

The fire dragon acted as an obstacle as Xiao Yan took a couple of continuous steps back. He studied Yi Chen's gloomy, furious face and involuntarily let out a gentle breath. A chill surged within his dark-black eyes.

"I don't believe that I cannot finish you off today!"

Some impatience had finally risen within Yi Chen's heart after he had failed to cause Xiao Yan any harm despite having repeatedly unleashed his skills. Both of his hands were clenched and a vicious blood fog continued to emit a sizzling sound as it seeped out of his pores. Finally, it transformed into a dark-red coagulated-blood color.

"Heaven Offering Demon Hand!"

After the cry sounded, the space where Yi Chen's palm was located began to fluctuate. Numerous dark-black cracks began to suddenly spread out from that space. The killing aura that surged to the sky caused the expressions of those present to change.

"This Yi Chen has actually used the Heaven Offering Demon Hand, one of the guarded Dou Skills of the Profound Sky Sect…"

"Xiao Yan is indeed incredible to force Yi Chen to such an extent, but I wonder if he will be able to receive this attack…"

The ferocious smile on Yi Chen's face became even denser upon hearing the private conversations from the crowd. He was very confident in this palm of his because an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class had died under this attack when he and this expert had sparred back then!"

A blood fog permeated the stage. Yi Chen's body trembled and once again turned into a blood shadow. He was accompanied by a monstrous killing intent as he rushed toward Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed.

Xiao Yan did not step back when faced with Yi Chen's unusually powerful attack. A faint excitement surged onto his face instead. His hand seal moved, beginning to change with lightning-like speed.

"Open Mountain Seal!"

A cold cry sounded within his heart. An energy light seal appeared in Xiao Yan's palm. However, this seal had just been formed when a thought passed through Xiao Yan's heart. His hand did not stop. Instead, it continued to change at a dazzling speed.

"Sea Flipping Seal!"

Another tiny but bright energy light appeared in his palm. After which, it slowly merged with the Open Mountain Seal and gathered together.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air after the two merged. His hand seal began to change once again.

"Overturning Land Seal!"

Xiao Yan softly cried out within his heart. A bright, purple-brown crystal glow surged out of Xiao Yan's palm. After which, it transformed into a fist-sized crystal imprint that slowly merged with the two seals from earlier.

With the merger of the Overturning Land Seal, the space in front of Xiao Yan immediately began to vehemently tremble. Tiny spatial fragments began to fall from the space before being destroyed.

A three seal stacking of the God Seal Skill. Even within the Gu clan, there were few people who could merge them this perfectly!

The three seals had just been merged when the blood shadow arrived with its monstrous killing intent. The palm covered in a dark-red, viscous fog outlined Yi Chen's handsome face, causing it to appear exceptionally ferocious.


The ferocious cry had just sounded when a palm from Yi Chen ruthlessly slammed toward Xiao Yan's chest. Space crumbled at this moment, forming numerous long dark-black lines. A monstrous bloody fog spread across the sky.

A sharp bloody stench pounced over. A chill flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes as he looked at the ferocious expression on Yi Chen's face. Xiao Yan's purple-brown crystal hand quietly cut through space and violently collided with Yi Chen's blood hand in front of many stunned people.


An earth-shaking explosion suddenly reverberated at this moment. The stone stage, that was nearly two hundred feet large, emitted a "bang" and was blasted into debris. A circular energy ripple swiftly spread out. After which, it was suddenly resolved by a gentle force that had originated from nowhere when it was about to reach the crowd. Despite this, some of those near the edge of the stone stage were shaken until they spat out blood and stepped back.

A commotion appeared in the square due to this ripple. Numerous eyes swiftly landed on the arena. Dust spread over that place. One could not clearly see the situation happening on it.


While everyone's heart was feeling anxious, the low, deep sound of a fist landing on a body was suddenly emitted. After which, everyone saw a figure fly out of the battleground like a kite with its string broken. Next, it violently landed on the ground and rubbed over a dozen meters before it slowly stabilized.

Everyone's eyes followed the figure and looked over. When they saw extremely miserable figure covered with fresh blood, the entire place immediately became silent. Quite a number of people inhaled a breath of cool air. This Killing Demon of the Profound Sky Sect had actually lost today!

Dust gradually fell amid the silence of the entire square. A skinny figure slowly appeared. Numerous eyes looked over, only to see his clothes were still clean. He did not appear like someone who had undergone a big battle.

"Thank you for conceding."

Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward Yi Chen in front of the many gazes and smiled as he thanked Yi Chen.


A green-faced Yi Chen finally spat out a mouthful of fresh blood at this moment. His pride had been completely shattered today.

Chapter 1214: Obtaining Information

Xiao Yan faintly grinned as he watched the green-faced Yi Chen throw up a mouthful of fresh blood. Xiao Yan's finger gently rubbed a blood-colored Storage Ring in his hand. This was something that he had snatched from Yi Chen's finger when they had exchanged blows earlier. Since the other party had cursed Xiao Yan and had lost the battle, it was natural that the other party would have to leave something behind.

"Hand over the Storage Ring!"

Yi Chen rubbed away the blood trace on the corner of his mouth. His eyes were scarlet as he stared at Xiao Yan. His fierce manner was just like that of a wild beast.

"Treat this as a little interest." Xiao Yan laughed softly before speaking in a calm voice, "You have already lost this stage match. Bring your people and leave."

Yi Chen's face was distorted. His eyes were dark and ruthless as he stared at Xiao Yan. The desire to kill surged within his eyes. Clearly, he was unwilling to simply admit defeat. From the way he saw it, the reason he had lost to Xiao Yan was because he had made a mistake in the way he had attacked. If he had been prepared, he would not have ended up defeated in such an ugly fashion.

A denseness also surged onto the face of Chen Tian Nan while Yi Chen's face was green. He had underestimated Xiao Yan. It was unexpected that even Demon Yi from the Profound Sky Sect, whose reputation was extremely fierce, would end up being defeated by Xiao Yan's hands. Looking at it this way, Xiao Yan could be considered outstanding even among the younger generation across the Central Plains region.

Moreover, no one would forget this young man, who had defeated Yi Chen, also possessed superb alchemist abilities that surpassed many Elders within the Pill Tower.

Although Xiao Yan was not the only one who had managed to obtain such results in both Dou Qi and alchemist skills, he was definitely an extremely rare existence by being able to reach this stage at such a young age.

"This person must not be allowed to live. Otherwise, he will definitely cause trouble in the future."

A dense killing intent flashed across Chen Tian Nan's heart. His eyes were rotated as he suddenly stepped forward. With a flash, his body had appeared around ten feet in front of Xiao Yan. A cold cry exploded within the square like thunder. "Uneducated brat. You actually snatched someone else's thing when sparring. Did your teach not teach you the necessary etiquette?"

Chen Tian Nan's large hand penetrated through empty space after his cry sounded. He mercilessly grabbed at Xiao Yan's head. Looking at this situation, Xiao Yan's head would burst apart with a 'bang' like a watermelon if it was firmly grabbed by him.

"Chen Tian Nan!"

Qiu Ling's expression changed as he stood outside of the stone stage. He yelled Chen Tian Nan's name in anger.

Chen Tian Nan acted as though he did not hear the furious cry of Qiu Ling. At this moment, his desire to kill Xiao Yan had already reached a peak. If he did not personally kill Xiao Yan today, it was likely that he would have difficulty sleeping and eating in peace in the future.

"Brat, repay my son's life!"

Chen Tian Nan revealed a ferocious face. Just when his palm was about to make contact with Xiao Yan, a cold smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's face. Xiao Yan flicked his finger and a dark-golden figure suddenly appeared in front of him.


Chen Tian Nan's hand heavily slammed into the dark-golden body. A clear metallic sound appeared. The frightening destructive force on his hand did not cause the golden body to shake even a little.

Chen Tian Nan's palm fell. Waves of a numbing feeling were suddenly transmitted from his palm, causing his expression to immediately change. He raised his eyes, only to see an expressionless hole of a face. After which, the figure's dark-golden fist scattered the air. A punch without any fancy moves smashed toward Chen Tian Nan's head.

Faced with this bright-golden fist, the pores all over Chen Tian Nan's body suddenly stood up. His mighty Dou Qi gathered on his palm as it hurriedly met with the fist.


A low, deep sound appeared in the air as an invisible wind fluctuation spread out with lightning-like speed. The stone stage, which had turned into rock fragments, burst apart and formed a layer of dust on the ground.

The fist and palm crossed each other. One could watch as Chen Tian Nan immediately flew backwards. He quickly landed, and his feet took over a dozen heavy steps back. Only then did he raise his head in shock and look at the dark-golden puppet in front of Xiao Yan. The waves of numbness being transmitted from his hand caused a monstrous wave to surge in his heart. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that the dark-golden human figure was a puppet. However, the strength of this puppet… caused his entire body to feel an icy-chill.

A Dou Zun class puppet?

Chen Tian Nan felt a dryness surging into his mouth when he thought of this. An ordinary person was unable to reach this stage even after training for all one's life. However, a puppet of this fellow actually possessed such a frightening strength?

"Clang clang!"

Chen Tian Nan withdrew in a deflated manner. The group of experts from the Profound Xuan Sect immediately drew shiny weapons from their Storage Rings. Their faces were filled with murderous desire as they stared at Xiao Yan. From their appearance, it seemed that they would charge forward and turn Xiao Yan into mincemeat once Chen Tian Nan gave the order.


Two figures slowly appeared beside Xiao Yan while these people drew their weapons. Their ice-cold eyes swept over the square. The vast and mighty Dou Qi that vaguely spread from them caused these fierce, evil people to withdraw two steps in shock.

"Two Dou Zuns?"

The ones who had appeared beside Xiao Yan were naturally the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. The two of them had not intervened earlier because they were aware that Xiao Yan could deal with the so-called Demon Yi. However, they had not expected Chen Tian Nan to suddenly attack.

Chen Tian Nan's face underwent a slight change as he watched the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe appear. He was naturally able to sense the strengths of the two. They were genuine Dou Zuns. Moreover, the most frightening thing was that the young, beautiful, white-clothed lady vaguely gave him a dangerous feeling when he looked at her.

Additionally, the thing that really caused his heart to sink was the Sky Demon Puppet that stood in front of Xiao Yan without moving. After the earlier exchange, Chen Tian Nan clearly understood in his heart that if they were to really fight, just the puppet alone was going to give him a difficult time.

"This brat is really mysterious. There are so many experts beside him. Even without the protection of the Pill Tower, these people who have come today wouldn't be able to do anything to them."

Chen Tian Nan's mouth twitched a little. After weighing the situation repeatedly, his face became green. He realized that the people he had brought would likely be killed by the other party should a battle really break out. Three elite Dou Zuns. Even with the great foundation of his Profound Xuan Sect, he was unable to produce a lineup that could compare to it.

Faced with this sudden change in situation, Chen Tian Nan ended up feeling a little embarrassed. His group was unable to fight with the other party. What could he do?

Yi Chen's expression had also changed because of this scene. Although there were very few people among the younger generation who could surpass him, he still had to hold back his arrogance in the face of an expert Dou Zun. The peak of the Dou Zong class and the Dou Zun class were two completely different concepts. It was difficult to measure their gap.

Currently, three elite Dou Zuns had suddenly appeared by Xiao Yan's side. It was likely that Tian Chen Nan's aim in maneuvering such a large number of people was not going to be fulfilled.

Any words were useless in front of true strength. If they had been able to take out ten elite Dou Zuns, there was no need for them to even say anything. They could simply attack and capture Xiao Yan. Unfortunately, the number of Dou Zuns they currently had not only was not ten but was even a little less compared to Xiao Yan's side. How were they going to fight?

"Sect Leader Chen, you have made enough of a fuss today. If this continues, it is likely that even the three association heads will not be able to overlook this matter!"

Qiu Ling's expression was dark and solemn. Chen Tian Nan had come to create trouble at the entrance of the Pill Tower. It would not benefit the Pill Tower if word of this spread. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan was full of abilities. Not only did he successfully withstand this calamity, but he had even violently slapped the Profound Xuan Sect.

Chen Tian Nan's expression slightly changed upon hearing Qiu Ling's words. The eyes of Yi Chen became cold as he spoke in a dense chilly voice, "Could it be that Elder Qiu thinks that it is so easy to take the things of my Profound Sky Sect?"

"This is called the spoils of a fight." Xiao Yan smiled and corrected. His smiling face caused Yi Chen's eyes to appear as though they were about to spit out flames.

"Brat, you better not use the glib of tongue on the old me…" Chen Tian Nan coldly laughed. However, before he could finish speaking, an ice-cold voice suddenly resounded over the entire square.

"Sect leader Chen, it is time that this farce ends today. If you continue with your trouble, you should not blame the Pill Tower for not giving you face. Moreover, Yi Chen, if you represent the Profound Sky Sect as enemies of the Pill Tower, you can return immediately. I want to see just how Tian Ming Zi will reply to you!"

The space in front of Xiao Yan slowly distorted when that icy-cold voice sounded. Immediately Xuan Yi slowly walked out of the distortion. Her eyes contained a fierceness. There was an incredible amount of prestige in her stare.

Qiu Ling by the side hurriedly bowed and greeted Xuan Yi when he saw her appearing at this moment. The faces of Chen Tian Nan and Yi Chen drastically changed. Xuan Yi's status and reputation far surpassed theirs. Even if the chief of the Profound Sky Sect, Tian Ming Zi, were here, it was likely that he would have to be polite to her. In an instant, even someone as proud as Yi Chen felt perspiration pouring down like rain. He might have spoken in a mighty manner earlier, but he also understood that the Profound Sky Sect would definitely not offend the Pill Tower over Xiao Yan…

"Since association head Xuan Yi has stepped forward, the matter today shall end here for now. However, if the old me discovers the truth, I will definitely not just leave the matter as it is."

The mouth of Chen Tian Nan trembled for a moment. Finally, he clenched his teeth and threw out some ruthless but superficial words. He then swung his sleeve and directed his group to leave in a dispirited manner. He did not expect even a giant head of the Pill Tower to personally step forward because of a Xiao Yan.

Watching Chen Tian Nan withdraw, Yi Chen could only grit his teeth unwillingly. His eyes were dark and dense as he glanced at Xiao Yan. After which, he swung his sleeves and left. His back was accompanied by a miserable appearance.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head as he watched these people leave in a dispirited manner. He tossed the blood-red Storage Ring in his hand and spoke with a faint smile, "A group of people who only knows how to bully others by using another's strength…"

"Why did you show yourself in the face of such matters? Qiu Ling would naturally have helped you avoid them…" Xuan Yi turned around and involuntarily reprimanded Xiao Yan.

"The other party even set up a battle stage and issued a challenge. Could I shrink back?" Xiao Yan laughed.

"Forget it, I'm too lazy to argue with you. Your character is the same as that old fellow…" Xuan Yi helplessly shook her head. She turned around and walked to the Pill Tower. When passing by Xiao Yan, a soft voice was transmitted into his ear.

"Come in. We have obtained information related to the place where Yao Chen is imprisoned…"

The smile on Xiao Yan's face slowly disappeared when he heard her words. Replacing it was a stern, densely cold face.

Chapter 1215: Death Soul Mountain Range

Human figures were scattered around in some seats within a spacious hall. The atmosphere within the hall was quite solemn.

Ever since Xiao Yan had walked into the large hall, he had been staring intently at Xuan Kong Zi trio. Even his breathing had become a little hurried because of his excitement. It had been around five or six years since Yao Lao had been captured back then until now. Although Yao Lao's life had not been at risk during these five or six years, the suffering he had endured was definitely unbelievable.

All of Xiao Yan's abilities had come about because Yao Lao paved the way for him. It was due to Yao Lao that Xiao Yan had been able to reach such a height. Hence, as long as it was something related to Yao Lao, Xiao Yan's emotions would fluctuate a little.

"Little fellow, do not allow your mind to become chaotic. Rescuing Yao Lao is not a simple matter. If anything wrong occurs midway, it would be equivalent to delivering a goat to the mouth of a tiger."

Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily shook his head and spoke when he saw Xiao Yan's eyes.

Xiao Yan gently nodded upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi's scolding words. Xiao Yan took a couple of deep breaths and suppressed his fluctuating mind. His eyes once again recovered their calmness. He softly asked, "Why was the information regarding this collected so quickly?"

"It cannot be considered quick. If one wanted to really talk about it, we have collected this information for nearly a year in order to obtain this news. However, we have only managed to confirm it now." Xuan Kong Zi smiled as he answered.

"Where has the Hall of Souls transferred teacher?"

Xiao Yan's eyes did not blink as he stared at Xuan Kong Zi and swiftly asked.

Xuan Kong Zi smiled. He took out a map scroll from his Storage Ring before spreading it apart on the table. His finger pointed to the north-western part of the Central Plains and said, "There are quite a number of secretive branch Halls within the Central Plains of the Hall of Souls. An ordinary person would not be able to discover them. There is a Death Soul Mountain Range in the north-western region. That place hides a branch hall of the Hall of Souls."

"Has teacher been transferred to this Death Soul Mountain Range's branch hall?" Xiao Yan's eyes flickered as he asked.

"Yes." Xuan Kong Zi slightly nodded and said, "This Death Soul Mountain Range can be considered a dangerous place within the Central Plains. For some unknown reason, the Cold Qi in that place is extremely dense. Cold fog covers the sun. If one were to randomly barge in, one would end up lost within it. Moreover, there are quite a number of powerful and unusually bloodthirsty Magical Beasts within the mountain range. It is extremely troublesome to deal with them. Probably the reason why the Hall of Souls established a branch hall is because the concealment of this place had caught its eye."

"Death Soul Mountain Range…"

Xiao Yan softly muttered this name in his mouth. Since he was aware of the location where Yao Lao was being imprisoned, he would definitely make an attempt without hesitation even if he had to enter an extremely treacherous place.

"How many experts are there in that Hall of Souls branch hall? How many Dou Zuns are there?"

The Little Fairy Doctor by the side softly posed the most important question. Xiao Yan would become a little excited when he met with anything related to Yao Lao. At this moment, she could only pay more attention to the situation.

Xiao Yan also become clear-headed after hearing the Little Fairy Doctor's question. He hurriedly nodded. This was the most important question. If they were unable to clearly probe the other party's defensive strength, randomly barging in would only deliver themselves to be captured.

"The Hall of Souls really values Yao Chen. The defensive strength watching him is definitely not too weak. Based on the information we have obtained, there is likely five elite Dou Zuns guarding the Death Soul Mountain Range…" Even Xuan Kong Zi's expression had become a little more serious when he spoke until this point. Five Dou Zuns. This lineup was extremely powerful even when placed within the Central Plains. It belonged to the level where all they needed to do was stomp their feet and many top tier factions would be frightened to the point of peeing their pants.

"Five Dou Zuns…"

Xiao Yan's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. His mouth involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of cool air. This strength… was really a little too great. The Hall of Souls had dispatched five Dou Zuns just to guard a branch hall. This lineup was sufficient to wash a top tier faction in blood.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe also had faces that were a lot more grave. Clearly, they were shaken by the strength of this Hall of Souls.

Xiao Yan calculated that there were, at the very most, three Dou Zuns beside him if he included the Sky Demon Puppet. Currently, he was also able to hold back an elite Dou Zun. However, if he were to face two of them, it was likely that he could only turn around and flee.

"Now, we can only wait for Feng zun-zhe to come. If we add him, we should close to enough enormous people to give it a try…" Xiao Yan mused in his heart.

"Are these all the Dou Zuns in that branch hall?" The Little Fairy Doctor fell silent for a moment before asking again.

"Based on the information we got our hands on, there should only be five Dou Zuns. However, the branch hall definitely still has some Hall of Souls protectors. Their combined fighting strength would also be quite strong…" Xuan Kong Zi said.

"Those protectors cannot be considered much trouble. However, all of you need to beware of meeting a Tianzun…" Xuan Yi by the side spoke with a grave face.

"Tianzun?" Xiao Yan's group was startled when they heard this foreign name.

"The Hall of Souls protectors are divided into the Sky, Earth, and Man category. Although the Honorable Elders do not have such a strict division, they are similarly divided according to rank. Tianzun are the strongest experts among the Honorable Elder ranking… as for their strength, the only thing you need to know is that even Old Mu Gu is not qualified to be a Tianzun in the Hall of Souls." Xuan Yi explained in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. Old Mu Gu's strength should be around that of a three star Dou Zun. Even he did not possess the qualification to be a Tianzun. Would it not be the case that these Tianzuns of the Hall of Souls were all at least five star Dou Zuns?

Even with Xiao Yan's calmness, his brows were involuntarily knit when he thought of this. There was vast difference between every level within the Dou Zun class. Many Dou Zuns had spent dozens of years without being able to raise their strength by one star. From this, one could tell just what kind of terrifying gap was present between every star within the Dou Zun class.

Five star Dou Zuns. It was likely that even the combined strength of Little Fairy Doctor and the Sky Demon Puppet would be able to fight them, but then the originally few Dou Zuns on Xiao Yan's side would be even more limited.

"This Hall of Souls is indeed terrifying…"

Xiao Yan exhaled a deep breath of air. Even though he really did not wish to admit it, he still involuntarily emitted a sigh at this moment. Even across the entire continent, it was likely hardly anyone could fight against such a terrifying strength with the exception of those factions that had originated since ancient times like the Gu clan.

"There is no need to worry. Tianzuns have extremely high positions within the Hall of Souls. They will usually not easily reveal themselves. Five Dou Zuns guarding Yao Chen. This is already an extremely high standard. If another Tianzun is added, it would cause one to feel incredulous…" Xuan Kong Zi waved his hand and spoke when he saw Xiao Yan's solemn expression.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. At this moment, he could only think in this manner. Since the status of these fellows were so high, it was unlikely for them to stay in a branch hall for no reason. After all, an expert should have the eccentricness of an expert.

"This is the information that we have obtained. The Pill Region is not far from the Death Soul Mountain Range. It should be enough to reach there in five days or so." Xuan Kong Zi slowly spoke. After which, he took out a goat skin scroll and handed it to Xiao Yan, "This is the map of the interior of the Death Soul Mountain Range. The branch hall of the Hall of Souls is located in the middle of the mountain range."

Xiao Yan received the map and opened it. After which, he carefully studied the map. The map was extremely detailed. Although the cold fog within the mountain range was extremely dense, relying on such a precise map to successfully enter the range would not be too difficult.

"Thank you very much Old Xuan."

Xiao Yan stored the map in his Storage Ring, cupped his hands together, and thanked Xuan Kong Zi.

"This is merely a trivial matter. Ugh, however, this is all we can help you with. All of you will have to rely on yourselves for the final action…" Xuan Kong Zi waved his hand and sighed.

Xiao Yan smiled and said, "If the Pill Tower had not helped us gather information, we do not know just when it would have been until we had found the location where teacher is imprisoned. Therefore, this is not a trivial matter."

Xuan Kong Zi bitterly smiled and nodded. He asked, "When are all of you preparing to act?"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before replying, "This operation must be well-prepared. Therefore, we must wait until Feng zun-zhe hurries over."

"Oh? Ha ha, that old fellow huh…" Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily laughed when he heard Feng zun-zhe being mentioned. He said, "That old fellow has an extremely good relationship with Yao Chen. Finding him will indeed be of great help. Moreover, he is extremely experienced. With him following all of you, we will definitely feel more reassured."

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. Feng zun-zhe could be considered a renowned expert across the Central Plains region. He had frequently come into contact with the Hall of Souls during the years he had searched for traces of Yao Lao. With him joining this operation, they would be able to understand a little more about the Hall of Souls. He would also boost their confidence in finally rescuing Yao Lao.

"Even though this is the case, let's wait for news from the old fellow. With his speed, it should be possible for him to reach the Pill Region in half a month's time…" Xuan Kong Zi fondled his beard and laughed.

Xiao Yan slightly smiled slightly. Half a month? During this half a month, he needed to try his best to raise the strength of their group. It was time to refine the Fungus Green Pill for Tian Huo zun-zhe. If the strength of the people on his side was a little stronger, the chances of them succeeding would also increase.

However, no matter how much more his conviction grew, this trip would be the most dangerous and important operation that Xiao Yan has ever undertaken. Therefore, he needed to do his best. He must not allow even the slightest reason to cause any mistake to occur during this operation.

After chatting a little with Xuan Kong Zi and the others about areas they should take note of relating to the Hall of Souls and the Death Soul Mountain Range, Xiao Yan ceased remaining any longer. He directed the Little Fairy Doctor and the rest as they cupped their hands together and bade the others goodbye. After which, they hurriedly left. They were currently pressed for time, and they could not afford to squander it.

Xuan Kong Zi and the two others exchanged looks with each other after watching Xiao Yan's group's backs leave through the door. They also softly sighed.

"Hopefully this trip of theirs will be smooth. It has been many years since anyone has witnessed someone snatch a person from the hands of the Hall of Souls. I wonder if they will succeed this time around?"

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