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Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211: Yi Chen

There was a plaza built from smooth granite outside of the Pill Tower. Usually, the human traffic did not come to a halt around here. This spot was also a place in Holy Pill City where a large crowd was gathering.

However, at this moment, the human flow that was suppose to constantly be moving, had gathered into an enormous crowd. There was an empty area in the middle of these people. Nearly a hundred figures were standing straight in this empty ground. The cold auras that vaguely spread from them caused the expressions of quite a number of people to change. At a glance, one could tell that these were no ordinary people. It was obvious that they were full of ill intent from the way they had arrived in a high profile manner.

“They look like people from the Profound Xuan Sect?”

“Could that gray-clothed elder leading them be the chief of the Profound Xuan Sect, Chen Tian Nan? It is unexpected that even this old demon has personally come. What are they planning to do?”

“It is rumored that they seem to be after Xiao Yan. Rumor has it that the junior chief of the Profound Xuan Sect had been killed by Xiao Yan in the Pill Realm. This old demon should be here to take revenge.”

“No wonder they are covered with so much killing intent. Looks like the matter today will not end nicely.”

The expression in the eyes of the gray-clothed elder at the leader’s spot of the group turned cold upon hearing the numerous private conversations around him. His eyes were filled with a dense chill as they swept over the crowd. The people at the spots where his eyes swept over felt their heart turn cold. They hurriedly shut their mouths. The Profound Xuan Sect were not good people. It was not rare for them to draw their blades at the first sign of disagreement. Moreover, they took revenge for any offense. Whoever offended them would definitely end up with an extremely miserable fate.

“Chief Chen, this is the Pill Tower. Just what are you planning to do by leading so many people with great killing intent over?”

A cold cry was suddenly transmitted from the Pill Tower while everyone was being deterred by Chen Tian Nan expression. Immediately, an elderly figure led many experts from the Pill Tower and swiftly surged out. After which, they stood around the square. Everyone took a look and found that it was the First Elder of the Pill Tower, Qiu Ling.

“Elder Qiu Ling, you need not use your Pill Tower to put pressure on the old me. Other people might be afraid of this, but the old me isn’t.” Chen Tian Nan’s eyes were ice-cold as they stared at Qiu Ling. He said, “My son died to the hands of Xiao Yan. Today, the old me shall leave some ruthless words. I am here to look for him to accompany my son in death!”

Qiu Ling did not frown. He replied in a deep voice, “I have long since said that you can go and look for that old bastard Mu Gu from the Hall of Souls regarding this matter.”

“That old bastard Mu Gu might have some responsibility, but Xiao Yan is also one of the murders. Hand him to the old me and the old me will leave immediately!” Chen Tian Nan coldly demanded.

“What do you treat the Pill Tower as? Must we hand him over just because you say so? You, Chen Tian Nan, still do not possess such prestige!” Qiu Ling furiously cried out when he saw that this old fellow was extremely stubborn.

“Elder Qiu Ling really acts in a mighty manner. No matter how one puts it, the Profound Xuan Sect is also considered one of the three lower sects of my Profound Sky Sect. If we cannot even take revenge for the son of a chief, who will trust our Profound Sky Sect in the future?” A figure slowly stepped out from behind Chen Tian Nan and faintly laughed after Qiu Ling’s words sounded.


ldquo;Who are you?”

Qiu Ling’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the figure who had stepped forward. The person seemed quite young. He was tall with an extremely handsome face that looked like that of a woman. However, there was some violence hidden between his brows. This caused his excellent appearance to possess a darkness.

“Sky Profound Sect, Yi Chen.”

That handsome man slightly smiled. His demeanor was quite extraordinary. However, when this simple name sounded, it caused everyone to feel a stern and chilling killing intent.

“Sky Profound Sect, Yi Chen?” Qiu Ling was startled when he heard Yi Chen’s name. He immediately seemed to have recalled something and began to frown.

“Yi Chen? Could it be the Yi Chen known as Demon Yi in the Profound Sky Sect?”

The human crowd also turned into an uproar because of the name of this handsome man. The gazes that were looking at this man revealed fear. That manner was as though this Yi Chen was some fierce beast from prehistoric times.

The name Demon Yi was quite renowned across the Central Plains. Moreover, this name was a fierce one that had been accumulated from a countless number of bloody killings. Within the territory controlled by the Profound Sky Sect, the fierce name of Demon Yi was sufficient to cause one to lose all courage from simply hearing his name.

Compared to this fierce name, Xiao Yan’s reputation was far inferior to this person across Central Plains had Xiao Yan not obtained the champion spot of the Pill Gathering.

This Yi Chen was known as the most outstanding disciple of the Profound Sky Sect within a century. Of course, with his current position within the Profound Sky Sect, even some Elders would have to be respectful when facing him. Everyone knew that with this person’s strength and ruthless tactics, he would definitely become the next chief of the Profound Sky Sect. Although there were some other competitors within the sect, no one had ever imagined that the others would truly be able to compete with this person, whose viciousness caused even the chief of the Profound Sky Sect to feel his heart become chilly.

The strength of Yi Chen was also extremely frightening when compared with his fierce reputation. The method in which the Profound Sky Sect groomed its disciples was extremely bloody and cruel. It was rumored that every generation of direct disciples would have to enter the forbidden ground of the sect after having trained until a certain level. At that place, these people, who were usually brothers with the same teacher, needed to kill each other. Through this method, the one who eventually walked out of the forbidden ground would become the true core disciple of the sect.

Moreover, the Qi Method of the Profound Sky Sect was extremely cruel and overbearing. They were able to forcefully swallow other people’s Dou Qi. The precondition was that one must swallow it together with the other party’s flesh.

Those who finally walked out of the forbidden ground would definitely be filled with a bloody scent because the Dou Qi and the flesh of those brothers in training, forever left within the forbidden ground, would become the final victor’s nourishment.

Yi Chen was the only one who walked out of the forbidden ground of the Profound Sky Sect in this generation. Adding this to his frequent battles and killings for the Profound Sky Sect during these years, countless numbers of experts had died to his hands. Moreover, his strength had swiftly soared during these killings. At this moment, he had become one of the few people in history of the Profound Sky Sect who had reached the peak of the Dou Zong class at thirty. Moreover, he even showed the terrifying traces of having a foot in the Dou Zun class.

If one were to describe the Hall of Souls as mysterious and unpredictable, this Profound Sky Sect would truly be bloody and cruel. However, this world was ultimately one where the strong ate the weak. This was merely magnified many times within the Profound Xuan Sect. Moreover, there were signs that the Profound Xuan Sect was growing stronger, making it obvious that this kind of cruel selection method was indeed an alternative way to train.

Of course, the Profound Sky Sect’s Qi Method of being able to swallow other people’s flesh to strengthen one’s strength might be overbearing, but it came with quite a great sequela. All those who had practiced this Qi Method until its peak would eventually end up in a miserable death through a backlash. Hence, this thing was like a catalyst that drained one’s life force in order to obtain great strength. Although it was temporary, one would at least shine brightly once. Perhaps this was the thought in the hearts of the previous chiefs of the Profound Sky Sect.

“Elder Qiu Ling, if one really talks about this matter, it can be considered a family matter of uncle Chen. He must definitely take revenge for his son’s death. It would be a little inappropriate for the Pill Tower to intervene.”

The smile on Yi Chen’s handsome face did not change even a little as the private conversations sparked to life around him. His eyes stared at Qiu Ling as he spoke with a grin.

“The old me has already said that Xiao Yan is not the one who killed Chen Xian. It is Old Mu Gu. You are seeking out the wrong target.” Qiu Ling replied in a deep voice.

“If Xiao Yan had not seriously injured my son, they would have been to escape from Old Mu Gu’s vicious hands. No matter how one puts it, this matter is related to Xiao Yan. Today, my Profound Xuan Sect will not let this matter rest if there is no accountability!” Chen Tian Nan’s eyes were as vicious as snakes as he spoke in a dark and cold manner.

“Are you threatening my Pill Tower?” Qiu Ling’s face sank as he coldly asked.

“Ugh, Elder Qiu. The Pill Tower and the Hall of Souls have been enemies for many years. My Profound Xuan Sect has been maintaining its neutral stance. If there are some matters that are not resolved properly, you might end up pushing a hidden alliance to form with the other party. This is not a good thing for the Pill Tower.” Yi Chen sighed softly as he threatened.

Even Qiu Ling’s expression had changed a little this time around. He might not be concerned about the words other people spoke, but this Yi Chen was basically the next chief of the Profound Sky Sect. Therefore, his words contained some weight. Although the Pill Tower was strong, a large faction like the Profound Sky Sect was also extremely powerful. There would be some trouble if one ended up offending them.

“I would advise you to say less of such words. Moreover, with the status of Chief Chen, he would likely look extremely bad if word of him attacking a member of the younger generation were to spread, no?” Qiu Ling spoke in a deep voice.

“The old me does not care about whatever younger generation or now…” Chen Tian Nan coldly laughed. However, before his gritting teeth voice could say everything, Yi Chen by the side extended his hand and halted him. After which, he smiled and said, “Since Elder Qiu Ling has put it in this manner, we shall not forcefully take him today on account of the Pill Tower’s face.”

Chen Tian Nan became anxious when he heard this. However, he saw a dense smile surfacing on the corner of Yi Chen’s mouth. At this moment, Yi Chen’s voice suddenly resounded across the entire area while being accompanied by powerful Dou Qi.

“In that case, I shall establish a battle stage here today and invite that Pill Gathering champion friend, Xiao Yan, to spar. May I know if that well-known champion of the Pill Gathering has the courage to receive my challenge?”

Qiu Ling’s expression changed upon hearing this trap. Yi Chen’s fierce reputation was something everyone present was aware of. If Xiao Yan were to receive it, it would be difficult to predict whether he would be able to live.

“This fellow. What a vicious tactic.”

Qiu Ling quietly cursed in his heart. He was just about to let out a deep cry when he discovered the space in front of him had suddenly become a little distorted. A skinny figure was partially visible in front of the many stunned gazes as it slowly appeared. Immediately, Qiu Ling quietly cried out “this is bad” in his heart.

The figure slowly appeared while a calm laugh swept over the square like a breeze.

“Since you insist, Xiao Yan would blacken the name of the Pill Gathering champion if I withdraw. In that case, this challenge…”

“I will receive it…”

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