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Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199: Reinforcement of the Hall of Soul

With the sound of a slight cracking sound, the Star Region became dead quiet. All activities came to a sudden halt at this instant. Immediately, Old Mu Gu and First Elder Qiu Ling, who in an intense battle, hurriedly withdrew by over a dozen steps in unison. After which, they quickly turned to the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

Under the focus of everyone’s eyes, the unusually large body of the giant fire dragon lingered in the sky. At this moment, the symbols made of black lines on the densely packed dragon scales had disappeared. Although the eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame dragon had become slightly dimmer after breaking the seal, the fierce aura that emitted threads of annihilation caused those present to be afraid.

“Dammit…” Qiu Ling’s expression was green as he looked at the Three Thousand Burning Flame that had escaped the seal. He let out a soft curse in the process since he knew that things had currently become a little troublesome. Who could stop the Three Thousand Burning Flame that had escaped the seal other than the three great heads?

“Ha ha…”

Compared to the ugly expression of Qiu Ling, Old Mu Gu had a face that was filled with excitement. His feet stepped forward as he laughed, “Congratulations on having escaped. However, is it possible to carry out the things we discussed earlier? Relax, as long as you remain in my Hall of Souls for one year, we will definitely return your freedom. I dare to guarantee you on this point.”

Odl Mu Gu’s tone treated the Three Thousand Burning Flame as an extremely powerful expert. Of course, the Three Thousand Burning Flame was an expert, possessing intelligence.

“This old fellow has performed a transaction with the Three Thousand Burning Flame?” The hearts of Xiao Yan’s group tightened upon hearing the words of Old Mu Gu.

The gigantic dragon eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame glanced at Old Mu Gu in front of him. An extremely human-like cunningness flashed across them as a low, deep voice was emitted from its large mouth, “Aye, there is naturally no problem with the matter that we discussed. However, I must tour this world first. After that, I will head to your whatever Hall of Souls.”

The corner of Old Mu Gu’s mouth twitched upon hearing its words. His smile was slowly withdrawn as he said, “Putting it this way, you intend to break your promise?”

“Chi, you humans are all the same. You want me to trust you? Dream on.” The Three Thousand Burning Flame fire dragon’s eyes revealed a chill. It had suffered great losses to the hands of humans. Although it did not know just what kind of powerful existence the Hall of Souls was, it was not a fool. It clearly understood that the other party merely wanted to obtain its essence flame.

Old Mu Gu’s expression had become completely gloomy. Although he had expected things to not would be smooth, he had not expected the Three Thousand Burning Flame to take back its words this quickly.

Xiao Yan by the side quietly sighed in relief when he heard the conversation between Old Mu Gu and the Three Thousand Burning Flame. It seemed that both of them had malicious intent in their hearts despite their cooperation.

Qiu Ling had also understood the situation. He hesitated for a moment before displaying an expression to Xiao Yan’s group. The group slowly withdrew some distance. If Old Mu Gu and the Three Thousand Burning Flame ended up fighting, it would naturally be best for them. With the strength of Old Mu Gu, he would definitely be no match for the Three Thousand Burning Flame. After they were to have a vicious fight, it was likely that the trouble outside would be resolved. At that time, the experts from the Pill Tower would intervene and woul

d definitely be able to take care of both Old Mu Gu and the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

Old Mu Gu slightly knit his eyebrows as Xiao Yan’s group withdrew. He was aware of their intentions. However, this was not the time to think about such things. Although this Three Thousand Burning Flame was strong, he needed to bring it back to the Hall of Souls today regardless of what happens.

“Since you do not want to do things nicely, you should not blame the old me for not acting righteous. The Pill Tower might not be able to deal with you, but my Hall of Souls will be able to let you know what is called a fate worse than death!”

Old Mu Gu gently spread his shriveled hand under his sleeves. His tone had also become exceptionally dense.


A black figure tore through space just after Old Mu Gu’s voice sounded. It carried a terrifyingly hot wind as it violently slammed toward his head.

This sudden attack had startled Old Mu Gu. His body flashed and appeared over a hundred feet away. After which, his eyes were dark and solemn as he looked at the Three Thousand Burning Flame as it swung its enormous tail. His hand was clenched and a bright-silver jade plate suddenly appeared in his hand. Subsequently, he shattered it.

Following the shattering of the jade plate, an extremely powerful spatial strength suddenly surged out. It immediately tore a crack in the space beside Old Mu Gu. When the crack line formed, three human figures wrapped in black robes slowly walked out of the spatial crack.

After these human figures walked out, three vast and mighty auras suddenly swept around this empty space like a storm. Even the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s large eyes revealed a seriousness in the face of this majestic storm.

“Honorable Elders of the Hall of Souls!”

Xiao Yan’s expression abruptly changed when these three mysterious black figures appeared. He had not expected Old Mu Gu to still possess such a trick. The thing that caused Xiao Yan’s heart to sink was that he had discovered that the strength of these three mysterious, black-clothed people was not any weaker than Old Mu Gu.

Four Dou Zuns. Such a lineup was something that even some top tier faction in the Central Plains did not possess. However, this Hall of Souls had taken them out so easily. At this moment, the terror of the Hall of Souls within Xiao Yan’s heart once again rose another level.

“Spatial jade plate… the Hall of Souls is really well prepared for this Three Thousand Burning Flame…”

Qiu Ling clenched his teeth as he spoke. His eyes were gloomy as he looked at the three figures that had walked out of the spatial crack.

Xiao Yan’s eyes blinked. The so-called spatial jade plate was likely the thing that Old Mu Gu had shattered earlier. However, he did not wish to think about this now. Old Mu Gu’s side had gained the support of powerful reinforcements. It was likely that even the Three Thousand Burning Flame would have difficulty fighting four elite Dou Zuns.

Although the Three Thousand Burning Flame had fought with the three great heads of the Pill Tower for many years, it did not mean that it truly possessed the ability to fight with the three great heads. After all, the three great heads had only intended to seal it from the beginning. Sealing it and killing it were two different matters.

The Three Thousand Burning Flame might be called an undying flame, but if the three great heads of the Pill Tower really wanted to finish it off, they were not without options. However, they did not wish to go to that extent. Each Heavenly Flame was considered an extremely rare thing to an alchemist. Moreover, these Heavenly Flames could only be formed after thousands or tens of thousands of years. It would really be a waste of precious things if they were randomly destroyed.

Of course, the three great heads of the Pill Tower would rather spend a great amount of effort to build the Star Region and seal the Three Thousand Burning Flame rather than destroy it, but the Hall of Souls was clearly not such nice people. They would definitely not leave what they could not obtain for others to enjoy…

“Mu Gu, your effectiveness in doing things is really poor. The three of us have waited for such a long time before receiving the summoning of your spiritual imprint.” One of the three black figures that had stepped out of the spatial crack spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Do you really think that the Pill Tower is some ordinary people?” Old Mu Gu frowned and coldly replied, “There is no need for these unnecessary words. We do not have much time. Once the chaos in the outside world calms down, it is likely that the three great heads of the Pill Tower will hurry over. Just the four of us alone are no match for the three of them.”

“Aye, just make full use of the time. The hall chief views this plan with great importance. If anything goes wrong, all of us will suffer.” Another black-clothed person faintly spoke.

The remaining people became quiet upon hearing the words “hall chief.” Old Mu Gu’s face also slightly twitched. His eyes revealed a terror.

“Let’s act. Do as we have planned. As long as we obtain the essence flame of the Three Thousand Burning Flame, our mission will be considered a success.” Old Mu Gu inhaled a deep breath of air. His eyes were dark and dense as he glanced at the distant Xiao Yan. Old Mu Gu felt an extremely dense killing intent for Xiao Yan in his heart. However, now was not the time for revenge. Hence, he could only forcefully suppress the killing intent in his heart.

“Form the formation and prevent the Three Thousand Burning Flame from absorbing the strength of the stars.”

Old Mu Gu coldly cried out. His body took the lead to rush forward. Immediately, the three others also rushed in three different directions. After which, they surrounded the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

“Ten Thousand Ghost Devouring Spiritual Formation!”

Ice-cold cries were emitted from the mouths of the four of them. Soon after, a strange, black fog surged out of the bodies of these four people in all directions. After which, the fog swiftly spread. The interior of the black fog was filled with an unusually dark coldness. There was even a vague ear-piercing screech continuously being transmitted from the black fog.

With the spread of this strange, black fog, the strength of the stars that had been seeping in was blocked.

“Damn humans!”

The Three Thousand Burning Flame roared furiously after sensing this change. It had just broken the seal. Naturally, it did not wish to return to a slumber in complete darkness.


Its enormous mouth was widened and a purple-black flame appeared just like a fire pillar as it was spat out of its mouth. Space itself formed numerous distortions wherever the flame passed.


The expression of Old Mu Gu and the three others slightly sank in the face of the wild and uncontrolled retaliation by the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Old Mu Gu’s hand seal changed with lightning-like speed. A dark, cold fog suddenly emitted waves of metallic sounds.

“Chi chi!”

The black fog fluctuated as over a hundred large, strong, black chains shot out of the black fog. They perforated the fire pillar that shot over. After which, they appeared just like numerous large pythons as they swept over from all directions. Finally, they transformed into a large web that covered the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

“Beast, there is a good path for you to walk, but you wish to take this path to your death. Today, the old me shall fulfill your wish!”

A ferocious expression flashed across the eyes of Old Mu Gu as the chains erupted. A cold cry suddenly exploded from his mouth.

“Ten Thousand Soul Heavenly Lock!”

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