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Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195: Dragon Seal

Xiao Yan had made many guesses about Zi Yan’s actual body during these years, and he had gradually become aware of what she was. A Magical Beast that viewed Heavenly Demon Phoenix as food. What other beast could it be other than the mysterious Ancient Void Dragons of the Magical Beast world?

Moreover, the Ancient Void Dragons specialized in penetrating space itself. The supernatural powers that Zi Yan would occasionally display were related to space. From the way she had suddenly entered the Pill Realm and randomly left it, it was possible to vaguely tell the identity of this girl. She should be an Ancient Void Dragon.

Xiao Yan had only heard a little about the mysterious existence called Ancient Void Dragon. However, he had never personally seen one. Hence, he was not quite sure what their actual form looked like. However, Zi Yan was currently hinting that the shape of the Three Thousand Burning Flame was that of a dragon. Could it be… the Three Thousand Burning Flame was related to the Ancient Void Dragon?

Zi Yan randomly scattered the purple dragon in her hand when she saw Xiao Yan’s expression of contemplation. She said, “This Three Thousand Burning Dragon is extremely wild and uncontrollable. Forget about you. Even the three great heads of the Pill Tower do not possess the ability to forcefully tame it. Additionally, it already possesses high intelligence. Do you think that it is willing to be subdued by others?”

Xiao Yan was silent. As long as the Three Thousand Burning Flame really possessed an intelligence, it would definitely not allow others to randomly absorb it or control it at will. However, if it was unwilling, the only path left was force. However… this Three Thousand Burning Flame was called an undying flame. It was impossible to completely destroy it. If they were to really get into an all out fight, it was likely that even Xuan Kong Zi’s group could only withdraw.

“If one puts it this way, would not subduing the Three Thousand Burning Flame be a joke?” Xiao Yan asked with a frown.

“Hee hee, you can also put it this way. The three great heads of the Pill Tower have thought about the Three Thousand Burning Flame in an overly simple manner. All they do is hope that someone is blessed enough to meet the eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flames. Chi, the other party possesses intelligence. Only a fool would follow you. Would you be willing to allow others to absorb you?” Zi Yan curled her small mouth and questioned.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. Zi Yan’s words might not be pleasing to the ears, but they were the truth. It seemed that subduing the Three Thousand Burning Flame was not going to be as simple as he had imagined.

After musing for a moment, Xiao Yan suddenly turned his eyes to Zi Yan and inquired, “Since you have involved yourself in this matter, I think that you should have come up with some sort of solution, right?”

“Hee hee…” Zi Yan proudly revealed her two cute little eyes. After which, she shook her head and said, “Do you know why this Three Thousand Burning Flame has taken the form of my clan?”

“No.” Xiao Yan honestly shook his head. He was surprised and didn’t know why the Three Thousand Burning Flame would choose this form.

“This is because the Three Thousand Burning Flame was reared by my clan.” Zi Yan soft voice shocked Xiao Yan until his teacup emitted a ‘clang’ sound as it landed on the ground before shattering into pieces.

“What did you say?” Xiao Yan suddenly turned to Zi Yan and asked in disbelief.

“This is some information that I learned after having returned to my clan this time around. I was am aware that had come to the Central Plains for this thing. That is why I paid some at

tention to it and obtained this information…” Zi Yan spread her hands and said, “A very long time ago when the Three Thousand Burning Flame was likely in its infant form, there was an ancestor in my clan that discovered it. However, the Three Thousand Burning Flame at that time was too weak. Therefore, that ancestor left behind a dragon seal within the body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. This is why the Three Thousand Burning Flame grew into a form similar to that of my clan.”

Xiao Yan’s face was filled with shock. It was a long while later before he slowly sat back down in his chair. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva. After all this meddling, this Three Thousand Burning Flame was something with an owner?

“If that ancestor is still alive, you can say that this Three Thousand Burning Flame has an owner. Fortunately, based on the records of the clan, that ancestor completely lost contact during a spatial tour. After so many years, I don’t even think his corpse still exists…” Zi Yan appeared to have understood what Xiao Yan was thinking when she saw his expression. She immediately laughed.


Xiao Yan’s somewhat pale face gradually recovered its sleek redness when he heard her words. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. If someone were to tell him that the Three Thousand Burning Flame had an owner at this point in time, after he had spent a great amount of effort, it was likely that Xiao Yan would become quite demented even with his calmness.

“Hee hee, you should be glad that the ancestor of mine left a dragon seal within the Three Thousand Burning Flame back then. Otherwise, it is likely that you would not have any chance…” Zi Yan laughed. She clenched her small hand and a small jade bottle appeared in it. A deep-golden blood was flowing within the jade bottle. There was an unusually powerful dragon’s might vaguely spreading out of it.

“This is?” Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed a surprise as he softly asked.

“The blood of an Ancient Dragon… come, extend your hand out.” Zi Yan instructed.

“What?” Xiao Yan asked doubtfully. However, he extended his hand just like he had been told.

“I will plant this dragon seal on your hand…” Zi Yan carefully dripped a dark-golden drop of blood from the jade bottle onto Xiao Yan’s hand. It landed on his palm. After which, his hand suddenly changed. One could see a dark-golden drop of blood spreading and forming a strange symbol that adhered to Xiao Yan’s palm.

“I can subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame with this?” Xiao Yan looked at the strange symbol in his hand and curiously inquired.

“Dream on… well, take this. Once you enter the star region, try to place that drop of blood on the forehead of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. After which, the dragon seal that is hidden within its body will be activated…” Zi Yan swung her purple ponytail and added, “However, I advise you to wait until the Three Thousand Burning Flame has been exhausted by those fellows before you do this. At that time, your chances of success will be much greater.

“What if I fail?” Xiao Yan’s sharp senses discovered something was not quite right.

“Ugh… if you fail…” Zi Yan suddenly extended her small tongue before saying, “This dragon seal works both ways. If you succeed, you will control it. If you fail, it will control you…”

Xiao Yan appeared to have been struck by lightning when he heard her words. The face of the Little Fairy Doctor also changed slightly as she said in a deep voice, “Girl, what joke are you playing? You dare to take something that has such a serious consequence?”

“You will never be able to subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame if you do not do this. That thing is called an undying flame. It isn’t afraid of death. Don’t tell me that you are going to compete with it in terms of lifespan?” Zi Yan muttered.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he saw Zu Yan’s wronged expression. He mused for a moment before receiving the small jade bottle and saying, “This is also a method. However, it cannot be easily used.”

“You can rest assured that the dragon seal of yours is one that I secretly stole from a slumbering Elder. It is extremely precious. In terms of dragon seal grades, it is definitely better than the one that ancestor had placed back then. Therefore, your chances of success are far higher than the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s chances as long as you grasp a good opportunity. The best is to use it when it has been seriously injured. You will definitely subdue it then!” Zi Yan’s small face spoke in an incomparably serious manner.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter smile when he heard her words. This girl’s boldness was greater than even the Heavens. It was likely that the members of her clan had suffered from her torture during this period of time.

“Alright, I will trust you this time…” Xiao Yan raised his head to look at the Little Fairy Doctor’s worried expression after having stored away the jade bottle. He involuntarily smiled and comforted, “Rest assured, nothing will go wrong. If anything really goes wrong, I will not use this thing. I know my limits…”

The Little Fairy Doctor could only gently nod when she heard Xiao Yan put it this way. After which, her pretty eyes glared at Zi Yan. An awkward smile surfaced on Zi Yan’s small face.

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled as well when he saw Zi Yan’s awkward smile. His finger gently rubbed his Storage Ring. However, his eyes were flowing through the endless starry sky through the window. Xiao Yan had traveled a great distance from the Black Corner Region to the Central Plains for the Three Thousand Burning Flame. After having worked hard for so many years, Xiao Yan needed to obtain it this time around!


Two days passed with the blink of an eye while a countless number of people waited.

When the morning sunlight had just scattered down from the sky on the second day, Holy Pill City, having been somewhat quiet for two days, once again became lively. Countless numbers of people hurried to the location of the Pill Tower. Today, the top ten of the Pill Gathering would enter the Star Region and subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame. The hearts of these people were extremely curious about whether or not this Three Thousand Burning Flame, that had been sealed by the Pill Tower for many years, could be subdued.

The outside of the Pill Tower had been extremely noisy since early morning. Black masses of humans filled every single street.

The sun in the sky gradually rose to its peak. Only then did three figures finally fly from the top of the Pill Tower. After which, they floated high in the sky.

“Those who are entering the Star Region should prepare themselves!”

Xuan Kong Zi remained suspended in the sky. He overlooked the area below from high above. A low and deep voice resounded over the city.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Xuan Kong Zi’s words had just sounded when numerous figures rushed over from all directions. They immediately paused in the sky. Looking at them, it was the people had entered the top ten.

The eyes of Xuan Kong Zi and the other association heads slowly swept over these ten people. Finally, their eyes were cold as they paused on the cold smile of Old Mu Gu.

Old Mu Gu’s face twitched in the face of the frosty focus of Xuan Kong Zi’s trio. However, he was not overly afraid. He knew that Xuan Kong Zi did not dare do anything to him in public.

Xuan Kong Zi’s trio exchanged looks with each other after having slowly withdrawn their eyes. Their hand seals began to change in a lightning-like manner. Vast and mighty spiritual ripples spread out from the bodies of the three of them. Immediately, everyone saw the empty sky suddenly fluctuate. After which, a faint-silver spatial door appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

“The First Elder will accompany all of you into the star region during this trip. He will also explain to you the rules in detail…”

Xuan Kong Zi glanced at the silver spatial door. His eyes suddenly became sharp and stern.

“Now, enter…”

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