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Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193: Xuan Yi, Tian Lei Zi

After a month of an seething atmosphere, the vast and endless sea of people around the stadium gradually scattered along with the end of the Pill Gathering. Even though the people scattered, an excited atmosphere still hung around the city. The intensity of this Pill Gathering had far exceeded everyone’s expectations. That act of turning the tide caused one’s blood to boil with heat by just thinking about it.

Night quietly encompassed this unusually lively city amid this noisiness. The well-lit city stood sentinel to the endless flow of people in the streets. The topic on everyone’s mouth was related to the Pill Gathering. Most of the conversations were naturally about the young man called Xiao Yan, the champion of this Pill Gathering and the one who had created a miracle.

This name, which appeared unfamiliar in the past, had been imprinted in the minds of everyone. Moreover, all of them also understood that this name would echo over the entire Central Plains very soon.

At that time, he would become the most dazzling young man across the entire Central Plains region.


While the entire city maintained its lively state, the many competitors appeared about to collapse after the one month of pill refinement, so they miserable fled to their own residences. After which, they slept like dead dogs…

Xiao Yan was included among these people. A tier 8 medicinal pill was not as easy to refine as he had imagined. Moreover, due to him having forcefully raised the spirituality of the medicinal pill, Xiao Yan had basically exhausted all of his Spiritual Strength. His exhaustion was quite terrifying, Hence, he immediately returned to his room after the Pill Gathering was over. He shut his eyes and the night covered everything.

The Little Fairy Doctor and the rest clearly understood how tired Xiao Yan was. Hence, no one disturbed him. They allowed him to quietly sleep as much as he needed.

By the time Xiao Yan woke up from his sleep, the sky had been covered by night. He could even vaguely hear conversations filled with laughter and excitement outside.

For safety’s sake, the residence of Xiao Yan’s group had been shifted from the Ye manor to the Pill Tower. Thus, they could prevent the people from the Hall of Souls from secretly performing any schemes.

Xiao Yan sat up from his bed. He washed up a little before quickly walking out of the room. Before he had rested, he had received Xuan Kong Zi’s reminder to head over after having rested.


Xiao Yan pushed the door of his room opened, only to see quite a number of people seated in the large hall outside. The Little Fairy Doctor, Tian Huo zun-zhe, Ye Zhong, and the others were present.

“You have finally woken up. The people from the Pill Tower have come to hurry us quite a number of times, but I stopped all of them.” The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily smiled and informed Xiao Yan in a gentle manner after seeing him come out.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “I will make a trip over first. All of you should be careful.”

Xiao Yan did not stay for long after saying this. He chatted a little before he hurriedly left the room. After which, he rushed to the top of the Pill Tower.

Xiao Yan met quite a number of alchemists along the way. These people hurriedly gave way when they saw Xiao Yan. There was even some respect in their eyes when they looked at Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan had turned the tide during the Pill Gathering and preserved the dignity of the Pill Tower. This was equivalent to protecting their pride.

Additionally, the alchemist level that Xiao Yan had displayed during the Pill Gathering was worthy of their respectful treatment.

Although Xiao Yan was worthy of their treatment, Xiao Yan

felt a little ill at ease when he receiving numerous respectful gazes no matter where he went. When other people treated one with respect, one needed to, at the very least, return a smile. Hence, the journey had resulted in Xiao Yan’s face smiling to the point of nearly having cramps. In the end, Xiao Yan, who was finally unable to endure smiling any longer, increased his speed as he rushed to the top of the Pill Tower in front of everyone’s stunned eyes.


Xiao Yan finally arrived outside a large hall at the top level ten minutes later. He rubbed his face before gently knocking on the door.


Xiao Yan’s finger had just landed on the door when Xuan Kong Zi’s faint laughter was emitted from behind it.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yan pushed open the door and entered. His gaze swept around, only to see quite a number of figures standing within the large hall. Cao Ying, Dan Chen, and Song Qing were all present. Moreover, there were three figures in the leaders’ seats. The one in the middle was Xuan Kong Zi. On one side of him was that pretty woman and on the other was the dark-skinned elder Xiao Yan had seen on the tall stage.

All the gazes in the hall gathered on Xiao Yan the moment he entered the hall. From a certain point of view, Xiao Yan, who had become the champion of the Pill Gathering, could be considered someone from the Pill Tower. Moreover, the position of a potential successor was not a low one. Even an ordinary Elder would have to politely greet him should they meet him.

“Ke ke, our champion has arrived.” Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily smiled and teased upon seeing Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan let out a bitter laugh. He took a couple of steps forward and stood side-by-side with Cao Ying and the others. After which, he cupped his hands respectfully to Xuan Kong Zi trio and greeted them.

“I will make the introductions.” Xuan Kong Zi smiled. He pointed at the pretty woman by his side, who was using a gentle gaze to look at Xiao Yan. He said, “This is association head Xuan Yi. Ke ke, she has quite a deep relationship with your teacher. You can call her aunt Xuan.”

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s words. He looked at the teasing smile on Xuan Kong Zi’s face, and the corner of his mouth involuntarily twitched. However, his eyes were stunned as he looked at the pretty woman. A deep relationship with teacher? Could this be that legendary teacher’s wife?

“You old fellow. What nonsense are you spouting?”

That pretty woman, called Xuan Yi, a faint redness involuntarily flew over her face under Xiao Yan’s stunned eyes. She furiously glared at Xuan Kong Zi before turning her eyes to Xiao Yan. Her voice was gentle as she said, “You are called Xiao Yan right? That old fellow Yao Chen has really accepted a good disciple this time around.”

Upon seeing the way Xuan Yi acted, Xiao Yan understood in his heart that she definitely had a relationship with teacher that most people were unaware of. He did not dare slight her. If it was really as he thought, he would need to kowtow and serve her tea.
TL: kowtow and serve tea is a form of respect from a disciple to a teacher. The teacher’s wife generally also enjoys such a privilege

“Xiao Yan greets Xuan… aunt Xuan.”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before he suddenly saw the expression Xuan Kong Zi was giving him. His words hurriedly changed, and he altered the form of address.

Association head Xuan Yi was startled upon hearing Xiao Yan’s manner of address. A faint redness quickly surfaced on her face. The gaze she used to look at Xiao Yan had become even gentler. It was as though she was looking at her own younger generation.

Xiao Yan quietly muttered ‘lucky’ in his heart when he saw her eyes. Although he was unaware if teacher really did have any relationship with her, it was obvious that the other party had some feelings for Yao Lao. It appeared that teacher had left behind quite a number of emotional ties back then.

“This is association head Tian Lei Zi…”

Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes turned to the dark-skinned elder with an unusually cold and stern face. Xuan Kong Zi introduced him with a smile.

“Xiao Yan from the younger generation greets association head Tian Lei Zi.”

Xiao Yan hurriedly gave a greeting once again upon hearing him be introduced. These three were peak existences on the continent. It was always right to be a little more respectful.

“Yes, we really have to thank you for this Pill Gathering…” The cold and stern face of Tian Lei Zi also became slightly gentle upon facing Xiao Yan. However, his voice still appeared low and deep, giving one an unusual feeling pressure.

“Ha ha, there is no need to be afraid. This old fellow has been like this all his life.” Xuan Kong Zi by his side laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded. A master should have the demeanor of a master.

“Since everyone has gathered, I shall come back to the main topic.” Xuan Kong Zi’s expression had become much more serious upon bringing up the topic of an important matter. He slowly said, “The star region will be opened the day after tomorrow. You will all enter it and try to subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame.”

“The star region is a space that the three of us joined hands to create. Moreover, we added some powerful seals and hid it within the stars. The Three Thousand Burning Flame is also sealed within it.”

Xiao Yan braced his attention when he heard about the information related to the Three Thousand Burning Flame. He hurriedly listened.

“Due to the prolonged seal, the Three Thousand Burning Flame has formed a great grudge against the Pill Tower, especially against the three of us. Should it escape the seal, it would definitely end up attempting to take revenge.” Xuan Kong Zi explained in a deep voice.

“This time around, it would be fine if there is someone who can subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame. However, we are worried about someone not being able to subdue it and will instead want to release it to destroy Holy Pill City.”

“The people association head is mentioning… are the members from the Hall of Souls?” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered as he softly inquired.


Xuan Kong Zi slowly nodded. A dense, cold expression flashed across his eyes as he said, “The traces of that Old Mu Gu have disappeared after the Pill Gathering ended. Even the three of us are unable to find him. Clearly, he is afraid of us secretly attacking and finding trouble with him. Therefore, he has purposefully hid himself.

“The relationship of the Hall of Souls and our Pill Tower has always been poor. If they have the opportunity to give us a blow, they will definitely not give it up. Moreover, Old Mu Gu has come this time around. Therefore, they definitely have some sort of plan…”

“The Three Thousand Burning Flame must also not land in the hands of the Hall of Souls. We are worried that they intend to quietly undo the seal of the Three Thousand Burning Flame.” Xuan Yi also knit her eyebrows and softly added.

“The three of us must definitely maintain the seal of the star region when it is opened. Therefore, we will not be able to enter it. The reason why we have summoned all of you here is to get all of you to try your best to stop Old Mu Gu after you have entered the star region. If he does anything not right, you should immediately shatter this bead. The experts from the Pill Tower will swiftly arrive to lend a hand.”

Four jade beads rushed out after Xuan Kong Zi’s words sounded. After which, they remained suspended in front of Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan’s group gently nodded after receiving the jade bead. From the looks of it, the fight for the Three Thousand Burning Flame this time around would be quite fierce…

“Not very many people are able to enter the star region at any one time. Otherwise, they will wake the slumbering Three Thousand Burning Flame. Therefore, all of you will have to be relied upon as the frontlines this time around!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s expression was solemn as he looked at Xiao Yan’s group while speaking in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. He needed to obtain the Three Thousand Burning Flame at any cost. If Old Mu Gu wanted to stop him, he could only give him a ruthlessly fight back…

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