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Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181: Blood Demon Flame

Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily smiled as he looked over boiling the square. The atmosphere was something that only existed during the Pill Gathering even when compared to other events across the entire continent.

“All competitors, please take your places. The final competition is not limited by any rules. All of you will have to use your full effort to refine the medicinal pill that you are best at refining!”

The blood of the many competitors in the arena gradually boiled when they heard the elderly voice of Xuan Kong Zi resounding over the sky. Everyone looked at each other before a loud ‘bang’ sounded. One could see numerous figures suddenly rushing to the arena. Figures rushed in all directions at that moment. Even the scattering sunlight was slightly blocked by them.

There were many stone platforms in the sky. It was not a problem for them to hold all of the remaining competitors. Even though the competitors had already undergone two rounds of elimination, where nearly ninety percent had been eliminated, the remaining number was still quite large. Over a thousand people lifting their cauldrons together. This scene would be spectacular.

Xiao Yan was also mixed within the human figures that came in all directions. He did not hurry to choose his own stone platform. Instead, he allowed the many figures to rushed onto the stone stages. Some of the competitors had even ended up fighting over some of the stone platforms.

Xiao Yan remained in the air. Only after most of the people had chosen their platforms did he step through the air and slowly land on a stone platform closer to the edge. One must be completely focused when refining medicinal pills. Almost every spot in the middle areas had been occupied. Should one end up being disturbed while refining pills, it would really be too late to cry.

The size of this stone platform Xiao Yan had landed on was not large. It was only two to three feet in size. However, it was big enough to hold a person. He crossed his legs and sat down after having found his spot. After which, his eyes swept in all directions. They swept over Cao Ying, Dan Zhen, and Song Qing. The three of them some distance away. However, they did not snatch the middle stone platforms that appeared to possess a grand atmosphere. Instead, they had found quiet stone stages near the edges.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the three before suddenly pausing on a floating stone platform that was not far from those three. A black human figure was sitting there with his eyes shut, recuperating.

“This fellow… he is hiding his true aura again…”

Xiao Yan stared at the black figure. His eyebrows slightly frowned. Currently, old Mu Gu no longer had the strength he had displayed back in the Pill Realm. His aura had become quite normal and was unnoticable from an ordinary competitor’s aura. However, after that incident, Xiao Yan’s group was aware that this old fellow was definitely an extremely troublesome enemy!

“This Old Mu Gu is also a tier 8 alchemist. This kind of level is likely one that very few people among these competitors can surpass. Although I only need to enter the top ten in order to obtain the opportunity to subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame, this old fellow is extremely mistrusting. He would not allow others to touch the Three Thousand Burning Flame before him. Moreover, he was also a member of the Hall of Souls. If he were to obtain the champion spot of the Pill Tower’s Pill Gathering, the Pill Tower would likely end up looking bad when the topic was brought up in the future. Hence, this old fellow will definitely choose to take the champion spot if he has the chance.”

Xiao Yan revealed a thoughtful expression. Although he could be considered to have advanced to the eighth tier within the Pill Realm, he had

, after all, just entered it. There would definitely be a gap between him and an old demon like Old Mu Gu. After all, this old fellow was an expert from the same generation as Yao Lao. How could he be an ordinary person? Despite putting it this way, Xiao Yan had no solution. The only thing Xiao Yan could do was put in all his effort and give it a try. In any case, he adopted the thought of obtaining the Three Thousand Burning Flame. If this old fellow wanted to hinder, he could only violently give him a kick…

The chaos in the sky gradually ceased while this thought was lingering within Xiao Yan’s heart. All the competitors had found their own stone platforms and were beginning to arrange their things in preparation of refining pills.


Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes slowly swept over those stone platforms in the air. A moment later, he raised his head and looked at the sky. He gently waved his sleeves and a bell clearly chimed for a long time over the competition grounds.

“It is time. Everyone, please raise your cauldrons and refine your pills!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xuan Kong Zi’s words had just sounded when the atmosphere instantly solidified. Soon after, medicinal cauldron rushed out from all directions. They eventually landed on the ground. Ringing metallic sounds continuously resonated across the sky.

Some low uproars resounded over the square as everyone looked at the densely packed medicinal cauldron. This was likely the first time that they had seen so many high grade medicinal cauldrons appearing at the same time…

After most of the alchemists had summoned their medicinal cauldrons, some sizzling sounds began to resound over the sky. Immediately, numerous flames rose. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though they were a fireworks, causing the entire sky to look unusually brilliant.

Xiao Yan quietly sat cross-legged on the stone platform. He was not in a hurry to refine a medicinal pill. Instead, his eyes were slightly shut as he arranged the thoughts within his mind.

The medicinal pill that he planned to refine during this Pill Gathering was naturally the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, which he had prepared the medicinal ingredients for. This medicinal pill was at the peak of the seventh tier. If one were smoothly refine it, it could even advance to the eighth tier. It could also be considered an extremely high tier medicinal pill. If he could refine it, he should be able to gain the qualification to compete with all the experts.

Cao Ying did not immediately act either. While Xiao Yan shut his eyes and fell deep into thought, she had shut her eyes and recuperated for awhile before slowly summoning her medicinal cauldron…

Cao Ying summoned her medicinal cauldron in front of everyone before flicking her finger. A cluster of red, eye-piercing flame slowly rose from her palm.

The flame was a bright-red color that was extremely eye-catching. It even appeared to be a little denser than fresh blood. While the flame rose, it was possible to vaguely see a tiny figure leaping within it like a fire spirit…

This cluster of unusually red flames had just appeared when the flame within the cauldron of the surrounding alchemists slightly fluctuated. These shocked individuals hurriedly focused their minds to control their faces. After which, they tossed shocked gazes at Cao Ying.

“This is… Blood Demon Flame?”

The ripple that had suddenly appeared also attracted Xiao Yan’s attention. He turned his eyes before pausing them on the red-colored fresh-blood-like flame on Cao Ying’s palm. He was slightly startled as shock flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan possessed an understanding of this kind of strange flame that Cao Ying had summoned. He had seen it in some of the books Yao Lao had left behind. This so-called Blood Demon Flame was not a flame that was naturally formed. It was not overboard to say that it was a man-made flame similar to Xiao Yan’s Life Transformation Flame. However, the formation of this Blood Demon Flame was a little unique because this thing was not formed from flames. Instead, it required one to gather the blood of nearly a thousand fire affinity Magical Beasts and merge the fire affinity blood together. Finally, it would use the fire affinity energy within the blood to form a flame…

This flame that took shape would become the Blood Demon Flame. Of course, this flame was divided between the strong and the weak. The factor that separated the strong and weak was determined by the completeness of the tiny human figure within the flame. From the looks of the human figure within the flame on Cao Ying’s hands, it was obvious that this flame was an extremely powerful Blood Demon Flame. It was likely even stronger than Xiao Yan’s Life Transformation Flame if one wished to compare them.

The strength of the Blood Demon Flame was quite great. However, the method to create it was overly harsh. If one did not have the support of a large fortune, one would definitely be unable to gather the blood of nearly a thousand fire affinity Magical Beasts.

“That Cao clan is extremely wealthy. They are able to create this Blood Demon Flame for Cao Ying…” Xiao Yan quietly sighed. With this Blood Demon Flame, Cao Ying would definitely be like a tiger with the addition of wings. Her chances of successfully refining a pill would significantly increase.

After Cao Ying, Song Qing and Dan Chen in the distance summoned their own flames. The flames of the both of them were beast flames. Although their flames could not be compared to Cao Ying’s Blood Demon Flame, they could be ranked among the top of the beast flames. They could also be considered a potent weapon in pill refinement.


Xiao Yan’s eyes had just been withdrawn when an unusually hot wave, he was familiar with, was suddenly emitted. He lifted his eyebrows and turned his head. It was possible to see that Old Mu Gu clenching his fist. The deep-blue Sea Heart Flame rose. After which, it transformed into a fire snake that danced around his body.


The couple of alchemist’s expression, closest to Old Mu Gu, suddenly changed when the Sea Heart Flame appeared because they had discovered that the interior of their medicinal cauldrons had wiggled intensely at this moment. After which, a ‘bang’ sound appeared and the interior of their cauldrons exploded. A hot wind caused a couple of people, who were unable to react in time, to fall from their stone platforms.

“Heavenly Flame?”

A countless number of gazes in the square immediately shot over upon seeing this scene. Numerous exclamations resounded one after another. This was the first time that they had seen a Heavenly Flame in a Pill Gathering.

Old Mu Gu merely lifted the corner of his mouth into a cold smile when those unlucky fellows were implicated. The Sea Heart Flame danced around his body. It appeared just like an emperor among the tens of thousands of flames, and it was receiving the worship of the many flames…

The fire snake that the Sea Heart Flame had transformed into lingered around Old Mu Gu. It appeared as though it was acting triumphant.

Xiao Yan glanced indifferently at Old Mu Gu whose cold smile was visible on the corner of his mouth. A grin was also slowly lifted onto Xiao Yan’s face. He gently clenched his hand and a jade-colored flame suddenly rushed out. It transformed into a fire dragon and emitted a strange roar at the Sea Heart Flame from a great distance!


The Sea Heart Flame, which was lingering around Old Mu Gu, immediately became sluggish amid the roar of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. The flame immediately rushed to Old Mu Gu’s palm in front of a countless number of stunned eyes, as though it was fleeing for its life…

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