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Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179: Leaving the Pill Realm

The exit of the Pill Realm was located in the northern region. There was some distance between it and the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. Fortunately, this Mysterious Bird Beast that Xiong Zhan had found was extremely fast. Based on its speed, they should be able to reach the exit within a day.

Xiao Yan’s group also saw quite a number of competitors hurrying toward the exit along the way. These people were envious of Xiao Yan’s group, who were riding on this large bird. With this transportation, it was possible to save an endless amount of trouble. Unfortunately, the Magical Beasts within this Pill Realm were all exceptionally violent. Taming them was easier said than done…

According to the rules, if one failed to reach the exit before the Pill Realm was closed, one would lose the qualification to continue participating in the competition. They only had to wait two more days before the experts from the Pill Tower entered the Pill Realm and brought all those who had remained within back. Hence, in order to get to the exit during this remaining period of time, quite a number of competitors were swiftly hurrying over.

Nearly a day’s time passed while they were hurrying over. By the time the sky of the next day brightened, an enormous square that was built from large, white stones finally appeared on the ground in the distance. One could even vaguely see some sesame-seed-sized black figures on the square.

“This is the exit of the Pill Realm huh…”

Xiao Yan softly sighed within his heart as he studied the enormous square in the distance. It was fortunate that he had not been delayed.


The Mysterious Bird Beast emitted a sharp cry. It immediately flapped its large wings and created some wild winds as it swiftly swept toward the square.

This enormous being, that had suddenly appeared in the sky, caused some of the human figures in the square to throw cautious gazes over. The people present had gained adeep understanding of the Magical Beasts within this Pill Realm during these few days. Hence, they did not dare to underestimate the Mysterious Bird Beast after having seen its enormous size.

The Mysterious Bird Beast lingered over the square in front of the numerous gazes below. The three human figures on it rushed down before their feet landed in the square.

Numerous gazes were immediately shot over after these three people appeared. Immediately, their eyes contained shock as they swept them over Zi Yan and Xiong Zhan. These two people were disproportionate. It was very difficult for others to treat them as alchemists.

Xiao Yan’s group did not bother with these gazes. His eyes swept over the square and immediately paused on a couple of familiar figures at the front.

A lovely-looking, black-dressed, Cao Ying gracefully stood in the square near the front with her ample figure clearly visible. Her pretty eyes paused on Xiao Yan the moment he appeared. Only after seeing that nothing too serious had happened to him did she softly sigh in relief.

The corner of Song Qing’s mouth twitched upon hearing her sigh as he stood beside Cao Ying. His face immediately revealed an ashamed expression as he softly said, “Fortunately nothing happened to brother Xiao Yan. I can also rest assured because of this. Ying-er, that old fellow had secretly used some hidden force to forcefully push me away. If I had not swiftly reacted, it is likely that the hidden force would have taken my life.”

Cao Ying rolled her eyes upon hearing this. She covered her mouth and softly laughed, “Senior Song need not blame yourself. Those who had remained behind at that time were only awaiting death. How could Ying-er blame you?” Cao Ying’s face was covered with smiles when she uttered these words. How

ever, a faint iciness and abomination flashed deep within her pretty eyes. Regardless of how strong she usually acted, she was still a weak woman when faced with a critical life and death moment. All the little actions of those around her would leave a deep impression in her heart.

Clearly, Song Qing had been blacklisted within her heart.

Song Qing was unable to see the emotion hidden within Cao Ying’s eyes. Hence, he sighed in relief.

Xiao Yan in the distance swept his eyes across Cao Ying’s lovely body, which created an endless enchantment while she frowned. Her enchanting face revealed a rare, warm smile when she saw him looking over.

Xiao Yan was stunned by Cao Ying’s warm smile. Although this witch usually smiled all the time, her usual smile contained an aloof coldness. It was likely that even Song Qing had never experienced something like this smile.

Xiao Yan returned a smile. After all he had not formed any grudges with Cao Ying and this woman also possessed an extraordinary future. She might even become a powerful person within the Pill Tower in the future. Establishing a good relationship with her was definitely a good thing.

After having crossed eyes with Cao Ying for a moment, Xiao Yan swiftly slid his eyes away. Next, they paused on another position. His eyes suddenly became cold.

“Old Mu Gu…”

A black-clothed man was seated in a cross-legged fashion at the spot where Xiao Yan’s eyes landed. Surprisingly, it was Old Mu Gu, who had chased Xiao Yan but ended up being forced to withdraw by Xiong Zhan.

Old Mu Gu sensed him the moment Xiao Yan had appeared. His eyes swept over and paused on the strong-looking Xiong Zhan beside Xiao Yan. His eyebrows were knit as a cold snort was emitted from his nostrils.

“Lucky fellow.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were dark and dense as he stared at Old Mu Gu. A moment later, he slowly withdrew them. Those black-clothed helping out Old Mu Gu back then had disappeared once again. However, Xiao Yan was aware that they were hidden among the many alchemists here…

“Looks like this old fellow is also after the Three Thousand Burning Flame…”

Xiao Yan’s hand gently rubbed the ring on his finger. After which, he scanned the entire square. While he swept his eyes, he discovered that there were quite a number at the front who were experts of the older generation…

“The allure of the Three Thousand Burning Flame is really too great. In order to obtain it, these people from the older generations can be said to have tossed aside their face…”

Xiao Yan softly sighed within his heart. This was indeed worthy of being the Pill Gathering. Without some genuine ability, attempting to stand out in this kind of situation, where all the experts competed with each other, was likely impossible.

“That young lady called Dan Chen from the Dan clan arrived here a long time ago. This woman is definitely not someone ordinary…”

Xiao Yan’s shifting eyes suddenly paused on a certain spot at the front. Dan Chen, whom he had met a couple of times before, was at that spot. Her eyes was shut as she recuperated. Xiao Yan held this seemingly weak young lady in high regard. He had been unable to sense much when he had previously met her. However, now that he looked at Dan Chen after his soul had advanced to the Soul State, he was somewhat shocked to discover that there seemed to be an unusual suction force surging out of the young lady’s body. This kind of suction force was unable to absorb Dou Qi. Instead, it was used to absorb the soul. When Xiao Yan had made contact with her back then, the unusual suction force he had felt should have been due to this thing…

“Her constitution should be a little special. Although her Spiritual Strength is unusually powerful, her body is quite weak…”

Xiao Yan carefully studied her and immediately contemplated her constitution. There were all sorts of unique things in this world. There would always be some people with unusual constitutions. Some examples were the Woeful Poison Body of the Little Fairy Doctor or the strange eyes of Qing Lin from back then…

“They are all extraordinary people…”

Xiao Yan softly shook his head. He could predict that the challenge of this Pill Gathering would be the most intense one ever.

The number of competitors that arrived in this square grew with the flow of time. Moreover, most of the people who arrived were strong. However, this did indeed make sense when one thought about it. How could one not have some abilities after being able to endure in this Pill Realm, a place of intense competition, until now?

Xiao Yan’s eyes also swept over the middle of the square while he waited. The space at that spot was somewhat distorted. An old man in clothes representing the Pill Tower was present near the distorted space. The old man was holding a walking stick, and the skin on his face was just like that on a orange peel. The badge of the Pill Tower was present on his chest. The tower on it was a bright purple-gold one.

“One of the eight great Elders of the Pill Tower…”

Some of the people in the square emitted a soft exclamation when they saw this unique badge. After which, they immediately became silent.

The old man with the walking stick ignored the various sounds in the square. He was just like an old monk in meditation and did not speak. At some point his eyelids slightly twitched. Only then did he slowly open his eyes. His eyes randomly swept over the square before he spoke in a faint voice, “Time’s up. Hand over your medicinal lists and the medicinal ingredients you were tasked to find to the old me. After which, you can leave this place and participate in the final part of the Pill Gathering competition.”

The walking stick suddenly cut gently across the distorted space after his voice sounded. A dark-black spatial crack slowly appeared…

Some commotion occurred in the square after everyone heard the words of the old man with the walking stick. The expressions of quite a number of people became dispirited. Clearly, they did not complete their task this time around…

Soon after the words of the old man sounded, an indifferent, middle-aged man took the lead to step forward. After which, he handed the medicinal list and the medicinal ingredients to the old man, who checked the list before slightly nodding. At the same time, that man stepped into the spatial crack and swiftly disappeared.

With a person taking the lead, the people behind began to step forward one after another. They handed their things over before successfully entering the spatial line. Of course, there were some among them who had yet to finish their assigned task. They randomly took some medicinal ingredients in order to pass them off as the right items. However, their things had just been taken out when the items were sent flying by the walking stick of the old man. After which, they climbed out with ashen faces. Their faces were bright-red.

Xiao Yan turned his head after seeing Cao Ying and the rest beginning to enter the fissure. He said to Zi Yan, “I will make a move first. We will gather after we leave.”


Xiao Yan smiled when he heard her reply. He tidied his robes and swiftly walked up to the old man in front of the many envious gazes around him. After which, he took out the medicinal list and medicinal ingredients from his Storage Ring. The old man received them and checked them over before randomly glancing at Xiao Yan and nodding slightly.


Xiao Yan respectfully cupped his hands to the old man. After which, his eyes turned to the dark-black spatial line. A quiet, gentle breath was being inhaled in his heart. He was finally another step closer to the Three Thousand Burning Flame!

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