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Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: Join Hands

The human figure that had suddenly been pulled forcefully from the forest caused Cao Ying’s group to be shocked. However, they finally sighed in relief after seeing his face. The eyes of Song Qing revealed a gloating expression that was difficult to detect…

“Ke ke, Xiao Yan… tsk tsk, I had yet to go look for you, but instead you have delivered yourself to me…”

That black-clothed man was startled when he saw that the hidden figure was Xiao Yan. His face was immediately lifted into a strange smile as he laughed.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were staring intently at the foreign black-clothed man. From the other party’s tone, it appeared that the man was acquainted with him. However, Xiao Yan was unable to recall ever meeting this person. He had not met many Dou Zun class experts, but all of them had left behind an extremely deep impression. Only this person in front of him caused him to feel a sense of unfamiliarity.

“Expert, may I know who are you? Xiao Yan does not seem to be acquainted with you…” Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice as he cupped his hands to the black-clothed man.

“If we are not acquainted then so be it…” The black-clothed man smiled. After which, he randomly said, “In any case no one here will be able to escape. That includes you…”

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. He could sense this black-clothed man’s desire to kill. Clearly, it would likely not be too relaxing if he wanted to safely escape today.

Xiao Yan’s feet stepped into empty air. After which, he slowly stepped back. With a flash, he rushed beside Cao Ying’s group. Currently, it was not the time to act courageous. The surrounding dozen plus black-clothed men were extremely powerful. Base on Xiao Yan’s estimation with his eyes, it was likely that there were six to seven Dou Zong class experts. This lineup was quite strong even in the Central Plains region. It was unexpected that they would appear here at the same time.

Other than the two Elders from the Profound Xuan Sect, who revealed a fierce glint in their eyes, the remaining people felt alright about Xiao Yan suddenly being pulled over. At this time, an additional person meant that they had gained an additional chance to escape. They had clearly witnessed Xiao Yan’s strength on the hill today.

“What should we do?”

Cao Ying’s pretty eyes glanced at Xiao Yan as she softly asked.

“What can we do? That fellow is an elite Dou Zun. All of you should think of your own way to escape.” XIao Yan helplessly replied.

“How will we flee? That fellow will block us even if we use the spatial stone.” Song Qing frowned and demanded.

Xiao Yan spread his hands. He was too lazy to argue with him. In any case, if anything were to really go wrong, he would unleash the Extermination Fire Lotus to escape. As for Cao Ying and the others, he did not possess the energy…

“I am able to break this Spiritual Barrier. However, if I attack the barrier, that fellow will definitely intervene. Therefore, I will need some time.” Cao Ying gently clenched her silver teeth. Her pretty eyes were staring at Xiao Yan in an unblinking manner. She knew that if one were to talk about fighting with others, it was likely that the one with the greatest fighting ability here was Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows upon hearing her words. He was a little surprised as he looked at Cao Ying. She was indeed worthy of the nickname witch. She was confident she could to break the Spiritual Barrier that an elite Dou Zun had established. This was really a little extraordinary.

“We are able to block these black-clothed people, but that fellow…” A middle-aged man with blood adhering to his face hesitated

for a moment before bitterly laughing.

Xiao Yan glanced at him. By being able to endure until now, it was sufficient evidence that he was not an ordinary character. Of course, those who could enter this Pill Realm all possessed some skill. Whether one was stronger or weaker would be determined by who possessed more skills…

“How long do you need?”

Xiao Yan did not have the time to think more at this moment. A thought passed through his mind, and he swiftly asked after an instant.

“Three minutes!” Cao Ying quickly replied.

Xiao Yan was quiet for a moment. After which, he slowly nodded in front of everyone’s anxious eyes. Although the other party was an elite Dou Zun, Xiao Yan still had the confidence to block him for three minutes.

Everyone sighed in relief when they saw Xiao Yan nod his head. A couple of people threw some gazes of gratitude to Xiao Yan. All of them clearly understood that exchanging blows with the black-clothed man was the most dangerous thing. However, only Xiao Yan barely possessed that kind of ability within this group of theirs. Even the two Elders from the Profound Xuan Sect did not say much at this moment. Although they had the strength of nine star Dou Zongs, there was still a great gap between them and the Dou Zun class. It was likely that they would end up in a terrible situation should they exchange blows with him.

“Thank you very much…”

Cao Ying softly thanked Xiao Yan. After which, his toes gently pressed on the ground. Her delicate figure flew backwards. Just when her delicate figure was rushing backwards, her black hair, usually restrained by a ribbon, suddenly scattered. At this instant, an unusually majestic spiritual pressure slowly spread from between Cao Ying’s eyebrows.


Song Qing let out a stern cry just as Cao Ying rushed back. Majestic Dou Qi immediately surged out of his body. After which, he rushed toward the surrounding black-clothed men, firmly pestering them in the process.

Xiao Yan quietly felt shocked within his heart as he sensed the mighty Spiritual Strength that spread from between Cao Ying’s eyebrows. This woman was indeed not simple. If one were to discuss the strength of a person’s Spiritual Strength, Cao Ying would definitely be the strongest one among those of similar age that Xiao Yan had met all these years. It seemed the reason she had been bestowed the nickname witch was not entirely because of her bewitching appearance. If she were given sufficient time to grow, it was likely that her future would be limitless. At that time, even this mysterious, black-clothed Dou Zun would not be her match…

Song Qing’s group intervened and blocked that dozen over black clothed individuals. At the same time, Xiao Yan dared to slight his task. His body moved and he appeared a short distance in front of the black clothed man. His expression was solemn as he looked at the other party. Jade green flame slowly surged out from within his body.

“You are thinking of blocking this venerable self with your strength?”

The black-clothed man’s eyes were cold as they stared at Xiao Yan. After which, he swiftly glanced to the side of the spiritual barrier. Cao Ying frowned as she began to use her tactics to undo the barrier. The black-clothed man immediately let out a cold snort as he randomly waved his sleeves. The space around Xiao Yan solidified with lightning-like speed. After which, it appeared just like a prison that firmly locked him in.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly when he sensed the heaviness of the surrounding solidified space. An elite Dou Zun was indeed a freak. They were able to turn empty space into a prison with the raise of their hands. Moreover, this prison was so firm that it could not be broken.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, first change!”

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, second change!”

Fortunately, Xiao Yan was not an ordinary person. His heart clearly understood just how troublesome it was to deal with an elite Dou Zun. He did not dare to hold back as he unleashed the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to the second change. The Dou Qi within his body soared. Only then did it forcefully shatter the surrounding solidified space. After which, Xiao Yan flashed and once again blocked the route of the black-clothed man.

“The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change of the Burning Flame Valley?”

Surprise also flashed across the eyes of the black-clothed man when he saw Xiao Yan’s strength suddenly soar. His feet immediately stomped on the empty air. After which, his body appeared to have teleported as it appeared in front of Xiao Yan. An ordinary palm flew out and smashed toward Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan’s expression had become extremely solemn upon facing this gentle palm from the black-clothed man. The other party’s palm had locked onto the space around his body, causing him to have no ability to dodge.

Since he could not dodge, the only thing he could do was forcefully receive the attack. Xiao Yan immediately clenched his teeth. His hand gently shook in a strange manner. A wave of an extremely strong hidden force erupted.

“Octane blast!”

The hidden force was transferred over Xiao Yan’s bones. After which, it left his body and poured into the black-clothed man’s palm. However, this merely caused the his palm to slightly pause.

“Open Mountain Seal!”

“Sea Flipping Seal!”

The hand seals changed in a lightning-like fashion. Immediately, two bright energy handprints erupted from Xiao Yan’s hand. They heavily smashed into the black-clothed man’s palm, causing his palm wind to gradually weaken.


The black-clothed man appeared to be extremely displeased at Xiao Yan’s stubbornness. An impatience finally flashed across his eyes. The surrounding Spiritual Barrier also became more pale while it was being undone by Cao Ying.

A wave of a strange, hot energy suddenly surged out of the body of the black-clothed man after the cold snort sounded. Subsequently, it agglomerated into a deep-blue, strange crystal layer on his arm. Looking from a great distance, it appeared as though it was a blue-coloured crystal hand.

A dangerous feeling surged into Xiao Yan’s heart when that strange crystal layer appeared. His finger was flicked as a reflex action. A silver glow flashed in front of him and the Earth Demon Puppet appeared.


The Earth Demon Puppet had just appeared when the space in front of Xiao Yan became distorted. Immediately a hand that was covered by deep-blue crystals penetrated the empty space. After which, it heavily landed on the chest of the Earth Demon Puppet. Immediately, an unusually ear-piercing sound appeared.

After the punch landed, that incomparably tough chest of the Earth Demon Puppet formed a dent that was nearly half an inch deep. Its skin cracked apart, revealing the silver-colored interior of its body!

The terrifying force sent the Earth Demon Puppet flying backwards after shattering its chest. Xiao Yan was also subsequently affected by it. A portion of the strength was transmitted to his body, causing his expression to turn a little pale. His feet pressed against empty air as he hurriedly retreated.

“This fellow, what terrifying strength…”

Shock rose within Xiao Yan’s heart as he withdrew in a miserable manner. If the Earth Demon Puppet did not feel even the slightest pain, it was likely that this punch would have taken its life. It was difficult to imagine just what kind of injury Xiao Yan would have suffered if that punch, which had shot through the air, had landed on him.

“Is this the strength of an elite Dou Zun…”

Xiao Yan glanced at the chest of the Earth Demon Puppet, which appeared to have completely collapsed. His eyes involuntarily shrank as he did so.


A slight cracking sound suddenly appeared in the air while Xiao Yan was stabilizing his body.

“Hurry and leave. The spiritual barrier is broken!”

Cao Ying’s lovely voice was transmitted into everyone’s ears the instant after the noise spread.

Xiao Yan’s reaction was extremely swift when he heard her words. He had just stabilized his body when he turned around without hesitation. The silver glow under his feet flashed, and he transformed into an afterimage that rushed toward the forest at the speed of lightning…

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