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Chapter 1140: Anonymous Word Formula

"What is the use of this Spirit Nourishment Powder?"

Xiao Yan's eyes were shining as he looked at the five tiny pale-yellow specks of dust within the room. He licked his mouth and inquired.

Tian Huo zun-zhe fondled his beard. He mused for a moment before slowly replying, "This Spirit Nourishment Power was quite renowned even during the ancient times. It is not only an item one must have in order to refine medicinal pills tier 8 and above but it is also able to nourish one's soul if the dust merges with the soul, gradually strengthening the spirituality of one's soul. From there, one could step into that so-called Soul State."

Joy surged into Xiao Yan's eyes the moment he heard Tian Huo zun-zhe's words. It seemed that these inconspicuous little things hid great ability.

"During ancient times, some of the alchemists who had touched the soul state would try their best to obtain this Spirit Nourishment Powder… this thing is just like a magnet that attracts spirituality. If it merges with one's soul, it would enable the soul to fill with spirituality without one realizing it. Moreover, it also possesses a good catalytic effect when it comes to some unique conditions where one would gain an understanding." Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled and replied.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. The joy in his eyes was difficult to hide. He really did not take a loss from this transaction. The value of this so-called Spirit Nourishment Powder was indeed far from what the medicinal formula for the Elemental Heart Pill could compare with. Moreover, the thing that surprised him was that this powder could strengthen the spirituality of one's soul…

The Soul State required the soul to be able to bestow a medicinal pill with spirituality. However, the precondition of this effect was that one's soul must be filled with sufficient spirituality. Nevertheless, if one did not have a special method to train one's soul, one would not be able to sense this so-called spirituality.

Moreover, this kind of soul training method had completely disappeared after a countless number of years of history. Hence, one could only borrow the help of external items or lucky encounters in order to enter a mysterious condition and raise the spirituality of one's soul. Similar to the two previous experience that Xiao Yan…

Unfortunately, this kind of condition was something that one could luckily encounter, but not attempt to seek out. Naturally, one could not enter it just because one wanted to. Hence, this kind of mysterious item, that could strengthen the spirituality within one's soul, had become exceptionally rare and precious in this era.

"Only a small number of tier 8 alchemists are able to refine this kind of Spirit Nourishment Powder after learning how to refine it. However, I think that the refining method of the Spirit Nourishment Powder has already been lost…" Tian Huo zun-zhe's eyes were a little curious as he stared at the shiny powder within the flame. I have only seen such a thing in some ancient books and have never personally seen it."

"If you wish to refine a tier 8 medicinal pill in the future, the chances of success will be significantly raised if you add this Spirit Nourishment Powder into it, After the refinement, the pill will be even purer than other tier 8 medicinal pills…"

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's face after he had listened to Tian Huo zun-zhe's words. It was the first time that he had heard that one needed to add this so-called Spirit Nourishment Powder when refining a tier 8 medicinal pill.

"Ke ke, the secret of this thing can be considered to have been broken, and the old me can be considered to have finished my task. Otherwise, you will end up nagging my ear saying that I have caused you to lose a medicinal formula…" Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled after seeing Xiao Yan's face. After which, he stood up and said, "It is already getting quite late, and you should rest early. Tomorrow is the so-called five great clan test. Do not tarry. That old fellow Ye Zhong has placed all of his hope on you."

Tian Huo zun-zhe turned around and left after speaking. The Little Fairy Doctor also said something to Xiao Yan. She briefly hesitated before slowly leaving.

Xiao Yan smiled as he watched the two of them leave the room. His eyes turned back to the five pale-yellow pieces of dust within the flame in front of him. After musing for a moment, he finally could not resist beckoning with his hand. A Soul Nourishment Powder escaped from Xiao Yan's flame and remained suspended in front of him.

Xiao Yan slowly shut both of his eyes after staring at this Spirit Nourishment Powder. While his eyes were shut, a suction force suddenly surged out. This suction force caused the shiny, pale-yellow speck to transform into a tiny ray of light that shot into Xiao Yan's forehead before it finally disappeared…

Xiao Yan's body intensely trembled when this powder merged with his forehead. His face suddenly tightened as waves of faint pain were emitted from his head.

Xiao Yan frowned. He endured the faint pain he felt. Based on his senses, the Spirit Nourishment Powder was like a bullet as it ruthlessly attacked his soul before penetrating through it…

Fortunately, this kind of pain did not last for long before it gradually disappeared…

Xiao Yan only sighed in relief after feeling the the pain gradually disappeared. However, he had just sighed in relief when he suddenly sensed his surroundings form a strange fluctuation. Threads of a faint, unusual flow seeped from this fluctuation before slowly invading his forehead…

After this unusual flow entered his body, Xiao Yan immediately felt a wild joy. He sensed the spiritual aura contained in his soul begin to grow at an extremely slow pace!

"It is actually spiritual aura?"

Xiao Yan had thought of all methods to increase the spiritual aura within his soul, but he had failed to increase his soul by even a little. However, with this Spirit Nourishment Powder, spiritual aura, which could not be improved by relying on an ordinary method, could be extracted by him and merged with his soul…

Xiao Yan felt a wild joy as he sensed the strengthening spiritual aura within his soul. It was a long while later before he gradually focused his mind. After he calmed down, a pale-yellow dust of light vaguely appeared in his mind. An unusual suction force was being emitted from it. This kind of suction force was weak, but it appeared to possess a kind of strange strength that extracted spiritual energy, which many experts could do nothing about, from the surroundings…

The seemingly chaotic spiritual aura slowly seeped out of the space around. It continuously entered through the space between Xiao Yan's brows.

This spiritual aura absorption continued for nearly three hours before the glow and suction force emitted by the pale-yellow dust gradually weakened. Clearly, this kind of Spirit Nourishment Powder was unable to last for long…

The glow emitted by this light particle dimmed. A long while later, a slight 'crack' suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan's head.

The Spirit Nourishment Powder cracked apart and that strange suction force came to a halt. The surrounding spiritual aura immediately disappeared. It was futile regardless of how Xiao Yan tried to suck it in…

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed upon sensing this change. However, just when he was about to withdraw from this condition, feeling helpless, the Spirit Nourishment Powder, which was about to disappear from his mind, suddenly unleashed an intense glow. Even Xiao Yan's soul felt an intense pain under this glow.

The intense pain gradually subsided. While Xiao Yan was still feeling panicked, an extremely vague, elderly mumble was emitted from where the light erupted…

"The limit of Soul… shut the Heavenly Spirit… absorb the spirit forge, the soul…"

The indistinct elderly voice softly resounded in Xiao Yan's mind. It appeared just like sacred words, causing one to gain a trance-like feeling.

The trance-like feeling did not cause Xiao Yan to become absentminded. Although the elderly voice in his mind was unclear, he still tried to remember as much as possible. This elderly voice resounded three times before it completely scattered…

Xiao Yan slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. There was an expression of contemplation on his face.

"It is rumored that some experts are able to leave behind a spiritual imprint on certain items. If I have guessed correctly, that elderly voice from earlier should have been left behind by an expert from the ancient times. However, due to the great amount of time that has passed, the voice has become indistinct…" Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself.

"The limit of Soul… shut the Heavenly Spirit… absorb the spirit forge, the soul…"

Xiao Yan frowned and softly muttered. A moment later, he thought, "It seems to be a kind of word formula. However, it is clearly incomplete. I wonder what it is used for…"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment to no avail. He could not help but helplessly shake his head. After which, he stored the four remaining pieces of Spirit Nourishment Powder into his Strong Ring. The effect of this thing, being able to absorb the spiritual aura, was too important to Xiao Yan. Unfortunately, it could only last a very short period of time. He could not afford to squander them. Hence, he could not easily use it. After all, he might need these things to increase his chance of success when he refined medicinal pills in the future…

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he sat cross-legged on the bed. After which, he slowly shut his eyes. His mouth also moved slightly while he did so. If one were to carefully listen, one would discover that Xiao Yan was whispering the word formula he had obtained from the Spirit Nourishment Powder earlier…

A low and indistinct sound slowly resounded around the room. This continued for half an hour before the calm interior of the room finally began to form an unusual ripple!


Xiao Yan's tightly shut eyes suddenly opened when that ripple was formed. His face was filled with shock. An instant earlier, he had sensed the presence of spiritual aura within his surroundings!

This kind of thing had only happened twice to him when he had entered the strange conditions before. However, Xiao Yan was certain that he had not entered that kind condition earlier!

Xiao Yan tightly knit his brows. A moment later, he suddenly clenched his hand. A glaring glint erupted within his dark-black eyes.

"Is this because of that word formula?"

Chapter 1141: Absorption

Xiao Yan's eyes were fiery hot as he observed the room where the fluctuation had formed earlier. Shock and joy was difficult to hide on his face. He had clearly sensed the existence of the spiritual aura when he entered his training state earlier.

Spiritual aura was a kind of extremely mysterious energy. It did not possess the might of Dou Qi, but it was a great nourishment to one's soul. However, spiritual aura seemed to be mixed in everything and was extremely difficult to sense. During ancient times, alchemists were able to sense spiritual aura's existence and absorb it due to them possessing some special Soul Skills. However, in this era, the mysterious Soul Skills had completely disappeared. There were few alchemists who knew how to sense spiritual aura and absorb it…

Xiao Yan had tried an unknown number of methods in order to sense spiritual aura. However, his efforts were futile with the exception of his entries into those mysterious states, which had caused him to feel quite helpless. Spiritual aura was really a great luxury to the alchemists of this era.

The joy on Xiao Yan's face was gradually withdrawn. He suppressed the fluctuations within his heart and once again slowly sank into his mind. He continuously chanted the word formula he had obtained from the Spirit Nourishment Powder.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes and continued chanting for half an hour. The quiet space within the room finally began to show signs of a slight fluctuation once again…

The fluctuation did not cause Xiao Yan to feel overly shocked this time around. From his senses, he was able to tell that threads of extremely tiny, chaotic flows had suddenly appeared in this empty space that was filled with natural energy. These flows were hidden very deep and were covered by dense natural energy. If not for the word formula, Xiao Yan would not have been able to detect the flows.

"Are these spiritual auras…"

Xiao Yan's mind focused on these faint flows. A moment later, he began to understand something. These kinds of spiritual auras were extremely faint, and they were very weak. Even if they were occasionally absorbed into one's body, they would be crushed by the surrounding natural energy during circulation. No wonder there were very few people who could sense the existence of spiritual auras.

Xiao Yan felt joy within his heart as he sensed the existence of spiritual auras for the first time under his normal training condition. If he managed to successfully absorb these spiritual auras, his soul would sooner or later advance to the Soul State after being gradually filled by these spiritual auras. At that time, his alchemist level would definitely be able to advance to the eighth tier guru stage!

The seventh tier was the grandmaster stage—the eighth tier was the guru stage!

The difference between these tiers was one that was extremely difficult to overcome.

If Xiao Yan were able to successfully advance to the eighth tier, even those super strong elite Dou Zuns would treat him politely. With this status, Xiao Yan clearly understood the treatment he would receive even from Xun Er's Gu clan would definitely not be poor.

After all, a tier 8 alchemist was quite a rare existence even on the Dou Qi continent. In order to obtain a tier 8 medicinal pill, some experts of the Dou Zun class would be willing to lower themselves to act as a bodyguard for someone. This was something that one did not even need to mention!

A fiery heart rose within Xiao Yan's heart as the various benefits and treatments he would receive after advancing to the eighth tier flashed across his heart. He hurriedly calmed his heart. After which… he was suddenly stunned…

The reason why he was stunned was because Xiao Yan had suddenly discovered that he did not possess a method to absorb the spiritual auras!

That anonymous word formula had given him the ability to sense spiritual auras, but did not teach him the method to absorb them!

A spiritual aura was not like natural energy where one could randomly absorb it. A spiritual aura was extremely fragile. Even the slightest pressure would cause it to disappear. If one did not possess a special method to extract the spiritual aura from the great amount of natural energy, it was impossible for one to successfully absorb it.

Xiao Yan sat in a stunned silence like a fool. At that moment, he felt as though he wanted to cry, but tears would not come out. He had managed to sense the existence of spiritual auras after much difficulty. In the end, he discovered that he was unable to absorb them. It was just like he had discovered a treasury that was filled with gold, only to end up discovering that the treasury was locked when he got there. He could only look at it from the door, but could not put the gold into his bag…

"Ugh, there is still more to this word formula. This part that I have learned is only a small portion of it…" Xiao Yan finally recovered after a while. He bitterly smiled, shook his head, and lamented.

Xiao Yan sighed. He was dull for a moment before he finally violently clenched his teeth. Everything was always difficult in the beginning. He had already endured through this most difficult beginning. How could he be unable to resolve the subsequent problems. Since he did not have a method to absorb it, he would use the stupidest method!

Absorption through swallowing!

Xiao Yan once again entered the training condition after having made up his mind. After which, he widened his mouth and violently absorbed the natural energy mixed with spiritual auras into his body.

Before Xiao Yan had the time to control this energy, that had just entered his body, the wisps of weak spiritual auras mixed in with the energy were like porcelain vases. With a 'clang' the wips was pressed until nothing was left before disappearing…

The first failure did not exceed Xiao Yan's expectations. It would really be strange if he managed to succeed at such a thing the first time around.

After refining the natural energy, that he had absorbed into his body, into Dou Qi, which merged into his body, Xiao Yan once again sucked in another cluster of natural energy. This time around, he isolated the wisps of spiritual auras mixed within the energy with lightning-like speed the moment it entered his body. Subsequently, he carefully removed the energy around around the spiritual auras a little at a time, much like removing the silk from a cocoon.

This was a task that really tested Xiao Yan's ability to control his mind. With Xiao Yan's current control ability, he only managed to remove finger-sized wisp of a faint spiritual aura from the energy after having failed over twenty times…

Xiao Yan sighed in relief, appearing as though he had been relieved of a great burden. He looked at the spiritual aura he had managed to obtain after spending over an hour. Fortunately, he was able to sense the position of the spiritual aura by relying on this anonymous word formula. Otherwise, this kind of stripping method would definitely not work. Moreover, even with this being the case, he had spent a little too much time. However, Xiao Yan understood that once he practiced until he was familiar with the method, he should be able to increase the output. Although it would not be comparable to using an orthodox absorption method, it would, at the very least, enable his soul to fill with spirituality. Reaching the Soul State and breaking through to a tier 8 alchemist was only a matter of time.

Xiao Yan's mind carefully controlled this tiny wisp of spiritual aura and gradually shifted it up. After which, it entered the spot between his eyebrows.

Xiao Yan immediately felt a cooling feeling being transmitted from his mind after this wisp of spiritual aura entered the spot between his eyebrows. His heart was quickly filled with joy. He understood that this was a phenomenon that would only occur after the spiritual aura within his soul grew. Clearly, this method of his might be clumsy, but at least it did something. Regardless of what the case was, it was, at the very least, better than having gained nothing.

"It is indeed difficult without any orthodox training methods…"

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when this wisp of spiritual aura entered his soul. Just this single wisp of spiritual aura had exhausted one hour of his time. The effort he had put in and the reward he had obtained were not even. However, he did not have any other solution at this moment. After all, regardless of how small it was, it was still something. If other tier 7 high grade alchemists were aware that he was able to absorb spiritual aura, it was likely that their eyes would turn red from envy. This was the case even if it was only a tiny wisp of spiritual aura…

After comforting himself in his heart, Xiao Yan sighed, and he once again focused his mind, entering his training state. Next, he began the incomparably difficult and complicated task of extracting spiritual aura…

An entire night swiftly flowed by amid Xiao Yan's tireless training…

Xiao Yan, who was seated on a bed, finally opened his eyes when the first rays of morning light landed in his room. His dark-black eyes appeared to have gained an exceptional sparkle.

After an entire night's effort, Xiao Yan had successfully absorbed eight wisps of spiritual aura. This was a result that he had only obtained after he had become familiar with the method toward the end of the night, reducing a significant amount of time in the process.

The absorption of eight wisps of spiritual aura caused the spiritual aura within Xiao Yan's soul to fill. Hence, a night of exhaustion not only did not cause Xiao Yan to feel the least bit tired but had instead gave him a kind of extremely refreshed feeling. It did not lose to the refreshness of training for an entire night…


Xiao Yan let out a long breath and leaped down from his bed. He was quite satisfied with the results of the night. Although the effect of this night could not be compared with that of him having entered a unique state, it won in terms of being long lasting. As long as Xiao Yan desired it, he would be able to absorb spiritual auras anytime he wished. Base on this speed, reaching a tier 8 alchemist was only a matter of time.

After arranging his clothes, Xiao Yan, who felt refreshed, pushed the door open and exited the room. He saw Ye Zhong, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the rest were already waiting for him in the courtyard when he exited the room.

Ye Zhong hurriedly raised his head when the room's door opened. Only after seeing that Xiao Yan's condition was excellent did he sigh in relief.

Xiao Yan smiled to the group. He was naturally aware of Ye Zhong's anxiety. Today was the day of the so-called five great clan test. The test today would determine the fate of the Ye clan in the future. Everything rested on Xiao Yan's shoulders alone.

One could even say that the life and death of all the members of the Ye clan were held in Xiao Yan's hand!

"Mister Xiao Yan, are you prepared?" Ye Zhong cupped his hands together and respectfully asked. He clearly understood that today was the day that the Ye clan's fate would be determined.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded as he looked at the elderly face of Ye Zhong. He inhaled a deep breath of air and took the led, walking out of the Ye Manor. This relaxed laughter caused Ye Zhong's tensed heart to slightly relax.

"Let's go. Today, I shall meet these so-called five great clans and see just what abilities they have."

Chapter 1142: Gathering of the Five Great Clans

The location of the five great clan test was in a special hall within the inner part of Holy Pill City. This was an exclusive place where all the clan tests over the generations happened. This place had been built by the Pill Tower. From this, one could tell how greatly the Pill Tower valued this test of the five great clans.

This kind of test was not conducted secretly. Instead, it was semi-open to outsiders. Some people with sufficient qualifications and strength would hurry over to this place before the test began. The position of the five great clans was always watched by a countless number of people because everyone knew that this was a shortcut to enter the upper echelons of the Pill Tower. As long as one climbed this large tree known as the Pill Tower, one's strength and reputation would soar overnight.

Currently, the Ye clan's position among the five great clans was precarious. If it failed to pass the test this time around, it would lose its position among the five great clans. Once the Ye clan lost its position, other factions, who had already been eyeing their spot, would come swarming in all at once…

Hence, many factions, who wanted to get into the upper echelons of the Pill Tower, paid great attention to this five great clan test.

Xiao Yan's group followed Ye Zhong to the front of an extremely grand examination venue, that occupied a vast amount of land. They discovered that this place was already packed with black masses of human heads. Occasionally, there would be groups of people, who appeared to have a strong background, passing through the tight defense of the hall's entrance. They would successfully enter the hall.

"Let's go…"

Ye Zhong looked at this enormous examination hall. His fists trembled under his sleeves. This place had etched deep memories into his mind. Each test would make him feel humiliated.

Ye Zhong took the lead to walk to the entrance of the hall after uttering those words. Xiao Yan's group followed close behind.

Ye Zhong's group, which had suddenly walked forward, was naturally quick to attract the attention of the crowd around. Numerous gazes immediately shot over. Private conversations erupted outside of the hall when they saw the clan badge on the chest of Ye Zhong's group.

"Quick, look. They are members from the Ye clan."

"Hee hee, if they fail again this time around, it is likely that they will fall from being one of the five great clans. Once they lose the protection of the Pill Tower, it is likely that the Ye clan will no longer have an easy time."

"Ugh, that's right. Back then, the Ye clan was so grand. Only the Dan clan among the five great clans was able to compare with it. Unfortunately, now…"

"Luck changes over time…"

A bitterness surfaced in Ye Zhong's eyes when he heard the conversations of those around. The decline of the Ye clan was undoubtedly the greatest blow to him. He had put in everything for the return of the Ye clan. Now, he had even placed all his hope on Xiao Yan. If the Ye clan failed again, it would be finished.

Ye Zhong's group successfully arrived at the entrance of the hall in front of many gazes. The many guards at the entrance glanced at the Ye clan's badge on the chest of Ye Zhong's group in an indifferent manner. There was faint ridicule in their eyes. The failure of the Ye clan during these years was a humiliation that was difficult to wash away.

Although their hearts mocked the Ye clan, these guards did not dare to publicly make things difficult for them. They randomly waved their hands, moved their bodies out of the way, and allowed the group to pass. At the same time, they cried to the interior of the hall. "The Ye clan has arrived!"

Ye Zhong was expressionless, appearing as though he had not sensed the disdain from the guards. He led Xiao Yan's group. They slowly entered before disappearing from the sight of the countless numbers of eyes outside.

After entering the large hall, a warm light scattered down. Xiao Yan sensed that there were numerous gazes containing various emotions being shot over from the hall as the light appeared on their bodies.

Xiao Yan gently lifted his eyes and swept them over the interior of the hall. At this moment, there were quite a number of human figures seated on the surrounding seats of the hall. The surprising thing was that most of these people's auras were quite strong. Clearly, they came from some factions or clans that were quite powerful…

Ye Zhong did not bother with the various gazes coming from all directions. He was aware that most of these people were anticipating the Ye clan to fail the test, giving an extremely good spot to them.

"The seats right at the front belong to the Dan, Cao, Bai, Qiu clans, the four great clans…" Ye Zhong led Xiao Yan's group to the seats for the Ye clan as he softly informed them.

Xiao Yan's eyes looked over after hearing this. He did indeed see four seats at the front of the large hall. However, there were only members from three clans currently sitting there. From the badges on their clothes, they should be the Dan, Bai, and Qiu clans…

Xiao Yan's eyes first paused on the Dan clan, which kept the lowest profile. After which, his eyes suddenly stilled. A gasp was uttered from his mouth because he saw a lovely, small familiar figure among the group from the Dan clan. That figure was the strange, young lady Xiao Yan had met back then at the Branch Tower when he was taking the alchemist test.

The lady also turned her head after appearing to have sensed something when Xiao Yan looked over. Her gaze collided with Xiao Yan for a moment before she hurriedly turned away. She appeared quite timid.

"This girl is a little unfamiliar. However, by being able to stand in that spot, it is likely that her position within the Dan clan is quite high…" Ye Zhong's eyes also paused on the young lady. He frowned before turning his gaze to look at a blue-clothed man beside her. His expression changed as he softly uttered, "Dan Xuan. It is unexpected that he has come… looks like he is going to represent the Dan clan in the test this time around. Ugh…"

Xiao Yan's eyes glanced over after hearing Ye Zhong's worried words. There was a tall, blue-clothed, young man standing beside the young lady. This man's appearance was handsome, and his brows revealed a gentleness. However, this kind of gentleness was clearly only meant for the young lady beside him. Even though this was the case, it caused the blue-clothed man to appear gentle and refined.

"Dan Xuan…"

Xiao Yan mumbled the name in his mouth. Coincidentally, the blue-clothed man also turned his head over. He exchanged glances with Xiao Yan before giving him a warm smile.

"This person is extremely talented in regards to pill refinement. He could be considered one of the top even within the Dan clan, and he is much stronger compared to Cao Dan from the Cao clan. It is likely that the only one who can suppress him within the Cao clan is that witch. If he is participating this time around, he will definitely rank among the top three."

Xiao Yan slowly nodded while he listened to Ye Zhong's soft voice. He was about to speak when he sensed some icy-cold eyes. Immediately, he turned his head, only to discover that these gazes were shot over from the Bai clan's seats.

That old woman, who had been taught a lesson by Xiao Yan that day, was viciously staring at him from the seats of the Bai clan. Her expression made it seem as though she hated him. She seemed to feel the desire to pounce over and eat him.

Xiao Yan acted as though he did not see her vicious gaze. He turned his eyes and focused on a white-clothed man at the front of the Bai clan. This man's body was covered in a faint chill. His face was cold. An icy glint flashed when he turned his eyes, causing one to be afraid of looking at him.

"He is the most outstanding member of the younger generation in the Bai clan, Bai Ying. Ughh, the Bai clan has indeed sent him…" Ye Zhong sighed upon seeing the cold, stern white-clothed man. This Bai clan really did not intend to give the Ye clan a chance to turn things around.

Xiao Yan tilted his head. He exchanged looks with Bai Ying for a while. The corner of their mouths were lifted into a hostile arc that was filled with a coldness.

While the few of them were conversing, they arrived at the seats of the Ye clan. After which, the few of them took their seats. Compared to the thriving groups of the others, their side appeared somewhat shabby.

"That Dan Xuan and Bai Ying have both stepped into the level of a tier 7 middle grade alchemist. They will definitely be powerful opponents. The Qiu clan is still fine. Theirs is only a tier 7 low grade alchemist and will not pose much of a threat. However…" Ye Zhong's eyes looked to the Cao clan's seats when he spoke until this point. Currently, this clan, which was flourishing, within the Pill Region had yet to arrive…

"Who will the Cao clan send this time around? Cao Dan?" Xiao Yan appeared to be aware of Ye Zhong's concern as he softly asked.

"There are three people within the Cao clan who are called the future pillars of the clan. Among them, the strongest is Cao Ying, the witch, while Cao Dan is the weakest. There is one person above Cao Dan called Cao Xiu… this Cao Xiu's pill refining talent cannot be compared with Cao Dan, but he wins in terms of being far calmer than Cao Dan. After becoming an adult, he left alone and headed out to train. After returning to the clan seven years later, he had jumped to the seventh tier. Base on my guess, he should currently have reached the tier 7 middle grade level. Cao Dan was defeated by your hands last time around. This time, the Cao clan will likely send out Cao Xiu…" Ye Zhong analyzed the situation.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. This Cao clan was full of many talents. It was not without reason that it was able to possess such a reputation. At the very least, the Ye clan was much lousier when compared to them,

"The Cao clan has arrived!"

A loud, clear cry was suddenly transmitted from outside of the hall while Xiao Yan was sighing in his heart. After which, it continued to reverberate around the hall for some time.

Waves of commotion sounded within the large hall when this cry appeared. Quite a number of factions, that had been sitting quietly, hurriedly stood up. Their faces were full of smiles. With the current position of the Cao clan, the clan was worthy of their bootlicking…

Xiao Yan also turned his head over. His gaze landed on the entrance to the hall. The tightly shut door at that spot was slowly opened and a graceful figure walked in from the shadows with soft, slow steps…

This graceful figure walked out of the shadows and appeared in the light. The atmosphere within the large hall instantly became sluggish because of this figure's appearance…

This lady had a tall and lovely figure. She was wearing a black-colored dress that emitted traces of her cold and haughty demeanor. Her skin was like snow. Her long hair scattered randomly over her shoulders. Her face was thin, but was exceptionally exquisite, appearing just like a porcelain statue that made one feel a desire to fondle her admiringly.

This lady stood at the entrance of the hall. She raised her eyes slightly. Her long eyes contained a slight laziness while emitting a trace of enchantment, causing her to appear exceptionally alluring.

Quite a number of people within the hall had become absent-minded because of her enchanting figure. At the same time, the lady's long lips slowly lifted into a faint curl…

The instant this arc was lifted, her thin and enchanting face was instantly filled with temptation.

Chapter 1143: Start of the Test!

The black-clothed lady's lazy eyes slowly scanned the interior of the large hall. Anyone who was caught by her eyes would feel a fiery heat and fear rise in their hearts. This lady was really filled with temptation. However, behind this temptation, was a greater bone-deep fear…

The name of this lady was something that almost everyone seated in this place had heard of!

The witch from the Cao clan, Cao Ying. One of the future potential successors for the giant heads of the Pill Tower!

That first title might not be a resounding one, but it was sufficient to get a countless number of people to view her as a goddess high above them. A giant head of the Pill Tower. This was a position that possessed a great amount of authority across the entire continent. Anyone seated here would truly experience what kind of feeling a monstrous authority was…

The Pill Tower was the holy ground in the hearts of all the alchemists on the continent. One could even unceremoniously say that the giant heads of the Pill Tower were the spiritual leaders in the hearts of a countless number of alchemists. The ability of the Pill Tower to gather people was something that did not even need mentioning. This kind of summoning ability was completely controlled by the desire of the giant heads of the Pill Tower!

Cao Ying, the most outstanding genius the Cao clan had ever produce was a personal disciple of one of the three giant heads of the Pill Tower. With the direction she was currently developing in, it was definitely possible for her to become a potential successor of one of the Pill Tower's giant heads a century later. Moreover… if she was lucky, she might even be able to remove the title of 'potential.' At that time… she would be one of the few female giant heads ever since the Pill Tower had been established!

The glaring glow over the head of this lady full of such great achievement was sufficient to cause everyone in the hall to look up to her.

The black-clothed lady swept her eyes over the hall. She did not sweep her eyes over the others. Instead, her eyes paused on the seats of the Dan clan. Of course, her eyes did not stop on the warm and elegant Dan Xuan. Instead, they were looking at the timid, young lady beside him.

That young lady bunched her eyebrows together after having appeared to have sensed Cao Ying's focus. Their eyes crossed each other before the young lady quickly moved her eyes away.

An enchanting smile surfaced on Cao Ying's face when she saw her look away. Cao Ying shifted her footsteps and walked to the Cao clan's seats. The members of the Cao clan followed close behind. Xiao Yan finally saw a familiar person among this group, Cao Dan.

At this moment, Cao Dan was closely following behind Cao Ying. His lowered eyes would occasionally drift to the alluring figure in front of him. There was a deeply hidden fondness within his eyes.

Xiao Yan's gaze paused for a moment on Cao Dan before it turned to another strongly built man. This person had a serious face. His eyebrows were quite thick, giving him a stern feeling. He was the only male from the Cao clan who did not feel the least bit of pressure when standing behind Cao Ying.

"I think that person should be Cao Xiu, right…"

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes. These three people represented the top strength of the younger generation from the Cao clan. Of course, if it was Cao Ying, it was likely that even some of the older fellows from the Cao clan would be eclipsed by her. This witch was really not someone an ordinary person could compare with.

Cao Ying led the Cao clan and walked to their allocated seats in front of the many gazes within the large hall. Her footsteps slightly paused when she passed by the Dan clan. She turned her head. Her pretty eyes landed on the weak, young lady as she sweetly smiled, "Sister Dan Chen, it has been a long time since we have last met."

That young lady, who was called Dan Chen, merely lowered her chin in the face of Cao Ying's greeting. She did not say much.

"It is unexpected that you have also come this time around. It is likely because of the Pill Gathering, right? Ha ha, the Dan clan has really put in quite a great amount of effort. Could it be that it is planning to embrace the champion spot of the Pill Gathering this time around?" Cao Ying covered her mouth and softly laughed.

Dan Chen appeared just like a little girl under the cold and arrogant demeanor of Cao Ying. She did not show the slightest attempt to verbally spar with Cao Ying.

"Miss Cao Ying must be joking. The champion of this season's Pill Gathering will definitely land in your hands. The other people don't have the qualification…" Dan Xuan, who was in front of Dan Chen, smiled and replied on her behalf.

"You really have a way with words. However, you can forget about getting me to lower my guard because of them…" Cao Ying was noncommittal in the face of Dan Xuan's words. Her pretty eyes stared at Dan Chen as she softly said, "But I really wish to know just how much stronger you are compared to back then after having not seen your for two years. That state… I wonder if you have completely stepped into it?"

Dan Chen no longer revealed a delicate appearance when someone mentioned something related to pill refinement. She appeared to have turned into another person. Her eyes were focused on Cao Ying as she said, "I also wish to know…"

Cao Ying was not the least bit surprised in the face of Dan Chen's sudden transformation. Instead, she laughed and gently nodded. She waved her sleeves, turned around, and walked toward the seats of the Cao clan. Her footsteps did not even pause when she passed by the Ye clan along the way. She climbed her seat at the front and slowly sat down.

Cao Ying completely ignored the Ye clan, but that Cao Dan suddenly paused his steps. He revealed a cold smile to Xiao Yan and said, "It is unexpected that you have really intervened in this matter."

Xiao Yan raised his eyes, smiled, and ignored Cao Dan.

A chill flashed across Cao Dan's face when he saw Xiao Yan completely disregard him. He was just about to let out a cold cry when that strongly built man extended a hand to stop him. That man glanced at Xiao Yan indifferently and said, "Let's move. What would it look like if you made a big fuss here?"

Although Cao Dan felt a little unwilling, he still nodded hearing Cao Xiu's words. After which, he let out a cold snort and walked to the seats of the Cao clan.

"Are you that Xiao Yan? I have heard Cao Dan mention you." That man stared at Xiao Yan before faintly speaking.

Xiao Yan's eyes looked at this man with a swift and fierce body. Looking at his outer appearance, it was really difficult to tell that the other party was a high tier alchemist. However, this person was indeed as Ye Zhong had described him. He appeared more mature and much calmer compared to Cao Dan.

"Cao Xiu, one of the three great geniuses of the Cao clan. You are quite well-known…" Xiao Yan smiled as replied.

"Genius is not used to describe someone like me…" Cao Xiu's eyes stared at Xiao Yan. After which, he glanced at Ye Zhong and the others by Xiao Yan's side. He slowly said, "Your level is quite high, but it is likely extremely difficult for you to rescue the Ye clan. Hopefully, you will not end up pulling yourself into a quagmire…"

"Thank you for your honest warning." Xiao Yan smiled as he thanked Cao Xiu.

Cao Xiu nodded. He was unwilling to say anything more as he turned around and walked to the seats of the Cao…

"This fellow is indeed not as simple as that impulsive Cao Dan, who is simple-minded…" Xiao Yan looked at Cao Xiu's back, stretched his lazy waist, and softly commented.

"Cao Xiu's pill refining talent is not better than Cao Dan's talent. However, his achievements are greater than Cao Dan's…" Ye Zhong nodded and sighed. "This person possesses a strong perseverance. The Cao clan is indeed very lucky to possess both Cao Ying and him…"

"Big brother, what is there for you and that fellow to talk about? You must help me take revenge this time around. As long as you can stop that brat from entering the top three, the Ye clan will be finished…" Cao Dan looked at Cao Xiu, who had sat beside him. Cao Dan spoke with dissatisfaction.

Cao Xiu glanced at him. He faintly replied, "He is not a simple person. I am not surprised that he can beat you. He might really end up getting into the top three this time around…"

"He is also a tier 7 middle grade alchemist… and he has achieved this at such an age. Moreover, he does not possess the usual arrogance of a young person. Clearly, his mental state is good… it is indeed not surprising if he enters the top three in this test." Cao Ying, who was sitting in the leader's spot, played with a round jade bead using her long, snow-white hand. She did not turn around when she heard the conversation between the two. All she did was randomly utter some words.

Cao Dan felt even more displeased upon hearing this. It seemed he was unhappy that these two had evaluated Xiao Yan so highly. However, he did not dare to comment on anything to Cao Ying. Hence, he could only swallow the words in his mouth in a dispirited manner.

The ground within the large hall suddenly began to shake after the members of the Cao clan took their seats. The position of the five great clans shifted backwards like some mobile ground. In the blink of an eye, an extremely spacious open ground appeared in the middle of the hall.

A white-haired, old man, who was filled with energy, slowly stepped out when the arena appeared. His eyes slowly swept over the hall as he smiled and said, "Since the five great clans have all arrived, the old me shall not say too much. This season's test will be conducted by me. No one has any objections, do they?"

"Ke ke, Elder Sheng, with your status in the Pill Tower, who will dare to doubt you?" Only Cao Ying replied with a lovely smile when the white-haired, old man laughed because this person's status was a little too high for quite a number of the people seated here.

"This elder is called Sheng Yao. He is one of the eight great Elders of the Pill Tower and possesses a large say within the Pill Tower. He could be described as a true upper echelon of the Pill Tower…" Ye Zhong softly introduced him beside Xiao Yan's ear.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He had sensed a vague pressure the moment this white-haired, old man appeared. This kind of pressure originated from deep within his soul. Therefore, he understood that this white-haired, old man was not an ordinary person.

"You girl… there is no need for you to lick my boots. These old bones of mine cannot endure it…" The white-haired, old man grinned. After which, he swung his eyes around the arena and said, "It is about time. The candidates for the five great clans test, please enter…"

The private conversations within the large hall became quiet after these words were uttered by the white-haired elder.

Xiao Yan gentle inhaled a breath of air. His fists slowly tightened under his sleeves. He turned his head, only to see the anxious anticipation within the eyes of Ye Zhong and Xin Lan…

"Big brother Xiao Yan, do your best!"

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Xin Lan's anxious, pretty face. A pride surged out of his heart. After which, he gently stood up in front of the eyes of the entire hall.

"It is finally about to begin…"

Whether or not the big boat of the collapsing Ye clan could be saved by Xiao Yan's strength would be decided today!

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