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Chapter 1136: Copper Plate

The red-robed elder did not even manage to open his mouth before Xiao Yan's figure disappeared by the stairway. Although he struggled over the price within his heart, he understood that the one who could hold out longer would gain the advantage in this transaction. All of them were experienced players when it came to attempting to play hard. It was only a matter of who could simmer until the other party could not endure any longer. That person would be the true winner…

Xiao Yan was not surprised by the red-clothed, old man's silence. Hence, his feet did not pause. Instead, he headed to the top floor.

There were two elderly men standing at the entrance to the stairs that led to the top floor. These two people wore faces that were full of friendly smile. However, the robes on their bodies indicated that they were people from the trade fair. Neither of them wore an alchemist badge on their chest. However, from the vast and might Dou Qi that spread from them, it was obvious that these two people were strong expert Dou Zongs.

These two old men were initially startled upon seeing Xiao Yan's group walking over. Their eyes swiftly flashed across the badge on Xiao Yan's chest. His bright tier 7 badge caused surprise to flicker in their eyes. It was rare to find such a young tier 7 alchemist.

Their eyes paused on Xiao Yan for a moment before turning to Ye Zhong, the Little Fairy Doctor, and Tian Huo zun-zhe. Their eyes slightly narrowed when they passed over the latter two. Although they were unable to sense the exact strength of these two, they understood that these two were frightening existences who had advanced to the Dou Zun class…

"Ke ke, important guests, are you planning to head to the top floor?"

Of the two, the yellow-robed, old man took the lead to step forward. He cupped his hands together and asked with a courteous smile.

Xiao Yan grinned, cupped his hands together, and nodded.

"The few of you seem very unfamiliar. It should be the first time that you have come to this alchemist trade fair, right?" The yellow-robed elder asked with a smile.

"Why? Could it be that one must be a regular in order to go up?" Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows and questioned.

"Ke ke, sir really knows how to joke. The old me is only posing a random question. Please follow me if you wish to head to the top floor…" The yellow-robed, old man hurriedly shook his head upon hearing his reply. Although he was quite strong, those who could enter the top floor were all extraordinary people. He naturally did not wish to offend them.

The yellow-robed, old man took the lead as he turned around. After speaking, he walked forward. Xiao Yan's group slowly followed behind him.

The few of them climbed up a short flight of stairs while following the yellow-robed, old man. However, Xiao Yan discovered at least five hidden gazes sweeping over their group from some hidden areas during this short flight of stairs, which was just twenty meters long.

"Looks like this alchemist trade fair does indeed have some background…"

Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. After which, he slowly climbed the final step. The most mysterious top floor appeared in his sight.

The legendary top floor of the alchemist trade fair was not really spacious when compared to the two floors below. However, the sprawling decorations took some effort. This place was not as dazzlingly bright as the second floor. Faint-green, warm jade covered the floor. There was a faint warmth surging into one's feet when one stepped on the floor, causing one's entire body to feel unusually comfortable.

There were very few people on this top floor, that was covered with warm jade. At a glance, there were only a couple dozen people. However, Xiao Yan understood that these dozens of people were true experts or alchemist grandmasters who could stir a commotion in the outside world.

The appearance of Xiao Yan's group naturally attracted the attention of some people on the top floor. Immediately, some gazes turned to them. Some surprise flashed across their eyes when they saw the badge on Xiao Yan's chest as well as the group behind him. Such a young tier 7 middle grade alchemist and two elite Dou Zuns. This lineup was quite strong. Just which wealthy faction did they hail from?

Although these people felt curious in their hearts, all of them understood the rules of this place. Hence, it was naturally impossible for them to foolishly try to inquire. This was considered taboo in such a place.

"Ke ke, you can let me know if there is anything that you need. I might be able to provide you with some information." The yellow-robed elder spoke with a grin.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment upon hearing his words. He nodded and replied, "I need two types of medicinal ingredients. Ten Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine and Snow Bone Ginseng…"

"Ten Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine, Snow Bone Ginseng…" The yellow-robed elder muttered the words in his mouth. He thought for a moment and said, "They are all very rare medicinal ingredients. They are likely used to refine a high tier medicinal pill. I do not have any information about the Ten Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine, but as for this Snow Bone Ginseng… it must be said that your luck is good. There is a Snow Bone Ginseng among the items being traded on this floor…"

"Oh?" Xiao Yan's eyes brightened. It was unexpected that a random inquiry had enabled him to obtain information about the Snow Bone Ginseng.

"Ke ke, follow me…" The yellow-robed, old man grinned. After which, he turned around and walked to the northern corner. Xiao Yan hurriedly led the other three and followed.

Xiao Yan's group followed the yellow-robed elder for some distance before they finally came to a stop at a corner to the north of the top floor. There was a jade platform placed on this spot. Curling chilly air rose from the platform before spreading apart, causing the temperature of the surrounding area to decline.

There were some medicinal ingredients, scrolls, medicinal pills, etc. sparsely displayed on the jade platform. From the looks of it, all of them appeared to be extraordinary items.

There were quite a number of people gathered around the jade platform. Clearly, they were quite interested in the things on it.

Xiao Yan's eyes leaped over the jade platform and paused onto the gray-haired, old man's body behind it. This old man was sloppily dressed. His face was filled with a laziness as he bent over the jade platform. He ignored the surrounding observers and dug in his ear without any concern.

"Ke ke, Old Yan. Your business is quite good today, right?" The yellow-robed, old man squeezed to the side of the stone platform as he smiled and asked the gray-haired, sloppy, old man.

"Good my a**! These people only look, but don't buy. They even say that these things are too expensive. If they think they are too expensive, they can head to the lower floor to shop…" The sloppy, old man rolled his eyes. He spat saliva on the ground without due care of his image.

The surrounding people were a little embarrassed upon hearing his words. However, this kind of trade fair was not a suitable place to argue with him. Hence, they could only awkwardly leave.

Xiao Yan was startled by the attitude of this sloppy, old man. His gaze swept over the other party's chest. There was also a tier 7 badge there. However, it was a tier 7 high grade badge. Clearly, the other party was a tier 7 high grade alchemist.

"Mister, this is the Snow Bone Ginseng that you need. However, the things this Old Yan sells are all quite expensive. Therefore, you should be mentally prepared…" The yellow-robed, old man pointed his finger to the jade platform where a cold air lingered. There was a jade box there. Inside the jade box lay a snow-white, bone-like ginseng.

Xiao Yan's gaze focused on the snow-white ginseng. He slowly nodded a moment later. From the looks of the glow forming above the ginseng, it should be the Snow Bone Ginseng.

"There is no need to look. No fakes exist here. Do you wish to buy it?" The sloppy, old man glanced at Xiao Yan. His gaze paused a little longer on the badge on Xiao Yan's chest. "If you wish to obtain the Snow Bone Ginseng, the price is a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill."

Xiao Yan slightly frowned upon hearing this. Tier 7 high grade medicinal pill… this fellow was able to utter such words.

"This old mister, the Snow Bone Ginseng might be precious, but the medicinal pill that it can be used to refine is merely a high grade seventh tier pill. Moreover, that is on the precondition of it acting in consort with other rare medicinal ingredients. Isn't it a little overboard to seek this price for just this Snow Bone Ginseng of yours?" Xiao Yan slightly smiled and asked.

"Hee, lad, you really have a way with words. However, your words are reasonable. The old me shall take one step back, a tier 7 middle grade. However, the precondition is that you must take out a medicinal pill I want…" The sloppy old man laughed. After which, he changed his tone. Clearly, the so-called tier 7 high grade pill he had started off with was purposefully attempting to fool others.

Xiao Yan only nodded upon hearing these words. Using a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill to exchange for the ingredient was a condition he could accept.

Of course, despite being able to accept that condition, Xiao Yan did not immediately agree to the terms. His eyes slowly swept over the jade platform.

Although this sloppy, old man kept a terrible appearance, it must be said that the things he sold were all high quality items. The other few rare medicinal ingredients displayed caused Xiao Yan to involuntarily feel a little speechless. The price of these medicinal ingredients would likely not be lower than the Snow Bone Ginseng.

Xiao Yan slowly shifted his eyes. Just when he was about to withdraw his gaze, it suddenly paused. He was staring at the corner of the jade platform. There was a faint-yellow copper plate at that spot. That copper plate was covered with some green copper rust. If one were to look carefully, one would be able to see some vague and unique drawings on it.

The items on the jade platform all looked good. At a glance, one could tell that they were extraordinary items. Only this faint-yellow copper plate appeared like trash among a pile of treasures. It did not attract one's attention.

Xiao Yan's eyes paused on this copper plate. His eyebrows were slightly knitted. After he carefully observed it, he discovered that he was unable to see anything that stood out on this copper plate. Based on his senses, he found that this thing was so ordinary that it could not be anything more…

However, it was this extremely ordinary feeling that caused Xiao Yan to feel a little strange.

"Xiao Yan, if it is possible, try to obtain that copper plate. I have seen that drawing once. It is something that only appeared in the ancient times. Although I do not know its exact use, anything related to the ancient era is usually not simple…"

While Xiao Yan was feeling uncertain, a gruff, elderly voice suddenly sounded beside his ear.

Xiao Yan's heart was shaken upon hearing Tian Huo zun-zhe's voice being transmitted to him. However, his face revealed nothing. A moment later, Xiao Yan slowly nodded. A fiery heat that an ordinary person would not discover surged into his dark-black eyes…

Chapter 1137: Exchange

Xiao Yan's eyes merely paused on the copper plate for a moment before they shifted away. Immediately, his eyes swept another round over the jade platform. Along the way, he even acted as though he was interested in some other medicinal ingredients. This continued for awhile before he randomly picked up the copper plate on the jade platform in a gentle manner.

A faint coolness spread the moment the copper plate entered his hand. Of course, this was not because the copper plate was special. Instead, it was due to it had been stuck within cold air for a long period of time.

Xiao Yan flipped this copper plate with some interest. His finger gently rubbed it. The rough feeling caused it to appear just like an ordinary copper plate. If not for the somewhat complicated drawings on it, it was likely that no one would truly treat it as a treasure.

Xiao Yan was unable to understand the complicated drawings on it. Moreover, due to the presence of some copper rust, the drawings had become a little distorted. It was difficult to clearly see what it was.

"This is actually an item from the ancient times?"

Xiao Yan's heart felt some disbelief as he flipped this copper plate. No matter how he tried to probe it, he was unable to discover the slightest uniqueness. If Tian Huo zun-zhe had not secretly transmitted words into his ears earlier, it was likely going to be very difficult for him to connect this thing and ancient times.

Although Xiao Yan felt some disbelief in his heart, his face appeared extremely calm. He looked as though he merely felt curious about this copper plate. That sloppy old man merely rolled his eyes in the face of Xiao Yan's manner. However, he did not say anything. Xiao Yan was not the only one who was interested in this copper plate. There were quite a number of treasure seekers who had studied it in the past. However, no one ended up exchanging anything for it.

"Stop dawdling. This copper plate's value is more expensive than the Snow Bone Ginseng. Moreover, there is no bargaining…" The sloppy old man dug in one of his ears and spoke in a causal manner.

Xiao Yan's finger paused while it rubbed the copper plate. He smiled and asked, "Is there anything unique about this copper plate? It is even more valuable than the Snow Bone Ginseng?"

"I don't know." The sloppy old man curled his mouth and gave an answer that stunned Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled. This old fellow was really strange… he was able to give such an answer in a righteous manner.

At this moment, the surrounding observers involuntarily laughed because of the sloppy, old man's reply. Clearly, they had seldom seen a stall owner of such quality.

"Although I am unaware of what the use is of this copper plate, I can tell that this is an item from ancient times…" The sloppy, old man swept his eyes over those who had laughed before snickering.

The surrounding laughter immediately halted when these words sounded. Numerous surprised eyes locked onto the copper plate in Xiao Yan's hands. Everyone knew that any item related to the words 'ancient times' was definitely not ordinary. However, they still found it difficult to believe that this ordinary copper plate was related to the ancient times…

Compared to the surprise of these people, Xiao Yan's hand involuntarily tightened when he heard the words being uttered by this sloppy, old man. It was unexpected that this old man had such sharp eyes. If Tian Huo zun-zhe had not informed him, Xiao Yan would not have been concerned about this copper plate. From the looks of it, the eyesight of this sloppy, old man was quite great.

"Ke ke, may I know how old mister is certain that this thing is related to the ancient times?" Xiao Yan's heart tightened, but his face still contained a smile. He gently placed the copper plate down. Turned his eyes to the sloppy old man and inquired with a smile.

"The drawing on it is something I have seen in some ancient books. However, you can forget about asking me of its use. I have no idea. Would I take it out and sell it if I really knew what it is?" The sloppy, old man rolled his eyes and answered. "In any case, I believe this thing is related to ancient times. It is up to you if you wish to buy it."

Everyone present exchanged looks with one another in the face of the sloppy, old man's answer. They helplessly shook their heads. How could they simply rely on this one-sided claim of his? No wonder no one had exchanged for it despite having sat here for such a long time.

Xiao Yan felt a headache in the face of this old fellow. It appeared that nothing worked on him. After letting out a bitter laugh, Xiao Yan asked, "What does old mister wish to exchange this copper plate for?"

"A tier 7 high grade medicinal formula." The sloppy, old man laughed. It was rare that there was someone interested in this thing…

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed once again upon hearing what he wanted. He shook his head, regretfully glanced at the copper plate, and said, "It's too expensive. Even if it is really as mister has said and this copper plate is an item from ancient times, there are many things that have been left behind since ancient times. Among them are ordinary day to day items. Just this drawing alone is insufficient to assess its value…"

"Forget it, I shall exchange for the Snow Bone Ginseng…" Xiao Yan sighed. He took a jade bottle out of his Storage Ring and gently placed it on the jade platform. He said, "Old mister, this is an 'Elemental Heart Pill.' A tier 7 middle grade. If you consume it when refining a pill, it will aid in stabilizing your mind. Hence, it will increase the chances of successfully refining a pill. You will not lose out if I use this to exchange for the Snow Bone Ginseng, will you?"

The Elemental Heart Pill was considered quite a good assisting medicinal pill. It was really effective for an alchemist. Many alchemists would think of ways to get their hands on a medicinal pill with this kind of effect before beginning their refinements. After all, the things an alchemist were most afraid of during refinement was being interrupted by someone or being unable focus their mind. With this kind of medicinal pill, they would be able to avoid such disturbances.

Moreover, the Elemental Heart Pill was considered the top choice among these assisting medicinal pills. Its actual value was much greater than this Snow Bone Ginseng. Hence, Xiao Yan was not worried that this sloppy, old man would not accept it.

As expected, a surprise surged up the face of the sloppy, old man when the words "Elemental Heart Pill" entered his ears. He swiftly grabbed the jade bottle and poured out the pale-white medicinal pill in it. After which, he placed it under his nose and sniffed with all his might.

"It is indeed the Elemental Heart Pill…"

The eyes of the sloppy old man immediately brightened after having carefully examined it. This Elemental Heart Pill was a great help to alchemists. Many instances had taken place where he tried his best to prepare some assisting medicinal pills before refining a medicinal pill. However, the best medicinal pill he could refine with such an effect was tier 7 low grade. It was not that he did not have the ability to refine an even higher grade medicinal pill. Instead, it was because he did not have the medicinal formula to do so…

"Hee hee, it is not a bad thing. Lad, you are really generous. I have a good impression of you…" The sloppy, old man smiled as he spoke. He stuffed the medicinal pill into his Storage Ring. After which, his eyes were a little fiery hot as he looked at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan grinned. He took the jade box with the Snow Bone Ginseng in it from the jade platform and placed it in his Storage Ring. After which, he turned around with the intent to leave, having not seen the fiery hot eyes of the old man.

"Hey, wait…" The sloppy, old man hurriedly shouted. He could not endure any longer when he saw that Xiao Yan was about to leave.

"Why?" Xiao Yan turned his head and looked at the sloppy, old man in a somewhat doubtful manner.

"Hee hee, little fellow, don't you want this copper plate? I swear to you that it is definitely an item from the ancient times…" The sloppy, old man pointed at the copper plate on the jade platform as he spoke with great enthusiasm.

Xiao Yan glanced at the copper plate that was quietly lying on the jade platform and shook his head. He somewhat regretfully said, "I cannot afford to exchange for it. No one would be willing to take out a tier 7 high grade medicinal formula…"

The sloppy, old man rubbed his hands together and chuckled, "Forget it. I shall take a step back. I don't want a tier 7 high grade formula. As long as you trade the medicinal formula of the Elemental Heart Pill for it, I will give it to you. What do you say?"

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard his words. His face was hesitant. The medicinal formula for the Elemental Heart Pill might not be as valuable as that of a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill, but it was also worth a lot. Using it to exchange for this copper plate had somewhat exceeded the bottomline in Xiao Yan's heart.

"Xiao Yan, exchange for it. It is likely that you will not lose out. This thing is indeed something from the ancient times. It is just that this old fellow doesn't know how to open it…" Tian Huo zun-zhe's low voice once again sounded in Xiao Yan's ears just when he was hesitating.

Xiao Yan nodded in his heart when he heard Tian Huo zun-zhe's message. Tian Huo zun-zhe's experiences were far from what others could compare with. Since Tian Huo zun-zhe had put it this way, it was likely that he felt confident.

The sloppy, old man thought that Xiao Yan was a little unwilling when he saw him remain quiet. He immediately clenched his teeth and took out another jade box from his Storage Ring. Resting in the jade box was another Snow Bone Ginseng. Moreover, the color of this Snow Bone Ginseng appeared better than the one that Xiao Yan had purchased earlier.

"Since you need the Snow Bone Ginseng, it is likely that you intend to use it to refine a medicinal pill. If you hand the medicinal formula for the Elemental Heart Pill to me, I will add another Snow Bone Ginseng on top of this copper plate. What do you say?" The sloppy, old man spoke with some pain. This Snow Bone Ginseng was something that he had originally kept for himself.

A smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's face upon hearing his words. He nodded. One should place a limit on everything that one did. If he were to anger this old fellow to the point where he took back the copper plate, it was likely that Xiao Yan could only leave with a bitter smile. From the eccentricity of this old fellow, it would not be strange for him to do such a thing.

Xiao Yan flipped his hand. A white-colored scroll appeared in it. After which, he tossed the scroll to the old man, who hurriedly received it.

Xiao Yan smiled upon seeing the excited manner of the sloppy, old man. After which, he stored the better quality Snow Bone Ginseng into his Storage Ring. Next, he extended his hand to grab the copper plate.

A purple metal fan suddenly appeared just when Xiao Yan's hand was about to touch the copper plate. Subsequently, it swiftly pressed on the copper plate like a bolt of lightning as a clear sound was emitted. At the same time, a faint laugh was also slowly transmitted over.

"Ke ke, this friend, this copper plate has also caught my eye. Would you be willing to part with it?"

The smile on Xiao Yan's face was slowly withdrawn when the purple-colored fan appeared. A chill surged within his dark-black eyes…

Chapter 1138: Profound Xuan Sect

Xiao Yan's eyes paused on the purple-colored metal fan. After which, he slowly turned his head. There was a white-clothed, young man with a warm smile behind the fan. However, this smile contained a sinister aura no matter how one looked at it.

Three old fellows stood close behind this white-clothed, young man. Xiao Yan's eyes swept over the bodies of the three before they solidified. The two old men toward the back had a vast and mighty aura. Their strengths should have reached that of eight star Dou Zongs. On the other hand, the elder who was standing at the front caused Xiao Yan's heart to be surprised.

"Dou Zun…"

This elder appeared a little lazy. His hands were inserted into his sleeves, appearing similar to that of an ordinary old fellow. However, with Xiao Yan's sharp Spiritual Perception, he could sense that this person's strength had reached the Dou Zun class!

The sudden intervention of the white-clothed, young man had caused numerous surprised gazes to be thrown over from the surroundings. Surprise flashed across their eyes when they saw the three old men standing behind him. From the way the young man could bring along such a lineup, it seemed that the background of this group was quite strong.

"Ke ke, this friend. I can pay you double the price that you have given over. However, can you give this copper plate to me?" The white-clothed, young man smiled at Xiao Yan. The purple-colored metal fan in his hand was tightly pinned against the copper plate. He did not show any signs of releasing it.

Xiao Yan's eyes stared at the white-clothed, young man. A moment later, he slowly shook his head and faintly said, "No."

After uttering those words, he curled both of his fingers and gently flicked at the purple-colored fan in a lightning-like manner. A hidden force suddenly erupted and shook the fan until it shifted aside. After which, Xiao Yan's hand moved like lightning and grabbed the copper plate.

Xiao Yan's sudden attack caused the eyes of the white-clothed, young man to turn slightly chilly. The young man's counterattack was not the least bit slow. His finger flicked his fan. With a 'puff' sound, the purple-colored fan opened. The surface of the fan cut at Xiao Yan's hand like blades. That sharp aura cut the space itself until slight crack lines formed.

Xiao Yan's expression did not change because of the white-clothed, young man's vicious retaliation. Xiao Yan flicked his finger on the copper plate and suddenly swept it back. His finger turned into a palm, carrying a vast and mighty strength as it violently smashed into the purple-colored fan!


A low and deep noise resounded over the floor. Under this palm, the purple-colored metal fan appeared to heavily press into the jade platform. Before the white-clothed, young man could pull it back, a flying leg filled with strength swung toward the face of the white-clothed man like a hanging antelope's leg.

The face of the white-clothed, young man slightly sank when he saw the swinging leg of Xiao Yan, which was filled with strength. However, he could only release the metal fan at this moment. He took two continuous steps back before dodging Xiao Yan's leg.

"Brat, how presumptuous!"

The two elders behind the white-clothed, young man, with eight star Dou Zong's strengths, faces sank the moment the young man stepped back. They strode forward and appeared in front of the young man. Both of their hands were just like eagle claws as they grabbed toward Xiao Yan's shoulders.

The two of them were just about to attack when the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe slowly appeared in front of Xiao Yan in ghost-like fashions. The Little Fairy Doctor coldly laughed. She flicked her finger and two wisps of grayish vapor shot out.

"Be careful!"

The lazy-looking elder, who had not intervened, expression changed in the face of these two wisps of ordinary-looking grayish vapor. Both of his hands were clenched and space itself distorted until it solidified. After which, it blocked the two wisps of grayish vapor…

Although the grayish vapor was blocked, there was still a faint stench that entered the nostrils of the two old men. Immediately, the Dou Qi within their bodies fluctuated in a chaotic fashion. Their faces were shocked as they hurriedly stepped back, suppressing the uprising of the Dou Qi in their bodies as they did so.

"Why? Are you intending to snatch it by force?"

The Little Fairy Doctor faintly asked. She glanced at the white-clothed, young man and the old man, who had distorted space, after teaching the remaining two old fellows a lesson.

The two old men were pulled back by the lazy-looking elder before they realized the situation in front of them. Some cold sweat appeared on their foreheads. Although the two of them were quite strong, they were able to sense the frightening strength of the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. Therefore, the cries they were about to emit was forcefully swallowed by them. Two Dou Zuns… this time around, they seemed to have kicked a metal plate.

The white-clothed, young man's eyes sank as he looked over the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. However, he suddenly smiled and said to Xiao Yan, "I am Chen Xian from the Profound Xuan Sect. May I know your name?"

"Profound Xuan Sect?" A thought passed through Xiao Yan's mind when he heard this name. Currently, he had an understanding of the factions within the Central Plains region. This so-called Profound Xuan Sect possessed a powerful reputation. It was not the least bit inferior to the Ice River Valley. Moreover, it even had traces of surpassing the Ice River Valley because behind this Profound Xuan Sect was the renowned Profound Sky Sect. One of the two renowned sects on the continent.

The factions across the Central Plains region were extremely complex. The so-called One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions could not completely encompass all the factions on the Central Plains. The Central Plains was incomparably vast. There were quite a number of factions that kept a low profile. The strength these factions possessed was not much weaker than the ranked factions other than the Hall of Souls and Pill Tower. Some of these hidden factions, like the Gu clan, could not be underestimated by the Hall of Souls or the Pill Tower.

There were three lower sects controlled by the Profound Sky Sect The continent called them the three lower sects. This Profound Xuan Sect was one of them.

The strength of the Profound Xuan Sect was comparable to even a faction like the Ice River Valley. After all, even if one did not give the Profound Xuan Sect face, they would have to give the Profound Sky Sect face. This ancient sect had been survived through the generations for thousands of years. Its foundation strength was frightening.

"I am just an unknown person of the younger generation. There is no need for you to pay any attention… I am the first to find this copper plate, and I do not have any intention of selling it for the time being…" Although Xiao Yan knew that this Profound Xuan Sect was not an ordinary sect, Xiao Yan would not hand this copper plate to the other party because of it. He was not even afraid of the Hall of Souls, much less this Profound Xuan Sect.

A faint gloominess flashed across Chen Xian's dark face when Xiao Yan spoke these unceremonious words. He immediately let out a cold laugh. His gaze turned to the sloppy, old man. Due to Xiao Yan having flicked the copper plate earlier, the copper plate had landed in the old man's hands.

"As long as you hand the copper plate to me, I will pay a price that is double his."

A chill flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes in the face of Chen Xian's words, that suggested he was rich and powerful. This fellow was really someone who would want a mile if one gave him an inch.

The sloppy, old man played with the copper plate in his hand. He looked at Xiao Yan and Chen Xian with some interest. A moment later, he finally smiled and tossed the copper plate to Xiao Yan in front of Chen Xian's eyes. He said, "Everything must be done in an orderly manner. The old me is not someone who would do anything for money. Since I have already accepted his thing, I will naturally not turn around and sell it to other people."

A smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's face after he received the copper plate. He cupped his hands to the sloppy, old man and smiled as he said, "Thank you old mister."

The sloppy old man waved his hand and said, "This is the territory of the Pill Tower. I really don't believe that anyone would dare behave atrociously here. Forget about the Profound Xuan Sect. Even if a member of the Profound Sky Sect were to come here today, they would still have to keep themselves in check…"

An ugly expression flashed across Chen Xian's sinister face when he heard the words of the sloppy, old man. His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at the old man. After which, he turned to Xiao Yan and slowly said, "An additional friend is equivalent to an additional path. Offending someone for something that you are unsure of is not reasonable…"

Xiao Yan smiled. He put the copper plate in his Storage Ring in front of Chen Xian. After which, he raised his head and looked at Chen Xian. He said, "I'm sorry. I think that I am not blessed to be a friend of yours. I also need this thing. However, if you have the patience to wait, I might give it to you for free once I study it."

Xiao Yan once again cupped his hands to the sloppy, old man after speaking. Finally, he raised his foot and walked toward the stairs.


Xiao Yan had just raised his foot when the two old men, who had just suffered some losses, shifted their bodies and blocked his path.

The smile on Xiao Yan's face was slowly withdrawn after his path was blocked. Before he could open his mouth, two majestic auras slowly surged out of the Little Fairy Doctor's and Tian Huo zun-zhe's bodies like floodwater.

"If you do not get lost in three breaths' time, you'll die!"

The Little Fairy Doctor's grayish-purple eyes were dangerous as she stared at the two people blocking their path. Killing intent churned within her clear, cold voice.

The many people on the top floor were attracted by the auras that had suddenly erupted. However, they were not surprised by the auras of the two Dou Zuns. All of those who could come to this floor had seen many great things. It was frequent for them to meet with elite Dou Zuns. Naturally, there was nothing for them to feel surprised about.

The expressions of the two old men changed in the face of the frightening auras of the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. Under this pressure, they reflexively backed off. This was because they could vaguely sense that if they were even a little slower, they might really end up lying here as two cold corpses today.

Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes faintly glanced at the two red-faced old men who had swiftly pulled back. After which, he turned his head and looked at Chen Xian by the side, who had narrowed his eyes. When their eyes met, Xiao Yan said, "Don't offend me. Otherwise, you will not leave this Pill Region alive. Trust me…"

After those words sounded, Xiao Yan ignored Chen Xian's face as it turned chilly. He turned around and walked to the stairs. The Little Fairy Doctor, Tian Huo zun-zhe, and Ye Zhong by the side hurriedly followed.

Chen Xian's eyes were dark and dense as he glared at the backs of Xiao Yan's group. Only when this group disappeared from his sight did the corner of his mouth part into a dark, icy-cold smile.

"Old Xuan, help me investigate this group of people. Ke ke, it is the first time that this young master has met anyone who would threaten me. How interesting…"

Chapter 1138: Spirit Nourishment Powder

Xiao Yan's group successfully descended from the top floor. After crossing the final flight of steps, Xiao Yan finally stopped. He turned his head, watched the frowning Ye Zhong, and involuntarily smiled. He asked, "Is Elder Ye Zhong worried about that group?"

Ye Zhong nodded his head with a bitter smile upon hearing this. He sighed, "The Profound Xuan Sect is quite strong. It is unexpected that we have met them here. From the looks of the white-clothed man's guards, it is likely that he has quite a high position within the Profound Xuan Sect. With the style of the Profound Xuan Sect, where they take revenge for everything, it is likely that they will not simply let things be after we have offended them today."

Xiao Yan faintly smiled and replied, "This is something that we have no choice over. You need not be overly concern. I will receive any tactics he forms…"

The current Xiao Yan possessed the qualification to utter these words. With his current strength, he would not be afraid of anyone below the level of a Dou Zun if he completely erupted. Moreover, if he really went crazy and threw an Extermination Fire Lotus, even an elite Dou Zun would have to temporarily seek shelter. Moreover, there were two genuine elite Dou Zuns currently beside him. This lineup and strength was sufficient to fight some top tier faction. Although the Profound Xuan Sect's background was tough, it was impossible for Xiao Yan to hand the copper plate to Chen Xian given his character. Since both parties would not back down, a conflict was bound to occur.

Ye Zhong found that he was unable to say anything more after hearing Xiao Yan's words. After experiencing the matters from last time, he had been thinking that Xiao Yan possessed a powerful background behind him. Otherwise, how was it possible for him to force back a super strong expert like Bing He?

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of what Ye Zhong was thinking. After descending the stairs, he took one lap around the second floor. Finally, he found the stall Xin Lan occupied.

Xin Lan, who was bored waiting for a buyer to find her, was joyful when she saw Xiao Yan's group. She hurriedly stood up.

"How is it?" Xiao Yan smiled and asked.

"Hee hee, that old fellow has finally given in…" Xin Lan laughed. After which, her pretty eyes turned to the red-robed elder, who was looking at them from a short distance away.

"Are there any other gains?" Xiao Yan smiled. This old fellow failed to endure.

"None. The Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine that you mentioned is an extremely rare medicinal ingredient. I have asked quite a number of people from this place, but none of them have it…" Xin Lan shook her head as she helplessly answered.

Xiao Yan nodded. He was not surprised by this result. After all, the Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine was indeed very rare. Moreover, this thing was something one needed to have when refining some high tier medicinal pills. Even if some people owned this thing, seldom would anyone be willing to trade it for other things.

Xiao Yan got Xin Lan to pack up. After which, he turned around and walked to the red-robed old man, who had a bitter smile. Xiao Yan grinned at the old man and took out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring. "Don't say that I have caused you to suffer a loss. This is an Elemental Heart Pill. I will use it to exchange for your Blood Essence Demon Fruit. You have gained more from this transaction…"

The bitter smile on the red-robed elder's face disappeared upon hearing that the pill Xiao Yan had taken out was the Elemental Heart Pill. He curiously examined it before nodding in a satisfied manner.

"If you have any more Blood Essence Demon Fruit, Ten Thousand Year Old Green Spiritual Vine, or Snow Bone Ginseng, you can come to the Ye manor in the north to look for me. I will take all of them. Moreover, the price I will offer will definitely be to your satisfaction…" Xiao Yan randomly picked up the jade box from the crystal platform and touched the Blood Essence Demon Fruit in it. A creamy feeling spread from the tip of his finger. Only then did he nod his head and store the item in his Storage Ring. At the same time, he uttered those words with a smile.

The red-robed, old man also grinned and nodded upon hearing Xiao Yan's words. The Elemental Heart Pill was of great help to an alchemist. Moreover, it was quite troublesome to refine it. Even some alchemists who had reached the middle grade of the seventh tier had a low chance of success when refining this medicinal pill. This was why the Elemental Heart Pill was so expensive. The old man had indeed gained more by using this medicinal ingredient to exchange for a Elemental Heart Pill.

Xiao Yan did not continue to stay after informing the red-robed, old man. He led his group to the stairs and descended them before leaving the alchemist trade fair. After which, they hurried back to the Ye manor…

Xiao Yan anxiously got Ye Zhong and the rest to shut the manor's door after having returned to the Ye manor. He led Tian Huo zun-zhe and the Little Fairy Doctor into a room after that.

The three of them surrounded a table within a room. That strange copper plate they had obtained earlier sat on the table.

The copper plate was pale-yellow in color. Many curly earthworm-like, green rust covered the surface. This copper rust had eroded and covered some of the drawings on the copper plate.

"Old mister Yao, are you certain this thing is worth as much as the Elemental Heart Pill's medicinal formula?"

Xiao Yan stared at this copper plate that could not appear any more ordinary. He had already used various methods on it. Even the drawings on the copper plate had been carefully copied by him. However, he was still unable to obtain even the least bit of information from the copper plate.

Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled as he watched Xiao Yan, who had ended up empty-handed despite using various tactics. He let out two bursts of laughter and purposefully said in an unfathomable manner. "Lad, if it is so easy to undo the secret on it, do you think that you would have the chance to enjoy its benefits?"

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled when he heard Tian Huo zun-zhe's words. He said, "In that case, can old mister Yao please tell me just how great this thing is?"

Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled in a pleased manner upon hearing Xiao Yan's tone. He extended his hand and took the copper plate. After which, he placed it in his hand, tilted it to the fire lamp, and waved it at Xiao Yan. "Have you discovered anything?"

Xiao Yan carefully studied this copper plate. He could clearly see the twisting-earthworm-like rust under the reflection of the light. He helplessly shook his head and said, "Old mister Yao, please don't keep us guessing…"

"How impatient…"

Tian Huo zun-zhe shook his head. He curled his finger and a thread of Dou Qi agglomerated at the tip. It transformed into a tiny Dou Qi needle. After which, Tian Huo zun-zhe controlled this extremely dense Dou Qi needle and carefully inserted it into the green-colored copper rust on the surface of the copper plate.

Under Tian Huo zun-zhe's careful removal, the green-colored copper dust began to slowly fall and land on the surface of the table.

Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor watched what Tian Huo zun-zhe did. They faced each other. Both of them were at a loss.

Tian Huo zun-zhe ignored these two lost sheep. He spent nearly half an hour before he had removed the green-colored rust from the copper plate. Just when Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor thought that Tian Huo zun-zhe was about to explain the mystery of the copper plate, Tian Huo zun-zhe randomly tossed the copper plate aside in front of their stunned gazes.


The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth twitched when he saw what Tian Huo zun-zhe did. Xiao Yan really did not understand what he was playing at.

"Ugh, the two of you might be quite strong, but your experience is indeed lacking…" Tian Huo zun-zhe raised his head and helplessly shook his head when he saw the expressions of the other two. After which, he curled his palm and a suction force was emitted. The green-colored copper rust was pulled into his palm. After which, it agglomerated into a thumb-sized green-colored ball.

"The true secret does not lie with the copper plate. Instead, it lines with this inconspicuous copper rust. How can you only use common sense to deduce an item from ancient times?" Tian Huo zun-zhe flicked his finger and tossed the green-colored copper rust to Xiao Yan. He said, "Use the Heavenly Flame to burn it. I also wish to see what exactly is inside."

Xiao Yan carefully received the green copper ball. He glanced over it before summoning a cluster of jade-green flames with a somewhat doubtful attitude. After which, he swept the green-colored copper ball into the flame…

After this burning, Xiao Yan finally discovered some of the unique aspects of this copper rust. He found that this copper ball did not show any traces of melting regardless of how high the temperature of the jade-green flame was…

"There is indeed something here…"

Xiao Yan quietly and joyfully cried out in his heart. He hurriedly raised the temperature. This continued for over ten minutes before the green-colored copper ball finally began to show signs of melting…

With the increase of the melting of the copper ball, Xiao Yan suddenly discovered a gradual change in the green color on the copper ball. Tiny pieces of yellow dust quietly fell from the melting copper a little at a time. Finally, they remained suspended within the flame. They flickered just like spirits, hinting like they were filled with a dense spirituality.

The faint yellow dust specks gradually fell. After around two minutes, they ceased falling. That copper ball disappeared the instant after all the dust fell…

Following the annihilation of the copper ball, five pieces of pale-yellow dust remained suspended within the flame. They flickered and seemed to be filled with a spiritual luster. There were no other changes no matter how the flame burned.

"This is?"

Xiao Yan's eyes were startled when he saw the five pale-yellow specks of dust within the flame. He felt a little lost. They were clearly not things he recognized.

After being at a loss for a moment, Xiao Yan's eyes slid to Tian Huo zun-zhe beside him. However, Xiao Yan saw that he was deep in thought. It was only a long while later before Tian Huo zun-zhe slowly exhaled and said in a gruff voice, "If I have guessed correctly, these things should be something that only existed during ancient times… Spirit Nourishment Powder!"

"Hee hee, it is correct to trust the old me. Little fellow, if you compare this thing to a tier 7 middle grade medicinal formula, you are the one has gained a great deal!"

"Spirit Nourishment Powder?"

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows as he watched Tian Huo zun-zhe's expression suddenly become joyful. His mouth softly muttered some words.

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