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Chapter 1120: Bitter Pill Refinement Training

Xiao Yan undoubtedly felt pressed for time after having agreed to Ye Zhong's request. He needed to try his best to practice and raise his medicinal refinement skill within two short months. Facing outstanding alchemists who came from all over the continent and trying to stand out among them caused even Xiao Yan to feel the weight of the matter.

This kind of competition was completely different than an ordinary battle. This was a fight on a completely different level. The difficulty of such a competition was also much harsher compared to using Dou Qi to wildly charge forward. After all, refining pills did not rely on going out with a bang. It required one to be calm as one controlled everything within a medicinal cauldron to an extremely precise degree!

Another way to describe raising one's medicinal refining skill was burning money, or rather burning medicinal ingredients. No matter how outstanding the talent of an alchemist was, actual practice was still the most important. If one needed to practice refining pills, one naturally must not lack medicinal ingredients. At Xiao Yan's level, the medicinal ingredients he used to practice were not ordinary items. If there had not been a powerful faction supporting him, one would really end up feeling dwarfed by these things.

Fortunately, despite the Ye clan being in decline, their collection over the years was still quite rich. Moreover, they were indeed truly prepared to place all their hopes on Xiao Yan this time around. They tried their best to satisfy all of Xiao Yan's various requests. Those rare medicinal ingredients were continuously placed in Xiao Yan's area under Ye Zhong's order. If he was still stingy at this moment, it was likely that the Ye clan would really be finished…

With the Ye clan supporting Xiao Yan with its entire strength, he was saved the trouble of having to go around in search of medicinal ingredients himself. The only thing he needed to do was refine the medicinal pills. Regardless of whether the refinement succeeded or failed, he was, at the very least, gaining some experience from the process. This kind of experience was the unique and personal treasure of an alchemist. Following the accumulation of experience, it would sooner of later erupt and bring about a great change.

Not a single one of those grandmaster level alchemists on the continent discussed things. All of them, without exception, possessed rich experience that an ordinary person would have difficulty matching…

Talent might be important in the alchemist world, but experience was also something that one must not lack. Regardless of how Xiao Yan was pressed for time during these years, he had never stopped refining pills. Moreover, the rich medicinal formulae that Yao Lao had left him helped pave a smooth path. This had enabled him to advance further than an ordinary alchemist given the same amount of time.

Of course, Xiao Yan naturally understood that he was definitely not the only alchemist in the entire continent who possessed such outstanding talent. There were some who had a much better start than him. It was definitely not a simple thing to surpass those people during the gathering.

Therefore, Xiao Yan needed to put in a great amount of effort during the two months that remained, placing all of his attention on the refinement of pills!

A high temperature spread through a spacious chamber, causing the chamber to turn into something like an oven. Hot air curled and rose. If an ordinary person were to remain in this place for ten minutes, it was likely that that person would flee after finding it difficult to breath…

The secret chamber was built using a kind of crimson stone. This kind of stone was called Magma Rock and was obtained from a volcano. Not only was it hard, but it also possessed the unique effect of retaining heat. It was specially used to build some Pill Refinement Rooms, and its effect was spectacular.

There was not the slightest gap within the chamber. At a glance, it appeared as though it was made by someone who had emptied the interior of an extremely large Magma Rock.

At this moment, quite a number of jade boxes were piled within this chamber. A faint, dense medicinal ingredient fragrance wafted out of them. After being baked by the surrounding high temperature, the scent became much denser.

There was a rock platform in the middle of the chamber. A skinny figure was seated with his legs crossed on the stone platform. A crimson medicinal cauldron was suspended in the air in front of him. A jade-green flame that was burning fiercely in the cauldron. The high temperature pervading the room came from within the medicinal cauldron…

The person seated there was naturally Xiao Yan, who was bitterly practicing his medicinal refinement skill. Ever since he had felt pressed for time, he had spent all his time here. As long as he was free, he would refine pills. Although it was full of bitterness and was tiring, all of these hardships were naturally nothing as long as it was for the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

The jade-green flame fiercely danced within the interior of the medicinal cauldron. While the flame burned, one was able to vaguely see an embryonic medicinal pill being formed. A faint pill fragrance diffused through the room.

The embryonic medicinal pill gradually became round under the grilling flame. After around an hour or so, Xiao Yan suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. He flicked his finger and the cover of the medicinal cauldron flew aside. A green, bright glow rushed out of the cauldron before settling on his hand.

The thing that landed in Xiao Yan's hand was a thumb-sized round medicinal pill. Although this medicinal pill was small, it would definitely stir envious gazes if it were to be auctioned outside.

The name of the medicinal pill was called Instant Qi Pill. This was a kind of depletion type medicinal pill. It barely reached that of the tier 7 low grade level. It was able to allow one to recover some Dou Qi within a short period of time. Moreover, it was quite effective when an elite Dou Zong consumed it. If one were to fight an opponent until both parties' Dou Qi was exhausted, consuming this medicinal pill would allow one to recover some Dou Qi. One might be able to turn the situation around with this recovery. Hence, some of strong experts would prepare a few of them. However, this kind of medicinal pill was very expensive. Those experts without some wealth would likely not be able to randomly consume it.

It should be known that Xiao Yan had never prepared an Instant Qi Pill in the past. One reason was that it was a high tier pill while the other reason was that the medicinal ingredients required were complicated and expensive. Who could consume it like eating beans…

Xiao Yan took out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring. After which, he placed the Instant Qi Pill in his hand into the bottle. At this moment, there were six Instant Qi Pills of similar quality within the bottle, Xiao Yan's harvest during these twenty days.

During this half a month, Xiao Yan had never stepped out of this chamber. There would naturally be someone who would personally deliver the medicinal ingredients after he had used all of them up. All of his focus was on pill refinement. After forgetting to rest or eat during this period of time, Xiao Yan naturally benefited. He had successfully refined quite a number of medicinal pills at the tier 7 low grade level, and he had even successfully refined a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill.

After this crazy pill refinement, Xiao Yan could clearly sense how his medicinal refinement skill had grown. Of course, Xiao Yan's pill refinement talent was something that even Yao Lao could not deny. Before Yao Lao had left, Xiao Yan could, at the very most, refine a tier 5 medicinal pill. Now, he was able to refine a tier 7 medicinal pill because of his hard work. Although Xiao Yan's hard work was a large factor, his talent was also of critical importance.

However, the twenty plus days of crazy pill refining caused Xiao Yan to feel a little stunned. He had discovered the Dou Qi within his body growing at a slow pace. Only after some thought did he come to a sudden understanding. Pill refinement was a task that exhausted the person doing it. This kind of exhaustion was a burden on one's Dou Qi and Mental Strength. Once the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan's body was exhausted during this period of time, he would immediately enter his training mode. After he recovered his Dou Qi, he would continue the refinement. With this kind of exhaustion and replenishment, it was not surprising that his Dou Qi was growing.

Xiao Yan gradually recovered some Dou Qi after sitting on the stone platform. Only then did he exhale a breath of air. He softly muttered to himself, "With my current pill refinement skill, the success rate of refining a tier 7 low grade medicinal pill is already quite high. If it's a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill, the success rate is a little lower, but it is still passable. Naturally, it is already much better than some ordinary tier 7 alchemists. However, this is insufficient…"

If Xiao Yan wanted to stand out in an alchemist gathering of this level and enter the top ten, it was obvious that it would be difficult to rely on a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill. According to Xiao Yan's guess, he would, at the very least, need to feel confident when refining a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill in order to be assured that he could enter the top ten…

"Tier 7 high grade…"

Xiao Yan slowly tightened his fist. A ruthless expression flashed across his eyes. It was only a high grade tier 7. He did not believe he could not do it!

This fierce thought flashed across Xiao Yan's heart. He grabbed with his hand and a jade box, filled with medicinal ingredients, was pulled over. He waved his hand, and the many medicinal ingredients within it immediately floated up. A dense medicinal fragrance came pouncing over.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air. He flicked his finger and the medicinal ingredients rushed into the medicinal cauldron. After which, the seal formed by his hands changed, and the jade-green flame within the medicinal cauldron roared to life…

The crazy way Xiao Yan refined pills during his retreat caused even Ye Zhong and the others to feel a little worried. They also let out a sigh at the same time. The abilities that Xiao Yan had obtained at such an age really did not come from nowhere. When compared to his crazy pill refining, the members of the younger generation of the Ye clan were really no different than trash…

Xiao Yan's pill refinement retreat lasted for an entire month. During this month, he did not take a single step out of the Pill Refinement Room. What he had obtained was also quite dazzling. The number of tier 7 low grade and middle grade medicinal pills that he had successfully refined had continued to increase. Xiao Yan had even gradually become adept at refining tier 7 high grade medicinal pills after many failures. From the looks of it, a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill may appear if he was feeling well.

A hurried bell sound was suddenly emitted from outside the Pill Refinement Room after a month of bitter training.

Xiao Yan's pill refinement state was broken by this sudden bell. After being slightly startled, his expression began to change a little. He knew that this bell was the emergency call of the Ye clan…

"Something has happened to the Ye clan?"

Xiao Yan tightly knit his brows. He swiftly got up and opened the door to the Pill Refinement Room. Now that he had already made a promise to the Ye clan, Xiao Yan naturally could not simply stand idly by the side if something happened to them during this period of time. Moreover, he had also exhausted a large portion of the Ye clan's collection and felt a little bad. He knew that the Ye clan had placed all of their hopes on him.

Chapter 1121: Cao Clan

Xiao Yan had just exited the Pill Refinement Room when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor outside. He quickly walked to her and frowned as he asked, "What has happened?"

The Little Fairy Doctor spread her hands as she glanced at the frowning Xiao Yan. She replied, "The Ye clan has encountered some trouble…"

"Trouble? There is still someone who dares to find trouble the Ye clan?" Xiao Yan's eyes swept around him and discovered that the Ye clan's guards, who were originally here, had already left. Clearly, the trouble this time around was not ordinary. However, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel a little strange was that there were very few people who dared to find trouble with the Ye clan after the big battle back then. Just who had come this time around?

"The ones who have come this time around are not an ordinary faction…" The Little Fairy Doctor appeared to understand what Xiao Yan was thinking when she glanced at him. She laughed, "Cao clan, one of the five great clans of the Pill Region."

"Cao clan?"

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He had naturally heard of the five great clans of the Pill Region. This Cao clan was one of them. Of course, this clan could not be compared with the declining Ye clan. There seemed to be a never-ending number of talented alchemists in that clan. This caused the reputation of the Cao clan to grow greater. Other than the Dan clan, which kept an extremely low profile, it was likely that the Cao clan was the strongest among the five great clans.

Moreover, the Cao clan was considered part of the upper echelons of the Pill Tower. With this backing, even a faction like the Ice River Valley would not dare to easily offend them. After all, everyone in the Central Plains knew about the Pill Tower's ability.

That was why the Cao clan was on the rise. The influence of the Pill Region was expanding. Compared to the declining Ye clan, one could be considered in the sky while the other was on the ground.

"Why have they come to find trouble with the Ye clan?" Xiao Yan mused. He did not expect the Cao clan to come and interfere.

"It seems to be because of a marriage related to Xin Lan. Back then, when Ye Zhong and the others were in a desperate situation, they had planned to get Xin Lan to marry into the Cao clan. Thus, the Cao clan would be able to help them pass the test. However, the Ye clan would end up being swallowed by the Cao clan. Therefore, the Ye clan gave up on this marriage after you arrived. Who would expect the Cao clan to suddenly come and insist on bringing Xin Lan away…" The Little Fairy Doctor explained the situation.

Xiao Yan's expression slightly sank upon hearing this. This Cao clan was quite overbearing. They might say that they want to marry Xin Lan, but it was likely their intentions were the Ye clan.

"Where is old mister Yao?"

"He is already present in the front yard, standing guard and preventing the Cao clan from using force…"

Xiao Yan nodded. He mused for a moment before turning around and heading to the front yard. He gravely said, "Let's go, I want to see just how great this Cao clan is! This is the first time that I have heard of something like forcefully snatching someone!"

The Little Fairy Doctor smiled and lowered her chin. She gently shifted her feet and followed close behind.

A large group of people were currently clustered in the front yard of the Ye clan at this moment. The atmosphere was exceptionally intense, on the brink of breaking into a fight.

The spacious front yard was clearly divided into two lineups. On one side was Ye clan's group while on the other side was nearly a hundred pale-red-robed human figures. These people were standing extremely straight. Their auras were quite domineering. Their eyes, watching the Ye clan's group, revealed the superiority they felt. Of course, the position the current Cao clan had in the Pill Region was not something that the Ye clan could compare with.

There were two red-robed, old men standing at the front of the Cao clan's group. These two people wore indifferent expressions. A majestic aura was permeating their bodies. Both of their hands were inserted into their sleeves. From the looks of it, they were not ordinary people. Of course, the one that was the most eye-catching was not these two people. Instead, the most eye-catching were a gray-robed, old man and a young man wearing purple-colored alchemist's robes.

The gray-robed, old man appeared to be quite old. His face was filled with heavy wrinkles, and he appeared to be near the end of his life. However, by being able to stand right at the front, one did not even need to use one's head to know that the status of this person was definitely extraordinary. Moreover, anyone with even a little potential would be able to discover a dangerous aura radiating from him despite it not appearing as majestic as the two red-robed, old men. This aura was something the two red-robed, old men could not compare with…

The man wearing a purple-colored alchemist robes was young and handsome. However, there was a haughtiness that was difficult to hide under his handsome appearance. Of course, just by looking at the badge on his chest, no one would comment on his arrogance because he had the qualification to be this haughty.

The badge was pale-blue in color and it vaguely appeared as though it was being burned by fire. The interior of the flame was a tower figure. Seven bright, purple-gold stars were shining around the tower, causing it to appear extremely glaring.

Tier 7 alchemist!

Moreover, it was an alchemist badge that was issued by the Pill Tower!

This young man, who appeared to be less than thirty years old, was actually a tier 7 alchemist!

"Young master Cao Dan, my Ye clan is indeed at fault for revoking the agreement back then. However, the Cao clan did not protest even a little before this, yet it has shown up with a fanfare now. May I know what you mean by this?" Ye Zhong solemnly demanded. His expression was a little ugly as he studied this group of people, who had come will ill intent.

"Ke ke, Elder Ye Zhong must be joking. How can such a big event like marriage be treated as child's play? Your Ye clan took the initiative to mention it back then. How will you let my Cao clan account to the outside world now that you have suddenly retracted it?" The young man wearing the purple-colored alchemist's robes faintly smiled. His hand was gently clenched and a wisp of flame jumped over the tip of his finger. He immediately glanced at Ye Zhong. "Could it be that Elder Ye Zhong is purposefully playing with the Cao clan?"

Ye Zhong's expression changed upon hearing this.

"Cao Dan, you better not try to twist your words to make up for you fallacious argument. Everyone knows of your Cao clan's wild ambition in wanting to swallow my Ye clan. You don't need to use such a matter as an excuse!" The green-faced Xin Lan could not endure Cao Dan's overbearing manner, resulting in furiously crying out.

The young man smiled at the pretty, green face of Xin Lan. He said, "Xin Lan, no matter how you put it, I am still considered your fiancé. It is really a little too unruly of you to scream at me. I will teach you some proper manners once you enter the Cao clan in the future…"

"Young master Cao Dan, this marriage was only at an initial stage, where it is still being considered. No actual decision had been made. Therefore, my Ye clan has the right to revoke it." Ye Zhong's expression sank as he said, "Xin Lan will not marry into the Cao clan. We will treat this marriage as non-existent in the future. I hope that young master Cao Dan will not continue pestering us over this matter."

Cao Dan narrowed his eyes upon hearing Ye Zhong's words. He said with a faint smile, "Ke ke, the current Ye clan really does have some ability… do you really think that your Ye clan can regain the glory of back then after the big battle in Ye City? My Cao clan is not the Ice River Valley!"

Cao Dan's words contained an additional denseness to them when he finished speaking.

Ye Zhong's face became green when he heard Cao Dan be this blunt. However, he did not dare to say anything to contradict him. The Cao clan had produced quite a number of outstanding alchemists. Its ability to gather people was even greater than the Ice River Valley's ability. Moreover, it had also helped some of the Dou Zun class super existences refine medicinal pills throughout the continent. With this favor, these people would likely not reject the request of the Cao clan. Should these people be gathered together, their might would indeed be at a level that even the Ice River Valley could not compare with.

"*Cough*… Ye Zhong, there are somethings that cannot be retracted once said. Since you have mentioned it, the Cao clan will lose a great amount of face if it is retracted. Moreover, having a marriage with the Cao clan will also be quite beneficial to your Ye clan…" The gray-clothed, old man, who had not spoken since the beginning, finally raised his eyes and slowly said. "Today, we have come on the order of the head of the Cao clan. We must bring the person with us…"

Ye Zhong's expression changed upon hearing this. However, he was a little afraid when he looked at this gray-clothed, old man. He bitterly replied, "Even Luo Yi zun-zhe has personally come. The Cao clan really thinks highly of my Ye clan… a marriage to the Cao clan might perhaps temporarily resolve our urgent problems, but this Ye clan would likely have to change its surname to Cao in the future. Therefore, I cannot abide by this."

The gray-clothed, old man shook his head. He slowly shifted his foot forward. After he took this step, a frightening aura immediately surged out of nowhere, like a large wave that had become hundreds of thousands of feet tall. It suddenly filled the hall, causing the faces of some of the weaker members of the Ye clan to immediately turn ashen.


An elderly figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Zhong's group when the aura of the gray-clothed, old man erupted. His foot stomped on the ground as an invisible ripple spread out from his foot in a lightning-like manner. At the same time, another vast and mighty aura spread, blocking the terrifying aura of the gray-clothed, old man.

"Although the Cao clan is powerful, it really doesn't have the demeanor of a large clan by bullying others in this manner with its strength."

The one who had suddenly appeared was naturally Tian Huo zun-zhe. His eyes were locked onto the gray-clothed, old man as he faintly chastised.

"Dou Zun?"

The sudden appearance of Tian Huo zun-zhe had caused the gray-clothed, old man to be slightly startled. He immediately narrowed his eyes.

"Senior, this junior is Cao Dan. The matter today is something between my Cao clan and the Ye clan. I hope that senior will not intervene. If you have any matter regarding pill refinement in the future, you might perhaps be able to find my Cao clan…" Cao Dan also slightly frowned before immediately cupping his hands together and speaking in a deep voice.

He did not show any fear like an ordinary person would when facing a Dou Zun. With the great strength of the Cao clan, it did not lack some elite Dou Zuns who wanted to ask the elders of the clan to refine pills for them. Due to him having seen many of them, he no longer felt afraid…

"Refining pills?"

Tian Huo zun-zhe merely smiled when he heard this. He faintly replied, "That is not necessary. The old me naturally has a more suitable person to look for if I wish to refine a pill. Moreover, I have been tasked by him to guard the Ye clan. How can the old me not intervene?"

Cao Dan's expression slightly changed when he understood that Tian Huo zun-zhe did not give him any face. He immediately warned in a solemn voice, "Today's matter is an order by the head of the clan. That person must leave with us. No one can stop us. Otherwise, that person will be an enemy of my Cao clan!"

The expressions of the members of the Ye clan became ugly upon hearing the words spoken by Cao Dan since they carried a threat.

"Ke ke, the Cao clan is really imposing. However, I am definitely protecting this person today!"

While the large hall had descended into silence, a faint, cold laugh suddenly sounded. It caused Ye Zhong, Xin Lan, and the others in the hall to be startled. A joy immediately surged onto their faces.

Chapter 1122: Betting

A faint, cold laugh sounded within the front yard, causing Cao Dan's expression to become much darker and more solemn. He turned his head, and his eyes landed on a door leading to the front yard. Two figures slowly appeared at that spot…

"I was wondering why the Ye clan had suddenly become so firm. It has found quite a number of helpers…" Cao Dan watched Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor as they slowly walked over. The corner of his mouth moved slightly as he spoke with a cold laugh.

Xiao Yan looked at this man in front of him, who appeared quite young. His eyes paused for a moment on the badge on his chest and some surprise flashed across them. This Cao clan was indeed worthy of being an alchemist family. The younger generation that it had groomed was actually this strong.

It was the first time in all these years that Xiao Yan had seen such a young tier 7 alchemist!

Of course, Xiao Yan did not feel surprise that the other party was able to gain such an achievement. The continent was very vast and there would definitely be some pill refining geniuses. This, along with the grooming of an alchemist family like the Cao clan from a young age, their achievements would naturally be far from what an ordinary alchemist could compare with.

"If I remember correctly, you should be called Xiao Yan right? This person is the Woeful Poison Lady who stirred a great commotion within the Pill Region?" Cao Dan's eyes lingered over Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor before speaking with a faint smile.

Xiao Yan stopped beside Tian Huo zun-zhe. He smiled and softly said, "The style of the Cao clan is indeed quite grand…"

"Mister Xiao Yan, this person is called Cao Dan. He is known as a pill refinement genius that comes once in a hundred years within the Cao clan. Despite his young age, he has already reached the level of a tier 7 alchemist. He is also quite well-known in this Pill Region…" Ye Zhong softly explained who he was to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His eyes landed on Cao Dan and said, "Young master Cao Dan, the matter between the Ye and Cao clan is just a small grudge. Why don't each of you take a step back?"

A chill flashed across Cao Dan's eyes as he looked at Xiao Yan's smiling face. He faintly said, "Take a step back? How will my Cao clan account to the outside world? Back then, my Cao clan had made a public announcement after the Ye clan came to talk about this marriage. If we fail to marry now, would the Cao clan not lose a great amount of face? Can this still be considered a small grudge?"

"In that case, young master Cao Dan is insisting on bringing her with you today?" Xiao Yan slowly took a step forward and softly laughed.

Cao Dan narrowed his eyes in the face of Xiao Yan's somewhat bullying demeanor. With his pill refining talent, seldom would any member of the younger generation treat him like this during all these years.

Cao Dan not only did not take a step back as he looked at Xiao Yan in front of him; instead, he took a step forward. The gap between Xiao Yan and him was a short foot. His eyes stared at Xiao Yan as he said, "Xiao Yan, I have heard about you and know that you are able to fight, but you should get things right. My Cao clan is not the Ice River Valley. As long as my Cao clan utters the word, even you would likely feel an extreme headache."

"I even dared to kill a member of the 'Hall of Souls.' Do you think that your Cao clan is even more difficult to deal with than the Hall of Souls?" Xiao Yan slowly spread his five fingers as he calmly replied.

Cao Dan's expression finally changed upon hearing this. With the ability of the Cao clan to summon helpers, it could indeed be comparable to the Ice River Valley. However, by comparing it to the Hall of Souls… their Cao clan would lose that qualification. After all, the Hall of Souls stood shoulder to shoulder with the Pill Tower. Their Cao clan was merely relying on the Pill Tower. How could they be compared to the Hall of Souls?

"Xiao Yan, I know that you are bold, but sometimes, you should be a little more rational. These people might not be able to bring Xin Lan away, but the next time we come, I believe that just the two elite Dou Zuns behind you would be of little use. My Cao clan does possess this ability…" With Cao Dan's pride, it was naturally impossible for him to submit to Xiao Yan. Therefore, he immediately and coldly laughed as he responded in a deep voice.

"Offending the Cao clan for the Ye clan is really not worthwhile! If you are willing, my Cao clan will welcome you as a friend!"

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He said, "Forget it, young master Cao Dan. What you have said does not attract me… please leave today. I will not hand Xin Lan to you."

"Xiao Yan! You better know the situation!"

Cao Dan furiously cried out. His expression sank after being rejected by Xiao Yan in such a straightforward manner.

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. Both of his hands were crossed in front of him as he studied Cao Dan. He did not show any signs of giving in.

Cao Dan's expression became graver after being looked at by Xiao Yan in this manner. The gray-robed, old man's wrinkle-filled face was scrunched. Immediately, he took a slow step forward!

"You will remain behind if you take another step forward. Just this one star Dou Zun's strength of yours does not have the qualification to behave atrociously here!"

The gray-robed, old man had just stepped forward when the white figure in front of him flashed. A clear, cold voice was transmitted into his ears.

The gray-clothed, old man's expression changed slightly upon hearing her words. His eyes stared at the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him and a fearful expression flashed across them. He could sense that the Little Fairy Doctor was also an elite Dou Zun. Moreover, her level was likely even higher than his.

The words of the Little Fairy Doctor had just sounded when it appeared to have broken the tense swords-drawn atmosphere. All the people from the Cao clan, including the two red-robed, old men suddenly took a few steps forward. Majestic auras rippled over this place like a wave, forming a great pressure!


Tian Huo zun-zhe let out a cold snort after seeing the two red-robed, old man step forward. He also took a step forward and appeared on Xiao Yan's left side. A mighty aura surged out and suppressed the auras of nearly a hundred people on the opposite side!

"Ke ke, why? Is young master Cao Dan planning to use force. However, just a one star Dou Zun alone does not appear to be able to suffice…" Xiao Yan faintly smiled as he commented.

"Xiao Yan, you should not be so pleased with yourself. Offending my Cao clan is not something fun. Even if we end up failing this time around, there will definitely be an even stronger lineup coming the next time around. What can you do at that time?" A cold glint flashed across Cao Dan's eyes when he spoke. He turned his eyes to Ye Zhong's group as he coldly laughed, "At that time, this group would at the very most just leave. However, the Ye clan will likely become the target for the Cao clan to vent its anger. It is likely that the Ye clan would be removed from the Pill Region in the future…"

The expressions of Ye Zhong's group involuntarily changed upon hearing this. However, what other path did the Ye clan have at this moment. If they lost Xiao Yan, the Ye clan would completely decline. Moreover, if they abandoned Xiao Yan and complied with the marriage between the Cao and Ye clan, it was likely that the Ye clan would also be removed very soon. Ye Zhong did not believe that the Cao clan would genuinely help the Ye clan recover its former glory. The reason the Cao clan was acting in this manner was merely to swallow the Ye clan and strengthen the Cao clan…

"The Ye clan will act on mister Xiao Yan's orders!"

Ye Zhong's eyes flickered for a moment before he made up his mind. After which, he cupped his hands respectfully to Xiao Yan's back and spoke in a deep voice.

Cao Dan's expression turned gloomier upon seeing him bow. His voice was dark and cold as he said, "Alright, you, Ye Zhong, are really becoming bolder and bolder!"

Ye Zhong was too lazy to bother with Cao Dan's cynicism. No matter what the case was, a grudge between the Ye and Cao clan had indeed been formed…

"Young master Cao Dan, please leave!"

Xiao Yan spoke in a calm voice. Ye Zhong's choice had caused him to be a little surprised. This old fellow had placed all of his chips on Xiao Yan. If anything happened to Xiao Yan midway through, it was likely that the Ye clan would be completely finished.

Cao Dan's expression was volatile. He would not simply be chased away empty-handed. However, if he wanted to use force, the other party had two elite Dou Zuns and need not fear his side…

After musing for a long while, Cao Dan's eyes suddenly swept over Xiao Yan's body. He inquired, "It is rumored that you are also an alchemist?"

"I do know something about pill refining…" Xiao Yan randomly replied. It seemed that this fellow was indeed unwilling to simply give up.

"In that case, do you dare to make a bet with me? If I lose, the Cao clan can choose not to have this marriage. However, if I win, you will not get involved in this matter. What do you say?" A cold smile flashed across Cao Dan's face as he asked.

"Oh?" Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows. He appeared to be a little interested as he inquired with a smile, "May I know how young master Cao Dan is intending to gamble?"

The cold smile in Cao Dan's heart swiftly widened after seeing Xiao Yan show some interest. If they were to really fight with Dou Qi, it was likely that he would not be a match for Xiao Yan. However, if it came to competing with pill refinement skill… he would let Xiao Yan know that he was attempting to be impressive in front of a true master, seeking his own humiliation in the process.

Ridicule flashed across Cao Dan's heart. However, the smile on his face appeared brilliant as he replied, "Since we are both alchemists, we naturally cannot fight like those chuffs. We should follow the rules of alchemists… let's challenge each other in terms of playing with fire."

A cluster of faint-black flames suddenly rose from Cao Dan's hand once his words sounded. Immediately, the cluster wiggled in his palm. It transformed into two dark-black, small snakes that continuously slid around his finger, appearing as obedient as spirits…

"Mister Xiao Yan, do not promise him. Cao Dan possesses an unusually great talent when it came to controlling flames. Even in the Cao clan, one can count the number of people who surpass him with one's fingers!" Ye Zhong hurriedly piped in upon hearing Cao Dan's words.

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when he heard this. It was unexpected that Cao Dan possessed such a talent in terms of flame control…

"What do you say? If you don't dare accept the challenge, you can just say the word. I am not a person who will make things difficult for others…" Cao Dan stared at Xiao Yan as he coldly smiled.

"The words 'make things difficult for others' really appear a little comical when uttered from your mouth…" Xiao Yan grinned and shook his head, ignoring Cao Dan's sinking expression.

"Don't us your glib tongue. Are you going to compete? If you are not, I might end up returning with nothing. However, the people who will arrive next time will not be so easy to deal with…" Cao Dan coldly said. He felt some fury leaping within his heart when he saw the smile on Xiao Yan's face.

"Since you like it… I will accompany you…" Xiao Yan smiled. That smile contained a cunningness no matter how one looked at it.

Xiao Yan had never competed with others in terms of playing with fire before. However, the only thing he was aware of was that he specialized in this…

Chapter 1123: Playing With Fire

Even Cao Dan was involuntarily startled when he saw that Xiao Yan had really ended up agreeing to this bet. A cold smile involuntarily spread over his face.

"You are indeed bold!"

After laughing with a voice that appeared to either be filled with ridicule or praise, Cao Dan turned his head and respectfully said to the gray-clothed, old man, "Honorary Elder Ku, please leave this matter to me."

The gray-clothed, old man nodded his head without any change in expression upon hearing this. However, he let out a sigh of relief within his heart. The cool eyes of the Little Fairy Doctor had caused him to form goosebumps. It was not as though he had never heard of the reputation of the Woeful Poison Body. However, it was indeed the first time that he had seen a Woeful Poison Body that had reached the strength of the Dou Zun class.

"Just step back…"

After seeing the gray-clothed, old man step back, Cao Dan turned his body to those behind him, and waved his hand. That group of people hurriedly pulled back and immediately created an empty space in the front yard.

"Mister Xiao Yan, you… you really intend to compete in terms of playing with fire with him?" Ye Zhong hesitated for a moment after seeing what was unfolding. Finally, he could not help but ask in a soft voice. Cao Dan's reputation when it came to playing with fire was really incredible. Even though Xiao Yan was also a tier 7 alchemist, it was a little risky if it was merely a competition in terms of fire manipulation.

Xiao Yan tilted his head. It was naturally best that he could use a method that involved the least effort to get rid of this people.

"Ugh, since mister Xiao Yan insists, we'll do as you say." Ye Zhong could only bitterly smile and nod his head after seeing that he was unable to change Xiao Yan's mind. He immediately reminded, "The faint-black flame in Ye Zhong's hand is an extremely powerful Beast Flame. It is rumored that the Cao clan spent a great amount of effort in order to obtain it from the body of a rank 8 Magical Beast. Its strength is extremely great. Although it cannot be compared with a Heavenly Flame, an ordinary flame would have difficulty contending against it."

Xiao Yan did not feel surprised upon hearing this. He had already sensed that the faint-black flame was quite strong when it had appeared.

Ye Zhong waved his hand after reminding Xiao Yan. Everyone slowly pulled back and left a spacious area for the two of them…

The smile on Cao Dan's face became denser when everyone withdrew. He slowly took a step forward and flicked his finger. The faint-black-colored flame on his hand immediately surged. It wiggled above his head and formed a faint-black, large eagle. The flame appeared strange as it burned due to its dark and dense appearance.

"This flame of mine is called the Dark Demon Flame. It was obtained from the body of the Dark Sky Three Headed Lion, a rank 8 magical beast…

The black-colored fire eagle lingered over Cao Dan's head. It emitted a sharp eagle cry. There was some pride in Cao Dan's eyes when he introduced his flame. This Dark Demon Flame might not be comparable to a Heavenly Flame, but its might was also spectacular. Back then, the Cao clan had spent a great amount of effort in order to obtain this flame.

Xiao Yan's eyes glanced at the large, black eagle. He slightly nodded. There was indeed a reason why this fellow was arrogant. An ordinary alchemist was unable to compare with this Cao Dan, who was able to control his flame with such familiarity. Unfortunately for him, manipulating fire was a speciality of Xiao Yan, especially after he had practiced the Flame Creation Skill. Xiao Yan's control over fire had already reached a pinnacle level. If Yao Lao were to see Xiao Yan's current flame control, it was likely that Yao Lao would definitely praise him. This bet was something Cao Dan thought was going to be easy to win. However, he did not infer that this would also be Xiao Yan's speciality…

Xiao Yan flicked his finger and a wisp of a green-colored flame slowly rose from its tip. After which, it left the tip of his finger and soared with the wind. It swiftly transformed into a large fire wolf that howled at the sky. The wolf howl continued to linger in the air of the entire city.

This green-colored flame was naturally the Green Lotus Core Flame. If it came to playing with fire, Xiao Yan was more familiar with manipulating the Green Lotus Core Flame…

The temperature slowly rose after the green-colored fire wolf appeared. The eyes of Cao Dan abruptly shrank. His eyes greedily glanced at the fire wolf, "It is indeed a Heavenly Flame. The rumors are true. This brat possesses a Heavenly Flame!"

"However, one cannot merely rely on the strength of a flame when playing with fire… possessing a Heavenly Flame does not mean he can win!"

Cao Dan licked his lips as he coldly laughed in his heart. His finger suddenly pointed at the fire wolf over Xiao Yan's head. Immediately, the black fire eagle emitted a loud eagle cry as it glided over the sky. After which, it emitted a 'swoosh' sound as it cut through the air and rushed toward the fire wolf with lightning-like speed."


The green-colored wolf merely let out a long howl in the face of the fire eagle's attack. After which, its back shook and a pair of fire wings extended from it. The wings were flapped as it widened it ferocious mouth and violently collided with the fire eagle. Flames shot in all directions as the two ruthlessly pounced on each other, biting at the other party in an uncontrolled manner. The flames over their bodies were eroding the other party without due care for their lives.

Everyone below was a little amazed as they looked at the wild snapping of the two fire beasts. They had seen fights between Dou Qi, but a fight between flames was rarely seen…

The two fire beasts wildly bit at each other in the sky, but they were also unusually agile. They flipped their bodies and leaped all around. An ordinary expert would not be able to catch them. Everyone clearly understood that this was due to their control over their flames. If it was someone with weaker skill, there was no need to even discuss forming a fire beast and fighting with another. It was likely that just maintaining the form of the beast would have exhausted all of their Spiritual Strength…

Wisps of flames continued to drift from the sky as the two fire beasts fought each other. After which, they slowly scattered.

Xiao Yan placed both of his hands behind him. His eyes focused on the fight in the sky. All it took was a thought of his to control the fire beast. This kind of fight was a contention between the strength of their Spiritual Strength…

Compared with Xiao Yan's free and easy attitude, Cao Dan's face appeared a little more solemn. During the first exchange between the fire beasts, he had come to an understanding that he had met with a tough opponent this time around. The other party's control of the fire beast and the degree of reality of the fire beast were not inferior…

"If this continues, the Dark Sky Demon Flame will not be able to hold out against the Heavenly Flame…"

Cao Dan slightly frowned as he watched the flame of the black eagle become paler during the fight in the sky. A moment later, he let out a cold laugh. He rubbed his Storage Ring and a fiery-red jade bottle appeared in his hand. He opened the cap of the bottle and a bright-blood-like flame exited it. After which, Cao Dan bit his middle finger and a drop of blood fell into it.

"Hee, so what if you possess a Heavenly Flame? Can you defend against two of my flames?"

An intense ripple immediately formed on the cluster of bright-blood-like flames after the fresh blood dripped into it. Under Cao Dan's control, it transformed into a blood-red hound. Its blood-red eyes contained a cold luster. Its four paws stepped on the ground as it charged into the battle in the sky. Together with the black eagle, it wildly bit at the fire wolf, tearing apart the green-colored flame on the wolf's body with each bite.

Waves of uproars immediately sounded within the courtyard when everyone witnessed this scene. Those from the Cao clan let out a cheer while those from the Ye clan faced each other, appearing to be somewhat quiet as they did so. They did not expect Cao Dan to be able to control multiple flames at once…

It should be known that each type of flame required a great amount of Spiritual Strength. If one controlled two types of flames, the rate of exhaustion would be increase. Additionally, one had to multitask. Hence, there were very seldom any alchemists who possessed the ability to control multiple flames. It seemed that Ye Zhong's warning was not without reason since Cao Dan had an outstanding talent in flame manipulation.

Xiao Yan also slightly knit his brows because of this scene. He faintly said, "They're but two flames… "

After uttering these words, the fire wolf being controlled by his mind agilely dodged. Its ferocious mouth mercilessly crunched down on the black eagle and hound. For an instant, the sky was chaotic as flames randomly flew in all directions.

Ye Zhong's group sighed in relief when they saw the fire beast, which Xiao Yan had created, swiftly defeating its opponents. It was indeed worthy of being a Heavenly Flame. If it was some other flame, it was likely that it would have been torn into pieces by the two fire beasts…

Cao Dan frowned when he saw the fire wolf, created from a Heavenly Flame, was this strong. A ruthless expression flashed across his eyes. He waved his hands and two more jade bottles appeared in front of him. Their caps were opened. A gray and a purple flame soared out of the bottles.

Even Ye Zhong's expression on the Ye clan's side had turned a little pale when he saw the two clusters of flames appearing. He did not expect Cao Dan to reach a stage where he could control four types of flames at the same time. This was something that even he had to admit that he was unable to achieve!

"Hmph, playing fire with me. If you weren't relying on the Heavenly Flame, you would not even be able to last one exchange against me!"

Cao Dan coldly laughed. Another two drops of blood entered the two clusters of flames. Immediately, the two clusters of flames transformed into fire beasts that charged forward. After which, they surrounded the green-colored fire wolf. Under the attacks of the four fire beasts from all directions, even the fire wolf, formed from a Heavenly Flame, was unable to endure.

By controlling four types of flames, their combined attack was indeed very strong. However, it was obvious that this was the limit of Cao Dan. One could tell this from the pale whiteness on his face…

"Xiao Yan, playing with fire does not merely rely on quality. Quantity is also very important. You should remember this in your heart when you compete with others in the future!"

The smile on Cao Dan's face became richer as he watched the fire wolf being defeated. His eyes swung to Xiao Yan as he involuntarily laughed in a somewhat pleased tone.

Xiao Yan faintly glanced at him. Immediately, he laughed, "Thank you for your reminder young master Cao Dan. Since this is the case, I shall win with quantity…"

After uttering such instigating words, Xiao Yan flicked his finger. Ten jade bottles appeared. After which, a 'boom' sounded, and they burst apart…

After the ten jade bottles broke, ten clusters of flames of various lusters slowly rose in front of numerous stunned eyes. After which, they wiggled for a moment before transforming into ten ferocious fire beasts…

These flames were all Beasts Flames. They were nourishment that Xiao Yan had obtained for the Life Transforming Flame. However, now that he possessed the Core Bead, the Beasts Flames had lost their purpose. It was unexpected that he was able to use them now…

Xiao Yan's eyes alighted upon Cao Dan's face, which had turned dull almost instantly. The corner of his mouth contained ridicule.

"You can only control four types of flames, yet you dare to come out and compete with others in terms of flame manipulation?"

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