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Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119: Elder’s Seat

The faces of Ye Zhong and Xin Lan were covered with uncontrolled joy and excitement before they gradually calmed down. After the events that had happened during this period of time, there was no longer anyone within the Ye clan who dared to feel the slightest doubt about Xiao Yan’s abilities.

“Mister Xiao, it is not considered especially difficult in order to enter a Pill Tower Elder’s Seat. Of course, this is speaking in relative terms. At the very least, my current Ye clan is unable to meet that criteria.” Ye Zhong rubbed his hands and sighed, “There are a total of five great clans within the Pill Region. These five great clans have existed since long ago. During that time long ago, the clan heads, who had established the five great clans, were all the core members of the Pill Tower. According to the rules, as long as the five great clans are able to meet some requirements in the future, they will be able to occupy a seat in the Pill Tower Elders’ Seats.”

“The five great clans all have extremely large forces. With the huge name of the Pill Tower, they can basically roam this Pill Region without restriction. Even factions like the Ice River Valley see them have to be courteous to these clans. The current Ye Clan is not among this list.” Speaking here, Ye Zhong’s face was quite dark.

“Every once in awhile, the Pill Tower will perform an assessment of the five great clans. Only those who pass the test are able to maintain a spot among the Elders Seats.”

“What kind of assessment?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and softly asked.

“The Pill Tower attaches much importance to the grooming of the younger generation. The target of the test is naturally members of the younger generation.” Ye Zhong glanced at Xin Lan beside him and softly sighed. “The quality of the Ye clan is declining with each subsequent generation. It appears as though all the pill refining talent has gradually been milled away. It is even inferior to some outside alchemists. Xin Lan’s talent is already considered quite good among this batch of younger generation. However, she has only reached the level of a tier five alchemist.”

Xin Lan’s pretty face was filled with an ashamed expression upon seeing Ye Zhong’s gaze.

“During every test, the five great clans must send out a member of the younger generation to take the test of the Pill Tower. If they pass the test, they will be able to maintain their seat. However, if they fail to pass the test, things will become a little risky.” Ye Zhong bitterly laughed. “My Ye clan has already failed twice. If we fail again this time around, not only will we completely lose the qualification to enter the Pill Tower Elder’s Seat but we will be also be eliminated from the five great clans.

“The five great clans is a shortcut to entering the upper echelons of the Pill Tower. Therefore, a countless number of eyes are watching us. Once our Ye clan is eliminated, those fellows eyeing us up will immediately charge forward.”

“Is the test extremely harsh?” Xiao Yan softly asked.

Ye Zhong nodded and sighed. “The lowest qualification to participate in this kind of test is that the alchemist must reach the sixth tier. If one wishes to pass it, one must reach the level of a tier 7 alchemist in order to do so.”

Xiao Yan nodded after hearing this. He slowly replied, “Tier 7, is not a very hard requirement.”

“These old bones of mine have only reached this level after training for so many years. With mister Xiao Yan’s talent, it is naturally not difficult. However, which of the younger members of my Ye clan can reach this stage?” Ye Zhong bitterly laughed as he said, “Moreover, the worse thing is

that the Ye clan has already failed twice. During this test, we must enter the top three among those who take it in order for us to be considered to have pass.”

“Top three?” Xiao Yan was startled.

“Ugh, the other four great clans are growing more than us. There are also many talented individuals within the clan. Although they might not dispatch the elites among their younger generation to participate, it might still be extremely difficult for our Ye clan to obtain the top three even if we really have a young tier 7 alchemist.” Ye Zhong sighed.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head at the decline of the Ye clan upon hearing this. Other people did not need to send out their elite talents to pass the test. This Ye clan, however, is unable to even pass the test. They were all the five great clans, but this Ye clan was really a little too miserable.

Ye Zhong appeared to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking in his heart after seeing the his expression. His old face was a little red. The once renowned clan had declined to such an extent in this generation. He had completely lost this old face of his.

“Leave the matter of the test to me. However, can one get the help of an outsider for such a test?” Xiao Yan asked after pondering the matter. He did not wish to give Ye Zhong’s weak heart a blow when he saw his pitiful manner.

“No.” Ye Zhong shook his head before he immediately hurriedly added, “However, there is a way to be flexible, but mister Xiao Yan would have to suffer a little because of this.”

Xiao Yan was stunned as he frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Ye Zhong glanced at Xin Lan beside him. He hesitated a little before replying, “When introducing you to the Pill Tower, we can say that mister Xiao Yan is the son-in-law to be of the Ye clan.”

Xiao Yan’s expression immediately changed upon hearing his solution. He solemnly demanded, “Isn’t this idea a little too rancid? It is fine since I am a man, but how will the female party interact with others in the future?”

“Mister Xiao Yan, please do not be too worried. This is only a formal manner of address. No one will ask you to take the slightest responsibility for it!” Ye Zhong sighed. “The Ye clan has already reached the point of a life and death situation. All the members of the Ye clan are prepared to take the last gamble. This price is something that we must accept!”

Xiao Yan tightly knit his eyebrows. It was a moment later before he asked, “You can get me to represent your Ye clan, in that whatever test, just like this?”

Ye Zhong nodded his head. He sincerely answered, “As long as the Ye clan can pass the test this time around, the Ye clan will be able to regain its seat. Thus, we will have enough time to develop. Mister Xiao Yan will not have any relation with the Ye clan once we have passed the test!”

Xiao Yan helplessly sighed after seeing the pleading old face of Ye Zhong. This old fellow really appeared to have walked to a dead end. If Xiao Yan was to turn around and leave now, it was likely that the Ye clan would really completely decline. In the future, they would only end up being an ordinary clan. Moreover, without the protection of the Pill Tower, some of their enemies would become fearless. At that time, it was likely the Ye clan would truly be finished.”

“Big brother Xiao. Please help the Ye clan this once. Xin Lan is willing to do anything for you as long as the Ye clan is alright!”

Xin Lan beside Xiao Yan suddenly knelt down while Xiao Yan was deep in thought. She spoke in a desolate manner.

Xiao Yan’s expression drastically changed when Xin Lan knelt down. He waved his sleeves and a gentle strength forcefully lifted Xin Lan up. That stubborn girl had just been lifted to her feet when she began to kneel again. The Little Fairy Doctor by her side could not help but helplessly shake her head upon seeing this. She extended her hand and stopped Xin Lan.

“It is not as though you do not know Xiao Yan’s character. He will naturally not wash his hands after making a promise to you. By kneeling like this, you will only irritate him.” The Little Fairy Doctor softly explained after seeing Xin Lan’s pretty red eyes.

Xiao Yan sighed. His gaze swung to the pleading Ye Zhong as he said in a deep voice, “Forget it, we will do as you say. However, I must say this before hand. You better not think of using this son-in-law tactic to get me to stay in the Ye clan. If you intend to pull me into your little scheme, you should not blame me for not giving you any face!”

“Mister Xiao Yan, you can rest assured that Ye Zhong is not such a shameless person!” Ye Zhong’s face was immediately filled with wild joy when he heard Xiao Yan accept. His appearance of having found hope in despair caused his old heart to continuously beat.

The Little Fairy Doctor by the side also sighed in relief. She turned her eyes only to see Xin Lan’s pretty face become a little unnatural. She was immediately startled and asked, “He said son-in-law. The female party is not you, is it?”

Xiao Yan’s body stiffened upon hearing this. He quickly turned his head in surprise and looked at the flushed red, pretty face of Xin Lan. He bitterly laughed with some embarrassment, “This old fellow is not so cruel, is he?”

Xin Lan’s face revealed a forced smile. She softly replied, “Big brother Xiao Yan need not be worried. Grandfather has said that this is only a formality. Big brother Xiao Yan will definitely be a top level being in the Dou Qi Continent in the future. It is not as though Xin Lan is a girl who doesn’t know her limits.” The Little Fairy Doctor by the side watched the blue-clothed girl’s face become much redder after the girl finished speaking. She involuntarily glared at Xiao Yan. The words this fellow had spoken were really too hurtful.

Xiao Yan was a little embarrassed. If Xin Lan had not informed him about the Three Thousand Burning Flames, it was likely that he would still be randomly looking for one at this moment. Moreover, Xin Lan had been following him and had been a great help after he had arrived in the Pill Region without even uttering a single complain. All she had done was enough to get Xiao Yan to treat her as a friend. Otherwise, who would bother with this whatever Ye clan.

“Ugh, I will leave this matter to Elder Ye Zhong and will do my best to cooperate with you.”

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. He turned his head, ruthlessly cut Ye Zhong with his eyes, and spoke.

Ye Zhong dryly laughed, but he did not dare to touch Xiao Yan’s anger. He said, “The test this time around will begin in two months’ time. Therefore we must leave the Holy Pill City two months from now. If mister Xiao Yan requires any medicinal ingredient during this period of time, please feel free to inform the old me. The Ye clan will help prepare everything for you.”

“Two months? So soon?” Xiao Yan was immediately startled upon hearing this.

Was this time frame not a little too rushed?

Ye Zhong bitterly smiled and nodded. If they weren’t so pressed for time, he would not need to humbly beg a member of the younger generation even if this younger generation’s pill refinement skill was not inferior to him.

“Ugh, two months it will be then.” Xiao Yan could only nod his head once he understood the situation. Coincidentally, Xiao Yan was also extremely curious about the Pill Tower. After all, it was basically the holy ground in the hearts of all alchemists on the continent.

Ye Zhong sighed in relief after hearing Xiao Yan voice no objections. After discussing some of the matters regarding the Pill Gathering with Xiao Yan, he pulled the red-eyed Xin Lan with him as he withdrew from the courtyard.

Xiao Yan stood outside of the stone pavilion and watched the distant back of Ye Zhong. There was some anticipation vaguely leaping within his dark-black eyes.

The Holy Pill City, just how grand would this legendary alchemists’ holy ground be?

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