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Chapter 1116: Weak!

The atmosphere within the courtyard stiffened at this moment. A gentle breeze blew over, but it was unable to resolve the tense atmosphere…

In front of the blood-red jade token in Ling Quan's hands, even the two black-clothed elders did not dare do anything. This Blood Jade Token possessed an extremely powerful deterrence within the Gu clan. Even the two of them did not dare to easily ignore it.

Xiao Yan's eyes turned to Ling Quan. Immediately, they paused on his dense face. A chill slowly surged within Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes…

Xun Er's eyes paused on the blood-colored jade token in Ling Quan's hands for an instant. Her face had also become very dangerous. She did not expect this fellow to be in possession of the Blood Jade Token!

"Ling Quan, leave with me now, and I can treat it as though nothing has happened!" Xun Er inhaled a gentle breath of air. Her bright eyes stared at Ling Quan as she slowly spoke.

The corner of Ling Quan's mouth slightly trembled. A moment later, he slowly shook his head. The more Xun Er acted like this, the greater the intensity of the killing intent in his heart was.

"Young miss, this is an order from the Elders. I have no right not to obey it!"

Xun Er's expression gradually calmed down in the face of the words from Ling Quan. She softly said, "Alright, I will remember this…"

Ling Quan's face slightly changed when he heard Xun Er's soft tone. In his heart, he knew that he had really angered Xun Er this time around.

"It is all because of this little trash from the Xiao clan! Even if I have to take the risk of offending young miss today, I will ensure that I give this trash a memory that he will have difficulty forgetting!"

Ling Quan's expression became scarier. His wild-beast-like eyes bore into Xiao Yan. After which, the hand he used to hold the Blood Jade Token slowly tightened and a slight craking sound appeared.

"Are you going to follow me or should I remove you by force?"

A hoarse, cold voice was slowly emitted from Ling Quan's mouth.

Xiao Yan's eyes looked at Ling Quan. The corner of his mouth was finally lifted into a dense, cold arc. This fellow had successfully roused the killing intent within his heart.

"Do you really think that this is still the same as back then?"

Ling Qian laughed in his extreme anger when he heard these words from Xiao Yan. He said, "Alright, it looks like you refuse to return with me to the Gu clan, right?"

Xiao Yan smiled as he nodded. How could he not know that Ling Quan was trying to find an excuse to attack him? However, how would the other party know that he was also adopting such a mentality?

Given the grudges from back then, would he not appear a little useless if he simply allowed Ling Quan to leave like this?

Moreover, the current Xiao Yan really wished to let the commander of the Black Submerged Army know that even though he could easily take Xun Er away from him back then, this commander lost the qualification to do so now if Xiao Yan did not allow it to happen!

Ling Quan also smiled when he saw the grin on Xiao Yan's face. The dense, cold killing intent within his smile could be sensed by even a blind person.

"Today, this commander will let you know that regardless of how you jump, you are but an ant in the eyes of the Gu clan. Do you really think that your clan, which does not even possess the qualification to step into the Central Plains, is that Xiao clan from back then?"

Ling Quan slowly stepped forward. A vast and might aura surged out of his body like a volcano, sweeping over the sky!

"If you take another step forward… death…"

A soft and gentle voice suddenly sounded. At the same time, a white-colored, elegant figure appeared in front of Xiao Yan. Gray air was slowly rising from the Little Fairy Doctor's body.

Ling Quan's eyes slightly narrowed when he saw Little Fairy Doctor appearing. With his ability, he was naturally able to sense the Little Fairy Doctor's frightening strength…

"Are you going to rely on a woman? Back then, you relied on Su Qian from the Inner Academy. This time around, you rely on a woman to step forward. When will you rely on yourself? If that ancestor of yours came to be aware of this in the underworld, it is likely that he wouldn't be able to rest in peace, no?" Ling Quan's eyes turned to Xiao Yan. His voice was filled with ridicule and disdain.

"Firstly, as long as it is a strength that one can command, it is a strength that belongs to oneself. Naive words like relying on other people will only end up causing others to laugh at you. If you did not rely on the name of the Gu clan, what are you with your strength as a five star Dou Zong?" Xiao Yan faintly curled his lips. His smile was becoming bone-chillingly cold.

"Secondly, you do not have the qualification to mention the ancestor of the Xiao clan…

"Thirdly, when dealing with you… there is no need for anyone else to help…

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Ling Quan, whose face had twitched repeatedly while Xiao Yan spoke. After which, Xiao Yan pulled the Little Fairy Doctor and gently got her to move aside.

"You…" The Little Fairy Doctor's eyebrows were slightly vertical when she felt his tugging.

"You don't really think that I am unable to deal with someone of this grade, do you?" Xiao Yan turned his head, looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, and asked with a smile.

The Little Fairy Doctor helplessly shook her head when she heard this. She could only do as he wanted. This person called Ling Quan was someone that she really despised.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, you need not hold back. I will take care of all consequences."

Xun Er spoke with a faint voice. By being able to get her, someone who possessed a cold and indifferent character, to utter these words, it was obvious to what extent Ling Quan had angered her today.

The two black-clothed elders by the side exchanged looks with one another. After which, they let out bitter laughs. They quietly scolded Ling Quan for not being sensible. Did he think he could recklessly act just because he was holding the Blood Jade Token? They could imagine that even if this fellow could successfully return to the Gu clan, his future fate would definitely not be a good one.

Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes turned to the surroundings of the courtyard. He cupped his hands together and said, "Elder Ye Zhong, this is only some private matters. It does not have anything to do with the Ye clan. Please just leave this place to us for a moment."

"Mister Xiao Yan really knows how to joke. Forget about this plot of land, as long as you open your mouth, the old me will not protest even if it is this entire Ye manor…" Ye Zhong, who was outside of this courtyard, hurriedly replied with a smile. The Ye clan had been attracted over by the four-winged single-horned beasts in the sky. Moreover, he also understood that those who were related to Xiao Yan were definitely not ordinary people. Most likely, the Ye clan could not afford to offend them.

Xiao Yan grinned. His eyes turned to the gloomy-looking Ling Quan and said, "Commander Ling Quan, are you planning to fight alone or are you going to do it together?" Xiao Yan's eyes drifted over the dozen plus figures who had followed Ling Quan here as he uttered a question. These people were quite strong. However, the strongest among them had only reached the peak of the Dou Huang class, and they were not worthy of his attention.

"Stop acting arrogant in front of me. I, alone, will be enough to take care of you!"

Ling Quan savagely smiled. He suddenly clenched his hand and a lightning glow flickered over it. The silver glow extended and transformed into a lightning long-spear. After the formation of the long-spear, Ling Quan stomped his foot on the ground and his body rushed into the sky. The long spear in his hand pointed at Xiao Yna from a great distance as he coldly laughed, "Today, allow me to see just what qualification you, this trash from the Xiao clan, has to act this arrogantly."

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. A murderous intent covered his eyes. His body moved and he was already in the sky the next time he appeared. He grabbed with his hand and the Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared in it.


The coldness in Ling Quan's eyes surged the moment Xiao Yan appeared. The long-spear in his hand shook and a bright lightning glow lingered over it. Immediately, the spear shook, transforming into a large bolt of lighting. It moved like a dragon had shot toward Xiao Yan while carrying a thunderous roar!

Xiao Yan's eyes calmly looked at the lightning long-spear that rushed over. He did not show the slightest intention of dodging it. A jade-green flame lingered over the heavy ruler as it was hacked down with great force!


The heavy ruler was accompanied by a jade-green flame as it ruthlessly cut through the air. After which, it collided with the thunderbolt-like dragon. Sparks shot in all directions!

The two figures were shaken until they took repeated steps back the moment they collided. At the same time, Ling Quan's expression vaguely changed. The powerful force that was transmitted through his spear had caused his palm to feel a little numb!

"Brat, you really have quite a great brute strength!"

Ling Quan furiously laughed. His body moved and an afterimage remained in the original spot. The next time he appeared, he was already a short distance in front of Xiao Yan. He swung the lightning spear, and it appeared like a randomly dancing silver snake as it trickily pierced toward all the fatal spots on Xiao Yan's body.

"Lightning Snake Dance!"

Chi chi chi!

Numerous spear afterimages surfaced in the air. However, Xiao Yan's body turned illusionary at this moment. He occasionally shifted and narrowly dodged all of Ling Quan's sharp spear techniques…

A chill flashed across Ling Quan's eyes when he saw that Xiao Yan's agility was so mysterious. His palm abruptly smashed into the spear handle. This suddenly explosive force caused the lightning spear to shoot out like a crossbow. Even the space itself was torn along the way, forming a dark-black fissure.


The long-spear shot out at a lightning-like speed. However, a fire hand rushed out just when it was about to strike Xiao Yan's chest. This fire hand forcefully grabbed the body of the spear and stopped its forward momentum. Xiao Yan abruptly clenched his hand and the long spear was snapped apart. It transformed into a countless number of silver snakes, which finally turned into nothingness as the flame rose…

"Fancy spear techniques are completely useless!"

A cold smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's face as he destroyed Ling Quan's long-spear. The spear technique might be fast, but under the cover of Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength, all of it was completely useless.

Ling Quan's expression finally revealed a drastic change for the first time after the long-spear was destroyed. Ling Qian's body rushed back. At the same time, both of his hands formed some seals with lightning-like speed. They were hand seals that Xiao Yan was extremely familiar with. It was the God Seal Skill!

"Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, First Change!"

Xiao Yan coldly laughed in his heart. With his current strength, using the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was something he could accomplish almost instantly. He had already mastered this first change to the point of complete mastery!

After letting out the cold cry, Xiao Yan's aura suddenly soared. It reached a level that was equivalent to Ling Quan's strength. His body moved as a silver glow flashed. After which, he appeared in front of Ling Quan in a ghost-like manner. A frosty expression flashed across his dark-black eyes.

"Open Mountain Seal!"

Xiao Yan's speed caused Ling Quan's heart to be shaken. Ling Quan's hand seal was swiftly completed, and it was immediately thrown forward!

"Let's see just how you will open the mountain!"

Xiao Yan's firm punch, void of any fancy moves, ruthlessly smashed into Ling Quan's hand just as it was just thrown forward. A jade-green flame surged out at this moment!

Xiao Yan could not be more familiar with this Open Mountain Seal. He clearly knew about the point it released its strength and some of its weakness. This punch also made contact with the point on Ling Quan's palm where the strength would be scattered the most!


A flame shot throughout the sky and a slight cracking sound appeared on Ling Quan's wrist. His forehead was instantly covered in cold perspiration!

However, Ling Quan's mental strength could be considered quite good. His feet swiftly stepped back after having been ruthlessly counter-attacked by Xiao Yan. Additionally, one of his hands had once again formed some seals, yet before the seals could be completely formed, a fire hand appeared out of nowhere and firmly grabbed his hand!

"Your spear technique is fanciful, your seals are formed too slowly, and your Dou Qi is thin… You are far lousier than my expectations. How disappointing. I shall give you a one word evaluation…"

Xiao Yan's hand firmly grabbed Ling Qian's palm as he slowly shook his head. His eyes contained some pity as he looked at Ling Qian's pale face.


Chapter 1117: Repaying Debt

A calm voice slowly resounded over the sky. After which, it gently spread…

The dozen plus Black Submerged Army members, who were Ling Quan's subordinates, were stunned. They had never expected Ling Quan to be this miserably defeated in Xiao Yan's hands. They had clearly seen the lightning-like exchange earlier. Xiao Yan didn't even use a single Dou Technique since the beginning!

In other words, Xiao Yan had relied on the Dou Qi within his body, yet not only did he block all of Ling Quan's Dou Techniques but he had captured Ling Quan in a lighting-like fashion after only a couple of exchanges!

The shock that had been formed by this scene was considerably great to them!

"This… he is the trash of the Xiao clan that commander Ling Quan spoke of? Such strength… even among the members of the younger generation of the Gu clan, he could be ranked within the top ten!"

The dozen plus people faced each other. All of them saw a shocked expression in each other's eyes. Xiao Yan's simple attack had given them a great shock.

"This little fellow's fighting experience is much greater than Ling Quan's fighting experience. Moreover, his Dou Qi is sturdy. At one glance, one can tell that he is someone with a very strong foundation. Ling Quan's strength was obtained after having undergone the Di altar baptism. Moreover, it has not been tempered much after the baptism. Compared to Xiao Yan's Dou Qi, his Dou Qi is extremely faint…"

The black-clothed elders slowly nodded after watching the scene in the sky. Their voices contained some praise. From the sturdiness of Xiao Yan's Dou Qi, they could tell that he had truly relied on himself to train one step at a time. A person with such tough character would definitely advance much further on the training road compared to Ling Quan in the future.

"This fellow Ling Quan has really seeked out his own humiliation this time around…"

Xun Er by the side did not feel the least bit surprise by the lightning-like battle earlier. She had a impeccable understanding of Xiao Yan's strength. Ling Quan had been blessed with outstanding talent since he was young. Although he had undergone the elite training of the Gu clan, he had seldom experienced a life and death dual. His combat experience was just like that of the Heavens and the Earth when compared with Xiao Yan. Normally, it was not possible to tell anything from one's aura, but the gap between the two was clearly revealed now that they had fought.

Ling Quan's expression had turned ashen because of Xiao Yan's evaluation, which was filled with pity. His body continuously trembled. A moment later, his face suddenly turned as red as blood. The Dou Qi within his body turbulently surged!


Ling Quan's face was as bright-red as blood. His aura had also suddenly soared at this moment. A majestic, silver-colored Dou Qi agglomerated in his palm in a lightning-like fashion. Innumerable silver snakes wiggled all over the place. His palm subsequently shook and violently smashed toward Xiao Yan's hand.


Ling Quan's sudden change had caused Xiao Yan to slightly lift his eyebrows. His hand curled as he narrowly dodged the hand of Ling Quan that flew over. His right hand was tightened into a fist as he punched toward Ling Quan's chest with lightning-like speed!


The lightning glow on the surface of Ling Quan's body hovered before rapidly rotating. It formed a half-foot-large lightning shield in front of his chest in the blink of an eye, completely blocking this punch from Xiao Yan in the process.

"Do you think that you, trash from the Xiao clan, has the qualification to evaluate this commander?"

The lighting shield formed wave after wave of ripples as it blocked the force on Xiao Yan's fist. Ling Quan's face had become unusually ferocious at this moment. Blood lingered in his eyes, causing him to appear quite terrifying.

"Secret Technique?"

Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed as he sensed the aura of Ling Quan, which had suddenly soared. His body flashed and he nimbly took over a dozen steps back.

"Transforming Blood Skill? This fellow really doesn't want to live. He has even used this kind of self-harming Secret Technique." The expressions of the black-clothed elders in the courtyard involuntarily sank when they saw this. Immediately, their gazes turned to Xun Er as they asked, "Young miss?"

"There is no need to bother about him…" Xun Er shook her head. The corner of her mouth contained a faint, cold smile, "He is merely seeking his own humiliation."

A lightning glow flashed all over Ling Quan's body in the sky. A blood-red thing was vaguely seeping out. His gaze stared savagely at Xiao Yan as he clenched his fist. A lightning long-spear, filled with traces of blood, slowly appeared.

Xiao Yan watched Ling Quan, who was carrying a frightening momentum. His eyebrows were vaguely knitted. The Secret Techniques of the Gu clan was quite strong. Currently, the strength of this fellow should be close to the level of a seven star Dou Zong…

"However, regardless of how strong the Secret Technique is, it is completely useless if one does not possess a firm foundation. Until now, you have yet to reach even half of my expectations…"

Xiao Yan slowly shook his head. He had indeed overestimated this Ling Quan a little. Although Ling Quan's strength had reached that of a five star Dou Zong, from the way Xiao Yan looked at it, he was at the very most similar to a four star Dou Zong. If he did not possess the help of those high class Dou Techniques, even some three star Dou Zongs with a strong foundation could fight with him for over a hundred exchanges.

Ling Quan had used a Secret Technique and forcefully raised his strength to that of the peak of a six star Dou Zong, near that of the seventh star level. However, in the eyes of Xiao Yan, who had used the first change of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, Ling Quan still did not pose much of a threat.

"What do you consider yourself? Once this commander captures you, I will personally treat this mouth of yours!"

Xiao Yan's words had caused the ferocity within Ling Quan's eyes to become denser. A moment later, he finally let out a dense smile. His body trembled and disappeared from the spot…

Xiao Yan slowly shook his head after seeing Ling Quan's figure disappear. His feet suddenly but gently shifted half a step to the left.


After his feet had just shifted, the space behind Xiao Yan suddenly rippled and a lightning-like spear penetrated out of it like a bolt of lightning. After which, it brushed by Xiao Yan's shoulder and flew past…

The body of the spear suddenly shook after it missed. Immediately, it curled into a strange arc as it ruthlessly shot toward Xiao Yan's head.

Xiao Yan's expression did not change. He leaned his head back and the long-spear skimmed past his face. His feet stomped on empty space at the same time, and his body rotated swiftly like a gyroscope. Soon after, an extremely forceful kick was ruthlessly swung at the empty space beside him!


The kick flew out and a ripple was formed from the empty space. Ling Quan's body flashed and appeared. A lighting glow shield once again appeared in front of him. However, this shield was unable to block all the force. The remaining strength still shook Ling Quan until he miserably took a couple of steps back.

Ling Quan's expression had become dark and solemn after his body pulled back. With the help of his withdrawing momentum, the seal on his hands once again changed and a majestic Dou Qi was swiftly formed on his palm!

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes upon seeing this. His body moved, transforming into a blurry black line that rushed out. After suffering from the last loss, Ling Quan no longer dared to approach Xiao Yan. His hand released the lightning long-spear, and his body formed a half-rotating stance. At the same time, his feet ruthlessly kicked the handle of the long spear!


The lightning long-spear was just like a silver dragon. Borrowing this fierce force, it shot toward Xiao Yan in a ferocious manner!

Xiao Yan's figure paused as he watched the silver glow shooting over. An afterimage remained while his body suddenly accelerated. His body leaped, and his toes accurately pressed on the body of the long-spear. After slight contact, Xiao Yan's body appeared in front of Ling Quan in a ghost-like manner.

"Sea Flipping Seal!"

Xiao Yan had just materialized when a chilly glow flashed across Ling Quan's eyes. The energy-crystal-like handprint ruthlessly smashed toward Xiao Yan's front.

Ling Quan's handprint was swiftly expanded in Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes. Xiao Yan's head suddenly turned with great surprise. At the same time, his palm rushed out from beside his ear as he extended his hand. After which, his elbow ruthlessly cut forward like a blade!


Xiao Yan's elbow was covered by a jade-green flame as it ruthlessly smashed against Ling Qian's wrist. The powerful force caused Ling Quan's wrist to emit a clear bone-cracking sound.

Xiao Yan's attack was ruthless and swift. He did not even allow Ling Quan to react even a little as his elbow smashed Ling Quan's wrist. A merciless expression also flashed across his eyes as his fist, that was covered by a jade-green flame, ruthlessly smashed toward Ling Quan's face.

Before Ling Quan's miserable cry could be emitted, because of the intense pain that was transmitted from his wrist, the hot and fierce wind, that blew in front of him, caused his head to be covered with cold sweat. During this short dozen plus exchanges with Xiao Yan, he could truly be considered to have experienced what it meant by staking one life to take another. Moreover, the thing that caused Ling Quan's heart to become cold was that only Xiao Yan was attempting to take another's life during the entire fight. Each time Ling Quan attacked, Xiao Yan would dodge right at the most dangerous and critical moment!


The fist that was wrapped by jade-green flame was just about to strike Ling Quan when a lightning barrier once again appeared. It barely managed to block the punch amid a low and deep sound.

Before Ling Quan could relax after having blocked Xiao Yan's attack, he was shocked to find so many fist shadows suddenly appearing in front of him. The fierce and vicious force contained in each fist shadow caused his heart to tremble.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fist shadows poured onto the light shield in front of him like a storm, causing ripples to continuously form. A moment later, a 'boom' finally sounded. The shield burst apart under this clear sound!


A coldness appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes when the lightning shield was blasted apart. Xiao Yan's fist changed, and it ruthlessly slammed into Ling Quan's face with his shocked eyes.


Xiao Yan's fist landed firmly, causing Ling Quan to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood along with a couple of teeth. His body violently shot backwards like a bird with its wings broken. After which, he heavily collided into a wall of the courtyard. The frightening force shook the wall until it collapsed. Rock fragments flew in all directions, transforming into a pile of rubble…

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His body flashed, and he landed from the sky. A leg ruthlessly shot out and kicked the pile of rubble. A sharp miserable scream sounded after a deep, dark hole was formed.

Xiao Yan's foot slowly landed on the rubble. He curled his hand and a suction force surged out. Many rock fragments were shattered. After which, Ling Quan, who was covered in fresh blood, was revealed under the rock fragments. After glancing at Ling Quan, Xiao Yan grabbed with his hand and sucked Ling Quan into his palm from across space.

"Commander Ling Quan, does this trash of the Xiao clan possess the qualification to evaluate you?"

Xiao Yan's hand gently held Ling Quan's neck. Currently, all he needed to do was use a little strength and this commander of the Black Submerged Army, who had acted arrogantly in front of him back then, would lose his life!

Ling Quan struggled for a moment as he looked at the smiling face. His eyes finally revealed some terror. He recalled that Xiao Yan had never even used one Dou Technique in this fight with him!

This was a kind of contempt, but even though this was the case, Ling Quan still lost… moreover, he had lost so miserably…

Only at this moment did he understand that the Xiao Yan, standing in front of him, was no longer that small Dou Ling from the Inner Academy back then…

A river flows thirty years west and thirty years east. One should never look down on a young person…
TL: Never look down on the young as they got a lot of time to grow

Today, it was his turn to repay the debt from back then.

Chapter 1118: Departure

The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth was curled into a cold smile as he observed the terrified expression that surfaced in Ling Quan's eyes. He believed that after the fight today, he would leave behind an imprint and a phobia in the other party's heart. In the future, regardless of what level this Ling Quan reached, this shadow of failure would surface from deep within his soul as long as he stood in front of Xiao Yan. This would result in Ling Quan being unable to maintain his peak condition in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan tightly held Ling Quan's neck with his hand. A moment later, he tossed Ling Quan, ruthlessly sending him into the stone pillar of the stone pavilion. That powerful force caused some lines to spread across the stone pillar.


Ling Quan could not resist spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood after receiving such a heavy blow. His life force was weak as he lay on the ground. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

"Commander Ling Quan?"

Those dozen plus members of the Black Submerged Army hurriedly rushed over upon seeing this. Ling Quan was after all their superior. If he was beaten to death by Xiao Yan in this place, they would definitely have difficulty escaping punishment when they returned to the Gu clan.

"Relax, he is still alive…"

Xiao Yan randomly rubbed his fist on his clothes as he faintly informed them. Although he really disliked this Ling Quan and Xun Er said that she would take responsibility if anything happened, he was still not a reckless person. He clearly understood that if he were to kill Ling Quan, Xun Er would end up in trouble, especially if she took responsibility for everything. Xiao Yan was not happy to have such a thing occur.

Those ten plus Black Submerged Army finally sighed in relief after hearing Xiao Yan's words. They faced each other only to quietly sigh. One of them separated from the group and picked up Ling Quan, who had turned into a pile of mud. After which, their bodies moved, and they rushed onto the four-winged single-horned beast. They had never received that whatever Elder's order. Moreover, even if they did receive it, they did not dare to attack with Xun Er around. After all, they did not have the same backing Ling Quan had behind them.

"Hee hee, young one, you are really ruthless in your attacks. It is likely that Ling Quan will require two to three months to completely recover from those injuries. Moreover, even if he does fully recover, he will likely suffer from some sequelae…" The black-robed, old man glanced at Xiao Yan with deeper meaning as he commented on the situation.

Xiao Yan smiled. Although those injuries were serious, it was at the very least better than losing one's life. If he was not afraid of giving Xun Er some unnecessary trouble, Ling Quan would have died today.

Xiao Yan's eyes turned to Xun Er beside him. A reluctance surged into his heart. He asked, "Are you leaving now?"

Xun Er gently nodded. She had only been with Xiao Yan for a short while, yet Ling Quan's group had already come chasing her. If she were to stay a little longer, it was likely that the ones who would come next would not be at Ling Quan's level. Moreover, if the other party still insisted on bringing Xiao Yan back to the Gu clan, there would truly be some trouble.

Seeing this, Xiao Yan softly sighed and ceased saying anything to hold her back. He knew that Xun Er had her reasons for being in such a hurry to leave.

"Wait for me in the Gu clan. After I participate in the Pill Gathering and rescue Yao Lao, I will head to the Gu clan to look for you…"

Xun Er sweetly smiled upon seeing Xiao Yan's serious expression. She softly inclined her snow-white chin and said, "Xun Er will wait for you…"

After saying this, Xun Er studied Xiao Yan before she ceased staying any longer. Her lovely body moved, and she leaped into the sky. She gently landed on the head of the four-winged single-horned beast. Black hair fluttered, causing her to appear like an otherworldly fairy. Her ethereal demeanor gave one a dazzling feeling.

"Ha ha, little fellow Xiao Yan, take care. Quickly raise your strength. Do not let young miss come and help you out next time. As a man, one would be more capable if one relies on oneself…" The black-clothed elders laughed to Xiao Yan. The space around them immediately became distorted, and their figures slowly disappeared from the spot. They were already on the four-winged single-horned beast the next time they appeared.

Xun Er turned her head and looked at the young man, who was standing tall and straight below. A moment later, she gently swung her sleeves. A wild wind was lifted, and the four-winged single-horned beast emitted a low, deep roar. After which, it flapped its four wings, carrying a wild wind as it swiftly flew out of Ye City…

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, take care…"

A gentle voice was transmitted with the wind. After which it lingered and entered Xiao Yan's ears.

Xiao Yan's eyes stared at the black figures that gradually became distant. His hands were slowly tightened under his sleeves!

"Xun Er, wait for me in the Gu clan. I will reveal a strength that even the Gu clan will have to look at. I want to let them know that your eyesight is correct. The Xiao clan does not have anyone who is useless!"

The enormous black figure swiftly disappeared in the horizon. At the same time, the atmosphere within the courtyard had become a little lonely as a result…

Xiao Yan's eyes stared at the black figures disappearing into the horizon. Only a long while later did he let out a soft sigh.

"Relax, it is not as though you cannot meet each other in the future…" The Little Fairy Doctor softly comforted as she stood behind Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also smiled when he heard this. He nodded his head, turned to the corner outside of the courtyard, and asked with a grin, "Elder Ye Zhong, can you please come in for a meeting?"

"Ha ha, mister Xiao Yan is too courteous…"

Ye Zhong's laugh hurriedly sounded soon after Xiao Yan spoke. Immediately two figures swiftly entered the courtyard. They were Ye Zhong and Xin Lan.

Xiao Yan turned his body and sat down within the stone pavilion. Ye Zhong and the rest followed him in. After which, all of them sat down and focused their eyes on Xiao Yan.

"Elder Ye Zhong, may I know how much time is left until the start of the Pill Gathering? Moreover, what is the selection before the Pill Gathering all about?" Xiao Yan smiled as he inquired. The information Xiao Yan knew about the Pill Gathering was not as detailed as what Ye Zhong knew.

"If we were to count the exact time left, we should have around seven months. However, the Pill Gathering is a distinguished event that is rarely seen in the Pill Tower or even within the Central Plains region. Hence, there are also many rules to follow. Quite a number of people will arrive at the Holy Pill City half a year or even a year before the start of the Pill Gathering." Ye Zhong laughed.

"Holy Pill City?"

"Ha ha, the Holy Pill City is the location of the Pill Tower's headquarters. It is also called Pill City." Ye Zhong smiled and explained. "The selection of the Pill Gathering is meant to eliminate some of those who are there only to make up the numbers. After all, the Pill Gathering is the grandest alchemist gathering across the continent. The alchemists without skill do not have the qualification to participate in it…"

"Those participants of the Pill Gathering will require a recommendation letter first. This is not much of a problem. It is merely a formality. When the time comes, the old me will prepare one for mister Xiao Yan. My Ye clan might be declining, but it still possesses the qualification to write this letter of recommendation.

"Other than the extremely harsh requirement on one's ability, the other aspects of the Pill Gathering are quite alright. There is also quite a loose requirement when it came to the participants' age. As long as one is not an old demon who is renowned across the continent, everyone else can participate. Of course, everyone can only participate in the Pill Gathering once in their lifetime. If one were to participate in it this time around, one would no longer have the qualification to participate the next time around."

"There is no restriction on age? Isn't this a little unfair to some of the younger alchemist?" Xiao Yan was involuntarily startled when he heard this. He knit his brows as he commented.

"Ha ha, where is there absolute fairness in this world? Moreover, most of those who have the confidence to come and participate in the Pill Gathering possess some talent. All of them thinks that they are of sufficient weight…" Ye Zhong shook his head and laughed.

"The selection of the Pill Gathering is separated into the Heaven, Earth, and Man levels. In other words, it is equivalent to three elimination rounds. Only those who can last through the Heaven elimination round and remain behind possess the qualification to participate in the final competition."

"Heaven, Earth, and Man levels?" Xiao Yan involuntarily lifted his eyebrows. It was indeed worthy of being the grandest alchemist gathering. Just the selection alone was already this complicated.

"Ha ha, it is indeed quite troublesome. Those who wish to participate in the Pill Gathering will mostly arrive at the Holy Pill City around two to three months ahead of time. In other words, mister Xiao Yan only has four months of preparation time…" Ye Zhong grinned and nodded.

"Four months…" Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly upon hearing this. Only now did he sense just how pressed for time he was. He needed to obtain the Three Thousand Burning Flames. Before that, however, he had to obtain a top ten spot in the Pill Gathering. Otherwise, everything else would just be empty talk. Xiao Yan had also thought of forcefully taking it. However, the Pill Tower was a top faction in the Central Plains region. Forget about the matter of him not having the strength to forcefully snatch it. Even if he managed to successfully snatch it, the party he would offend would be all the alchemists in the Central Plains region. He would become the common enemy of all alchemists.

Xiao Yan felt his head become numb by just thinking about it.

Moreover, the frightening aspect of the Pill Tower was not its surface strength, but its terrifying summoning ability…

Xiao Yan had experienced the ability of a high tier alchemist to gather people. Moreover, when this number was magnified a countless number of times, that summoning ability would likely be extremely difficult to be described by the word 'frightening'…

"Looks like I will have to seriously practice medicinal refinement during these four months…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he muttered quietly in his own heart. Although he was quite confident in himself, this Pill Gathering would not be like the Jia Ma Empire's Alchemist Grand Meeting. All the outstanding alchemists across the Central Plains would swarm to the Pill Gathering.

This was because everyone knew that as long as one were to stand out in the Pill Gathering, it would be equivalent to becoming an elite among the alchemist occupation anywhere on the continent!

That honor was likely the ultimate aim a countless number of alchemists strived for!

Hence, even Xiao Yan felt a lot of pressure when facing these outstanding alchemists that came from all over the continent…

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air after making up his mind in his heart. His eyes glanced at Xin Lan beside him before looking at the smiling face of Ye Zhong. His finger gently tapped the stone table before he finally asked a moment later, "Elder Ye Zhong. I promised Xin Lan back then that I will aid your Ye clan in regaining the Pill Tower's Elder Seat. I, Xiao Yan, am someone who keeps his word. Can you tell me about the qualification one requires to enter this Elder Seat?"

Xin Lan and Ye Zhong were initially startled when they heard his question. A wild joy and excitement surged onto their faces soon after.

Chapter 1119: Elder's Seat

The faces of Ye Zhong and Xin Lan were covered with uncontrolled joy and excitement before they gradually calmed down. After the events that had happened during this period of time, there was no longer anyone within the Ye clan who dared to feel the slightest doubt about Xiao Yan's abilities.

"Mister Xiao, it is not considered especially difficult in order to enter a Pill Tower Elder's Seat. Of course, this is speaking in relative terms. At the very least, my current Ye clan is unable to meet that criteria." Ye Zhong rubbed his hands and sighed, "There are a total of five great clans within the Pill Region. These five great clans have existed since long ago. During that time long ago, the clan heads, who had established the five great clans, were all the core members of the Pill Tower. According to the rules, as long as the five great clans are able to meet some requirements in the future, they will be able to occupy a seat in the Pill Tower Elders' Seats."

"The five great clans all have extremely large forces. With the huge name of the Pill Tower, they can basically roam this Pill Region without restriction. Even factions like the Ice River Valley see them have to be courteous to these clans. The current Ye Clan is not among this list." Speaking here, Ye Zhong's face was quite dark.

"Every once in awhile, the Pill Tower will perform an assessment of the five great clans. Only those who pass the test are able to maintain a spot among the Elders Seats."

"What kind of assessment?" Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and softly asked.

"The Pill Tower attaches much importance to the grooming of the younger generation. The target of the test is naturally members of the younger generation." Ye Zhong glanced at Xin Lan beside him and softly sighed. "The quality of the Ye clan is declining with each subsequent generation. It appears as though all the pill refining talent has gradually been milled away. It is even inferior to some outside alchemists. Xin Lan's talent is already considered quite good among this batch of younger generation. However, she has only reached the level of a tier five alchemist."

Xin Lan's pretty face was filled with an ashamed expression upon seeing Ye Zhong's gaze.

"During every test, the five great clans must send out a member of the younger generation to take the test of the Pill Tower. If they pass the test, they will be able to maintain their seat. However, if they fail to pass the test, things will become a little risky." Ye Zhong bitterly laughed. "My Ye clan has already failed twice. If we fail again this time around, not only will we completely lose the qualification to enter the Pill Tower Elder's Seat but we will be also be eliminated from the five great clans.

"The five great clans is a shortcut to entering the upper echelons of the Pill Tower. Therefore, a countless number of eyes are watching us. Once our Ye clan is eliminated, those fellows eyeing us up will immediately charge forward."

"Is the test extremely harsh?" Xiao Yan softly asked.

Ye Zhong nodded and sighed. "The lowest qualification to participate in this kind of test is that the alchemist must reach the sixth tier. If one wishes to pass it, one must reach the level of a tier 7 alchemist in order to do so."

Xiao Yan nodded after hearing this. He slowly replied, "Tier 7, is not a very hard requirement."

"These old bones of mine have only reached this level after training for so many years. With mister Xiao Yan's talent, it is naturally not difficult. However, which of the younger members of my Ye clan can reach this stage?" Ye Zhong bitterly laughed as he said, "Moreover, the worse thing is that the Ye clan has already failed twice. During this test, we must enter the top three among those who take it in order for us to be considered to have pass."

"Top three?" Xiao Yan was startled.

"Ugh, the other four great clans are growing more than us. There are also many talented individuals within the clan. Although they might not dispatch the elites among their younger generation to participate, it might still be extremely difficult for our Ye clan to obtain the top three even if we really have a young tier 7 alchemist." Ye Zhong sighed.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head at the decline of the Ye clan upon hearing this. Other people did not need to send out their elite talents to pass the test. This Ye clan, however, is unable to even pass the test. They were all the five great clans, but this Ye clan was really a little too miserable.

Ye Zhong appeared to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking in his heart after seeing the his expression. His old face was a little red. The once renowned clan had declined to such an extent in this generation. He had completely lost this old face of his.

"Leave the matter of the test to me. However, can one get the help of an outsider for such a test?" Xiao Yan asked after pondering the matter. He did not wish to give Ye Zhong's weak heart a blow when he saw his pitiful manner.

"No." Ye Zhong shook his head before he immediately hurriedly added, "However, there is a way to be flexible, but mister Xiao Yan would have to suffer a little because of this."

Xiao Yan was stunned as he frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

Ye Zhong glanced at Xin Lan beside him. He hesitated a little before replying, "When introducing you to the Pill Tower, we can say that mister Xiao Yan is the son-in-law to be of the Ye clan."

Xiao Yan's expression immediately changed upon hearing his solution. He solemnly demanded, "Isn't this idea a little too rancid? It is fine since I am a man, but how will the female party interact with others in the future?"

"Mister Xiao Yan, please do not be too worried. This is only a formal manner of address. No one will ask you to take the slightest responsibility for it!" Ye Zhong sighed. "The Ye clan has already reached the point of a life and death situation. All the members of the Ye clan are prepared to take the last gamble. This price is something that we must accept!"

Xiao Yan tightly knit his eyebrows. It was a moment later before he asked, "You can get me to represent your Ye clan, in that whatever test, just like this?"

Ye Zhong nodded his head. He sincerely answered, "As long as the Ye clan can pass the test this time around, the Ye clan will be able to regain its seat. Thus, we will have enough time to develop. Mister Xiao Yan will not have any relation with the Ye clan once we have passed the test!"

Xiao Yan helplessly sighed after seeing the pleading old face of Ye Zhong. This old fellow really appeared to have walked to a dead end. If Xiao Yan was to turn around and leave now, it was likely that the Ye clan would really completely decline. In the future, they would only end up being an ordinary clan. Moreover, without the protection of the Pill Tower, some of their enemies would become fearless. At that time, it was likely the Ye clan would truly be finished."

"Big brother Xiao. Please help the Ye clan this once. Xin Lan is willing to do anything for you as long as the Ye clan is alright!"

Xin Lan beside Xiao Yan suddenly knelt down while Xiao Yan was deep in thought. She spoke in a desolate manner.

Xiao Yan's expression drastically changed when Xin Lan knelt down. He waved his sleeves and a gentle strength forcefully lifted Xin Lan up. That stubborn girl had just been lifted to her feet when she began to kneel again. The Little Fairy Doctor by her side could not help but helplessly shake her head upon seeing this. She extended her hand and stopped Xin Lan.

"It is not as though you do not know Xiao Yan's character. He will naturally not wash his hands after making a promise to you. By kneeling like this, you will only irritate him." The Little Fairy Doctor softly explained after seeing Xin Lan's pretty red eyes.

Xiao Yan sighed. His gaze swung to the pleading Ye Zhong as he said in a deep voice, "Forget it, we will do as you say. However, I must say this before hand. You better not think of using this son-in-law tactic to get me to stay in the Ye clan. If you intend to pull me into your little scheme, you should not blame me for not giving you any face!"

"Mister Xiao Yan, you can rest assured that Ye Zhong is not such a shameless person!" Ye Zhong's face was immediately filled with wild joy when he heard Xiao Yan accept. His appearance of having found hope in despair caused his old heart to continuously beat.

The Little Fairy Doctor by the side also sighed in relief. She turned her eyes only to see Xin Lan's pretty face become a little unnatural. She was immediately startled and asked, "He said son-in-law. The female party is not you, is it?"

Xiao Yan's body stiffened upon hearing this. He quickly turned his head in surprise and looked at the flushed red, pretty face of Xin Lan. He bitterly laughed with some embarrassment, "This old fellow is not so cruel, is he?"

Xin Lan's face revealed a forced smile. She softly replied, "Big brother Xiao Yan need not be worried. Grandfather has said that this is only a formality. Big brother Xiao Yan will definitely be a top level being in the Dou Qi Continent in the future. It is not as though Xin Lan is a girl who doesn't know her limits." The Little Fairy Doctor by the side watched the blue-clothed girl's face become much redder after the girl finished speaking. She involuntarily glared at Xiao Yan. The words this fellow had spoken were really too hurtful.

Xiao Yan was a little embarrassed. If Xin Lan had not informed him about the Three Thousand Burning Flames, it was likely that he would still be randomly looking for one at this moment. Moreover, Xin Lan had been following him and had been a great help after he had arrived in the Pill Region without even uttering a single complain. All she had done was enough to get Xiao Yan to treat her as a friend. Otherwise, who would bother with this whatever Ye clan.

"Ugh, I will leave this matter to Elder Ye Zhong and will do my best to cooperate with you."

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. He turned his head, ruthlessly cut Ye Zhong with his eyes, and spoke.

Ye Zhong dryly laughed, but he did not dare to touch Xiao Yan's anger. He said, "The test this time around will begin in two months' time. Therefore we must leave the Holy Pill City two months from now. If mister Xiao Yan requires any medicinal ingredient during this period of time, please feel free to inform the old me. The Ye clan will help prepare everything for you."

"Two months? So soon?" Xiao Yan was immediately startled upon hearing this.

Was this time frame not a little too rushed?

Ye Zhong bitterly smiled and nodded. If they weren't so pressed for time, he would not need to humbly beg a member of the younger generation even if this younger generation's pill refinement skill was not inferior to him.

"Ugh, two months it will be then." Xiao Yan could only nod his head once he understood the situation. Coincidentally, Xiao Yan was also extremely curious about the Pill Tower. After all, it was basically the holy ground in the hearts of all alchemists on the continent.

Ye Zhong sighed in relief after hearing Xiao Yan voice no objections. After discussing some of the matters regarding the Pill Gathering with Xiao Yan, he pulled the red-eyed Xin Lan with him as he withdrew from the courtyard.

Xiao Yan stood outside of the stone pavilion and watched the distant back of Ye Zhong. There was some anticipation vaguely leaping within his dark-black eyes.

The Holy Pill City, just how grand would this legendary alchemists' holy ground be?

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