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Chapter 1107: Forcing the Enemy to Withdraw

Bing He's eyes stared at the green-clothed lady in the distance, who was standing on empty air. The shock in his eyes was difficult to hide. The Gu clan, this ancient faction, that kept a low profile, would seldom show themselves in the Central Plains. However, an expert who had reached a certain qualification and weight would learn just what kind of terrifying strength this clan, which had descended from ancient times, possessed…

Ever since Xun Er appeared, Bing He might have made some guesses about her status and background, but he had never sent his guesses in the direction of this Gu clan. After all, the clan kept a low profile. It was extremely rare for such a publicized event to occur. Moreover, there were many experts in the Central Plains who also possessed hidden factions. Quite a number of these factions had a strength that could contend with the Ice River Valley. However, due to the various rules within their factions, they were not as renowned as this Ice River Valley. However, if the Ice River Valley were to offend the other party until they could no longer endure it, even the Ice River Valley would suffer a little.

"It is expected that she is actually someone from the Gu clan."

Bing He's expression turned a little green. At his level, he naturally knew quite a lot about the mysterious Gu clan. Forget about the other things. Just being able to open a realm and create their own world was enough to cause quite a number of top factions to be humble.

Only at this moment did he understand that the words Xun Er had uttered when she revealed herself was not an empty threat. With the unfathomable strength of the Gu clan, destroying his Ice River Valley was not an impossible task.

The white-haired, old man ignored Bing He even as the expression in his eyes changed. The jade-green glow on his hand grew denser. A moment later, it agglomerated in a lightning-like manner and transformed into half-a-foot-large jade-green energy palm. The palm was filled with numerous dark-black scars, and a frightening spatial strength seeped out of it. This caused the space around the palm to split apart and form numerous dark-black cracks…

"Ha ha."

The white-haired, old man's sharp eyes swept over Bing He after seeing his fist imprint form. A loud laugh was emitted from his mouth. Immediately, he waved his hand, and the unusual palm with a countless number of strange, black threads covering it suddenly rushed out!

The energy of above the city suddenly began to riot after the energy palm was sent forth. Even the cloud layer in the sky was churning!

Bing He had naturally heard of the renowned God Seal Skill. Hence, his expression instantly became solemn. He knew that it was pointless to say anything at this moment. All he could do was receive the attack from this old fellow, who had become excited from the battle…

Bing He clenched his teeth as this thought rushed through his heart. The black-colored snowflake on his eyebrows suddenly flickered, forming an unusual luster. Black-colored, cold Qi continuously surged out!

"Ice Zun Force, Freezing Sky Palm!"

The black-colored, cold Qi agglomerated in Bing He's hands in a lightning-like fashion. It shook and a layer of thick, black ice quietly gathered on his palm. This ice layer might not appear mysterious, but it gave one a kind of unusually dense chill.

The black ice palm was swiftly formed. Bing He's feet suddenly stomped on the ground as his body rushed forward. The next instant, he appeared in front of the mysterious palm. His expression was solemn as he ruthlessly threw his palm forward.

The palm moved as Bing He desired. At the same time, the surrounding cold air immediately became violent. Deep within the black ice was a fatal poison. If it were to strike a person's body, their physical body and even their Dou Qi of would instantly freeze!


The two experts were just like two falling stars that flew across the sky in front of the eyes of a countless number of people. They collided in a brilliant manner. A shockingly loud sound reverberated across the sky!

A terrifying energy storm spread through the sky as numerous hundred-meter-long, dark-black lines quietly appeared like gullies in the empty air. This scene was just like the sky had suddenly opened its ferocious mouth, causing one's heart to feel a chill.

The energy storm spread, carrying a hurricane that swept over the sky. Countless numbers of large trees from the forest around the city were torn from the ground. After which, they flew into the distance, as though it was a scene from the end of the world.

"What a powerful energy collision. A fight between elite Dou Zuns is like this…"

Xiao Yan's eyes were a little startled as he looked at the spatial cracks that had formed in the sky. The space of this place was usually stable. However, such a crack was formed. From this, one would tell just how great the energy from the fight was.


The energy storm spread across the sky and the two figures rushed back. While pulling back, their feet rubbed against the empty air, forming dark-black scars.

"Ha ha, how enjoyable. The Ice River Valley's Ice Zun Force is indeed a little unique…"

The white-clothed, old man withdrew over a dozen steps before he stabilized his body. He raised his head and looked at Bing zun-zhe, who had been forced back even further, before involuntarily letting out a hearty laugh.

Bing He's body shook in the distance as he stabilized it. His hand slightly trembled and a grave expression flashed across his eyes. The God Seal Skill was indeed worthy of being a secret skill of the Gu clan. Its might was this frightening…

Xun Er's eyebrows bunched up when she saw that Bing He had only suffered minor injuries despite his miserable state. Her bright eyes glanced at the white-clothed, old man as she softly chided, "Old Lin, don't waste time. We do not have much time for this trip of ours…"

The white-haired, old man appeared humbled upon hearing Xun Er open her mouth to speak. He respectfully acknowledged her words.

"This miss, please wait!"

Bing He hurriedly uttered. His expression changed when he heard Xun Er's voice in the distance.

"What is it? Is Ice River Valley's Chief planning on pursuing me to hand the people over?' The corner of Xun Er's mouth was curled. Her voice contained faint ridicule.

Bing He bitterly laughed. His eyes slid to Qing Hai and Tian Shuang Zi, who was exchanging blows with the black-clothed man. He solemnly cried out, "Tian Shuang Zi, come back!"

Upon hearing Bing He's cry, Tian Shuang Zi, who was bitterly enduring, braced his attention. He did not have the time to say anything to Qing Hai beside him. His body moved and he hurriedly withdrew. Within a couple of flashes, he had already appeared beside Bing He. Using a low and uncertain voice, he asked, "Valley Chief?"

"The matter today is the fault of my Ice River Valley. The Ice River Valley asks for this young lady's forgiveness if we have offended you." Bing He ignored Tian Shuang Zi. He grit his teeth and cupped his hands to Xun Er amid numerous stunned gazes.

Tian Shuang Zi by the side was looking at Bing He with a dull face when he heard his words. He had never heard Bing He utter such words before.

"Just what is the background of these people? They actually…" Tian Shuang Zi was not a fool. After thinking for awhile, he had finally gained a grip on the situation. If the other party merely relied on two elite Dou Zuns, it was impossible for them to get Bing He to act in this manner. Therefore, it was obvious that there was definitely a frightening background behind the mysterious lady that even the Ice River Valley was extremely afraid of.

"Bing He, what do you mean by this? Are you trying to throw the face of the Ice River Valley away?"

With Tian Shuang Zi's withdrawal, Qing Hai did not dare stay entangled with the black-clothed, old man. He also hurriedly fled the battle and furiously yelled to Bing He.

Bing He ignored Qing Hai's furious cry. Although he really wished to obtain the Woeful Poison Body, he would give it up without any hesitation if the precondition to doing so was offending the Gu clan. After all, the Hall of Souls might not be afraid of the Gu clan, but his Ice River Valley did not possess that kind of strength.

Xun Er had also felt surprised because of Bing He's sudden change of heart. She fell deep into thought. It seemed that this person had become aware of their identity…

"Xiao Yan ge-ge?"

Xun Er mused for a moment before turning her head. She turned her gaze to Xiao Yan. Her meaning was obvious even without saying anything. She was waiting for Xiao Yan's decision.

Although Xun Er's action was subtle, it was still noticed by Bing He's group. Immediately, their eyes were surprise as they shifted to Xiao Yan. This subtle action let them to know that despite the frightening background of this lady she seemed to be following Xiao Yan's lead…

"This brother, my Ice River Valley will not interfere in the matter of the Woeful Poison Body in the future!"

Bing He's eyes flashed as he cupped his hands together and solemnly promised.

Xiao Yan glanced at Bing He. He smiled and replied, "Valley Chief Bing really knows how to joke. This matter is but a misunderstanding. Since Valley Chief has already put it this way, Xiao Yan will naturally not pester you…"

Xiao Yan clearly understood in his heart why Bing He was treating him this politely. The reason was because of Xun Er. The Ice River Valley was considered quite strong in the Central Plains region. With the current strength beside Xun Er, it was likely impossible to completely eradicate it. Moreover, the Gu clan might not allow her to do something like that for an outsider. Therefore, frightening the Ice River Valley off today was already the best ending. Naturally, some of the grudges between them would be handled by him when he possessed the strength to fulfill them in the future. He had no intention of borrowing the strength of the Gu clan!

Bing He sighed in relief after hearing Xiao Yan's words. Xiao Yan's strength was unworthy of his attention. However, he needed to carefully deal with the Gu clan. Currently, with Xun Er intervening, he could only leave in a dejected manner regardless of how unwilling he was.

"I will get some people to take care of the mess in Ye City and will not stay any longer today…" The many gazes below caused Bing He to involuntarily clench his fist. After which, his eyes turned to Xun Er as he solemnly said "This young miss, hopefully the matter today is only some small grudge and will not influence any relationships after this."

Xun Er naturally understood what he wanted to convey. She smiled slightly and softly replied, "I also hope that today's matter will not occur a second time. Otherwise, the place I will have to visit next time might perhaps be the Ice River Valley…"

Bing He's expression slightly changed. He forced a smile and waved his sleeves. The space behind him became distorted and his body slowly disappeared into the distorted space. Tian Shuang Zi hurriedly followed him.

Qing Hai's eyes looked at Bing He's group leaving in a dejected manner. His heart finally began to panic a little. His body moved and the space around him became distorted. However, he was just about to flee when two black figures strangely appeared beside him. Their hands firmly locked onto his shoulders.

"What do you want with me?"

Xiao Yan grinned when he heard Qing Hai's furious cry. His smile was filled with an icy coldness. He did not have much of a grudge with the Ice River Valley. However, he was in a situation where he would rest until the Hall of Souls disappeared. Hence, Bing He's group was allowed to leave, but Qing Hai was not!

Chapter 1108: Seal

Qing Hai's body was completely sealed by the white-haired, old man and his partner. The Dou Qi within his body had even ceased flowing at this moment. He struggled for a while, but he was unable to escape. Finally, his fierce eyes suddenly turned to Xiao Yan and coldly laughed, "If you dare to hurt the old me, it will be equivalent to you becoming enemies with the Hall of Souls! The old me doesn't know just what kind of background you have, but offending the Hall of Souls is an extremely foolish action!"

"Ke ke, what arrogant words. Is the Hall of Souls that great?" The white-haired man by the side strangely laughed when he heard Qing Hai's words.

Xiao Yan's group stepped through the empty air and paused in front of Qing Hai. With a faint smile, Xiao Yan uttered, "Even if I don't do anything to you, the Hall of Souls will still not let me off. Therefore, your threat is useless against me." Xiao Yan's eyes turned to the two elders on Qing Hai's sides after speaking until this point. He cupped his hands together and respectfully said, "I have troubled the both of you."

"Ke ke, it is merely young miss's orders. There is no need to thank us." The black-clothed elder smiled and waved his hand.

Xun Er grinned. Her bright eyes turned to the vicious-looking Qing Hai and asked, "Xiao Yan ge-ge, how do you plan to deal with this Honorable Elder from the Hall of Souls?"

"Let's seal him. An Honorable Elder is not an ordinary Protector. It is likely that even the Hall of Souls will feel some heartache if they lose him. He might be of some use when rescuing teacher in the future…" Xiao Yan mused for a moment and finally gave a suggestion.

"You wish to seal the old me? In your dreams!"

Qing Hai's expression became ferocious when he heard Xiao Yan's words. Immediately, he let out a dense, cold laugh. His face suddenly flushed red, and the Dou Qi within his body forcefully attempted to free itself from the restraints of the black-clothed, old duo as it launched through his body in a wild manner.

"Be careful, he wants to self-destruct!"

Xun Er expression changed when she saw Qing Hai's appearance. She grabbed Xiao Yan and withdrew at a lightning-like speed. The faces of the black-clothed, old man and white-haired, old man sank. Both of their palms swiftly pressed against Qing Hai's body. Numerous soft 'grug' sounds appeared and a faint, blood fog seeped from where their palms landed.

"We cannot stop him. This is a self-destruct unique to the Hall of Souls…" The two black-clothed elders frowned after failing to stop Qing Hai's self-destruct despite their efforts. They helplessly shook their heads as their bodies moved. Subsequently, they quickly withdrew.

Wisps of blood fog seeped out of Qing Hai's skin after the two of them pulled back. His eyes also protruded out. Threads of blood flowed out from them. A wild, tyrannical energy was channeled around his body in an uncontrolled manner, causing the surrounding space to become distorted.


An increasing amount of fresh blood appeared on his body. A moment later, a shocking explosion finally sounded in front of the eyes of a countless number of people!

His flesh exploded, and the frightening explosive energy suddenly swept out like a hurricane across the sky!

Under this frightening energy hurricane, even Xiao Yan's group could only lower their bodies. The might from the self-destruction of an elite Dou Zun was quite frightening. If they were to be pulled into it, their fates would be quite miserable.

The raging-hurricane-like energy continued for nearly three to four minutes before it gradually scattered. Only at this moment did the dark color, that covered the sky, disappear.

Xiao Yan knit his brows and looked at the gradually scattering energy hurricane. He did not expect the old fellow to be this ruthless. This old fellow had self-destructed without even allowing Xiao Yan to say any more words.

"An elite Dou Zun will not die so easily. This kind of self-destruction will only destroy his physical body. If his soul escapes, the Hall of Souls will not find it difficult to create another body for him." Tian Huo zun-zhe shook his head and spoke somewhat regretfully. He was the best example of this. Hence, he talked about this matter with the greatest authority.

Xiao Yan softly sighed. All of these old foxes were not ordinary people.

"That is only if his soul can escape…" Xun Er by the side smiled when Xiao Yan sighed. He turned his head upon hearing her words, only to see her autumn-water eyes get covered by a golden color. A faint golden glow shot out of her eyes.

Xun Er's golden pupils slowly swept across the sky. A moment later, they suddenly paused in an empty stretch of sky. Her pretty eyes were lifted. After which, her body moved. The next time she appeared, she was already in the empty area she had been looking at. A golden-colored flame lingered on her hand as it was ruthlessly smashed into an empty area in front of her!

The space rippled after this punch was thrown. It split and formed a palm-sized spatial crack.

Xun Er's hand curled when the spatial line appeared. A suction force surged out. Xiao Yan's group immediately heard the frightened voice that was suddenly emitted from the crack line. After which, an illusionary spiritual body was forcefully pulled out of space itself.

The spiritual body had just appeared when it threw a punch at Xun Er with a vicious expression. However, a sizzling sound erupted when his hand touched the golden-colored flame. A sharp miserable cry resounded across the sky.

Xun Er faintly smiled. She waved her hand and the gold-colored flame surged out. After which, it wrapped around Qing Hai's spirit.

"Chi chi!"

The golden-colored flame lingered around Qing Hai's body. Following which, a thought flashed across Xun Er's heart and the flame swiftly shrank. A spiritual body was quickly shrinking amid a sharp miserable cry. A moment later, it transformed into a palm-sized golden-colored flame.

Xun Er held this cluster of gold flame with her hand and rushed down, landing beside Xiao Yan. She tossed the flame to him and gently laughed, "Xiao Yan ge-ge, I'll give him to you."

Xiao Yan received the light custer and some surprise flashed across his eyes. By borrowing the Fallen Heart Flame, he was able to detect the soul. However, he was unable to reach deep into the spatial crack. It was unexpected that Xun Er had managed to do this.

Xiao Yan took out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring. He stuffed the light cluster into it and rubbed his finger over the mouth of the bottle. A circular, invisible flame appeared over it. After which, he returned the jade bottle to his Storage Ring. A Dou Zun class soul might be of much use to him in the future.

"Fallen Heart Flame? Did First Elder Su Qian jump in anger because of you?"

Xun Er glanced at the invisible flame. Her eyes curled into a crescent shape as she covered her mouth and laughed.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He bitterly laughed, "If you had not appeared this time around, it is likely that I would have found it difficult to escape this time around…"

"Hei. young miss received news about you soon after you stepped into the Central Plains region. After which, she ignored the dispute within the clan and forcefully brought the two of us out of the Gu Realm. Only after running across half of the Central Plains did we arrive here. Fortunately, you are alright. Otherwise, young miss would have really exploded. Ke ke, honestly speaking, the old me has never seen the appearance of young miss when she is angry…" The white-haired, old man by the side curled his mouth and laughed.

"Old Lin!" A faint, bright redness surfaced on Xun Er's face as she chided.

"Ke ke, I will not say anymore, I will not say anymore…" The white-haired old man hurriedly waved his hand when he saw heard her cry. Upon seeing Xun Er's little-girl-like embarassed appearance, he exchanged looks with the black-clothed elder beside him. Both of them quietly sighed in their hearts. Xun Er had always maintained a rippleless, old-well-like emotion within the Gu Realm. There was seldom anyone in the clan who could get her to reveal a smile. Her cold and indifferent manner, along with her special status, caused her to appear like a goddess, making it difficult for others to approach her.

However, they had never expected the usuallt ice-mountain-like, young goddess to reveal little-girl-like feelings in front of this fellow called Xiao Yan. This caused the both of them to feel pleased and helpless. With her position in the Gu clan, it was really quite difficult if Xiao Yan wanted to be together with her. Even if he was the descendant of that person…

However, forget about matters in the future. If the feelings Xun Er felt for Xiao Yan were to spread to the Gu Realm, it would immediately stir a great wave. After which, there would be a countless number of furious, young male geniuses from the Gu clan who would step forward. Their aim would definitely be Xiao Yan…

Xiao Yan also smiled when he saw the faint, bright redness on Xun Er's face. His heart felt a little touched. Although he and Xun Er were separated by a great distance, she had always been paying attention to him. These feelings had grown undoubtedly very deep.

Xiao Yan felt a little joyful and proud when he thought of this. Xun Er's character was just like an unearthly pure lotus. Perhaps it was due to her bloodline, but ordinary things would have difficulty causing her emotions to fluctuate. Even when it came to the matters of the opposite sex, it would be extremely difficult to invade her heart. Fortunately, before this future goddess could completely master her emotion, Xiao Yan had placed an imprint that was difficult to remove in her heart. This imprint ultimately allowed Xiao Yan to successfully pull this perfect goddess, that countless number of people desired, into his embrace…

If those many things had not occurred when they were still children and if things were to develop normally, Xiao Yan and Xun Er would not have had much of a social connection. With Xun Er's subsequent growth, it was likely that no one would be able to walk into the heart of this matured goddess. However, there was no such thing as 'if.' Currently, Xiao Yan had already planted a deep impression in Xun Er's heart. When it came to anyone or any matter related to Xiao Yan, her cold and indifferent appearance would automatically slip off…

This point was also the thing that caused the two elders to sigh emotionally…

Xiao Yan's hand rubbed his still somewhat giddy head. This was the sequelae after having used the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. After which, Xiao Yan turned his eyes and looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, who was standing quietly behind him. He was just about to say something when he discovered that the eyes of the two ladies collided together. Based on his instincts, he seemed to have sensed the surrounding temperature showing signs of rising.


Xiao Yan softly coughed before facing Xun Er and introducing the Little Fairy Doctor, "This is the Little Fairy Doctor…" After saying those words, he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor and introduced Xun Er, "This is Xun Er…"

The Little Fairy Doctor and Xun Er slightly smiled without any prior agreement after hearing Xiao Yan's introductions. After which, they took a step forward. The two females extended their jade-like, white hands and gently shook them in front of Xiao Yan's eyes.

The smile that had surfaced on Xiao Yan's face after seeing the two shake hands suddenly stiffened because he discovered a gray-colored Dou Qi flow and the golden-colored flame slowly rising from both of their hands.

Two outstanding ladies had started an instinctive comparison in front of Xiao Yan during their first meeting…

Chapter 1109: Plans

The strange gray-colored Qi flow and the golden-colored flame quietly collided where both of their hands made contact. However, no loud sound appeared. The two of them quietly mingled. A slight sizzling sound and energy ripple erupted from the point of contact.

This sudden unexpected change caused the black-clothed, old man to be startled. He hurriedly stepped forward and wanted to intervene. However, he stopped after hesitating. His gaze carefully swept over the Little Fairy Doctor and surprise flashed across his eyes. Her appearance and demeanor did not lose to even Xun Er. Moreover, the thing that surprised him most was the Little Fairy Doctor's strength. Such a young elite Dou Zun was indeed quite shocking. Just what was so good about this little fellow? He had so many outstanding ladies beside him.

"What are the two of you doing?"

Xiao Yan by the side similarly experienced a change in expression due to the sudden battle between the Little Fairy Doctor and Xun Er. He hurriedly extended his hand over. When he was about to forcefully pull the two ladies apart, the jade-like hands, that had been together, gently withdrew. The gray-colored Dou Qi flow and the golden-colored flame swiftly scattered.

"I have long heard that Little Fairy Doctor jie-jie's (older sister) Woeful Poison Body is really strong. It really lives up to its reputation now that we have met. However, thank you for taking care of Xiao Yan ge-ge during this period of time…" Xun Er gently took a step back, rubbed her hand mildly, and spoke with a slight smile.

"I have also heard Xiao Yan mentioning you many times. Now that we have met, you are indeed a lady blessed by the Heavens. No wonder you are constantly on his mind." The Little Fairy Doctor replied with a warm smile.

Although these two ladies appeared exceptionally warm when they spoke, Xiao Yan could sense an unusualness within their voices. He bitterly laughed in his heart. These two ladies had the capital to be proud. One had a natural poison constitution while the other possessed the bloodline of an ancient Dou Di. Now that they had met, there was a vague feeling of the both of them refusing to give in to the other. Could this be the opposition between two outstanding ladies?

"Alright, this matter is over. Let's all rest for awhile. Moreover, this is not a good place to chat." Xiao Yan shook his head and helplessly spoke.

Xun Er and the Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly upon hearing his words. Seeing them nod, Xiao Yan took the lead to move his body and land in the Ye clan manor in the center of the city. Xun Er's group followed close behind as a countless number of gazes watched them.

The entire Ye City also began to turn into an uproar after Xiao Yan's group rushed down. The soul-stirring battle today would likely spread throughout the Central Plains like the wind…

Ye Zhong and all the clan members of the Ye clan hurriedly stepped forward after Xiao Yan's group landed in the Ye clan manor. After today's shocking battle, Ye Zhong had finally witnessed Xiao Yan's ability. Even a faction as strong as the Ice River Valley was forced back in a dispirited fashion despite having sent out all of their strongest people. From this, one could tell just how strong Xiao Yan was. Although he clearly understood that most of this was due to the sudden arrival of reinforcements, he also understood that being able to summon these reinforcements was part of Xiao Yan's repertoire.

"Big brother Xiao Yan, are you alright?" Xin Lan's face was filled with joy when she saw that Xiao Yan was fine.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He pointed at Xun Er and said to Xin Lan. "This is Xun Er, I think that you should have also heard of her."

"Hee hee, one of the founders of 'Pan's Gate.' Senior Xun Er. Being a member of 'Pan's Gate,' how can I have never heard of her?" Xin Lan covered her mouth and saucily laughed.

Xun Er was also startled when she heard her reply. Her elegant face immediately revealed a gentle smile that caused the hearts of those young people from the Ye clan to rapidly beat as she softly said, "Ke ke, so you are also a student from the Inner Academy…"

"Elder Ye Zhong, can you please arrange a place for us to chat?" Xiao Yan grinned and turned to Ye Zhong.

"Ke ke, mister Xiao Yan really knows how to joke. Such a small matter is naturally not a problem." Ye Zhong hurriedly nodded upon hearing his request. He personally lead the way at the front.

Xiao Yan smiled. He led Xun Er, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the rest followed.

The courtyard was still filled with many members of the Ye clan. Some of the younger members revealed envious expressions when they saw the two ladies with demeanors possessing individual advantages. An ordinary person was already blessed by the Heavens to have either one of them, yet Xiao Yan was able to enjoy the both of them. From the way they saw it, what was there to regret if one lived until such a state in life.

Xiao Yan naturally did not have the time to bother about the thoughts of these people. Under the leadership of Ye Zhong, all of them walked into the Meeting Room of the Ye clan. Ye Zhong sensibly led the outsiders into the room and then left after the group had taken their seats, leaving this place to Xiao Yan's group.

Xiao Yan sat on a chair and his tensed body finally relaxed. He sensed the piercing pain in his veins and involuntarily parted his mouth. The sequelae of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was quite great. If his body was not extremely strong, it was likely that he would have long since been left on the ground unable to get up.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge what are your subsequent plans?" Xun Er pushed the teacup beside her to Xiao Yan as she inquired with a gentle voice.

"I need to rescue teacher from the hands of the Hall of Souls." The strength of Xiao Yan's hand holding the teacup involuntarily increased. A chill flashed across his dark-black eyes.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge's teacher should be Yao zun-zhe, Yao Chen, from back then, right?" Xun Er was not surprised at Xiao Yan's answer as she softly inquired. She had done some research after having returned to the Gu clan. Hence, it was not surprising that she was aware of Yao Lao's identity.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded.

"Yao Chen?"

The black-clothed, old man by the side was slightly astounded when he heard that name. Immediately, his eyes glanced at Xiao Yan in surprise. He said, "It is unexpected that he is your teacher… that old fellow's medicinal refining skills are something that hardly anyone on this Dou Qi continent can match."

"Ke ke, that's right. Back then, we had also met Yao Chen a couple of times. However, the both of us were merely ordinary Dou Zongs at that time…" The other white-haired, old man also laughed and let out a sigh full of emotions.

Xiao Yan grinned. His eyes turned to Xun Er, who was in deep thought, as he asked, "What is it?"

"The Hall of Souls will definitely take precautions against you after the matter today. They might even shift the place where they have imprisoned mister Yao Chen. If you were to boldly head there… it is likely that you will only deliver yourself to their hands." Xun Er hesitated for a moment and replied.

"You should not underestimate this Hall of Souls. My Gu clan has exchanged blows with them many times over the years. However, we have not hurt their core. With your strength, even if you have these two Dou Zuns by your side, it is likely very difficult to rescue Yao Chen from the hands of the Hall of Souls if you do not plan properly." The white-haired, old man also reminded. "Young miss cannot stay for too long this time around. She must return in at the very most ten days. Your status is a little unique to our Gu clan. Before you possess the ability to protect yourself, the old me feels that it is best that you do not make contact with the Gu clan…"

Xiao Yan gently knit his brows. Although he was uncertain just what 'unique' meant, he was aware that there was some relationship between the Gu clan and the Xiao clan. Moreover, the Tou She Ancient God's Jade on him was something that the Gu clan wanted to obtain. Yao Lao had reminded him back then that it was best not to leak word about it. Otherwise, it would definitely attract a fatal disaster!

Due to this point, Xiao Yan would be careful when making contact with the Gu clan.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, the strength of the Hall of Souls is far more than what you have seen. Therefore, you must not be careless. The matter of rescuing mister Yao Lao and uncle Xiao all relies on you." Xun Er's expression was a little grave. She was afraid that Xiao Yan would head to rescue Yao Lao now in his reckless and end up landing in the hands of the Hall of Souls. After all, the true intention of the Hall of Souls was the Tou She Ancient God's Jade in Xiao Yan's hands.

Xiao Yan's expression was a little dark and solemn. After the recent battles, he had basically exposed all the strength around him. With the information channels of the Hall of Souls, it was likely that they would soon be aware of the information. If he still led his group over, it was likely that he would really not only fail to rescue Yao Lao but even end up losing his entire group along with himself in the process.

The hand Xiao Yan used to hold the teacup tightened a little. His heart was fretful. Every additional day he allowed Yao Lao to remain in the Hall of Souls, would be an additional day of suffering. This caused him to feel as though his heart was being sliced by a blade.

Xun Er softly sighed after seeing Xiao Yan's face. She ceased saying any additional words.

The hall descended into silence after she stopped speaking. A moment later, Xiao Yan finally exhaled a deep breath of air. His voice was low and deep. "I will not head to the Hall of Souls for the time being…"

Xun Er sighed in relief within her heart when she heard his words. She said, "Xiao Yan ge-ge, please rest assured. Mister Yao Chen is not an ordinary Dou Zun. The Hall of Souls will not take his life so easily. Once I return, I will use the strength of the Gu clan to find the location where Yao Chen is imprisoned. If I receive any news, I will immediately dispatch someone to inform you."

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. Since this moment was not the best time to rescue Yao Lao, he would need to prepare for the matter of the Pill Tower's Pill Gathering. If he was able to obtain the Three Thousand Burning Flames, his strength was bound to soar. At that time, he would be able to fight against experts at Bing He's level. Once that occurred, he would quietly gather helpers and rescue Yao Lao from the hands of the Hall of Souls in one attempt. As for his father Xiao Zhan…

Xiao Yan's eyes became slightly dim when he thought of his father. Ever since Xiao Zhan had disappeared back then, there had not been any news of him. Since the soul light spot on the Tou She Ancient God's Jade still existed, it was likely that even Xiao Yan would have thought that Xiao Zhan had been killed by the Hall of Souls.

"Perhaps I might be able to obtain some news relating to father from Qing Hai's mouth…" Xiao Yan's finger rubbed the ring on his finger. A dense expression suddenly flashed across his eyes. Being an Honorable Elder of the Hall of Souls, it was likely that Qing Hai was aware of many things.

"However, regardless of whether it is rescuing Yao Lao or father… all of that is based on the precondition of me possessing sufficient strength. Hence… Three Thousand Burning Flame. I will obtain you!"

Chapter 1110: Mystery of the Ancient Jade

The hustle and bustle created from the soul-stirring battle during the day finally paled as night gradually covered Ye City. However, many people's hearts were still filled with excitement and exhilaration because of the battle. A battle of this level was something rarely seen across the Central Plains.

What peaked the curiosity of the people in Ye City was the identity of the green-clothed lady who appeared near the end. These people in the Pill Region clearly understood just what kind of strong faction this Ice River Valley was, yet even Bing He had submitted in front of a countless number of eyes. All of this was due to the mysterious, green-clothed lady. From this, one could tell that just what kind of a shocking background this lady possessed.

A crescent moon hung in the dark-black night sky as somewhat icy moonlight scattered down, covering the city that had been devastated during the day with a layer of faint-silver yarn.

Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged in a guest room deep within the Ye clan manor. Both of his hands had formed a training seal. There was a heated aura vaguely lingering around him as he inhaled and exhaled.

Although Xiao Yan did not suffer an overly serious injury from the big battle during the day, his Dou Qi had basically been exhausted. Moreover, the overbearing energy that had been created when using the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change had also caused some damage to his body. If he didn't have a strong physical body, it was likely that some of his veins would have burst apart because of the overbearing energy.

Wave after wave of natural energy slowly entered Xiao Yan's body. After undergoing a refinement, they transformed into clusters of Dou Qi that flowed through his veins. This caused the faint feeling of pain emitted from his veins to gradually reduce…

This quiet training lasted for two to three hours before Xiao Yan slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. His pale-white face had recovered a sleek redness. The exhausted Dou Qi within his body had become much fuller after some recuperation.

"My strength is still insufficient. With my current strength, I can at the very most deal with experts at the peak of the Dou Zong class. As for Dou Zun class experts, unless I use the final Extermination Lotus Flame, it is likely that I will have difficulty harming them…" Xiao Yan opened his eyes, sensed the condition within his body, and sighed in relief. After which, he immediately mused to himself in his heart.

There were a little too many experts who had appeared in the big battle today. This allowed Xiao Yan to truly understand his strength. In the Central Plains, one must rely on one's fist to speak. If Xun Er had not arrived in time today, it was likely that the fate of his group would not have been good. However, if he possessed enough strength, to the point where he need not fear the Valley Chief of the Ice River Valley, he would naturally be able to rely on himself to resolve such a situation instead of relying on his luck and waiting for others to aid him…

Xun Er was able to rescue him once, but what about the second time, or the third, or the fourth?

Although the strength of the Gu clan behind Xun Er was very strong, Xiao Yan was also quite afraid of this Gu clan. He was uncertain just what kind of relationship the Xiao clan had with the Gu clan back then. The other party's intention was very clear. They also wanted to obtain the Tou She Ancient God's Jade from Xiao Yan. Of course, they were different from the Hall of Souls in that they used gentle tactics while the Hall of Souls used all means at their disposal, whether fair or foul.

The matter of Xun Er intervening to rescue him would likely reach the ears of the Gu clan very soon. Xiao Yan was uncertain what their attitude toward him would be. However, one needed to think of the worst scenario if anything happened. If this Gu clan were to attack him one day in an attempt to snatch the Tou She Ancient God's Jade, he needed to be in possession of a strength that belonged to him!

Xiao Yan believed that even if the Gu clan were opposing him, Xun Er would not attack him. This point could be proven by the fact that the Gu clan was still unaware that the Tou She Ancient God's Jade was with him even now. Since Xun Er was able to keep such an important matter a secret, it was possible for him to tell where he was within her heart.

Of course, if this were to really happen, it was likely that Xun Er would descend into a swirl between love and kin. At that time, she would suffer regardless of who was victorious. This was also something that Xiao Yan did not wish to say.

"No matter how I put it, it all boils down to me not being strong enough. If I possess sufficient strength, even the Gu clan would not forcefully attack me…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed. His fist suddenly tightened. With each advancement of a star, he was able to sense that strength was the most important thing!

Family, love, clan, etc., all these things could only be protected with sufficient strength!

A glaring expression flashed across Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes. His hand gently touched his chest. There was still over half of the Demon Poison Spot remaining. If he were to completely refine this thing, Xiao Yan believed that he would be able to become a four star Dou Zong. Once he obtained the Three Thousand Burning Flame, he might even be able to reach the peak of the Dou Zong class. At that time, he would possess the ability to fight even when facing a super expert like Bing He!

"Once I have fully recovered from my injuries, I will refine the Demon Poison Spot. This thing has remained in my body for so many years. It is time to completely get rid of it…"

Xiao Yan clenched his fist as he finally made up his mind in his heart.

Xiao Yan slowly relaxed. He was just about to enter his training state once again when his eyes suddenly turned to the window of the room. He smiled and said, "Since you are already here, why are you still hiding?"

A soft laugh was transmitted into the room after Xiao Yan smiled. Immediately, a green-colored figure drifted in. She stood prettily in front of Xiao Yan and smiled as she said, "It is already so late, yet Xiao Yan ge-ge has yet to rest?"

Xiao Yan watched this elegant and enchanting lady in front of him under the gentle lamplight. A boiling heat quietly rose in his heart. The emotions he had suppressed for many years appeared to be like an erupting volcano in the absence of anyone else. He could not suppress its eruption.

Xiao Yan extended his hand and grabbed Xun Er's snow-white cat-like hand. Where he touched was completely smooth, appearing just like warm jade, causing him to like the feeling so much that he was unwilling to release her hand.

Xun Er's face revealed embarrassment that an outsider would never see after her hand was grabbed by Xiao Yan. However, she did not free her hand. After being separated from Xiao Yan for so many years, her feelings had not only not faded but had become warmer, like the accumulated sediment following the flow of time, spreading to every part of her body.

Xun Er shifted her feet and sat by the side of the bed. Her face gently leaned against Xiao Yan's broad shoulders as she softly muttered, "Xiao Yan ge-ge, Xun Er has really missed you all these years…"

Hearing the feelings of attachment in the lady's words would shock any outsider who heard them. Xiao Yan felt a warmth in his heart. His arm rolled down, and he hugged Xun Er's delicate and soft waist. After which, he buried his head into her smooth, black hair and sniffed the faint fragrance. The slight frustration within his heart seemed to vanish at this moment.

Xun Er allowed Xiao Yan to hug her. A moment later, she finally raised her head. Her intelligent eyes of her looked at Xiao Yan's face as she flipped her hand. A golden-colored scroll appeared in it, and she handed the scroll to Xiao Yan.

"This is the last three seals of the God Seal Skill. With Xiao Yan ge-ge's current strength, you should be able to practice the third seal…" Xun Er softly said, "Xiao Yan ge-ge should not reject it. The Central Plains is not the Black Corner Region. There are as many experts as there are clouds here. One would be safer if one has more skills to preserve one's life. Xun Er cannot continue to remain here. Therefore, you cannot find an excuse to reject this God Seal Skill."

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw the glittering, golden scroll. He felt some helplessness. This girl seems to be always thinking of pushing her things on him.

Xiao Yan hesitated a little in the face of Xun Er's eyes. However, he did not put up much of a resistance, and he soon took the scroll. He was interested in this God Seal Skill. Moreover, Xun Er was right. If one did not have sufficient skills when roaming the Central Plains, it was likely that one would be less safe. Xiao Yan had also long since experienced the might of the God Seal Skill. The Open Mountain Seal and Sea Flipping Seal could be considered strong killing moves when he was at the Dou Wang and Dou Huang class. Following Xiao Yan's advancement to the Dou Zong class, the might of these two seals was much weaker. If he wanted to raise his strength, he would naturally need to practice the remaining training methods for the God Seal Skill…

A smile surfaced on Xun Er's face when she saw Xiao Yan accept the scroll. The current Xiao Yan no longer possessed the kind of insolent sharpness that he had back then. Instead, he was a lot more matured and restrained.

"That's right, Xiao Yan ge-ge, you did not allow anyone else know about the matter of the Tou She Ancient God's Jade, did you?" Xun Er appeared to have recalled something as she suddenly asked in a serious voice.

"That's right…" Xiao Yan trailed off. This thing had far too great of an implication. He naturally did not dare to inform anyone about it. Even the Little Fairy Doctor, Tian zun-zhe, and the others did not know about the existence of the Tou She Ancient God's Jade.

Xun Er finally sighed in relief upon hearing him.

"This Tou She Ancient God's Jade, is it something that the Gu clan wish to obtain?" Xiao Yan frowned slightly and asked.

Xun Er hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. She nodded and softly said, "The Tou She Ancient God's Jade is related to the mystery of Dou Di. I think that Xiao Yan ge-ge is also aware of this matter. Ever since the ancient times, seldom do any experts manage to breakthrough to the Dou Di class. Those Dou Dis back then all seemed to have vanished overnight. We can only find some remnant information from some ancient text,.."

Xiao Yan braced his attention after hearing a great secret of the continent for the first time. He said, "In other words, if one were to cobble together the pieces of the Tou She Ancient God's Jade, one would be able to obtain the method to advance to the Dou Di class?"

"The Dou Qi continent is incomparable vast. There are some remains left behind by the ancient experts since ancient times. However, most of these remains are incomplete. Even though this is the case, each time such a remain is discovered, it would stir a large commotion on the continent." Xun Er's pretty eyes turned to Xiao Yan when she spoke until this point. She said, "Most recently, there was a broken Dou Di relic. A countless number of experts were there at that time. Old mister Yao Lao also participated…"

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows. He had occasionally heard Yao Lao mention that the Flame Mantra was something that he had obtained by chance. Could it be that the Flame Mantra was obtained from that so called Dou Di relics?

"The Tou She Ancient God is the last Dou Di that has appeared on the Dou Qi continent that we know of. He left behind a Dou Di mansion hidden within empty space. This Dou Di mansion is well-preserved. My Gu clan and the Hall of Souls are thinking of entering it. The Tou She Ancient God's Jade is the key to opening that Dou Di mansion…"

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