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Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102: Cold Ice Throne

The smile on Qing Hai’s face, that had been filled with a laziness, suddenly changed the moment that delicate, elegant, white-clothed figure appeared. He withdrew his hand in a lightning-like manner. His body shook. He escaped from the solidified space around him. After which, he swiftly withdrew.

“Who are you? You dare to intervene in the matters of my Hall of Souls?”

A furious cry was emitted from Qing Hai’s mouth while he withdrew.

The distorted space slowly became calm in front of a countless number of gazes. That white-clothed figure clearly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The lady was wearing a white dress. Looking from a distance, she emitted an ethereal demeanor. Her snow-white, long hair fell to her lovely buttocks. A gentle breeze blew over and her snow-white hair drifted in the wind, appearing elegant and alluring. Due to her position, many people were unable to see the exact appearance of this lady. However, from her fit, delicate waist, one could tell that she was a rare beauty.

Xiao Yan would naturally not find this figure foreign. Who else could this person be other than the Little Fairy Doctor?

“Have you succeeded?”

Xiao Yan was stunned as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, who had appeared in the nick of time. Finally, he ended up asking out of surprise.

The Little Fairy Doctor turned her head. She revealed her lovely smile as her beautiful eyes looked at Xiao Yan. She nodded slightly and curled her lips into an enchanting arc. After which, her eyes suddenly noticed the remnant trace of blood that still lingered on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth. Immediately, a chill was added to her arc. She softly inquired, “Is he the one who injured you?”

“Relax. The one who injured me is suffering from an injury that is ten times more serious than mine.” Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes carefully sized up the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him, and he found that he was no longer able to detect the other party’s exact strength. At this moment, the feeling the Little Fairy Doctor gave him was just like an unfathomable, quiet lake that did not allow one to see its bottom.

“Your strength? You have broken to the Dou Zun class?” Xiao Yan’s voice contained a joy that he could not hide.

The Little Fairy Doctor slightly smiled and nodded. She was currently feeling incomparably well. The Woeful Poison Body, which had troubled her for many years, fell under her control when the Poison Dan was formed. From now on, she need not be worried about her poison body accidentally erupting and causing death. The Woeful Poison Body would no longer be a double-edged sword. Instead, it had become a sharp weapon only she could control!

“You are also in cahoots with Xiao Yan?”

Qing Hai’s expression sank as he cried out with a cold voice after seeing Xiao Yan conversing happily with the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor finally turned her head over slowly after hearing Qing Hai’s cry. Her pretty eyes swept over him. After which, she lightly nodded her head.

“This matter is a grudge with my Hall of Souls and Xiao Yan. Please think twice before participating. Otherwise, you might end up offending a faction you cannot afford to offend for just a momentary gain!” Qing Hai solemnly cried out. A furious expression flashed across Qing Hai’s eyes when he saw this situation. From the way the other party had solidified the space with her bare hands, it was likely that the other person’s strength was slightly stronger than his. However, he could not tell if she had stepped up to become a three star Dou Zun.

“How is it possible that so many experts are aiding this brat? Two Dou Zun. Even my Hall of Souls cannot take this lightly.&rdqu

o; Qing Hai’s heart was somewhat alarmed and uncertain as his gaze swept over Xiao Yan behind the Little Fairy Doctor. He had difficulty imagining just how Xiao Yan was able to get two elite Dou Zuns to be his bodyguards, given that he was born on the edge of the continent.

“Hall of Souls. I have never heard of it… even if I have, it is not even as important as a single strand of his hair…” The Little Fairy Doctor merely smiled and replied in the face of Qing Hai’s threat.

Xiao Yan was helpless when he heard this. It seemed that Qing Hai was about to jump up and down. These words were too much of a blow…

As expected, the Little Fairy Doctor’s words had just sounded when Qing Hai’s expression turned gloomy. A blue-colored glow was flickering on his eagle-claw-like, shriveled hand. A moment later, he said in a dense voice, “In that case, allow this venerable self to test if you possess the qualification to say these words!”

“Gan Da, lead the others to capture that brat. Leave this person to me to deal with!”

After hearing Qing Hai’s cry, the other nine experts from the Hall of Souls, who were standing in the sky a short distance away, immediately responded in unison. They slowly spread apart and began to surround Xiao Yan as they approached him.

The aura of these nine people were all quite strong. Although they could not be compared with Tian She, the leader, who was called Gan Da, possessed the strength of a seven star Dou Zong. The others were a little weaker, but they were also existences that could not be underestimated. If Xiao Yan were at his peak condition, he would still be able to contend against them. However, it was likely going to be a little difficult with his current condition…

The Little Fairy Doctor glanced at her surroundings. She gently opened her mouth and a gray-colored fog was spat out. Immediately, it spread with the wind, transforming into a cluster of grayish fog. Coincidentally, it covered the space around Xiao Yan.

This gray-colored fog was not dense and one could see well through it. Those outside could clearly see Xiao Yan, who was within it. However, no one dared to charge forward because anyone who knew their stuff could tell that this ordinary gray-colored fog contained an extremely lethal poison…

That Gan Da’s nine men group looked at the gray-colored fog. After which, they faced each other. They could sniff a kind of dangerous feeling within the fog.

“You…” A gloominess flashed across Gan Da’s eyes. His gaze turned to his companion. He pointed his finger and commanded with a deep voice.

The expression of a black-clothed man changed slightly when he heard this. However, under Gan Da’s dark, grave face, he could only grit his teeth and summon the Dou Qi within his body. The Dou Qi was wrapped around his body before he carefully made contact with the gray-colored fog.

Sizzle sizzle!

The Dou Qi on the black-clothed man’s body had just made contact with the gray fog when it suddenly emitted a sizzling sound. An grayish color surged onto his face with lightning-like speed. After sensing this change, that black-clothed man hurriedly pulled back in horror. After which, he sat in the sky and circulated his Dou Qi to expel the poison.

Upon seeing this scene, the expressions of Gan Da’s group immediately changed. A terror flashed across their eyes when they looked at this gray fog.

Seeing that these fellows were helpless, the Little Fairy Doctor finally let out a faint smile. Her pretty eyes turned to Qing Hai in front of her. A chill flashed across her eyes. This old fellow was thinking of capturing Xiao Yan. This was something which she could not allow!

“I am also thinking of testing just how strong an elite Dou Zun really is. Today, I shall use you to test my strength…”

The Little Fairy Doctor sweetly smiled. She gently clenched her hand and a gray-colored aura lingered over her long fingers. Even the surrounding space formed a slight ripple while the gray Dou Qi was flowing around.

Qing Hai’s expression stiffened when he saw this. Immediately, a fierceness flashed across his eyes. His body moved and space distorted. He took the lead to appear in front of the Little Fairy Doctor. His shriveled hand was just like an eagle claw as it carried an intent spatial ripple and grabbed at Little Fairy Doctor’s long neck.

The Little Fairy Doctor gracefully shifted her feet and easily dodged Qing Hai’s sharp attack. The gray Dou Qi lingering on her hand suddenly swelled. After which, her long fingers pressed against the empty sky, and she pressed them toward Qing Hai’s body at lightning-like speed.

Qing Hai’s expression changed a little when he faced the gray Dou Qi on the Little Fairy Doctor’s hands. He could clearly sense danger when that gray Dou Qi rushed over.


A blue-colored glow surged on Qing Hai’s fist. After which, it carried a rippling spatial strength as his fist violently smashed into the Little Fairy Doctor’s hand!

The two had just collided when a dark-black spatial line was opened in the sky. The Little Fairy Doctor’s lovely body trembled while Qing Hai took two to three steps back before stabilizing his body…

Qing Hai stabilized his body. However, his expression was an unusually ugly one. The vast and might Dou Qi within his body surged. After which, it agglomerated in his palm. A moment later, he could hear a sizzling sound. Three tiny blood pillars shot out of his palm. A blood stench permeated the interior of the blood pillars.

“Just what kind of poison vapor is in the hands of this woman? It is this terrifying?”

A shocked expression flashed across Qing Hai’s eyes after forcing out the poison that had invaded his body. It was his first time meeting such a lethal poison.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not give chase after forcing Qing Hai back. She moved her body and appeared beside Xiao Yan. After beckoning with her hand, she pulled the poison fog around her. Immediately, the space beside her once again became distorted. Tian Huo zun-zhe’s figure also appeared at this moment.

“Xiao Yan is injured. We are outnumbered and should not continue being entangled with them here. Let us leave first before deciding what to do next!” Tian Huo zun-zhe spoke with a deep voice after appearing.

The Little Fairy Doctor slightly nodded. This kind of place was indeed unsuitable to stay for long.

“I will destroy that cold air barrier. You should bring Xiao Yan and leave…” Tian Huo zun-zhe looked at the permeating cold air in the sky and spoke.

Tian Huo zun-zhe did not wait for a reply after saying those words. His body flashed and he appeared under the cold fog barrier. After which, he violently swung his fist.


The punch smashed into the cold fog and the entire cold fog barrier began to shake. The dense, cold fog was swiftly becoming thinner.

“Qing Hai zun-zhe, attack. Don’t allow them to flee!”

Tian Shuang Zi also understood the intention of Xiao Yan’s group after seeing this. His expression turned cold. Their Ice River Valley had summoned such a great army to come to this place. What face would they have if Xiao Yan’s group managed to flee in the end?

Qing Hai understood what to do when it came to such a situation even without Tian Shuang Zi opening his mouth. The both of them flashed, transforming into light shadows as they ruthlessly rushed to Tian Huo zun-zhe below, carrying mighty spatial strengths.


The two figures had just rushed out when the Little Fairy Doctor darted out from under Tian Huo zun-zhe. She waved her hand and a gray poison vapor spread. Due to them being afraid of the potentness of this poison, both Tian Shuang Zi and Qing Hai could only hurriedly stop their bodies.

Tian Huo zun-zhe once again threw a merciless punch while the both figures paused. After throwing this punch, the cold air barrier that permeated the sky finally revealed a tunnel. A joy appeared in Tian Huo zun-zhe’s eyes when he saw this. He pulled Xiao Yan to him as he cried out to the Little Fairy Doctor behind him, “Let’s go!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe cry had just sounded when he grabbed Xiao Yan and took the lead to rush through the tunnel, that had appeared in the barrier of cold air. However, his body had just advanced when the space around the cold air tunnel became distorted. Dense spatial ripples spread out of it.

“It is unexpected that the Woeful Poison Body can be controlled. Ugh, I have miscalculated…”

A sigh was emitted from the distorted space. An ice throne vaguely appeared from space. There was a figure wearing a white robe on the throne slowly standing up…

Cold air surged all around them!

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