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Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Shocking Battle

The five-colored flame and the ice-blue light flew through the sky like meteorites. They used a kind of annihilation-like spectacular momentum and crushed ruthlessly together in front of a countless number of gazes.


The enormous flame hand was just like an arm that was furiously swung by a fire god. It emitted a world-destroying strength when it came into contact with the arrow!


A sharp, piercing sound resounded over the sky. This sound appeared to be able to penetrate one’s soul, causing a painful expression to surface on the faces of a countless number of people. They firmly covered their ears!


The ice-blue cold arrow blasted apart in all directions at this moment. Under this terrifying cold air, even empty space itself had a layer of ice fragments permeating over it!

The enormous flame fist violently came smashing over from outside of the world that was formed by the cold aura. A frightening five-colored flame and an ice-blue, cold air mixed together in an uncontrolled manner as they began a life and death erosion!

The five-colored flame and the icy-blue, cold air each occupied half of the sky. Both of them crazily shot out their energy. That shocking collision shook the sky!

Tian She’s body stood in the sky. His body continued to tremble as the pressure that was emitted from within the cold air caused both of his arms to involuntarily feel as though they were about to be torn off. He clearly understood that if he took even half a step back, the destructive force of the large fire god hand would instantly break through the ice god arrow’s icy mirror and slam him into mincemeat!

Therefore, he would definitely not pull back even if he had to use his last remaining strength!

“Bing Xuan, Bing Hua, transfer all of your Dou Qi over!”

Tian She’s expression was savage. His eyes were just like poisonous snakes as they stared at the blurry figure within the cold fog. He furiously roared.

Bing Xuan and Bing Hua behind Tian She were stunned when they heard his furious roar. They immediately grit their teeth as they placed their hands on Tian She’s back. The Dou Qi within their bodies continued to surge into the other party’s body!

The pressure on Tian She’s arm was reduced after receiving the support of their vast, mighty Dou Qi. A fierceness flashed across his eyes. He sternly cried out, “Extreme Freezing!”

His cry sounded. The vast and mighty Dou Qi he received agglomerated with the Dou Qi within his body. After which, it surged into the permeating pale-blue, cold fog. With this support, the temperature of the cold fog became frightening. At this moment, if an ordinary Dou Zong were to walk into it, they would be frozen into an ice sculpture within less than ten breath’s time!

Moreover, even a soul would not be able to escape from it!

“Crack crack…”

A slight cracking sound suddenly appeared. It immediately formed a continuous sound. Xiao Yan’s eyes abruptly narrowed as he discovered a thin layer of faint-blue ice growing over the enormous fire hand. In the face of this thin ice, even the five-colored flame on the enormous hand had become somewhat dim!

The intensity of Tian She’s resistance had far exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations!

“I cannot continue to be entangled with them. Once the time limit for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame is up, the interior of my body will enter a weakened state. At that time, forget Tian She, just an Ice River Valley’s Elder will easily be able to kill me!”

A glint flickered in Xiao Yan’s eyes. Immediately, he inhaled a hot air and the seal formed by his hands changed. One could see the five fire spirits of

the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique unleashing a fire glow all over them. Five-colored fire pillar shot out before agglomerating into the arm of the enormous fire god!

After receiving the fire pillar’s strength, the arm of the fire god unleashed a bright glow once again. The ice on it disappeared with lightning-like speed!

A fierceness flashed across Xiao Yan’s face as he sensed the mighty strength within the arm of the fire god. After which, he swung his fist out and ruthlessly smashed into the permeating cold fog mirror below!


This collision emitted a shockingly loud sound. An enormous energy ripple spread out in a lightning-like manner. After which, it collided with the fire curtain around it, causing the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique to tremble…

After the punch landed, the space where the flame and cold air made contact split apart. A five-foot-large dark-black hole appeared. The pure darkness within it caused one’s head to feel numb…

Cold air followed the arm of the fire god as it spread in all directions. The five-colored flame entered the cold fog, causing the frightening, pale-blue fog to swiftly scatter!

The arm of the fire god began to form numerous lines in the face of the corrosion of the cold air through every single opening it created. At the same time, the cold fog was swiftly scattering. The two frightening energies were diminishing after eroding each other…

A sinister smile surfaced on Tian She’s face as he watched the swiftly weakening arm of the fire god and the cold fog. He had successfully blocked Xiao Yan’s terrifying attack and believed that it was impossible for Xiao Yan to unleash another attack of such a level. As long as he continued to delay things until the time limit for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame was up, he would be able to knead Xiao Yan as he pleased.

The cold air swiftly scattered in front of Tian She’s dark and cold gaze. Just when the cold air had completely vanished, the enormous arm of the fire god also emitted a ‘boom’ sound and was blasted apart, transforming into ice fragments that scattered from the sky in all directions.

“Ha ha!”

Tian She finally could not control his joy when the arm of the fire god blasted apart. His face became sinister as he laughed out loud.


However, his laughter did not continue for long before it was interrupted by the black figure that had shot down from the sky. Tian She raised his head and looked at the figure speeding over with sinister eyes. His old face revealed a mocking laugh, “You dare to charge over. Do you wish to risk it all?”

Tian She’s shriveled hand tightly grabbed his snake-shaped walking stick. He stomped his foot and icy-blue, cold air once again surged out of his body. Being at the peak of the Dou Zong class, the strength of his Dou Qi was far from what Xiao Yan could compare with!

The figure that shot down was extremely swift. Within a flash, it had appeared in front of Tian She. Xiao Yan’s large robe suddenly emitted a sizzling sound at this moment as it turned to ashes. A palm-sized three-colored fire lotus suddenly appeared in a mysterious manner from under Xiao Yan’s robes!

The sudden appearance of the three-colored fire lotus startled Tian She. All the pores of his body suddenly opened up. He sensed the kind of strength from the arm of the fire god within this three-colored fire lotus. It was the kind of strength that contained an annihilating aura!

Tian She’s eyes had turned to the size of pinholes at this moment. Cold air from all around Tian She seemed to reflexively gather.

A ghost-like figure emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it appeared in front of Tian She. The three-colored fire lotus in his hand was ruthlessly pressed toward Tian She’s chest with a momentum that even a swift bolt of lightning could not match!

This fierce and swift attack caught Tian She off-guard. This kind of terrifying fire lotus required a long time to create. He could not imagine just how Xiao Yan had managed to secretly form this fire lotus without even batting an eyelid!

At this moment, it was pointless to think too much. With the only time that Tian She had, he lifted the snake-shaped walking stick in his hand and used it to block his chest.


A miracle did not occur. Xiao Yan’s three-colored fire lotus was ruthlessly pressed into the snake-shaped walking stick on Tian She’s chest while he revealed a ferocious smile. After which…


A large fire storm erupted in front of a countless number of shocked eyes, sweeping through the sky as it occurred!

The surrounding fire curtain was unable to endure any longer while the storm ravaged the sky. It blasted apart with a bang. The five fire spirits also slowly scattered at this moment.

The fire storm swept around. Bing Xuan and Bing Hua, who were a short distance behind Tian She, did not have the time to dodge. They were violently struck and ended up spitting out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Their bodies flew back like kites with their strings broken. Finally, they fell to the ground and smashed hard into Ye City. Many of the buildings in Ye City were turned to rubble along the way.

Countless numbers of gazes were stunned as they watched Bing Xuan and Bing Hua fall. After which, they turned to look to the fire storm in the sky. A chill involuntarily spread across their hearts…

Protector Wu in the sky looked at the fire storm. His illusionary body also rippled a little. The fighting strength that Xiao Yan had displayed caused him to feel the fear of death. Now, he finally began to regret his actions. Why did he take the initiative to receive this task, which he thought he would perform successfully with great ease, from the hands of the honorable elder (Dou Zun)…

This was because only now did he become aware that this task, which he thought he would very likely succeed, was one that was filled with danger!


A figure suddenly flew out of the fire storm while Protector Wu was feeling regretful. Bright-red fresh blood was repeatedly spat out of his mouth.

“Tian She?”

Protector Wu’s sharp eyes saw the ghastly-faced, blood-covered figure that flew out. He was carrying half of the snake-shaped walking stick. It was surprisingly Tian She!

However, the miserable appearance of the current Tian She was even worse than Protector Wu’s earlier state. From the looks of it, he would at the very least end up seriously injured.


Fresh blood covered Tian She’s body as he violently fell into Ye City in front of many eyes. After which, he smashed onto the ground and formed an enormous pit. His body was lying within the pit. No one knew if he was dead or alive!

“The Ice River Valley has lost…”

The entire city was silent. Numerous eyes looked at the enormous pit and their heads felt as though they were about to explode. The battles today had caused their hearts to be filled with only one word! Shock!

How many times can one see such a soul-stirring battle in one lifetime?

Protector Wu’s stunned eyes looked at Tian She with his unknown fate. The terror in his heart spread. He nodded his head, turned around, and fled.

However, Protector Wu had just moved his body when the space behind him fluctuated. Immediately, a hand mysteriously appeared. It gently landed on Protector Wu’s shoulder as a faint voice, that caused his entire body to stiffen, slowly sounded.

“I will turn you to dust if you move again!”

Protector Wu’s throat violently rolled. He slowly turned his head with much difficulty. A ferocious-looking, young face had revealed itself!

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