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Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096: Terrifying Increase In Strength

A dense-white flame surged out of Xiao Yan’s body in front of the many shocked eyes before it was immediately withdrawn, shrinking back into Xiao Yan’s body with lightning-like speed!

Following the return of the flame, an unusually powerful aura slowly erupted from Xiao Yan’s body, as though it had just been awoken. The surrounding space began to fluctuate under this vast and mighty strength.

Xiao Yan stood in the sky. His face was unusually bright-red. Even his dark-black eyes were covered by a wild and violent energy. This kind of fierce and untamed caused even Xiao Yan to quietly be surprised. He had not expected the eruption of three types of Heavenly Flames to create such a violent energy!

Xiao Yan slowly clenched his fist with much difficulty. His entire body had become a little rigid due to the surging energy. This kind of rigidity lasted for a couple of minutes before Xiao Yan gradually became accustomed to it.

“What an overbearing Skyfire Three Mysterious Change…”

After his body gradually adapted to this kind of wild, violent energy, even Xiao Yan could not resist gently inhaling a breath of cool air. If his body had not been refined by many natural treasures, it was likely that he could forget about using it to fight an opponent. He would suffer a backlash and die after having just used this thing.


A mouthful of hot air was spat out of Xiao Yan’s mouth. The flush redness on his face gradually paled. The wave after wave of pain, that had been brought about by the circulating wild and violent energy, gradually diminished. After being tempered by an unknown number of medicinal ingredients and natural treasures, the physical strength of Xiao Yan was likely something that even some experts at the peak of the Dou Zong class could not compare with.

“No wonder Tang Zhen instructed me to avoid using the three changes unless I have no choice. His words were indeed full of truth…”

Xiao Yan gently clenched his hand. He sensed the surging energy within his body and the corner of his mouth was slowly lifted into a slight arc. “However… this kind of feeling, after having endured the pain, is indeed extremely splendid…”

Based on Xiao Yan’s own guess, his current strength had likely reached the level of a seven star Dou Zong. In other words, the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change had caused his strength to raise five stars!

If an ordinary Burning Flame Valley’s Elder were to completely unleash the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, he might be able to increase his strength by three stars or so. However, the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change had an extremely unique and mysterious aspect. The increase in one’s strength was completely determined by the strength of the flame. The stronger the flame, the greater the increase in one’s strength. The three types of flames Xiao Yan had unleashed were all Heavenly Flames, the strongest of all flames. Hence, the increases, brought about by the eruption, were quite terrifying.

Of course, the current increase in strength might be extremely great, but the sequelae that it would bring would naturally also be great. Fortunately, Xiao Yan’s body was far stronger than an ordinary expert’s body. Otherwise, just this eruption alone would have been enough to cause him to spend half a year or more recuperating.

This transformation of Xiao Yan had also attracted the attention of Tian Huo zun-zhe and Tian Shuang Zi, who were merely facing each other without fighting. Their gazes drifted over. Tian Huo zun-zhe nodded with a smile. Even he had difficulty knowing all the trump cards that Xiao Yan possessed. However, he also understood that this person might appear young, but anyone who really wanted to kill him w

ould likely find the experience unbelievably difficult…

Tian Shuang Zi’s eyes glanced over for a moment before slightly frowning. However, he did not pay much attention to the matter. Regardless of how strong the Secret Technique one used, that person would not be too much of a threat in his eyes as long as that person did not breakthrough to the Dou Zun class. The only person whom he viewed seriously was Tian Huo zun-zhe in front of him. As for Xiao Yan, even if Protector Wu could not deal with him, there would naturally be Tian She and some Ice River Valley’s Elders intervening. He did not believe that a mere two star Dou Zong would be able to turn everything around even if he did possess the Burning Flame Valley’s Secret Technique.

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of the thoughts in this old fellow’s heart. After gradually adapting to the majestic, wild, violent energy within his body. He once again lifted up the Heavy Xuan Ruler. He slightly raised his head and his eyes landed on Protector Wu, whose black fog had stiffened, and Xiao Yan then glanced at Tian She beside him, whose expression had turned gloomy. All of this was because of his transformation. Xiao Yan finally parted his mouth and said, “Old fellow, I said that I would take this old life of yours today!”

The sluggish, black fog slowly flowed once again. A face that was filled with a dark solemness was revealed. Protector Wu’s eyes were dense as he looked at Xiao Yan and said, “What arrogant words. This Secret Technique might significantly raise your strength, but there is ultimately a time limit. Once the time limit of the Secret Technique is reached, you will just be a useless person!”

“Before that happens, there’s more than enough time to kill you…”

Xiao Yan smiled. However, this smile was filled with killing intent.

“What arrogance!” Protector Wu coldly laughed. However, his voice had just sounded when he saw Xiao Yan’s body suddenly tremble.

A chill surged into Protector Wu’s heart when Xiao Yan’s body trembled. His sharp instincts over the years maneuvered his body as he hurriedly withdrew in a lightning-like manner…

Just when Protector Wu had just taken two steps back, the space in front of him suddenly fluctuated. A ghost-like figure suddenly appeared. The heavy ruler, which was covered by a jade-green flame, carried a terrifying force, that caused his skin to feel a chill, as it furiously hacked down!

The heavy ruler adhered to the front of Protector Wu as it narrowly passed him. Although it failed to make contact, the heat contained on it still caused Protector Wu’s face to instantly turn bright-red.

Protector Wu’s body swiftly moved back after the ruler missed. A cold sweat involuntarily appeared in his heart. His back was covered in perspiration. If he had not reacted quickly earlier, it was likely that he would have been turned into mincemeat from Xiao Yan’s slamming ruler attack.

“This brat’s speed has become very fast after using that Secret Technique. Even I am unable to follow him…”

Protector Wu involuntarily felt some anger from embarrassment after the cold perspiration appeared. He let out a low furious roar, “This protector doesn’t believe that you, as a younger generation, can flip the sky around when even Yao Chen was unable to escape my hands!”

The furious roar had just sounded when Protector Wu abruptly changed the seal formed by his hands. One could hear a clanging sound as numerous dark-black chains shot out of the black fog. Looking from a distance, they appeared just like an enormous spider web. Protector Wu was located in the middle of that large spider web, appearing just like a great demon!

A low cry was emitted from the black fog. Immediately, numerous black shadows carried a sharp screech as they surged out of the black fog. These black shadows had just appeared when they adhered to the black-colored chains that had spread apart. After the approach of these black shadows, the black-colored chains appeared like numerous ferocious mouths that swallowed these black shadows. Immediately, strange, black glows began to linger over the chains.

“Hundred Soul Locking Sky Python!”

After swallowing the black shadows, the black-colored chain became more unusual. Immediately, a dense, cold cry suddenly sounded. The numerous black-colored chains, that reached toward the sky, immediately emitted a clanging sound as they bunched together. In merely an instant, they turned into a large, black python that seemed alive.

The black python was formed from many chains. At a glance, it seemed to be emitting a strange, metallic feeling. Black fog lingered over it as a kind of terrifying, cold aura spread from it. It appeared as though it was a large snake in some deep ravine, causing one to feel a fear by simply looking at it.


The black fog wiggled as a dense, cold voice sounded. The enormous black python’s large eyes immediately displayed a black glint. It swung it tail, tore through the space, and rushed toward Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan remained in the sky. His eyes were icy-cold as he looked at the large, black python that was jolting over with the sound of rushing wind. He inhaled a gentle breath before suddenly tightly clenching the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand. His body advanced instead of withdrawing. In front of many startled eyes, he used a fierce momentum similar to colliding meteorites as he charged toward that enormous, black python!

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

Xiao Yan’s body had just moved when the heavy ruler was suddenly swung. A large ruler glow, a hundred feet large, shot from the tip of his heavy ruler. Immediately, it ruthlessly hacked against the black python. Wave after wave of golden metallic sounds erupted. Sparks shot in all directions. However, this attack merely caused the black pythons’s body to tremble a little.

“Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler, Six Joint Flame!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and chilly after the ruler attack fell. He changed his ruler technique and another sharp ruler glow, that caused some Ice River Valley’s Elders to feel their skin turning numb again, struck the black python!

The hacking this time around caused some of the black-colored chains to emit a sharp screech. They had actually broken apart.

Xiao Yan’s body moved closer to the large python. The black python, that had been ruthlessly hit twice by Xiao Yan, unleashed a counter attack under Protector Wu’s control. One could see it opening its large mouth as a viscous black fog explosively shot forth. The interior of the black fog contained countless sharp screeches that caused one’s soul to feel a piercing pain.


The black air shot over in an explosive fashion. However, Xiao Yan’s forward-charging body did not pause because of it. A jade-green flame surged out of his body and formed a fire curtain in front of him. The vicious, black fog emitted a sizzling white smoke when it came into contact with the fire curtain before being annihilated!

Xiao Yan easily blocked the attack by the black python. After which, his body moved, and he appeared in front of it. He flipped his hand and the heavy ruler was withdrawn into his Storage Ring. Seals were formed in a lightning-like manner by his hands as a bright crystal glow swiftly agglomerated!

“Open Mountain Seal!”

Xiao Yan’s hand seal suddenly trembled. His eyes were icy-cold as his left hand suddenly struck forward. It carried a vast, mighty strength as it ruthlessly landed on the black python’s forehead!

Many chains on the forehead of the black python were blasted apart after his palm fell. Tons of cold, black air seeped out. Xiao Yan’s left hand fell while his right hand struck forward once again!

“Sea Flipping Seal!”

The left palm spit mountains while the right hand flipped seas!

By relying on the frightening strength that had been obtained with the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, Xiao Yan had used the first two seals of the God Seal Skill together. If Xun Er were to see such mastery, she would involuntarily let out a gasp of surprise.

The Sea Flipping Seal was accompanied by a shocking, majestic strength as it violently struck the head of the enormous python in front of many stunned eyes!


The body of the enormous python slowly stiffened. A moment later, a low and deep noise sounded. One could see its body slowly collapse, transforming into a countless number of cracked chains. They blasted apart amid wave after wave of sharp screeches…

The dark-soul python that Protector Wu had spent a great amount of effort to create had crumbled in the face of Xiao Yan string of fierce Dou Techniques!

While looking at the dark-soul python, which had been killed by Xiao Yan in a lightning bolt-like fashion before it could be of much use, even Protector Wu, himself, felt a great disbelief. His eyes were startled as he looked at the haughty figure in the air. His breath had yet to be even emitted from his throat when his eyes suddenly shrank!

The figure in the air slowly disappeared. At the same time, the space in front of Protector Wu became distorted. A figure mysteriously appeared. That young face was wearing a ferocious smile. His hand contained an exquisite and pretty lotus, that was quietly rotating…

“This palm is for my teacher!”

The ferociousness on Xiao Yan’s face slowly spread. At the same time, the fire lotus in his hand was shot out in a lightning-like fashion. Finally, it was violently pressed into Protector Wu’s body in front of his shocked eyes!


A soul-stirring sound once again exploded!

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