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Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093: Obtain

Core Bead. Normally, it was called the Core Fire Bead. It was a kind of energy bead formed from essence energy that was found deep underground after a countless number of years. This kind of bead contained an extremely vast, mighty energy within it. It was rumored that some tier 8 or even tier 9 medicinal pill would use this legendary Core Fire Bead.

This legendary Core Bead was usually hidden deep underground and was extremely difficult to find. However, when some volcanoes erupted, the Core Bead hidden deep within might be spat out. Normally speaking, most Core Beads in the hands of certain individuals were obtained by this method. It was extremely rare for someone to personally find this Core Bead deep underground like Xiao Yan just did.

Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily beat a little faster when he saw this Core Bead. He similarly understood just how rare a Core Bead was. Moreover, the Core Bead was also a key ingredient in refining the Core Lightning Bead.

The Core Lightning Bead was not a medicinal pill. Instead, it was a refinement that utilized an extremely unorthodox formula. It referred a kind of strange refining method to refine the Core Bead. If the refinement was a success, it would end up forming a Core Lightning Bead. This thing could not be consumed by a person, but it possess an extremely terrifying might. Even an elite Dou Zun would at least suffer serious injuries even if they did not die should they be struck head-on by this thing.

Xiao Yan had accidentally come across the refinement of this Core Lightning Bead while searching through the medicinal formulae that Yao Lao had left behind. He had remembered it due to its shocking strength. After having arrived in the Central Plains, Xiao Yan had thought of creating one. However, he could only place this thought in his heart due to the difficulty of finding the Core Bead. He never expected that he would be this blessed today…

“If I am able to obtain it, it would end up being a kind of lethal trump card…”

Xiao Yan focused on the fiery-red bead within the blood-red sticky energy. He mused for a moment before he was finally unable to endure the temptation in his heart. Wealth was found amid danger. It was worthwhile to take a little risk for a unique treasure like the Core Bead.

Xiao Yan ceased hesitating as this thought flashed across his heart. A Spiritual Strength lingered over the blood-red-colored, sticky liquid. Although there was still some distance, the wild, violent energy contained in the liquid still caused some ripples form in Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength.

Xiao Yan ignored the slight ripple in his soul. His heart focused on that fiery-red bead as he waited for the best opportunity to attack!

After a visual inspection, Xiao Yan understood that the wild and violent energy within this sticky liquid had an intermittent strength and weakness. One could use the strength of the glow on its surface to identify the level of this strength…

This cluster of blood-red, sticky liquid vaguely radiated a surging glow. Its intermittent brightness and darkness had become this bottomless hole’s only source of light.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength lingered over this place like a poison snake and did not move.

The invisible Spiritual Strength slowly wiggled. This silence continued for an unknown amount of time. Then, the repeatedly flashing fire glow on the sticky liquid’s surface suddenly descended to its dimmest level!


The moment this blood-red liquid suddenly became dim, the Spiritual Strength that lingered over it was like a leopard as it pounced toward its prey. It transformed into a lightning flash as it shot out!


The speed of the Spiritual Strength was extremely terrifying. Within less than a breath’s time

, it had charged into the blood-red liquid. A slight ‘puff’ sound appeared as the Spiritual Strength charged into it!

Xiao Yan seemed to have barged into magma the moment his Spiritual Strength made contact with the sticky liquid. A searing hot feeling eroded toward the deepest parts of Xiao Yan’s soul. Fortunately, he had the protection of the Heavenly Flame, so this kind of searing heat was unable to cause him much harm within a short period of time.

This kind of searing heat continued for a short instance before Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength charged toward the Core Bead. His Spiritual Strength curled in a lightning-like manner and instantly turned around. Finally, it wildly shot toward the exit of the ground hole.


The Core Bead had just charged out of this blood-colored sticky liquid, after being swept by Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength, when the liquid seemed to have sensed something. A wave of frighteningly wild, violent energy transformed into a blood-colored flood as it chased after the fleeing Spiritual Strength with incredible speed.

Xiao Yan felt the skin on his head turn numb after sensing the hot energy being transmitted from behind. If he were to be struck by the wild and violent energy within such a narrow space, it was likely that his soul would crumble on the spot. Immediately, he clenched his teeth and unleashed his speed to the limit. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, he charged to the exit of the ground hole.

Xiao Yan’s speed was extremely fast. However, the blood-colored flood behind him was also similarly quick. It was following close behind as it rushed over!

During this chase, the hole’s exit at the top finally revealed some light. Xiao Yan braced his mind upon seeing this. He once again increased his speed. The next instant, he charged out of the narrow hole in the ground!

The Spiritual Strength charged out of the hole in a lightning-like manner and entered the spot between Xiao Yan’s eyes. The Core Bead was grabbed by Xiao Yan in his palm!

Xiao Yan curled his hand after the soul returned to his body. A suction force surged out and the dark-black stone tablet by the side immediately shifted over with a rumbling sound. After which, it swiftly covered the hole in the ground!


The dark-black stone tablet had just covered the hole when it violently trembled. However, this black stone tablet had clearly been made from an extraordinary material. It was able to block the attack of the wild, violent energy.

Swish! Swish!

While the stone tablet was blocking the attack, the rays of light around the altar suddenly shifted. After which, all of them landed on the stone tablet. The tablet was just like an extremely heavy crown as it firmly pressed on the hole!

With the aid of the sunlight, the shaking of the stone tablet was slowly reduced. A moment later, it stopped.

Xiao Yan, who was waiting solemnly by the side, finally sighed in relief after hearing the stone tablet become quiet. Immediately, his eyes revealed a strange expression as he glnaced at this ancient tablet. It unexpectedly possessed a suppressing effect…

“That was really close…”

Xiao Yan wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead as he bitterly laughed. If his speed had been a little slower while he was within the hole earlier, it was likely that he could forget about obtaining the Core Bead. His soul might have even ended up suffering a serious injury.

After gradually calming his fluctuating mental state, Xiao Yan hurriedly glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor by the side. He sighed in relief when he saw that she had not been disturbed. After which, he lowered his head and slowly opened his hand. A fiery-red bead was lying within it.

“This is the Core Bead huh…”

Xiao Yan gently clenched his hand. A hot feeling spread out of the Core Bead. By holding it, Xiao Yan was surprised to realize that the surrounding fire affinity energy seemed to be vaguely gathering around his body.

A wild joy suddenly surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes when he sensed the slight change in the surrounding energy. This Core Bead possessed the miraculous effect of attracting the surrounding fire affinity energy? Would he not end up being able to gain twice the benefit with half the effort when he trained in the future?

“It is worthy of being the Core Bead. It is indeed mysterious…”

Xiao Yan played with the fiery-red bead in his hand. He involuntarily felt unwilling to put it down due to him liking it too much. The reward this time around was indeed great.

“Unfortunately, I cannot easily pull aside the stone tablet now. Nevertheless, without the sticky liquid blocking its path, the Core Fire Seedling should appear once again. The speed it creates the Sun Fire should also increase…” Xiao Yan played with the Core Bead for a moment before turning his head back to the stone tablet. He shook his head a little regretfully. Originally, he had planned to use the Sun Flame in this place to cultivate and strengthen the Life Transforming Flame fire seed.

Just when Xiao Yan was regretfully sighing, a ray of light scattered down from the sky and coincidentally landed on the Core Bead in his palm.


The fiery-red Core Bead suddenly shook under the shining light. Immediately, a slight sound appeared. A dense-white flame suddenly curled and rose from the Core Fire Bead.

The sudden, unexpected change caused Xiao Yan to be startled. He was just about to toss aside the flame in his hand as a reflex when he glanced at the Core Fire Bead below this white-colored flame. His eyes immediately coagulated, “This is the Sun Flame? How can it undergo such a transformation without the Core Fire Seedling?”

Xiao Yan knit his brows. Immediately, he seemed to have thought of something and his fist suddenly smashed against his palm. “That’s right, this Core Bead has absorbed an unknown amount of Core Fire Seedling over the years. That is why it has such a reaction after making contact with sunlight. It has turned into the source of this Sun Flame. In other words, as long as the energy within this Core Bead is not exhausted, it will be able to continuously create Sun Flames…”

Even with Xiao Yan’s calmness, he could not help but feel extreme joy despite his calm self. If this was really the case, the Life Transformation Flame fire seed in his body would end up with an unending source of nourishment. Moreover, he would also be able to save time and effort since he wouldn’t need to run around in search of various Beast Flames.

“I have really found a treasure this time around…”

Xiao Yan parted his mouth. At this moment, it was really only too practical to obtain the Core Bead.

Xiao Yan inhaled a couple of breaths and got himself to gradually calm down. He glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor, whose lovely body was still seated without the slightest movement. After seeing that she was fine, he gradually nodded and sat down once again. He began to absorb the Sun Flame created by the Core Bead. With the Core Bead, the strengthening of the Life Transforming Flame was only a matter of time…

Xiao Yan’s entire mind was focused on absorbing the Sun Flame during the subsequent days. Amid this refinement where meals and rest were forgotten, the Life Transformation Flame within his body swiftly strengthened at a speed visible to the naked eye…

Three days passed by in a flash during this training.

When Xiao Yan was immersed in the joy of the swiftly strengthening Life Transformation Flame, the year-round tropical climate of Ye City suddenly turned freezing one day. Tiny snowflakes slowly descended from the sky in front of the stunned gazes of a countless number of people…

After seeing the snow that slowly fell over the entire city, there was finally someone who suddenly sensed something wrong. He leaped to high ground, looked out of the city, and immediately became stunned.

One could see a countless number of white figures slowly surrounding the city and coming from all directions. These white figures were wearing a similar badge on their chests.

It was a beautiful snow flower with a bone-piercing chill.

“Ice River Valley…”

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