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Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088: Black Fire Sect

“In that case, let’s make a trip to Ye City… it is best that we resolve the issue of the Woeful Poison Body as soon as possible. If none of you have any objections, we will head out now. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan was unable to say anything more after hearing Xin Lan plea. He nodded and made his decision. After which, he turned his head to Tian Huo zun-zhe and the Little Fairy Doctor and asked them what they thought.

The Little Fairy Doctor naturally had no objections to this. After some deep thinking, Tian Huo zun-zhe also nodded. He said, “After advancing to a Dou Zun, I am already able to continuously absorb the natural energy and turn it into Dou Qi in my body. I can also train while traveling. It is not a problem to start moving now.”

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw they were both in agreement. He immediately walked out of the Fallen God Valley. Tian Huo zun-zhe and the others quickly followed from behind.

After two days of traveling, Xiao Yan’s group gradually approached the exit of the Fallen God Stream. The human traffic gradually increased. For safety’s sake, Xiao Yan’s group put on Doupengs to hide their appearance. From what Xin Lan had said, the Ice River Valley had issued a wanted order for all of them. Although they might not be afraid, it would still be a little troublesome if they were exposed. Currently, Xiao Yan was thinking of resolving the Little Fairy Doctor’s Woeful Poison Body issue. It was naturally best if these problems did not appear.

The entrance of the Fallen God Stream was still filled with a sea humans. It was not reduced because of the flow of time. It seemed that there was still a countless number of people attracted by the sky high reward that the Ice River Valley offered.

However, the current Fallen God Stream no longer had a single Ice River Valley personal standing guard. Perhaps this was because of Tian She’s group being completely defeated. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group did not meet with even the slightest obstacle, and they successfully walked out of the Fallen God Stream. After which, they found a deserted area and hurried to Ye City from there.

The Fallen God Stream was not far from Ye City. With the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they reached this lush, green city, situated on some plains, within half a day.

The few of them landed in the city, but did not stay for long. With Xin Lan leading them, they hurried to the Ye clan manor in the middle of the city. Around ten minutes later, Xiao Yan’s group arrived at the front door of the Ye clan.

At this moment, the main door of the Ye clan was opened. The thing that surprised Xiao Yan’s group was that there was not a single guard at the entrance. Moreover, the thick door showed signs of being broken.

Xin Lan’s expression involuntarily changed when she saw the damaged door. After which, she increased her speed and charged in. Xiao Yan spread his hands behind him. This scene clearly represented that something bad had happened. It was unexpected that the Ye clan had fallen into such a state.

Currently, Xiao Yan was not wearing a Doupeng. However, he had once again put on the skin-like object that could change his appearance, causing him to appear slightly different.

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe as they slowly walked into the Ye clan. After which, they followed a small rock path and headed toward the interior. This walk continued for a couple of minutes before a large hall appeared in front of the three of them. Some furious cries were vaguely being transmitted from within.

“Indeed… a clan that has been inherited over generations has declined until such an extent. Now, others barge into their manor and act as they pleased. Would the ancestors of the Ye clan leap out of their grav

es if they become aware of this?” Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head when he heard the furious cry that was emitted from within the hall. He felt somewhat sad for this Ye clan. A great clan that had once been extremely prominent had actually been turned into such a state. It really gave one the feeling that people change.

Xin Lan was currently standing outside of the door. Her pretty face was green with fury as she looked into the hall. Her lovely figure trembled slightly due to her fury.

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe up to Xin Lan. He leaned against the door and looked at the interior of the hall.

At this moment, the large hall was a complete mess. All the members of the Ye clan Xiao Yan had met back then were there. However, these people’s faces were filled with an angry green color at this moment. There was a green-clothed person wailing and rolling all over the ground in front of them. One could tell that he was a member of the Ye clan from his clothes.

The other side of the members of the Ye clan was a group of people in black clothes. The aura of this group of people was quite strong. Clearly, they were not weaklings. Moreover, Xiao Yan was surprised to find that the two shady-faced black-robed elders leading them had reached the strength of six star Dou Zongs. Moreover, from the majestic Dou Qi undulating around them, it was likely that these two people were at the peak of the six star Dou Zong class. They were a little stronger when compared to the First Elder of the Ye clan, who was Xin Lan’s grandfather.

“Who are they?” Xiao Yan randomly asked.

“They are people from the Black Fire Sect and could be considered a strong faction within this Pill Region. Their sect is located quite close to Ye City and has been coveting after the Ye City for some time. It is unexpected that they dared to barge in!” Xin Lan tightly clenched her fist. Her low voice contained a fury that she could not suppress.

“The two old fellows at the front are the Black Demon Twin Evil. They are extremely strong and have quite a fierce reputation. Even grandfather is not match for either one of them.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. This was the first time he had heard of the Black Fire Sect. However, the strength of these two old fellows was indeed great. The peak of a six star Dou Zong. They were a little stronger than Bing Fu from the Ice River Valley. This Central Plains was indeed filled with experts. If an expert of such a level was placed in the Black-Corner Region, he would, at the very least, be an overlord.

“Zhao Hei, Qin Mo, your Black Fire Sect should not be overboard! My Ye clan might no longer have the glory of its past, but if we were to really fight with your Black Fire Sect, it will not benefit you in any way!” The green-clothed, old man in the large hall was furious as he angrily shouted.

“Hee hee, Ye Zhong, you need to bluff in the front of the two of us. Your current Ye clan no longer possess the qualification to continue being called one of the five great clans of the Pill Region…” One of the leading black-clothed elders faintly laughed when he heard this before ridiculing Ye Zhong.

“This time around, the two of us have come to incorporate your Ye clan under us by the orders of the sect leader. If you surrender, our Black Fire Sect will not treat all of you shabbily. You will still have a place to survive in this Ye clan. If you do not obey, hee hee, you should all be aware of the tactics of my Black Fire Sect!” The other shady-faced elder laughed and spoke with a hoarse voice.

“In your dreams!”

The faces of all the members from the Ye clan were filled with anger when these words were spoken. Ye Zhong widened his eyes and furiously cried out.

Boom boom!

Ye Zhong’s cry had just sounded when numerous black shadows suddenly rushed out of the hands of the two black-clothed elders. After which, they landed in the large hall while emitting ‘boom boom’ sounds. Everyone’s expression instantly became furiously green when they saw this because the black shadows were dark-black coffins.

“Please accept these coffins if you do not wish to obey.”

The shady-looking black-clothed old man smiled densely toward Ye Zhong. A cold, majestic aura slowly spread out of his body. After which, a roar sounded within this large hall, causing some of the weaker Ye clan’s members to turn a little pale.

Xiao Yan continued to remain by the door. He narrowed his eyes and watched the show that was playing out within the hall. This Black Fire Sect really did not show any mercy when they act. He counted the number of coffins and found that there was one more than the number of Ye clan members currently in the hall. That extra coffin was perhaps prepared for Xin Lan. It was just that these people were unaware that Xin Lan had been following beside Xiao Yan during these few days.

Xin Lan by the side tightly clenched her hand. Her lovely body trembled due to her fury. A moment later, her expression suddenly dimmed. She was unable to do anything with her current strength…

“Big brother Xiao Yan… please help the Ye clan, will you? Xin Lan is willing to do anything as long as the clan is well!”

Xiao Yan, who had tilted his head, was suddenly startled. He turned his head and looked at the blue-clothed girl, who had lowered her head. Her eyes were red as she bit her lower red lip. Xiao Yan softly sighed when he saw her.

“Relax, it is not as though this is the first day that you have been acquainted with him. Don’t you know what his character is like?” The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily shook her head with pity, and she softly comforted with a smile after seeing Xin Lan’s appearance.

“Since I have already given you my word, I will naturally help you…”

At this moment, Ye Zhong in the large hall was greatly shaken by this ruthless act of the Black Fire Sect. He looked at those coffins with a cold luster in his eyes as a desolate feeling surged onto his face. Had the once prominent Ye clan reached such a stage in his hands?

“Hand over Ye City and the Sun Fire Ancient Altar of the Ye clan. My Black Fire Sect does not wish to do something so ruthless! I shall give you five minutes to think it over. The lives of all the young and old in the Ye clan will be determined by your decision.” The black-clothed, old man smiled in a sinister manner while he slowly threatened Ye Zhong.

Ye Zhong’s face slightly twitched upon hearing this. His entire body trembled. With the current strength of the Black Fire Sect, it was very difficult for the Ye clan to continue fighting with them.

The atmosphere within the large hall had become extremely pressurizing because of Ye Zhong’s silence. These five minutes swiftly passed by in silence…

The dense smile of the two black-clothed, old men slowly widened when the five minutes was up. Surging energy gradually gathered in their palms.

“Ye Zhong, you are the one who seeks such an ending. Do not blame the two of us!”


A soft sigh finally sounded from outside of the door just as killing intent surged out of these two black-clothed, old man. The two of them were startled, and they suddenly turned around, only to see a young man leaning against the door. Their eyes turned cold and a curse was spat from their mouths.

“Get lost!”

The young man ignored them. He moved his feet and slowly walked into the large hall. A calm, soft voice slowly sounded like a wave of water.

“One minute. Bring the coffins with you and get out of Ye City. Otherwise, you can remain here…”

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