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Chapter 1087: Sun Flame


Fresh blood was spat out as Tian She's body fell from the sky. His feet staggered over a dozen steps on the ground before he gradually steadied himself. A pale whiteness surged onto his shriveled face.

Bang! Bang!

All the elite Ice River Valley's disciples also flew backwards, appearing to suffer from a heavy blow, while Tian She was forced back. After which, they collapsed onto the ground one after another. No one knew if they were dead or alive. Only the three white-clothed Elders present were able to barely stabilize their bodies. However, their faces were currently covered in shock. None of them had expected the great formation, formed from all of their strengths, would be unable to last for even one exchange in the hands of this person in front of them. An elite Dou Zun was indeed not someone they could defeat by just relying on numbers.

"This person's control of spatial strength has reached an incredible level. He doesn't appear like someone who has just advanced to the Dou Zun class!"

Some shock swiftly surged into Tian She's eyes as he stabilized his body. His swiftly scanned over the Ice River Valley's disciples who had been shaken until they were unconscious. His eyes flickered.

"My Ice River Valley has miscalculated this matter today. With this person protecting the Woeful Poison Lady, it is impossible for the old me to capture them alone. I can only head back and inform the Valley Chief about this matter!" Tian She was indeed an old, crafty fellow. After this exchange, he knew this mission would not progress any further this time around. Therefore, he decisively clenched his teeth and a mighty, cold air gathered on his palm. After which, his fist smashed onto the empty space behind him!

This empty space immediately became distorted when his fist was thrown at it. A dark-black spatial tunnel appeared behind him.

"Bing Xiao, leave with me!"

The dark-black spatial tunnel had just appeared when Tian She's hand grabbed toward the three white-clothed Elders. A suction force surged out and sucked all three of them to his side without any resistance. His body moved and entered the spatial tunnel.

"Don't let him escape!"

Xiao Yan hurriedly cried out when the dark-black tunnel appeared.

There was naturally no need for Xiao Yan to open his mouth to remind Tian Huo zun-zhe when it came to something like this. Tian Huo zun-zhe swiftly reacted to the situation. His palm aimed at the black spatial tunnel from a distance before he ruthlessly clenched it. An invisible ripple spread and one could see the spatial tunnel begin to swiftly collapse.

The expression of Tian She suddenly changed when the spatial tunnel collapsed. A cold glint immediately flickered in his eyes. His palm slammed onto the back of a white-clothed Elder and a frightening cold air surged out, sending this Elder flying in the process!


That white-clothed Elder had just been sent flying when the hidden force, placed in his body by Tian She, suddenly exploded. His body was immediately covered by an icy coldness. After which, it exploded with a bang!

Ice shattered into little bits that shot in all directions as a shocking air wave spread out in a lightning-like fashion. In the face of this wave from the explosion of a body, the invisible strength that spread from the hands of Tian Huo zun-zhe was impeded. After which, it was momentarily blocked.

Tian Huo zun-zhe eyebrows were knit when the white-clothed Elder's body exploded. This old fellow was really ruthless. He decisively attacked his companions beside him.

With a wave of Tian Huo zun-zhe's sleeves, the spatial ripple spread again and resisted the air wave that was created from the explosion of the white-clothed Elder's body. After which, it swiftly spread toward Tian She.

Tian She's expression changed when he saw that the explosion of an expert Dou Zong did not obtain much effect. Immediately, a fierce glint quickly flashed through his eyes.

The other two white-clothed Elders felt a chill rise in their hearts when they saw the fierce glint in Tian She's eyes. The both of them acted in union without prior agreement as they attempted to move their bodies and flee!

However, this thought had just appeared when Tian She let out a cold smile. His palm was imprinted on the backs of these two people with lightning-like speed. A wild and violent force shot out of them!

Bang! Bang!

The two Elders did not have the time to put up any defenses. That frightening cold air surged into the bodies of these two Elders, and the circulating Dou Qi in their bodies immediately stilled. After which, they began to swell!

Bang! Bang!

Another two loud noises appeared. An even more powerful cold wave surged and spread in a lightning-like fashion. Some of the large rocks on the ground were covered by the tough ice almost immediately because of this icy-cold wave. The Ice River Valley's disciples on the ground were quickly transformed into many life-like ice sculptures. The life within their bodies was completely frozen at this instant!

The two large, ice-cold waves, that had erupted, shook the invisible interfering force of Tian Huo zun-zhe until it collapsed. The spatial tunnel rotated and a pale-faced Tian She swiftly entered it. Finally, he disappeared.

"It's a small world and we will meet again. The matter today is definitely not over. All of you should wait to be killed by my Ice River Valley!"

While Tian She's figure was disappearing, a vicious, dense voice was slowly being transmitted from the spot where the spatial tunnel disappeared. After which, it reverberated over this valley's entrance.

Tian Huo zun-zhe slightly knit his brows when he saw that Tian She had successfully fled. He had not expected this person to be able to part space and flee despite not having reached the Dou Zun class. Moreover, he had underestimated the heartlessness of that fellow as well. He had willingly sacrificed three Dou Zong Elders in order to flee.

"He escaped?" The Little Fairy Doctor's eyebrows were vertical as she softly exclaimed.

Xiao Yan gently nodded. He felt a little regretful. Finally, he glanced at Tian Huo zun-zhe in the air and said, "Old mister Yao has just obtained a body. Although your Spiritual Strength has been greatly strengthened in an instant, the Dou Qi within your physical body cannot be completely recovered within this short amount of time. You have completely relied on your Spiritual Strength in the fight earlier. Otherwise, it is likely that Tian She would not have fled."

Tian Huo zun-zhe in the air moved and appeared beside Xiao Yan. He helplessly shook his head at Xiao Yan as he said, "I could have destroyed the spatial tunnel. However, that old fellow is really too ruthless. He threw three Dou Zong experts like bombs."

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, "It is fine as long as we can scare those old fellows off. We are currently unable to fight head-on against the Ice River Valley. We need to find an even more secretive spot and help settle the issue of the Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body. Once she is able to fully control the Woeful Poison Body, the Ice River Valley will have to really think twice even if they wished to touch us. Two Dou Zuns can be considered an extremely powerful force even in the Central Plains region."

Tian Huo zun-zhe slightly nodded. Although he currently possessed a body, he did not truly possess the strength of a Dou Zun yet. He needed to wait until he had familiarized himself with this body in order to be called a true Dou Zun.

"We will let you decide where we should go. You can be considered to have given the old me a second chance to live. The old me will return you this favor." Tian Huo zun-zhe fondled his beard as he spoke with a smile to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled. He mused for a moment before replying, "Since Tian She has already fled, it is likely that the Ice River Valley will learn about us soon. Therefore, it is likely that we can no longer remain here. Moreover, the Fallen God Valley is not a suitable place if we wish to help the Little Fairy Doctor resolve the issue of her Woeful Poison Body. The poison vapor in this place is too dense. If the Woeful Poison Body retaliates, we will end up with a trouble that we cannot predict. Hence, we must find a place that is filled with light and heat. That kind of place will be able to suppress the Woeful Poison Body, and it will raise the chance of success by ten percent…"

"Filled with light and heat?" Tian Huo zun-zhe and the Little Fairy Doctor pondered the options. It was not easy to find such a place within the Pill Region.

"I do know of a place that is filled with light and heat…" A voice suddenly sounded while Xiao Yan and the two others were deep in thought. The three of them followed the voice and looked over. Coincidentally, they saw the smiling Xin Lan walking out of the valley.

"Where?" Xiao Yan rejoiced when he heard her words, and he hurriedly asked.

"Ye City. My Ye clan has a unique place that is called Sun Fire Ancient Alter. The sunlight from the sky during the daytime will gather at that spot. There is a hole in the Ancient Altar that reaches deep underground. Occasionally, some Core Fire Seedlings will drift out of the hole. When this Core Fire Seedling makes contact with sunlight, it will transform into a kind of flame. My Ye clan calls it Sun Flame." Xin Lan softly explained.

"This kind of Sun Flame might not be a Heavenly Flame, but it is far stronger than an ordinary Beast Flame. Some of my Ye clan's ancestors would frequently borrow this kind of Sun Flame and increase the success of their pill refinement. Unfortunately, this Sun Flame cannot exist for too long. It will automatically scatter…" Xin Lan's voice was a little regretful when she spoke until this point. Even though it didn't last long, the Sun Flame was still quite tempting. There was an unknown number of factions who coveted this Ye City. They were all after the Sun Fire Ancient Altar.

"Sun Flame?"

Xiao Yan muttered this name in his mouth. This world was indeed filled with mysteries. The Sun Flame's formation was similar to that of a Heavenly Flame's birth. No wonder it was hidden as a treasure by the Ye clan.

"Based on what you say, the Sun Fire Ancient Altar should be forbidden ground of your Ye clan. They will actually loan it out?" Xiao Yan knit his brows and questioned after pondering the proposition. He had met those people from the Ye clan before, and he did not have a good impression of them.

Xin Lan also appeared to be aware that Xiao Yan did not have a good impression of them. She let out a bitter laugh before gritting her silver teeth and saying, "They offended big brother Xiao Yan last time because they were unaware of your identity. If you go there again, Xin Lan guarantees that they will not offend you!"

The current Ye clan was in a gradual decline. Only her grandfather was a tier 7 alchemist. This kind of strength was not enough to allow the Ye clan to continue being one of the five great clans. If they did not seek outside help, it was likely that they would be swallowed and taken over by other factions.

Moreover, from the way Xin Lan saw it, who was more suitable to provide this outside help other than Xiao Yan? He had already reached the seventh tier at such a young age. Such achievement was not the least bit inferior even when compared with the so-called genius seen once in a hundred years from the Cao clan.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after hearing Xin Lan's words. He then gently nodded and replied, "Hopefully it will be just as you have said. If I can resolve the Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body issue, I will do my best to help with the problem of your Ye clan on your account."

Joy surfaced on Xin Lan's face when she heard this. By saying this, Xiao Yan was clearly giving the Ye clan another chance.

"Big brother Xiao Yan, you can rest assured about this matter!"

Xin Lan heavily nodded her head. She had already made up her mind. No matter what happened this time around, she would definitely make those pedantic fellows from the clan truly view Xiao Yan as the savior of the Ye clan!

Chapter 1088: Black Fire Sect

"In that case, let's make a trip to Ye City… it is best that we resolve the issue of the Woeful Poison Body as soon as possible. If none of you have any objections, we will head out now. What do you say?"

Xiao Yan was unable to say anything more after hearing Xin Lan plea. He nodded and made his decision. After which, he turned his head to Tian Huo zun-zhe and the Little Fairy Doctor and asked them what they thought.

The Little Fairy Doctor naturally had no objections to this. After some deep thinking, Tian Huo zun-zhe also nodded. He said, "After advancing to a Dou Zun, I am already able to continuously absorb the natural energy and turn it into Dou Qi in my body. I can also train while traveling. It is not a problem to start moving now."

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw they were both in agreement. He immediately walked out of the Fallen God Valley. Tian Huo zun-zhe and the others quickly followed from behind.

After two days of traveling, Xiao Yan's group gradually approached the exit of the Fallen God Stream. The human traffic gradually increased. For safety's sake, Xiao Yan's group put on Doupengs to hide their appearance. From what Xin Lan had said, the Ice River Valley had issued a wanted order for all of them. Although they might not be afraid, it would still be a little troublesome if they were exposed. Currently, Xiao Yan was thinking of resolving the Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body issue. It was naturally best if these problems did not appear.

The entrance of the Fallen God Stream was still filled with a sea humans. It was not reduced because of the flow of time. It seemed that there was still a countless number of people attracted by the sky high reward that the Ice River Valley offered.

However, the current Fallen God Stream no longer had a single Ice River Valley personal standing guard. Perhaps this was because of Tian She's group being completely defeated. Hence, Xiao Yan's group did not meet with even the slightest obstacle, and they successfully walked out of the Fallen God Stream. After which, they found a deserted area and hurried to Ye City from there.

The Fallen God Stream was not far from Ye City. With the speed of Xiao Yan's group, they reached this lush, green city, situated on some plains, within half a day.

The few of them landed in the city, but did not stay for long. With Xin Lan leading them, they hurried to the Ye clan manor in the middle of the city. Around ten minutes later, Xiao Yan's group arrived at the front door of the Ye clan.

At this moment, the main door of the Ye clan was opened. The thing that surprised Xiao Yan's group was that there was not a single guard at the entrance. Moreover, the thick door showed signs of being broken.

Xin Lan's expression involuntarily changed when she saw the damaged door. After which, she increased her speed and charged in. Xiao Yan spread his hands behind him. This scene clearly represented that something bad had happened. It was unexpected that the Ye clan had fallen into such a state.

Currently, Xiao Yan was not wearing a Doupeng. However, he had once again put on the skin-like object that could change his appearance, causing him to appear slightly different.

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe as they slowly walked into the Ye clan. After which, they followed a small rock path and headed toward the interior. This walk continued for a couple of minutes before a large hall appeared in front of the three of them. Some furious cries were vaguely being transmitted from within.

"Indeed… a clan that has been inherited over generations has declined until such an extent. Now, others barge into their manor and act as they pleased. Would the ancestors of the Ye clan leap out of their graves if they become aware of this?" Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head when he heard the furious cry that was emitted from within the hall. He felt somewhat sad for this Ye clan. A great clan that had once been extremely prominent had actually been turned into such a state. It really gave one the feeling that people change.

Xin Lan was currently standing outside of the door. Her pretty face was green with fury as she looked into the hall. Her lovely figure trembled slightly due to her fury.

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe up to Xin Lan. He leaned against the door and looked at the interior of the hall.

At this moment, the large hall was a complete mess. All the members of the Ye clan Xiao Yan had met back then were there. However, these people's faces were filled with an angry green color at this moment. There was a green-clothed person wailing and rolling all over the ground in front of them. One could tell that he was a member of the Ye clan from his clothes.

The other side of the members of the Ye clan was a group of people in black clothes. The aura of this group of people was quite strong. Clearly, they were not weaklings. Moreover, Xiao Yan was surprised to find that the two shady-faced black-robed elders leading them had reached the strength of six star Dou Zongs. Moreover, from the majestic Dou Qi undulating around them, it was likely that these two people were at the peak of the six star Dou Zong class. They were a little stronger when compared to the First Elder of the Ye clan, who was Xin Lan's grandfather.

"Who are they?" Xiao Yan randomly asked.

"They are people from the Black Fire Sect and could be considered a strong faction within this Pill Region. Their sect is located quite close to Ye City and has been coveting after the Ye City for some time. It is unexpected that they dared to barge in!" Xin Lan tightly clenched her fist. Her low voice contained a fury that she could not suppress.

"The two old fellows at the front are the Black Demon Twin Evil. They are extremely strong and have quite a fierce reputation. Even grandfather is not match for either one of them."

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. This was the first time he had heard of the Black Fire Sect. However, the strength of these two old fellows was indeed great. The peak of a six star Dou Zong. They were a little stronger than Bing Fu from the Ice River Valley. This Central Plains was indeed filled with experts. If an expert of such a level was placed in the Black-Corner Region, he would, at the very least, be an overlord.

"Zhao Hei, Qin Mo, your Black Fire Sect should not be overboard! My Ye clan might no longer have the glory of its past, but if we were to really fight with your Black Fire Sect, it will not benefit you in any way!" The green-clothed, old man in the large hall was furious as he angrily shouted.

"Hee hee, Ye Zhong, you need to bluff in the front of the two of us. Your current Ye clan no longer possess the qualification to continue being called one of the five great clans of the Pill Region…" One of the leading black-clothed elders faintly laughed when he heard this before ridiculing Ye Zhong.

"This time around, the two of us have come to incorporate your Ye clan under us by the orders of the sect leader. If you surrender, our Black Fire Sect will not treat all of you shabbily. You will still have a place to survive in this Ye clan. If you do not obey, hee hee, you should all be aware of the tactics of my Black Fire Sect!" The other shady-faced elder laughed and spoke with a hoarse voice.

"In your dreams!"

The faces of all the members from the Ye clan were filled with anger when these words were spoken. Ye Zhong widened his eyes and furiously cried out.

Boom boom!

Ye Zhong's cry had just sounded when numerous black shadows suddenly rushed out of the hands of the two black-clothed elders. After which, they landed in the large hall while emitting 'boom boom' sounds. Everyone's expression instantly became furiously green when they saw this because the black shadows were dark-black coffins.

"Please accept these coffins if you do not wish to obey."

The shady-looking black-clothed old man smiled densely toward Ye Zhong. A cold, majestic aura slowly spread out of his body. After which, a roar sounded within this large hall, causing some of the weaker Ye clan's members to turn a little pale.

Xiao Yan continued to remain by the door. He narrowed his eyes and watched the show that was playing out within the hall. This Black Fire Sect really did not show any mercy when they act. He counted the number of coffins and found that there was one more than the number of Ye clan members currently in the hall. That extra coffin was perhaps prepared for Xin Lan. It was just that these people were unaware that Xin Lan had been following beside Xiao Yan during these few days.

Xin Lan by the side tightly clenched her hand. Her lovely body trembled due to her fury. A moment later, her expression suddenly dimmed. She was unable to do anything with her current strength…

"Big brother Xiao Yan… please help the Ye clan, will you? Xin Lan is willing to do anything as long as the clan is well!"

Xiao Yan, who had tilted his head, was suddenly startled. He turned his head and looked at the blue-clothed girl, who had lowered her head. Her eyes were red as she bit her lower red lip. Xiao Yan softly sighed when he saw her.

"Relax, it is not as though this is the first day that you have been acquainted with him. Don't you know what his character is like?" The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily shook her head with pity, and she softly comforted with a smile after seeing Xin Lan's appearance.

"Since I have already given you my word, I will naturally help you…"

At this moment, Ye Zhong in the large hall was greatly shaken by this ruthless act of the Black Fire Sect. He looked at those coffins with a cold luster in his eyes as a desolate feeling surged onto his face. Had the once prominent Ye clan reached such a stage in his hands?

"Hand over Ye City and the Sun Fire Ancient Altar of the Ye clan. My Black Fire Sect does not wish to do something so ruthless! I shall give you five minutes to think it over. The lives of all the young and old in the Ye clan will be determined by your decision." The black-clothed, old man smiled in a sinister manner while he slowly threatened Ye Zhong.

Ye Zhong's face slightly twitched upon hearing this. His entire body trembled. With the current strength of the Black Fire Sect, it was very difficult for the Ye clan to continue fighting with them.

The atmosphere within the large hall had become extremely pressurizing because of Ye Zhong's silence. These five minutes swiftly passed by in silence…

The dense smile of the two black-clothed, old men slowly widened when the five minutes was up. Surging energy gradually gathered in their palms.

"Ye Zhong, you are the one who seeks such an ending. Do not blame the two of us!"


A soft sigh finally sounded from outside of the door just as killing intent surged out of these two black-clothed, old man. The two of them were startled, and they suddenly turned around, only to see a young man leaning against the door. Their eyes turned cold and a curse was spat from their mouths.

"Get lost!"

The young man ignored them. He moved his feet and slowly walked into the large hall. A calm, soft voice slowly sounded like a wave of water.

"One minute. Bring the coffins with you and get out of Ye City. Otherwise, you can remain here…"

Chapter 1089: Sun Fire Ancient Alter

The young man's calm voice was just like flowing water as it crossed the large hall. This caused everyone to be stunned. Such a tone was really filled with extraordinary arrogance.

The black-clothed elders who were called Zhao Hei and Qin Mo were startled when they heard his voice. Their expressions immediately turned sinister. Both pairs of eyes looked at the young man, who was slowly walking in, like fierce wolves. A moment later, they ferociously smiled, "A mere two star Dou Zong dares to act so presumptuously in front of the two of us old fellows!"

"There is still forty seconds." The young man appeared to have not heard the ferocious laughs of the two of them. A somewhat lazy voice was emitted from his mouth.

"Kill him!"

Zhao Hei's expression was dark and chilly as he slowly commanded.

A fierce expression instantly flew into the eyes of the many people from the Black Fire Sect the moment they heard this order. Powerful Dou Qi surged out of their bodies. After which, they unleashed their Dou Qi together without any prior agreement and rushed toward the young man, who was slowly walking over.

A jade-green flame surged out of Xiao Yan's body and transformed into a fire barrier. Those fierce attacks automatically disappeared when they made contact with the fire barrier. They did not even cause Xiao Yan's footsteps to pause for even a moment.

Zhao Hei and Qin Mo were initially startled when they saw the jade-green flame that surged out of Xiao Yan's body. They suddenly cried out involuntarily, "Heavenly Flame?"

A wild joy and greed suddenly rose into the eyes of the two of them after their involuntary cry. The Black Fire Sect was renowned for its fire affinity. They naturally had a great understanding of Heavenly Flames, which were the strongest of all flames.

"Brat, you possess such a unique item. However, since you have delivered yourself to us, the two of us shall kindly accept!" Zhao Hei smiled. He exchanged expressions with Qin Mo. After which, their feet abruptly stomped on the ground. The two of them attacked at the same time and rushed toward Xiao Yan.

"Ugh… time's up."

Xiao Yan let out a soft sigh and shook his head slightly when the two of them attacked.

The space around Xiao Yan was slowly distorted while his soft sigh slowly sounded. Immediately, an old figure strangely appeared. His sleeves were randomly swung toward the two who had shot over explosively. Immediately, the empty space appeared to be violently blended by an invisible hand, revealing numerous spatial folds.

A majestic and frightening strength cut through the space quietly like floodwater as the sleeves was swung. After which, it gently collided with Zhao Hei's and Qin Mo's chest without forming even the slightest ripple.


The bodies of Zhao Hei and Qin Mo suddenly stilled as the wind blew over. The ferociousness on their faces instantly transformed into shock. Before this shock could completely disappear, two bright-red mouthfuls of fresh blood along with some shattered inner organs were spat out from their mouths!


After the fresh blood was spat out, the two figures flew back like kites with broken strings. They subsequently smashed against the ground, rolled miserably for over ten times before violently colliding into a wall. The vague yet clear sound of bones being crushed rang out.

The entire hall was silent. All the gazes were looking at the old figure beside Xiao Yan with dull expressions. With just a random wave, two experts at the peak of the six star Dou Zong class were defeated so miserably without any ability to defend themselves?

"Dou… Dou Zun?"

Ye Zhong was stunned as he looked at this old figure. Although not the least bit of aura seeped out of his body, he could still sense a dangerous feeling. He had experienced such a dangerous feeling before. However, all of those who gave him such a feeling were powerful existences who had stepped into the Dou Zun class.

"Since when did my Ye clan have an interaction with such an expert?" This thought flashed through Ye Zhong's heart. Ever since their Ye clan began to decline, they hardly possessed any ability to interest an elite Dou Zun. Otherwise, this Black Fire Sect would not dare to find trouble with them.

While Ye Zhong was feeling doubt in his heart, his eyes suddenly landed on Xin Lan outside of the large hall. He was immediately startled. He seemed to have recalled something. His eyes were suddenly turned to Xiao Yan. Although his appearance had changed a little, Ye Zhong could still see a little familiarity in his outline.

"He is Xiao Yan from back then?"

This thought flashed through his heart. Even Ye Zhong could not help but inhale a breath of cool air. The last time they met, this person only had a powerful puppet beside him, yet why was there another mysterious elite Dou Zun beside him after only a short one month period or so?

"This person definitely possesses a great background. Otherwise, how is it possible for him to get an elite Dou Zun to follow beside him? My Ye clan was blind in old age. We nearly offended this great being."

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of the churning thoughts within Ye Zhong's heart. He glanced at the fresh blood on the corner of the wall as well as the shocked Zhao Hei and Qin Mo. After which, he involuntarily let out a cold laugh. The strike from Tian Huo zun-zhe earlier had caused these two a serious injury at the very least. Even if they managed to recover, it was likely that a sequelae would be left behind.

"This senior, the two of us are Elders from the Black Fire Sect. We are blind to have offended you today. Please forgive the both of us."

Zhao Hei and Qin Mo climbed up from the ground in a miserable manner. Their hearts were so shaken that they did not possess the slightest anger. Being those involved, they had a clear understanding of how terrifying the attack earlier was. By being able to defeat the two of them so easily, the other party was definitely an expert of the Dou Zun class. Such an existence was not someone their Black Fire Sect could offend.

"Dammit, how is it possible for the Ye clan to be acquainted with an elite Dou Zun? We have miscalculated this time around. Once we return, we must definitely inform Sect Leader about this. It is best that we stop having any ill thoughts toward the Ye clan in the future. A camel that dies from being too skinny is still bigger than a horse…"

The mouths of the two of them were filled with bitterness. They forcefully endured the waves of intense pain that was emitted from their bodies as they rubbed off the fresh blood on their faces. However, they no longer possessed even the least bit of prestige that they had displayed earlier. In front of an elite Dou Zun, their lives were just like ants that were not even worth mentioning. This point was something that the both of them were clearly aware of…

"Get lost. If you return again, I will head to your Black Fire Sect and accompany all of you with a little chat."

Xiao Yan indifferently glanced at these two people, who were scared witless, as he coldly spoke.

Zhao Hei and Qin Mo coldly shivered when they heard his words. However, they did not dare say anything else. Both of them supported each other and fled to the door.

"Take your stuff with you!"

Xiao Yan's cold cry quickly followed after these two had just exited through the door. The both of them hurriedly turned around and submissively returned all the coffins in the hall to their Storage Rings. Only then did they lead their men and miserably fled without daring to utter a word. All of this occurred in front of the stunned gazes of the members of the Ye clan.

The members of the Ye clan in the large hall only recovered a while after watching the people from the Black Fire Sect flee in a miserable manner. Some respect surged in their eyes when they looked at Xiao Yan and Tian Huo zun-zhe beside him.

"Grandfather, are you alright?"

Xin Lan's figure hurriedly ran into the hall and inquired with a worrying voice while facing Ye Zhong.

Ye Zhong shook his head. His eyes immediately landed on Xiao Yan as he softly sighed. He bowed his body and cupped his hands together in a grave manner. "Mister Xiao Yan, thank you for rescuing us. Please do not take the disrespect of the Ye clan back then to heart."

"Xiao Yan?"

Some of the members of the Ye clan were startled when they heard Ye Zhong's words, especially the few Ye clan's Elders who had exchanged blows with Xiao Yan back then. Their eyes were astonished when they looked at Xiao Yan. An ashamed expression soon followed.

Xiao Yan randomly waved his hand. He was too lazy to say any courteous words. Instead, he stated his intent, "This time around, I have come to the Ye clan with the intention of borrowing the Sun Fire Ancient Altar. May I know if Elder Ye Zhong will lend it to me?"

Ye Zhong's eyes glanced at Xin Lan beside him after hearing this. She hurriedly nodded to him. He could only bitterly laugh as he said, "Mister Xiao Yan has rescued my Ye clan today. Although the Sun Fire Ancient Altar cannot be loaned to an outsider based on the rules of the clan, the Ye clan has already fallen to such a state. It is likely seeking its own death if it still insists on its old ways…"

Xiao Yan only gently nodded his head after hearing that Ye Zhong did not say anything to evade the issue.

Ye Zhong instructed the clan members to clean up the large hall before personally leading Xiao Yan's group to the deeper parts of the Ye clan manor. Around ten minutes later, an extremely deserted, rocky open ground appeared in front of them. In the middle of the open ground was a somewhat ancient altar. The enormous rocks that were used to build the altar were filled with the traces of time. Clearly, this altar had existed for a long time.

Xiao Yan approached the altar and discovered that it was exceptionally bright. Moreover, the closer he got to the altar, the hotter and purer the surrounding energy was. Numerous substance-like light rays scattered down from the sky. After being reflected by the smooth rock walls, they ended up gathering on a dark-black stone tablet.

"There is a hole that connects deep underground under the stone tablet. Some core heart fire seedlings will escape when the stone tablet is shifted away. It will subsequently light up the sunlight gathered here and form the Sun Flame Of course, this was the case in the past…" Ye Zhong softly sighed and bitterly laughed as he stared at the ancient altar.

"What happened?" Xiao Yan slightly frowned when he heard his words.

"Since a couple of years ago, seldom do core heart fire seedlings come out of the hole. It is not possible to excite the sunlight and form the Sun Flame…" Ye Zhong sighed.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He did not need to rely on whatever Sun Flame for his purpose. All he wanted to do was borrow the pure, natural energy of this place to suppress the Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body.

"Little Fairy Doctor, enter the altar…" Xiao Yan turned his head and instructed to the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded when she heard this. Her toes pressed on the ground and her body gently landed inside the altar. The dense heat and light energy around caused her eyebrows to turn vertical as she felt some discomfort.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after seeing the Little Fairy Doctor enter the altar. He once again summoned the Earth Demon Puppet. After which, he finally relaxed and walked into the altar.

"Old mister Yao, please stand guard for us. Do not allow anyone to interrupt…"

Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled as he nodded. His body moved and appeared on a huge tree by the edge of the open ground. Finally, he sat on it.

"You can rest assured that unless an elite Dou Zun comes to this place personally, no one will be able to interrupt you…"

Ye Zhong also wisely withdrew far away when he saw this.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His eyes swept around him. There were many rock walls around this altar. If one did not approach it, it would be difficult to see what was happening within from the outside. Therefore, it could be considered a hidden place.

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze. He looked at the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him, who appeared a little uneasy. With a soft laugh, he said, "In that case… I should also begin."

Chapter 1090: Poison Dan Method, Begin!

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded when she heard him. She inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the anxiety in her heart. After which, she sat cross-legged on the altar. She straightened her upper body. Her long neck and narrow waist formed an alluring curve.

Xiao Yan also sat down. He raised his head and looked at the countless lights that shot down from the sky. His hand gently caressed the empty air. Immediately, a warm feeling was emitted from his palm. He sensed a kind of pure light and heat in the sunlight.

"Not bad…" Xiao Yan slightly praised. This was indeed a good place. Even if he did not do anything, this place would cause the Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body to be naturally suppressed. Thus, they would be able to avoid the situation of having the Woeful Poison Body erupt midway through, causing some unnecessary trouble.

Xiao Yan's eyes slightly shifted. After which, they paused on the dark-black stone tablet set in the altar. Ye Zhong had already mentioned that this stone tablet was the key to activating this altar.

Xiao Yan's hands gently pushed the dark-black stone tablet. A hot feeling surged from within. However, it did not cause Xiao Yan the slightest discomfort. He used a little strength and pushed the stone tablet aside amid a cracking sound.

The stone tablet was slowly pushed aside and a head-sized dark-black hole appeared in Xiao Yan's sight. It was likely that this was the hole that Ye Zhong had mentioned.

"Creak creak!"

When the stone tablet was pushed aside, it seemed to have activated something. The stone walls around the altar slowly moved. Immediately, they formed a round stone wall, surrounding Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor in an extremely tight manner. If one were to look from the outside, one could only see the towering, ancient stone walls.

Following the formation of the circular shape of the stone walls, the stone walls seemed to have gradually become smooth. An increasing amount of light rays were reflected by the mirror-like stone walls. Finally, they gathered at this hole in the ground. The bright, dazzling light was extremely glaring.

Although the sunlight had gathered, not the slightest bit of fire seedlings were emitted from the hole in the ground. Hence, the so-called Sun Flame did not appear. Fortunately, the light and hot energy of this altar were becoming more intense with the gathering of the sunlight. In the end, the Little Fairy Doctor's eyebrows were slightly vertical. This sunlight left a searing feeling when it landed on her body.

"Sizzle sizzle!"

Wave after wave of grayish-purple poison fog gradually surged out of the Little Fairy Doctor beyond her control. After which, they collided with the hot sunlight in the outside world and emitted a sizzling sound.

"There is no need to panic…"

Xiao Yan comforted her and smiled as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, who had her hands clenched. He waved his hand and a crystal that was filled with a wild and violent energy appeared in front of him. It was the Monster Core of the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast.

Xiao Yan flipped his hand after taking out the Monster Core. A jade box appeared in it. The jade box was snow-white in color. There was a faint cold air seeping out of it. A jade-green color as well as a sticky substance, that was still wiggling, appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes.

The Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. Xiao Yan had spent a great amount of effort in order to obtain this unique treasure. It was one of the key ingredients for the so-called Poison Dan method!

"It is rumored that this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva can sense the Bodhisattva Heart… however, ever since I got ahold of it, this thing has not given me the slightest clue." Xiao Yan looked at the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva in the jade box and helplessly shook his head. After which, his eyes landed on the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him as he continued with a solemn voice, "I will use three types of Heavenly Flame to force the Poison Qi within your body to a certain spot. The process will be very painful. You must endure it! If we cannot even progress past this step, the remaining steps… cannot begin."

The Little Fairy Doctor clenched her silver teeth as she looked at Xiao Yan's grave expression. She gently nodded. She knew that Xiao Yan had spent a couple years of effort in order to help her resolve this Woeful Poison Body. Now that they had everything ready, she would definitely endure regardless of how painful it would be. Otherwise, how could she be worthy of the effort that this person in front of her had put in over the years.

"I will need to undo the seal within your body and completely unleash the Woeful Poison Body…"

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath. His hand involuntarily trembled a little. Should he fail to suppress the Woeful Poison Body, it was likely that the Little Fairy Doctor would die on the spot.

"I trust you…"

The Little Fairy Doctor appeared to be aware of the worry in Xiao Yan's heart after seeing his somewhat trembling hands. An alluring smile surfaced on her pretty face as she softly uttered encouraging words.

Xiao Yan slowly tightened his hand. His voice was deep, "I have already prepared for today for many years, and I will definitely not make a mistake!"

"Remove your clothes. I will begin undoing the seal!"

Xiao Yan's expression was serious. His mind was the most focused it had ever been as he commanded in a deep voice.

The Little Fairy Doctor was startled when she heard his command. A redness swiftly flew onto her pretty face. However, when she saw Xiao Yan's expression, which was so solemn to the point it did not possess any other emotion, she gently clenched her silver teeth. In any case, this fellow had already seen her many times. She did not mind allowing him to see her another time!

The Little Fairy Doctor gently removed her clothes while possessing this thought that caused her face to redden. After which, her dress fell past her lovely, white, smooth skin. A suet-jade-like, perfect figure was exposed under this hot sunlight.

Regardless of how sturdy Xiao Yan's heart was, his eyes involuntarily flickered for a moment when he saw the perfect body of the woman in front of his eyes being exposed. However, he swiftly focused his mind. His eyes gathered on the Little Fairy Doctor's body. Her suet-jade-like body possessed numerous faint-red scars. These scars were composed of a countless number of symbols that climbed all over the Little Fairy Doctor's body, forming a perfect seal in the process.

Xiao Yan curled his fingers. A jade-green flame formed over his fingertip. His eyes focused as his hand swung at a lightning-like speed. After which, it heavily pressed on the Little Fairy Doctor's smooth abdomen. A sizzling white smoke was emitted. The faint-red scar, that spread all over her body, slowly began to wiggle under his finger. The scar swiftly paled..

Wave after wave of frightening deep-grayish poison fog erupted from the Little Fairy Doctor's body after this symbol swiftly paled. Her grayish-purple eyes gradually turned pure-gray.

This kind of grayish color contained the scent of death. It was without even the slightest bit of life. At a glance, one would feel a fluttering feeling that seemed to have spread from deep within their soul.

When the Woeful Poison Body completely erupted, this kind of grayish color would swiftly devour all of the lifeforce belonging to its owner!

The bright redness on the Little Fairy Doctor's face swiftly vanished following the spread of this grayish-colored poison fog. Her originally gentle face slowly became expressionless. However, the pain and struggle that faintly seeped from between her eyebrows indicated that she was resisting the backlash of the Woeful Poison Body.

They were both pressed for time. A thought passed through Xiao Yan's mind as a jade-green flame was spat out of his mouth. The dark-black ring on his finger gradually trembled. A dense-white-colored flame slowly curled and rose.

Xiao Yan grabbed this cluster of dense-white flames. He stuffed it into his jade-green flame. The three types of flames underwent a drastic change the moment they made contact. However, Xiao Yan had already mastered this kind of change. He spent a short moment before he completely merged the three types of flames.

The final creation from the merger of the three types of Heavenly Flames was a pure-green-white flame. It slowly rose while waves of destructive strength slowly spread from it.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after the successful merger of the three types of Heavenly Flames. He glanced at the gray poison fog that was surging out of the Little Fairy Doctor's body in front of him. He then inhaled a deep breath of air. He waved his hand and the green-white flame surged out. It expanded and bundled around the Little Fairy Doctor's body.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle!

The flame had just covered the Little Fairy Doctor when the dense, gray-colored poison gas around her body emitted an intense sizzling sound, as though it had met its nemesis. After which, it withdrew with lightning-like speed, fleeing back into the Little Fairy Doctor's body!


The Little Fairy Doctor's grayish-purple eyes immediately turned a pure gray color when the poison gas entered her body. A deadly aura radiated out of her. The Little Fairy Doctor's body moved and charged out of this altar!

However, Xiao Yan was already prepared for this. The Little Fairy Doctor's body had just moved when he suddenly stood up. His hand was covered in the green-white flame as it pressed onto the Little Fairy Doctor's shoulder, violently holding her down in the process!


The seal formed by Xiao Yan's hand changed as he furiously cried out!

The green-white flame transformed into countless numbers of tiny fire seedlings after the cry sounded. They penetrated the Little Fairy Doctor's skin and entered her body. Finally, they wildly chased after the gray-colored poison gas!

The green-white fire seedlings from all directions covered every corner of the Little Fairy Doctor's body. Fortunately, Xiao Yan's current strength was much stronger than before. Otherwise, it was likely that he would have found it difficult to control so many fire seedlings.

The permeating gray poison gas began to swiftly scatter after being chased by the fire seedlings. Moreover, under the control of Xiao Yan's mind, all of the poison gas gathered in the Little Fairy Doctor's lower abdomen.

Hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss!

Slight sounds were continuously emitted from the Little Fairy Doctor's body. Wave after wave of gray-colored poison gas hurriedly fled from the combined might of the three Heavenly Flames. Finally, the gas was chased to her lower abdomen. All the green-white flames gathered at this spot. They transformed into a fire circle that trapped the poison gas within.

The vast, mighty poison gas, that was filled with a deadly aura, gathered in the Little Fairy Doctor's lower abdomen. At a glance, it looked like a swirl. The interior of the swirl was a deadly world. Even an elite Dou Zun would not dare to easily face such a frightening poison gas head-on. If Xiao Yan had not been relying on the strength of three types of Heavenly Flames, he would have been eroded by this kind of poison gas into nothing with just the first contact. There was no need to even talk about driving it away.

"Gathering the poison gas, replacing it with the Monster Core, and using the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva to…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed after sensing the poison gas that had gathered together. He suddenly grabbed the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast's crystal Monster Core, and he placed it on the Little Fairy Doctor's lower abdomen!

The crystal had just made contact with the Little Fairy Doctor's skin when she strangely emitted an unusual glow. After which, the crystal slowly merged with her skin!

The Monster Core was strangely swallowed by the Little Fairy Doctor's skin, soon entering the swirl of gray poison gas. After which, it lingered in the middle of the swirl!

Xiao Yan's expression became graver after the successful insertion of the Monster Core. His eyes slid to the jade box beside him, where the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva was located. The next step was the most important one…

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