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Chapter 1077: Advancement

Xiao Yan did not become hasty despite having obtained traces of the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast. A fierce beast with the strength of an eight star Dou Zong was not an ordinary being. If he did prepare enough, it was likely that his chances of succeeding would not be great.

At the moment, Xiao Yan's strength was merely that of a one star Dou Zong. The Little Fairy Doctor had exceeded Xiao Yan's expectations and reached the level of a six star Dou Zong. This kind of training speed was also quite great. If they were to join hands, it would not be impossible to kill the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast. However, they would definitely exhaust a ton of effort to do so. After all, an eight star Dou Zong was similar to an existence like Fei Tian. Additionally, no one knew just what kind of trump cards the other party possessed. If they failed to capture him the first time and allowed him to flee, where would they go to look for him?

Moreover, even if Xiao Yan possessed the energy to do so, the Little Fairy Doctor did not have the strength to do so at the moment. Hence, he would rather not act. Once he acted, he would have absolute confidence he would succeed!

Moreover, being an overlord of this Fallen God Stream, that Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast already possessed a human form. His intelligence would not be inferior to that of a human. He might even be more cunning than that. Hence, quite a number of powerful Magical Beasts would gather under him. If Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor were to attack, these Magical Beasts would pose some trouble.

Fortunately, Xiao Yan had Tian Huo zun-zhe, this great helper. Based on his initial plan, he would help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a body before attacking the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast. However, after searching for the ingredients in his Storage Ring, he discovered that he was coincidentally missing one item, the Essence Blood of a rank 7 Magical Beast.

Of course, strictly speaking, it was not that he did not possess that item. The Essence Blood that had been refined from the corpse of the Heaven Demon Phoenix was of a rank that far exceeded the requirement. Unfortunately, there was an insufficient amount of it. Only the few miserable droplets of the Heaven Demon Phoenix Essence blood remained in Xiao Yan's hands. This little bit was insufficient to refine a body. Hence, the Essence Blood that was required to refine this body would likely have to come from that Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast…

Xiao Yan's upper body was naked as he sat within the cave that was filled with warm light. The ink-like Demon Poison Spot was slowly wiggling on his chest. The circular surroundings of the Poison Spot had a faint-green color. A high temperature was continuously being emitted from it. Under this high temperature, the Demon Poison Spot was repeatedly emitting wisps of black air. Finally, these wisps were absorbed by the high temperature…

With Xiao Yan's current strength, this Demon Poison Spot no longer posed much of a threat to him. Moreover, with the help of the Heavenly Flame's might, he was able to refine it as he pleased. Of course, due to him being afraid that refining it all at once would cause his strength to soar and end up influencing his training foundation, Xiao Yan paid special attention during the refinement. He acted just like he was removing a cocoon as he slowly pulled out a thread at a time. Finally, he completely refined it and turned it into something he could use.

Although Xiao Yan's advancement was suppressed during this careful refinement, his training speed was also something that an ordinary Dou Zong would not be able to match. After all, other people did not possess such pure Dou Qi for them to refine and absorb. If one were to talk about it, Xie Bi Yan from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate back then had really left Xiao Yan with a wonderful treasure…

A bonfire was burning within the cave. The Little Fairy Doctor was holding her cheeks beside the bonfire. Occasionally, her eyes would glance at Xiao Yan, who was training. Each time, her eyes would pause on the Demon Poison Spot on Xiao Yan's chest, stirring her memories. She recalled the scene of the fight with the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate in the Chu Yun Empire back then…


While the Little Fairy Doctor's thoughts were drifting, a deep, muffled sound suddenly appeared in the cave. She hurriedly raised her head, only to discover that the energy within the cave had suddenly become violent. It was as though the energy was being dragged by something as it wildly surged to a corner of the cave.

The Little Fairy Doctor's eyes followed the direction the energy was surging to. Immediately, they paused on Xiao Yan's body. Surprise flashed across her pretty eyes, "Advancement?"

This unusual phenomenon was not foreign to the Little Fairy Doctor because she had already experienced it many times.

"Xie Bi Yan's strength had reached that of a three to four star Dou Zong back then. Although the Poison Spot that had been formed from all of his Dou Qi had caused Xiao Yan to suffer a little, it could be considered a great tonic…" The Little Fairy Doctor softly laughed and did not feel worried. When she saw Xiao Yan again, she had sensed that he was at the peak of a one star Dou Zong and was not far from breaking through. Moreover, after having viciously refined the Dou Qi within the Demon Poison Spot, Xiao Yan had naturally reached the requirement for his advancement.

It was just as the Little Fairy Doctor had expected. Xiao Yan's face did not reveal any panic after the unusual phenomenon occurred. Instead, he increased the suction. A cluster of jade-green flames swiftly poured out of his body. After which, the natural energy, that surged over, underwent an initial refinement by the Heavenly Flame before being unceremoniously absorbed into his body.

Poison objects roamed all over the Fallen God Stream. Even the natural energy of this place was mixed with some poison gas. An ordinary expert would not dare to train in this place. Fortunately, Xiao Yan possessed the Heavenly Flame. The poison gas mixed in the natural energy was automatically removed by the frighteningly high temperature of the Heavenly Flame.

The energy that a Dou Zong required to advance was extremely great. An unceasing about of energy surged into the cave, forming an energy swirl around Xiao Yan. After which, it poured into Xiao Yan's body.

The Little Fairy Doctor lazily stood up after seeing the activity that Xiao Yan had created. She walked to the entrance of the cave. The poison beings within the Fallen God Stream were extremely sensitive to energy. This large scale absorption of natural energy by Xiao Yan would definitely attract their attention. Therefore, she would need to put in some effort to guard him.

The Little Fairy Doctor's footsteps stopped at the entrance of the cave. She looked at the dark-black world outside and lazily leaned against a rock wall. After musing for a moment, an unusually majestic aura slowly spread out, deterring some of the fierce and vicious poison creatures that had been attracted by the commotion…

The unusual phenomenon in the cave continued for around half an hour or so before the raging natural energy gradually weakened. The energy swirl that lingered around Xiao Yan's body also became illusory…

Not long after the final thread of energy entered Xiao Yan's body, his tightly shut eyes quivered a little. After which, he slowly opened them. Two substance-like energy pillars made of light shot out of his eyes and struck the enormous rock in front of him. The light emitted a 'puff' sound as it penetrated through the rock. This was a situation that had occurred due to his body being overfilled with energy…

The light within Xiao Yan's eyes was concealed after these two energy light pillars shot out. They once again returned to their rippleless forms. At a glance, he did not appear to be any different from his condition earlier. However, his aura was at least twice as strong as it was before.

Xiao Yan extended his hand and gently clenched it. He could see the empty space above his hand forming wave after wave of distortions. Controlling space, this was the sign of an expert Dou Zong. However, one would only possess an initial control at this class. Only when one reached the Dou Zun class or even the Dou Sheng class would one be able to use spatial strength with a high degree of skill!

"Are you done?"

A warm laugh sounded in front of Xiao Yan while he was tirelessly and happily distorting space. He raised his head and saw the white-clothed Little Fairy Doctor, who appeared exceptionally pure and enchanting.

"This Demon Poison Spot is really a good thing. If I had to rely on absorbing the energy from the outside world, it would likely have required one month for me to reach the two star level…" Xiao Yan grinned. He lowered his head, glanced at the black spot on his chest, and replied.

"The precondition is that you must possess the strength to control it. Did you forget how you were tortured by this thing in the past?" The Little Fairy Doctor rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan. This fellow had really forgotten the pain after the wound was healed.

Xiao Yan smiled. He put his clothes back on and asked, "Is Xin Lan still not back?"

"Ugh… it has been four days since she left. Did something happen to her?" The Little Fairy Doctor inclined her head and inquires with some hesitation.

"I don't think so, the Earth Demon Puppet is protecting her. If something happened to her, something should have also happened to the Earth Demon Puppet. However, I have not sensed anything wrong with the Earth Demon Puppet." Xiao Yan mused for a moment, shook his head, and said, "Let's wait for another two days. We will attack the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast after the Earth Demon Puppet returns. That way, we will be able to ascertain that nothing will go wrong."

The Little Fairy Doctor did not voice any objection to Xiao Yan's decision. She immediately nodded after Xiao Yan spoke.

Xin Lan still did not return after another day had passed. Just when Xiao Yan also thought that something was wrong, the sound of rushing wind finally appeared outside of the cave. Immediately, a familiar figure rushed in with some anxiety. The Earth Demon Puppet followed close behind her.

Xiao Yan and Little Fairy Doctor finally sighed in relief after seeing that Xin Lan was fine. They frowned when they saw her somewhat panicking face. "What happened?"

"Big brother Xiao Yan. Things have become troublesome. Little Fairy Doctor jie-jie and you are wanted by the Ice River Valley. Moreover, they seem to also be aware that the both of you are still in the Fallen God Stream. Currently, many experts from the Ice River Valley are hurrying to the Fallen God Stream. Moreover, it is rumored that an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class is among those hurrying over." Xin Lan forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva as she hurriedly spoke with a somewhat pale face.

"Peak of the Dou Zong class?"

Xiao Yan's and the Little Fairy Doctor's expressions changed when they heard this. Immediately, their faces turned a little gloomy. This time around, the Ice River Valley… was really willing to put in great capital. The peak of the Dou Zong class. Even Fei Tian from the Wind Lightning Pavilion had not reached that level.

"Looks like we need to speed up our journey. We must settle the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast before they find us. Everything will be fine once I help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a body!"

Xiao Yan's eyes flickered. Currently, he didn't have the time to think about how the Ice River Valley had become aware of their trail. He raised his head to look at the sky outside before suddenly standing up. His eyes slid to the Little Fairy Doctor.

"Let's get moving!"

Chapter 1078: Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast

Poison fog lingered deep within the Fallen God Stream. Even the air contained a little stench. It would be quite troublesome if it was absorbed into one's body.

The interior of the Fallen God Stream was filled with a countless number of enormous dark-black crevices. Occasionally, numerous roars would be emitted from these fissures. All the living creatures in this place seemed to possess a lethal poison after years of evolution. If one were careless, one would fall in the most unexpected place.

The faint sound of rushing wind suddenly appeared in this desolate region. Immediately, a couple of figures rushed over from the distance. Their figures flashed a couple of times and appeared a hundred meters away. It was only possible to see their appearance once they approached. Naturally, they were Xiao Yan's group, searching for the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast.

Xiao Yan's figure gently landed beside a black rock. His eyes looked into the distance, but his sight was severely impeded due to the poison fog.

"Little Fairy Doctor, where is the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast?" Xiao Yan turned his head and looked behind him, where the Little Fairy Doctor and Xin Lan were located.

The Little Fairy Doctor looked around her after hearing his question. She slightly shut her eyes. Being in possession of the Woeful Poison Body, she appeared to be exceptionally sensitive to certain poison creatures. After sensing for a moment, she once again opened her eyes and pointed to the north. She softly answered, "That way. We should arrive soon. I am able to smell the poison on that fellow's body from a great distance."

Xiao Yan tilted his head. He glanced at the Earth Demon Puppet, following close beside him, and immediately inhaled a gentle breath. It seemed that a fierce battle was unavoidable today. With the strength of an eight star Dou Zong and the powerful physical body of a Magical Beast, this Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast would definitely be an extremely troublesome opponent…

"Xin Lan, you should hide further away when the fight begins. Do not get involved in it…" Xiao Yan instructed Xin Lan before moving his body. He rushed in the direction the Little Fairy Doctor had pointed out.

Xin Lan nodded. With her strength, it was obvious that she did not have the qualification to participate in a fight of this level. Hence, it was best that she hid far away.

"Let's go, you have consumed the Poison Avoiding Pill that Xiao Yan gave you. As long as you do not take the initiative to disturb those fierce poison beings, they will not come and look for you…" The Little Fairy Doctor smiled to Xin Lan. After which, she pulled her along and swiftly followed Xiao Yan in front.

While Xiao Yan's group began to hurry toward the area where the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast was hiding, the entrance of the Fallen God Stream had become unusually lively because of the arrival of a group of people.

A large group of white-clothed human figures, containing a shockingly cold aura around their bodies, filled the entrance of the Fallen God Stream. The temperature of this place seemed to have be affected by them as it descended.

There were four old figures standing with their shoulders bent right at the front. These four figures randomly stood. There were three majestic, ice-cold auras slowly spreading apart among them, giving one a kind of extremely pressurizing feeling.

The person who attracted the most attention among the four of them was an elder. This old man had white hair and was holding a walking stick with a snake head that appeared to be made from white jade. The snake head's large, savage mouth was widened, and it had a pair of snake eyes which emitted a dark, cold aura. He appeared exceptionally ordinary compared to the three elders beside him. Not even a little energy seeped out of his body. Even that elderly face appeared exceptionally shriveled. His narrowed eyes appeared turbid. His appearance was no different from that of an ordinary old man.

The thing that surprised others was that this old man, who did not seem special, was actually standing at the middle of this group of people. Even the three white-clothed, old men with majestic auras remained half a step behind him. Their brows revealed a respectful expression.

There were many people currently watching the show around the Fallen God Stream's entrance. They were startled when they saw this lineup, especially when they saw the special snow flower image on the clothes of these people. A commotion was stirred as a result.

"They are people from the Ice River Valley?"

"The one leading them are four expert Dou Zongs? Heavens, what does this Ice River Valley intend to do?"

"According to rumors, Bing Fu along with two other Ice River Valley's Elders and some disciples have all died in the hands of the Woeful Poison Lady. From the looks of it, the Ice River Valley is really angered this time around. If I have guessed correctly, that old man holding the walking stick should be that Elder Tian She from the Ice River Valley… even in the Ice River Valley, he is considered an important person ranked among the top three…"

"Elder Tian She? It is actually him? It is unexpected that the Ice River Valley has even dispatched him this time around… that Woeful Poison Lady will likely have a difficult time escaping this time around."


The surrounding private conversations did not disturb this white-clothed group. The white-haired, old man holding a walking stick made in the shape of a snake opened his somewhat turbid eyes. He faintly asked, "Is everyone here?"

"Everyone is here and waiting for Elder Tian She's orders." A white-clothed, old man by the side hurriedly replied.

The old man called Elder Tian She nodded slowly. He extended his hand and a coldness lingered over it. After which, an ice mirror was formed. A picture was present on the ice mirror. Coincidentally, the images of Xiao Yan, the Little Fairy Doctor, the Earth Demon Puppet, and even Tian Huo zun-zhe were present in the picture.

"These are the remnant figures found in the damaged souls of the Ice River Valley's disciples. However, it is unexpected that the Woeful Poison Lady had external reinforcements. However, these few people are extremely foreign to the old me. It is likely that they are people from outside the Pill Region… Ke ke, the Ice River Valley has not met such a challenge for many years. The hands of the old me are almost rusty…" The old man holding the snake walking stick swept his turbid eyes over the ice mirror and laughed. His laughter was just like that of an owl, giving one goosebumps.

A chill surfaced on the skin of the three white clothed elders when they heard this laugh. They knew that the happier the laugh of this person, the denser the killing intent was in his heart.

"Let's go, the old me really wishes to meet this group of foreign experts soon. The might of the Ice River Valley cannot be challenged…"

The old man gently waved his hand. After which, he lifted the snake walking stick and slowly walked into the Fallen God Stream. All the disciples from the Ice River Valley followed close behind them. They did not create even the slightest sound when they walked, displaying an appearance of being well-trained.

Numerous gazes looked at the people from the Ice River Valley as they gradually disappeared from their sight. They looked to each other and a fiery heat appeared in their eyes. All of them knew that this Fallen God Stream would likely cease to be calm…

"We have arrived… that rock fortress is where our target is located."

Xiao Yan's footsteps paused suddenly when he heard this. After which, he raised his head, narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance. He could see a large, white-colored rock fortress vaguely visible under the cover of the dense fog.

"The Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast is in that place?"

Xiao Yan rubbed his hands. A heat surfaced in his eyes. After searching the Black-Corner Region all the way to the Central Plains, he had finally found a living Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast.

The Little Fairy Doctor smiled and nodded. She said, "I think that it is likely that it has sensed my presence. It seems that a poison beast that has reached such a rank also possesses a sensitivity to this Woeful Poison Body of mine…"

"In that case, let us see just what this so-called ancient poison beast looks like. Xin Lan, you should remain here. Do not follow us." Xiao Yan smiled before instructing Xin Lan.

"Understood." Xin Lan nodded before reminding, "All of you should be careful."

Xiao Yan grinned. His toes pressed on the ground and his body turned into a black line that rushed toward the rock fortress. The Little Fairy Doctor and the Earth Demon Puppet followed close behind him.

With the speed of the three of them, they had appeared within a thousand meters of the rock fortress after a short moment. Following their approach, they were finally able to sense just how large this rock fortress was. The place appeared exceptionally vast and mighty.


Just when these three people stepped into a thousand meter radius of this rock fortress, the land suddenly began to shake. Immediately, a soul-stirring dragon roar was emitted from the rock fortress, and a violent storm swept over, sending the rock fragments on the ground flying!

"Ha ha, little beauty. It is unexpected that you have come looking for me. In that case, you should obediently stay behind and be my woman. This king wants that Woeful Poison Body of yours to give birth to perfect descendants with the purest bloodline!"

The dragon roar resounded over the place as a loud laugh was emitted from the rock fortress. After which, the roar spread apart like a wave.

One could hear the sharp sound of rushing wind appearing after the loud laugh rang out. A blood-red figure rushed out of the rock fortress in a lightning-like manner. A pair of hundred-foot-large dragon wings were extended from his back. A blood-colored scorpion tail, over ten meters long, was behind it. The tip of the tail contained a sharp, cold glow.

The figure remained suspended in the sky with the round moon located behind it. Both of its wings were extended and its poison tail appeared just like a snake. It hissed to the sky while a monstrous fog spread.

Xiao Yan's group slowly stopped. They looked at the human figure with its dragon wings in the distant sky. They sensed the monstrous aura and surprise flashed across their eyes. Was this that legendary Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast?

"It is indeed very strong… however, its Monster Core and Essence Blood are ours…"

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