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Chapter 1064: Xiao Xuan

"Burning Flame Ancestor?"

Tang Huo Er by the side was slightly startled when she heard Tang Zhen muttering to himself. After which, she asked with some uncertainty.

Tang Zhen smiled at Tang Huo Er's uncertainty. He glanced at Xiao Yan, who had sunk deep into the inheritance world of the crystal ball. After which, he placed both of his hands behind him and looked to the ceiling of the hall. A respectful expression was revealed in his eyes. "Burning Flame Ancestor is the founder of our Burning Flame Valley. However, due to the great amount of time that has passed, many people have forgotten about this peak expert who once shook the entire continent."

Tang Huo Er involuntarily clicked her tongue when she heard this. It was also the first time that she had heard of this so-called Burning Flame Ancestor. It seemed that the gap in time was indeed a large one.

"Is the Burning Flame Ancestor very strong?" Tang Huo Er asked somewhat curiously. She seemed to be extremely interested in this legendary figure.

"He's more than strong… according to what I know, there are five ultimate experts in the Dou Qi continent during that era. These five people represented the peak strength of the Dou Qi continent. The Burning Flame Ancestor was one of them. The five of them possessed mysterious and great power. It is rumored that they were just one step away from the legendary Dou Di class…" Tang Zhen slowly said. His voice contained an admiration for the experts during that era.

"Dou Di…"

A shocked expression appeared on Tang Huo Er's pretty face. This title did not require any decoration. It alone possessed an endless amount of pressure, causing everyone to turn into tiny ants in the face of this term.

"Who are the four remaining ultimate experts?"

Tang Zhen revealed a pondering expression. A long while later, he finally replied, "Due to it being a long time ago, I am unable to clearly remember the exact names of the four others. However, I am aware that the three among them belongs to three other great factions: the Gu clan, Hall of Souls, and Pill Tower…"

"All of them are currently the true peak level factions…" Tang Huo Er's face was surprised. Immediately, she asked in a strange manner, "What about the other person? Which faction is he from? Could it be the Flower Sect or the Profound Sky Sect?"

Tang Zhen slowly shook his head. There was also some uncertainty between his brows as he replied, "This person does not seem to belong to any top factions in the Central Plains today. However, I still have a clear memory of his name because, according to the records in the ancestral books, this expert and the Burning Flame Ancestor had quite a good relationship. It is rumored that this Skyfire Three Mysterious Change… had been created by him."

"The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was created by that expert?" Tang Huo Er's small mouth immediately widened in shock when she heard this. Her face was filled with surprise. Clearly, she seemed to be in a state of disbelief.

"The ancestral books record it like this. Due to it being too long ago, it is difficult to determine if it is true or false…" Tang Zhen nodded as he replied.

"What is the name of this mysterious and ultimate expert?" Tang Huo Er became more curious as she hurriedly asked.

Tang Zhen fondled his beard. He thought for a moment before he said somewhat uncertainly, "He seems… to be called Xiao… Xiao Xuan? Ugh, it has been many years since I read those ancestral books. I cannot remember his name too clearly. During that era, the Burning Flame Valley was not weaker than those peak factions like the 'Hall of Souls.' Unfortunately, no one like the ancestor has appeared in the Burning Flame Valley after that. Hence, its reputation has become far inferior to those factions like the 'Hall of Souls'…" Tang Zhen sighed when he finished speaking.

"Xiao Xuan…"

Tang Huo Er muttered the words in her mouth. Suddenly, she quietly glanced at Xiao Yan, who had his eyes shut by the side. She smiled and said, "Xiao Yan's surname is also Xiao. Could he be related to this elder Xiao Xuan?"

Tang Zhen was startled when he heard this. He immediately burst out laughing, "There are as many people in this world who have the surname Xiao as there are hairs on a cow. Based on what you say, would it not mean that all these people are related to this elder Xiao?"

Tang Huo Er stuck out her tongue. She had only randomly spoke. Naturally, she would not be so serious.

"However, aren't you overestimating Xiao Yan by comparing him with that Burning Flame Ancestor of our Burning Flame Valley?" Although Tang Huo Er had quite a good impression of Xiao Yan, her heart still felt that there was too much of a gap between Xiao Yan and the expert from that era.

"Ke ke, you should not underestimate him. I have the feeling that this Xiao Yan is not a simple person. I have nothing but praise for that Heavenly Flame fire lotus of his… moreover, he is only around twenty or so, yet he possesses many achievements in terms of alchemy and Dou Qi. Such a talent is something that even you are far inferior to…" Tang Zhen's eyes turned to Xiao Yan, who had his eyes shut. The regret in his eyes once again surged as he sighed.

Tang Huo Er stuck up her small mouth. Although she was a little dissatisfied, the truth was indeed as she had witnessed. Hence, she could only mutter under her own breath. If this was before Xiao Yan had exchanged blows with Wu Chen, she would have confidently fought with him. However, after seeing that fire lotus, she had completely lost this intention because she knew that she would definitely die in the face of that fire lotus…

"Such a talented young person is not someone from my Burning Flame Valley. How can it not cause one to feel regretful…"

Tang Zhen let out a long sigh and ceased saying anything. He waved his sleeves and blew the dust on the ground away. After which, he sat down cross-legged and planned to wait on this spot until Xiao Yan awoke. Tang Huo Er could only sit down and accompany him when she saw him…

A day had passed after the two of them had sat down. Xiao Yan's body remained as still as a statue throughout the day without making the slightest movement. If his breathing hadn't remained consistent, it was likely that even Tang Zhen would have thought that some accident had occurred during the inheritance.

The fiery-red crystal ball was continuously emitting a bright-red glow in the spacious hall, lighting up the hall until it appeared like it was daytime within. Xiao Yan still maintained with both his hands extended beside the crystal ball. However, his skin also appeared to release a vague red glow at this moment, causing it to appear extremely mysterious.

"Why is he still not done? Back then, my inheritance only lasted an hour…"

Tang Huo Er supported her cheeks with her hands while looking at the unmoving Xiao Yan. Finally, she could not resist opening her mouth to ask.

"Back then, you were lazy and did not absorb all of the experiences and improvements of the the ancestors within the crystal ball, yet Xiao Yan has chosen to absorb all of them…" Tang Zhen faintly explained.

"Once I have digested all the experience that I have absorbed, I will still be able to continue absorbing…" Tang Huo Er extended her tongue and laughed.

"Ugh, I really don't know what to do with you. Your talent is also extremely great. If you were a little more serious, the position of the Valley Chief of the Burning Flame Valley will definitely belong to you in the future. Moreover, with sufficient strength, even those old fellows whom you dislike will not be able to nag you…" Tang Zhen shook his head and helplessly teased.

"Aye aye…" Tang Huo Er hurriedly nodded, seemingly afraid that Tang Zhen would continue his nagging.


Tang Zhen was even more helpless when he saw this. He shook his head before his expression suddenly changed. He turned to the crystal ball and saw the red glow swiftly disappear. Now, Xiao Yan's body was covered in a red glow. A moment later, both of his eyes trembled and were slowly opened.

"Is he awake?"

Tang Zhen hurriedly stood up, smiled, and asked when he saw Xiao Yan open his eyes.

Xiao Yan's body remained still in the same spot. It seemed as though he was organizing the large amount of information within his head. This continued for a moment before his entire body shivered. A life force surged into his dull eyes. His gaze slid to Tang Zhen as he grinned and nodded. Immediately, he cupped his hands together and respectfully said, "Valley Chief Tang, thank you for your generous gift!"

Xiao Yan was clearly aware that he benefited by accepting such an inheritance. Moreover, his relationship with Tang Zhen was not considered a very good one. However, the things that Tang Zhen had done for him were indeed worthy of this formal thanks.

Tang Zhen merely waved his hands randomly in the face of Xiao Yan's thanks. He smiled and said, "The complete training method of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame should be completely in your head, right?"

Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. A thought passed through his mind and a mysterious training method immediately surfaced within it. This was the complete version of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. It included not only the first change but the second and third change training methods.

"I have finally obtained it…"

Xiao Yan's heart was also exceptionally excited. With this Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, his fighting strength would swiftly rise!

"The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change might be able to allow you to raise your fighting strength significantly for a short period of time. However, the energy that you obtain will be exceptionally wild and violent. You should be careful when controlling it." Tang Zhen reminded.

Xiao Yan nodded. This was something that he was already aware of. After all, he had practiced the first change of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change for many years. He was already able to control the energy it created very well.

"Since you have already obtained the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, let's leave the hall first…" Tang Zhen smiled. After which, he led the way down the hall. Xiao Yan and Tang Huo Er followed close behind.

Xiao Yan's mood was joyful as he left the Dou Qi Hall and felt the fresh air blowing on him.

"Valley Chief Tang, I have already disturbed you for quite a number of days. Today, Xiao Yan shall leave. If there is anything you need help with in the future, you can come and look for me." Since the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was already in his hands, there was naturally no longer any reason to remain in the Burning Flame Valley. Therefore, Xiao Yan immediately cupped his hands together and spoke.

"Are you leaving…"

Tang Zhen had the intention of getting Xiao Yan to stay, but when he heard this, he could only sigh in the end. He nodded and said, "I think that you should have some important business. The old me shall not insist, but you must remember not to leak the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change…"

"Ke ke, Valley Chief Tang, please rest assured that Xiao Yan is not someone who does not understand the situation."

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He naturally understood such rules.

Tang Zhen smiled. After which, he patted Xiao Yan's shoulder and said, "If you have time in the future, you can come to my Burning Flame Valley as a guest. As long as I, Tang Zhen, am still the Valley Chief of the Burning Flame Valley, you, Xiao Yan, will be a VIP in my Burning Flame Valley."

Xiao Yan let out a smile in the face of Tang Zhen's good intention. The two cupped their hands to each other. After which, their figures rose into the air, and they swiftly flew toward the exit of the Burning Flame Valley…

Chapter 1065: News about Little Fairy Doctor

Xiao Yan did not pause for long after leaving the Burning Flame Valley. Instead, he rushed in the direction of Tianhuang City. While he was traveling, he savored the complete training method for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change…

The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was a peak level Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley. However, the uniqueness of this Secret Technique also made it difficult for one to judge its class. After all, in the hands of some people, this Secret Technique was completely useless. However, in the hands of some experts, who possessed many types of powerful flames, the might that it could unleash would definitely be comparable to other Di class high level Secret Technique.

Luckily, Xiao Yan belonged to the second category. Being in possession of the Green Lotus Core Flame, Falling Heart Flame, and even the Bone Chilling Flame, he was coincidentally able to unleash this Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to its peak. It was just as Tang Huo Er had said. This kind of Secret Technique seemed to have been tailor-made for Xiao Yan.

The simultaneous eruption of the three types of Heavenly Flame would definitely provide a terrifying increase in strength. Xiao Yan estimated that if he were to completely unleash it, it was likely that he would truly be able to fight head-on with even old demons in Fei Tian and Wu Chen class. He would no longer need to end up so miserable after having just endured for ten exchanges in their hands.

"However, the energy that is created each time the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change erupts is extremely wild and violent. This is even more so when all three changes are used. There is no telling what degree this wild, violent energy will reach. Even with the strength of my current body, it is likely going to be a little difficult for me to endure…" An expression of deep thought flashed across Xiao Yan's face. After all, the flames inside his body were not ordinary. Instead, they were Heavenly Flames, the strongest of all flames!

A Skyfire Three Mysterious Change that relied on three types of Heavenly Flames as a foundation was likely something that no one, even in the Burning Flame Valley, had ever achieved. After all, even if they possessed the ability to find three types of Heavenly Flames, who would dare to place three types of Heavenly Flames within one's body at the same time without a mysterious Qi Method like the Flame Mantra?

"It looks like even if I completely master the completed version of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, I should not use it easily. Otherwise, it will be quite harmful to my body…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed. Everything was full of advantages and disadvantages. These words were indeed true. Nevertheless, he was currently in possession of another trump card. When he fought with others in the future, the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change would greatly shock everyone.

Xiao Yan gradually pulled his mind back when he thought of this. His eyes looked into the distance. He could see the vague outline of a city located in the distance…

"I wonder how Liu Qing information gathering has proceeded in relation to the Little Fairy Doctor. Her Woeful Poison Body is indeed quite troublesome. After all, the reputation of this kind of poison body isn't very good… hopefully nothing has gone wrong…"

Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. After which, he increased his speed, transforming into a ray of light that flashed through the sky and rushed to the distant city.

Xiao Yan's figure rushed into Tianhuang City through the sky before landing in the deserted western side of the city. He identified the direction of the Liu clan before walking over.

It was ten minutes later when Xiao Yan arrived outside the manor of the Liu clan. Before he could say anything after appearing, the couple of guards outside of the Liu clan manor's door hurriedly stepped forward. They inquired in an extremely respectful manner., "Are you mister Yan Xiao?"

This scene caused Xiao Yan to be startled. Of course, he was unaware that there was currently an uproar in Tianhuang City because of his name. Everyone knew that the Liu clan had a young alchemist who had reached the seventh tier…

Although Xiao Yan felt a little surprise in his heart, he still smiled and nodded. The respectful expression in the eyes of those few guards became even denser when they saw him nod. Their leader hurriedly got someone to go in and inform Liu Qing while he personally led Xiao Yan into the manor.

Not long after he had entered the manor, Xiao Yan saw Liu Qing, Lin Yan, and some others hurrying over from the other end of the path.

"You have finally returned… I thought that something had happened to you in the Burning Flame Valley." Liu Qing hurriedly stepped forward. He finally sighed in relief after seeing that nothing was wrong with Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled and said, "I'm fine. It is just that I spent some time helping the Burning Flame Valley refine a medicinal pill."

"It is good that you are fine. However, recently my Liu clan has become much more lively because of you…" Liu Qing spoke with a grin.


"Currently, many factions are aware that my Liu clan has a tier 7 alchemist. Therefore, they have come with the intention of bettering relations and trying to establish a relationship with you, a young alchemist grandmaster. Tsk tsk, an alchemist is really the most popular occupation…" Lin Yan smacked his lips and spoke with an envious face.

"There are indeed quite a number who have arrived. Among them include some powerful factions. All of them want to see if you will become their honorary Elder…"

"There is no need for this honorary Elder, I do not intend to stay anywhere and help people refine medicinal pills for a lifetime." Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head.

"Yes, I knew that you wouldn't like it. Therefore, I found an excuse to reject them. If this matter is not done properly, it will cause others to bear a grudge." Liu Qing nodded as he replied.

Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he directed the conversation to the main topic, "Do you have any news about the matter that I informed you of last time?"

Liu Qing's expression had become much more serious when he heard these words. He led Xiao Yan and the others to a stone pavilion. Only after everyone was seated did he speak in a solemn manner, "Yes, I have some news."

Xiao Yan's attention was braced a little when he heard this.

"That Xin Lan whom you have mentioned should be a member of the Ye clan in the Pill Region. Moreover, her full name should be called Ye Xin Lan." Liu Qing said.

"Ye clan?" Xiao Yan muttered. His finger gently knocked against the stone table as he said, "What is the strength of this Ye clan like?"

"Quite strong. At the very least, it is far from what my Liu clan can compare with. Of course, being able to enter the Elders seat of the Pill Tower is not something that an ordinary faction could achieve." Liu Qing said, "The Pill Region is filled with all sorts of people. Many powerful factions on the continent possess a branch at that place. However, on the whole, there are five large clans related to the Pill Tower. The Ye clan is one of them. However, the current Ye clan is already declining. It has ended up as the weakest of the five large clans. Two years ago, they even lost an Elder's seat in the Pill Tower. If this continues, it is likely that they will remain the weakest of the five large clans and will sooner or later be replaced by other factions."

Xiao Yan slightly tilted his head in acknowledgement. No wonder the Ye clan would sent Xin Lan to the Jia Nan Academy. Their situation had already reached such a stage.

"What requirements must one meet to enter the Pill Tower Elder's seats?" Xiao Yan inquired. Since he had promised to help Xin Lan, he would naturally need to pay more attention to this aspect. Breaking his promise was something he did not wish to do.

"I am not too certain about this. However, the conditions should be quite harsh. After all, that is the Pill Tower. Moreover, one must possess quite a great amount of contacts within the Pill Tower in order to enter it…" Liu Qing laughed bitterly as he spoke.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. This matter was not really urgent and could be slowly discussed. Immediately, he changed the topic and asked, "Do you have news related to the Little Fairy Doctor?"

Liu Qing hesitated for a moment after hearing this. Finally, he replied, "Does the Little Fairy Doctor you mentioned possess the rumored Woeful Poison Body?"

Xiao Yan's heart tightened when he heard these words. He nodded and asked in a deep voice, "What happened?"

"I have dispatch quite a number of people to inquire about the news in the Pill Region. Currently, the matter that was spreading wildly at that place is related to this Little Fairy Doctor because she is in possession of the legendary Woeful Poison Body…"

"A strange constitution like the Woeful Poison Body, whose name causes one feel fear, has appeared in the Central Plains before. Without exception, they cause great disasters. Originally, everyone thought that this kind of poison constitution had already been exterminated. Unexpectedly, it has appeared again…" There was a fear between Liu Qing's eyebrows when he mentioned the Woeful Poison Body.

"Where is she now?"

Xiao Yan softly asked. Perhaps it was because of the Little Fairy Doctor's wretched background and her poison constitution, but Xiao Yan felt a special worry for her. Moreover, she had been following beside him during all these years. Regardless of what kind of danger he faced, she would not abandon him. She had already treated Xiao Yan as a good friend whom she could trust without reserve in her heart. Xiao Yan similarly understood all this. Hence, he had been thinking of ways to help her escape the pain of the Woeful Poison Body. Xiao Yan would definitely intervene now that something had happened to her!

"I am also not certain about her exact location. However, there are quite a number of factions within the Pill Region who are searching for her because they are all aware of what kind of a frightening thing this Woeful Poison Body could create…" Liu Qing understood a little as he looked at Xiao Yan's expression. Immediately, he mused for a moment before continuing, "Among these factions, the people from the Ice River Valley are the ones searching the most…"

"Ice River Valley?" Xiao Yan's expression changed when he heard this.

"That's right, based on what I know, this Ice River Valley has always been exceptionally interested in these special constitutions. They are perhaps searching for the Little Fairy Doctor because they are interested in the Woeful Poison Body." Liu Qing solemnly explained.

"Moreover, according to the information that has been acquired, the Little Fairy Doctor has exchanged blows with the Ice River Valley's experts some time ago. Although she ended up fleeing successfully, she has also been badly injured. Otherwise, she would not have disappeared for such a long time…" Lin Yan by the side spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. His expression also gradually became gloomy. It was unexpected that such a thing had happened during this period of time they were apart…

"Ice River Valley…"

Xiao Yan tightly clenched his hands. A dark and ruthless killing intent flashed through his eyes. If anything happened to the Little Fairy Doctor, he would get this Ice River Valley to pay the price with blood!

Chapter 1066: Hurrying to the Middle Region

From Xiao Yan's gloomy expression, Liu Qing could guess that the Little Fairy Doctor likely had a complicated relationship with him…

"Xiao Yan, what do you plan to do? The Ice River Valley's strength is not inferior to the Burning Flame Valley. There are as many experts in there as the clouds. They are extremely difficult to deal with…" Lin Yan seemed to have also sensed the killing intent in Xiao Yan's heart. His expression became much more solemn as he wondered aloud.

"I will make a trip to the Pill Region. Xin Lan has been with the Little Fairy Doctor. She might perhaps be aware of some news. As for all of you, it is best for you to remain in Tianhuang City…" Xiao Yan mused for a moment before speaking.

"Let me go with you. I am a little familiar with the Pill Region." Lin Yan hurriedly said.

Xiao Yan shook his head and rejected Lin Yan's good intention. He did not expect the Woeful Poison Body to cause such a big commotion within the Central Plains region. If he wanted to help the Little Fairy Doctor, some enmity would be unavoidable. It would not benefit Lin Yan to follow beside him.

"You should just wait at Liu Qing's place. There is not much you can help with regarding this matter…" Xiao Yan patted Lin Yan's shoulder as he suggested.

Lin Yan might be unwilling, but he could only nod his head after a brief moment of hesitation when he saw Xiao Yan's serious expression. He was also aware that with his Dou Huang class strength, it was impossible for him to be of much help to Xiao Yan. He might even end up burdening. Hence, he did not continue to insist.

"Since you have your own plans, I shall not dissuade you.. I will send someone to pay attention to the Middle Region. If I really obtain news about the Little Fairy Doctor, I will think of a way to pass it to you." Liu Qing found it difficult to comment on anything when he saw that Xiao Yan had already made up his mind. He took out a map from his Storage Ring and handed it to Xiao Yan. "This is a map of the Middle Region. The Ye clan is in Ye City. You can head there if you wish to find Ye Xin Lan."

Xiao Yan did not reject this offer. He nodded and received the map. This thing would allow him to avoid losing his way in the Middle Region.

"When are you preparing to leave?" Liu Qing asked after seeing Xiao Yan accept the map.

"Now." Xiao Yan replied with a deep voice. Currently, he was unaware of whether the Little Fairy Doctor was dead or alive. He was really not in the mood to stay in this place for long. He needed to find Xin Lan as soon as possible and obtain news related to the Little Fairy Doctor from her.

Liu Qing widened his mouth when he heard this. He could only smile bitterly and nod, "Alright, I will immediately get someone to arrange the Wormhole for you." He beckoned with his hand after saying this and called a guard over. After Liu Qing softly issued some instructions, the guard swiftly withdrew.

"Remember, you should try to be careful in the Middle Region. That place is a complicated one filled with all sorts of people. There are many troublesome experts there. If you meet with any trouble, you can come to Tianhuang City. Even though my Liu clan isn't very strong, we will also try our best to protect you!"

Liu Qing looked at the guard who had ran out before turning his head. He solemnly informed Xiao Yan.

Upon hearing these words, a smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's gloomy face. He nodded slightly even though he was aware that it was impossible for such a situation to occur. Should he really end up with a trouble that he could not resolve, it was likely that he would only bring trouble to the Liu clan by heading to this Tianhuang City. Other than that, there would not be any use…

The Wormhole was slowly rotating in the large square in the center of the Tianhuang City. Wave after wave of shocking spatial ripples was being emitted from within.

Xiao Yan received a palm-sized silver-colored boat from Liu Qing's hands in front of the Wormhole. After which, he cupped his hands to him and said with a smile, "After I resolve these issues, I will return to Tianhuang City if I have the time…"

"There is still a five days journey from here to the Middle Region…" Liu Qing smiled. After which he patted Xiao Yan's shoulders and said, "Take care, additionally, do not shame the Jia Nan Academy. You should know that you are the most outstanding student from the Inner Academy in many years…"

"Relax, no matter what, I will not cause it to lose its reputation…"

Xiao Yan laughed. He cupped his hands to Liu Qing and Lin Yan in a solemn manner. "Take care!"

After saying those words, Xiao Yan ceased delaying any longer. He turned around and walked into the Wormhole. His back appeared exceptionally free and easy…

Lin Yan and Liu Qing sighed as they watched Xiao Yan's back gradually disappear into the Wormhole. They faced each other and bitterly laughed. The both of them were aware that Xiao Yan's trip would likely end up stirring a commotion within the Middle Region…

"This fellow… no matter how we try to catch up, he is always in front of us. Ugh, meeting such a monster is really a great blow to our confidence…"

Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged at the front of the space boat within the Wormhole. The boat was emitting a bright-silver glow. His expression was exceptionally solemn. He had a hunch that this trip to the Middle Region would likely not be a relaxing one.

The commotion that the Woeful Poison Body had stirred in the Central Plains had somewhat exceeded Xiao Yan's expectations. Moreover, there were those people who wanted to benefit from the mess among them. One example was the so-called Ice River Valley. Xiao Yan was aware that a special constitution would attract the attention of certain people. This was similar to Qing Lin in the Jia Ma Empire back then, the little girl who possessed the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, which even astonished Yao Lao. However, it was also because of this that she ended up attracting the claws of the Mo clan…

"Qing Lin…"

The girl from back then who always timidly followed behind him and called him young master involuntarily surfaced in Xiao Yan's mind when he thought of her. He wondered how she was at this moment. However, according to what Yao Lao had said, staying at the Sky Serpent Mansion was better than anywhere else for her. It was likely, that after these years, the timid girl from back then had become a great beauty…

"However, I still need to find the Little Fairy Doctor now…"

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his drifting emotions and exhaled a deep breath. He was about to face a cruel situation. Forget about the people who wanted to capture the Little Fairy Doctor. Among all the factions who wanted to destroy her before the Woeful Poison Body erupted, just the Ice River Valley alone would require Xiao Yan to pay full attention.

By being able to be one of the three valleys alongside the Burning Flame Valley and the Sound Valley, the Ice River Valley was likely even stronger than the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Hence, if Xiao Yan did not adequately prepare, it was likely that he would really meet his end in this Middle Region!

"Once I reach the Middle Region, I will need to think of ways to quickly gather the necessary medicinal ingredients to help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a body as soon as possible. At that time, with the help of a Dou Zun, I will have some additional confidence when facing a faction like the Ice River Valley. Moreover, the rate I gather those beast flames should also be increased a little. Otherwise, the current Life Transforming Flame I have created can only allow me to use the Exterminating Fire Lotus once!"

Xiao Yan's eyes swiftly flickered. The situation he was facing this time around was likely the grimmest one he had ever faced. Hence, he needed to put in all his effort!

"I should also begin to practice the remaining two changes of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change during these couple of days. Although I am pressed for time, it is fortunate that I have obtained the inheritance. Otherwise, even if it's me, it would be extremely difficult to obtain an initial mastery of it within such a short period of time…"

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath. His expression had gradually turned cold and stern. After which, he shut his eyes. A mysterious training method once again appeared in his mind.

The sudden unexpected change in situation had caused Xiao Yan to completely sense the importance of strength. The Ice River Valley in front of him was just like an enormous being that he had difficulty surpassing. With his current strength, it would not be easy for Xiao Yan to shake this faction. Hence, he needed to do all he could to strengthen his trump cards and his own strength!

Time flowed by within the Wormhole like the sand between one's fingers…

During these couple of day, Xiao Yan's mind had completely sank into the training method of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. This Secret Technique was quite difficult to practice. However, Xiao Yan had already practiced it for many years and already understood it very well. Additionally, he had also received the inheritance and experiences of the Burning Flame Valley's ancestors, allowing him to jump past a couple of detours during his training journey. Under these excellent conditions, Xiao Yan's progress in practicing the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was exceptionally quick…

Five days passed by in the blink of an eye amid this kind of training. When Xiao Yan opened his eyes and woke up from his training, he was coincidentally able to see the distant, silver-colored circle. There was a dense spatial ripple spreading from it.

"Am I about to reach…"

Xiao Yan's fist suddenly tightened as he looked at the silver-colored light circle. A dense coldness surged into his dark-black eyes.

Xiao Yan suppressed a sigh within his heart as he suddenly stood up. The jade-green colored glow that flowed around his body slowly returned into his body…

The space boat was just like a silver-colored ray of light that flew through the tunnel in a lightning-like manner. Within a couple of blinks, it approached the spot where the light circle was located. When the intense space ripple had come to a stop, the body of the boat was swiftly jolted.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned with these kinds of bumps. His expression was calm as he controlled the space boat. With a 'swoosh' sound, it rushed forward. The silver-colored light circle was within close proximity within a couple of blinks…

The silver-colored glow grew brighter in Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes. His fists gradually tightened as a cold glint flashed within his eyes.

The space boat transformed into a silver glow. With a 'swoosh' sound, it charged through the silver-colored circle and disappeared…

"Middle Region, I, Xiao Yan, have arrived…"

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