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Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: Test

Everyone in the hall was immediately stunned when they heard the words of that red-robed, old man. They all immediately revealed surprised expressions as they looked at the skinny young man present. No one had expected this young man, who had such a great achievement in medicinal refinement skills, would possess this ability as well…

The Wind Lightning Pavilion might not be comparable to the Burning Flame Valley in terms of strength, but it was definitely considered a powerful faction of significant weight in the Central Plains region. Yet, this Xiao Yan was able to leave peacefully after forming a grudge with it. From this, one could tell that this person was definitely not simple.

Tang Huo Er’s pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan. The itchiness on her hands suddenly became much more intense. She had never met an opponent of similar age who was on par with her.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change in the face of the many surprised gazes in the hall. He glanced at the red-robed, old man and faintly said, “I am indeed Xiao Yan, but what has this got to do with anything? All I did was simply change my name.”

The red-robed, old man, who was also the second Elder of the Burning Flame Valley, smiled when he heard this. He said, “Your enmity with the Wind Lightning Pavilion is because you possess the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s Three Thousand Lightning Movement. This has ended up causing them to chase you with killing intent. You are not a disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Where have you obtained the Three Thousand Lightning Movement? Moreover, you currently want to obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change of my Burning Flame Valley. Don’t tell me that you have an interest in other people’s Dou Techniques?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm as he replied, “The Three Thousand Lightning Movement is something that I obtained by chance. There is no need for me to account to second Elder regarding this. As for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame… I am in possession of a Heavenly Flame and will be able to unleash the might of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to its peak. This is the reason for me to come to the Burning Flame Valley. Whether I am interested in other people’s Dou Techniques is not something that second Elder can manage.”

Xiao Yan’s words were blunt. Hence, the second Elder’s expression slightly deflated.

“Xiao Yan, this place is not the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It will not allow you to act in such a presumptuous manner!” The third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley, Wu Chen, frowned and coldly reprimanded.

Xiao Yan was too lazy to be bother with these two noisy old fellows. His eyes looked to Tang Zhen in the leader’s seat, cupped his hands together, and said, “Valley Chief Tang, I have come to the Burning Flame Valley for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. Please say something about how to resolve this matter. If you also feel that the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is a secret of the Burning Flame Valley that will not be passed to an outsider, all you need is to say the word and Xiao Yan will leave immediately. I will not hesitate even a little.”

“If I am to really say those words, the hat of being untrustworthy will be worn on my head in the future. Relax, since I have promised you, the old me will definitely keep my word.”

Tang Zhen waved his hand. His expression gradually turned cold. He glanced at the two Elders beside him as he indifferently said, “I have already made up my mind about this matter. You two Elders need not make things difficult for Xiao Yan. The old me is also aware of the rules within the valley. Hence, I did not say that I will give the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to Xiao Yan.”

“According to the rules of the valley,

the core disciples can obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change after passing through the test. Hence, if Xiao Yan is able to pass it, there will no longer be any objections from the others! Anyone who disobeys will be punished according to the valley rules!” Tang Zhen’s voice contained a sternness at the end.

The second and third Elders exchanged looks with one another after hearing these words of Tang Zhen. Their expressions slightly changed. After hesitating for a moment, the second Elder finally clenched his teeth and said, “The matter of the core disciple’s test has always been designed by the Elders Council. May I know if the topic of this test will be decided by the Elders Council?”

This pedantic old fellow seemed to be really unwilling to allow the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to land in the hands of Xiao Yan, who was an outsider. Hence, he was thinking of all means to hinder Xiao Yan.

Tang Zhen’s face slightly sank. He immediately replied, “If second Elder has such an intention, please tell us about the test topic.”

Second Elder’s heart rejoiced when he saw Tang Zhen being a little less stubborn. He opened his mouth and said, “This matter has serious implications and cannot be done casually. Therefore, the old me shall personally be the tester. If Xiao Yan is able to last ten exchanges in the hands of the old me, the matter of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change shall be decided by Valley Chief.”

The large hall was immediately a little quiet after these words sounded. The many Elders below looked at each other and involuntarily let out bitter laughs. They were extremely clear about the strength of second Elder. The peak of the Dou Zong class. He was at a frightening level only one step away from advancing to the Dou Zun class. If he was to be the tester, it would appear as though they were bullies.

Tang Huo Er’s eyebrows were bunched up a little. Some fury also flashed through her pretty eyes. This old fellow was clearly making it difficult for others. The peak of the Dou Zong class was a level in which even she would have great difficulty lasting for ten exchanges.

“To think that second Elder is able to say such words…” Tang Zhen faintly laughed. His voice contained a little mockery. This caused the expression of the second Elder to become a little unnatural. He had only voiced such a test because he did not wish to hand the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to an outsider.

“If Valley Chief feels that second Elder is unsuitable to act, please allow me to do so. It is rumored that Xiao Yan even managed to kill an Elder of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. I think that he possesses strong trump cards. It should not be an impossible task lasting for ten exchanges in my hands, will it?” Third Elder Wu Chen slowly opened his mouth to speak after seeing that second Elder faced some difficulty withdrawing his words.

Xiao Yan slightly frowned as he looked at Wu Chen. His strength was a little weaker as compared to that second Elder. However, he was definitely an existence comparable to the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion Chief Fei Tian. He would be a little troublesome to deal with…

Tang Zhen hesitated for a moment when he heard this. He immediately suggested, “There is too much of a difference in the status of the both of you and Xiao Yan. It is not really nice for you to act. I think we should allow Huo Er to do it. If Xiao Yan is able to defeat Huo Er, he will be considered to have passed. What do you say?”

The eyebrows of Tang Huo Er by the side were immediately lifted when she heard Tang Zhen’s words.

“Miss Huo Er is indeed a good choice. However, Xiao Yan only recently helped her successfully refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill. Moreover, she is a lady and will involuntarily show mercy. Therefore, she is also not very suitable…” Second Elder slowly shook his head as he continued, “I think that third Elder’s suggestion is not a bad one. It is the fairest for him to act. As long as Xiao Yan is able to endure ten exchanges in his hands, he will be considered to have succeeded.”

The expression of itching to go ahead, that had appeared on Tang Huo Er’s face, stiffened. She furiously glanced at second Elder. Her appearance was as though she really wanted to charge forward and beat him into a pulp.

Tang Zhen’s expression sank when he saw that second Elder did not agree with his suggestion. His inner heart became a little frustrated. These two pedantic, old fellows really did not listen to nice words…

“Valley Chief Tang, since second Elder insists on letting Elder Wu Chen be the examiner, we will do as he say…” Xiao Yan, who was standing in the large hall, finally opened his mouth to speak when Tang Zhen was about to open his mouth and reprimand them.

Tang Zhen, Tang Huo Er, and the others were startled when they heard Xiao Yan’s words.

“Xiao Yan, Elder Wu Chen’s strength is that of a genuine eight star Dou Zong. He is even stronger than Fei Tian from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. Are you certain you wish to let him be the tester?” Tang Zhen’s tightly knit his brows. His eyes bore into Xiao Yan as he spoke with a deep voice. There was a tone of reminder in his words.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. His eyes swept toward the third Elder who was also a little startled by his words. Xiao Yan knew that if he did not do as these two old fellows wanted today, it was likely that he would not be able to smoothly take the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change from the Burning Flame Valley. Since this was the case, he would do as they wanted and test this third Elder’s strength.

Although the strength of this Wu Chen was not weaker than Fei Tian, the current Xiao Yan had already stepped into the Dou Zong class. His strength was many times stronger than when he had been chased by Fei Tian back then. It should not be as unbelievable as what an ordinary person imagined to last for ten exchanges in Wu Chen’s hands. Moreover… if he was really pushed to the limit, he would also get this old fellow to suffer a little today.

Tang Zhen frowned even more tightly when he saw Xiao Yan nodding his head. He glanced at the two rejoicing Elders beside him and helplessly nodded. He said, “Since you have made this choice, the old me does not have any other method. You only have one chance. If you fail to pass the test, it is likely that the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change does not possess any affinity with you. Therefore, I hope that you have your own plans.”

Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. He was not a reckless person. Since he had agreed to this test, he naturally possessed some confidence. An eight star Dou Zong might be strong, but Xiao Yan was also not a simple person. He might not dare to say that he could defeat the other party, but when it came to enduring for only ten exchanges, it was likely that these old fellows had underestimated him.

“Valley Chief, please rest assured that the old me is aware that he has done a favor to the Burning Flame Valley. Therefore, I will not hurt him. If the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was not a top tier Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley, the old me would not have intervened. Therefore, I hope that Valley Chief will forgive me.” Third Elder slowly stood up, turned his head to Tang Zhen, and requested his forgiveness.

Tang Zhen glanced at him before uttering three words from his mouth, “Pedantic and stubborn.”

The third Elder was noncommittal in the face of Tang Zhen’s evaluation. As long as he could prevent such a Secret Technique from landing in the hands of an outsider, it was fine that he was pedantic.
“This place is a little too small. We will begin the test outside. Moreover, I think that the disciples in the valley will be a little interested in this. Let’s allow them to observe. It will be beneficial to them.” The third Elder looked all around the hall and laughed. After which, he took the lead to walk out of the hall. When he passed by Xiao Yan, he uttered, “On account of you having helped the Valley Chief refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill, you will be allowed to choose a Burning Flame Valley Qi Method or Dou Technique that is not in the top tier category even if you fail the test.”

“That is not necessary. Moreover, third Elder should wait until after the test before saying such words. Otherwise, you will have difficulty retrieving your face should any unexpected changes occur…”

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. He ignored Wu Chen, who had become stunned as a result. After which, he turned around, and walked out of the hall.

Wu Chen finally recovered after he looked at Xiao Yan’s back. He immediately laughed out loud and said, “The young people these days are indeed arrogant. Alright, the old me shall see just how you will cause the old me to be unable to retrieve my face.”

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