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Chapter 1058: Hindered


A tightly shut door was gently pushed opened and Xiao Yan slowly walked out. After which, he raised his eyes and looked around.

There was a garden outside of the room that was filled with many beautiful flowers. A gentle breeze blew over as a faint flower fragrance drifted over the entire garden. It gave one's heart a tranquil feeling.

"Have you woken up?"

A clear lovely voice suddenly sounded while Xiao Yan's eyes were sweeping around. He looked over, only to see a red-clothed lady sitting within the garden. She had a long upper body. Looking at her from the side, her body appeared to reveal an alluring figure that extended from her neck to her hip.

Xiao Yan had seen this lady before and knew she possessed a high status within the Burning Flame Valley. Immediately, he smiled and nodded to her.

The red-clothed lady stood up. Her tall figure was beautifully accentuated before she swiftly walked to Xiao Yan. After which, she revealed a bright smile. "My name is Tang Huo Er. Thank you very much for your help this time around."

As the both of them were standing close to each other, Xiao Yan was able to sniff the faint, serene fragrance that was being emitted from the body of the lady in front of him. He raised his eyes and was coincidentally able to see some redness within Tang Huo Er's pretty face. Xiao Yan had run into quite a number of beauties during these years. This Tang Huo Er's appearance might not be comparable to the bewitching looks of Cai Lin, but she possessed a demeanor that belonged only to her. She appeared graceful and valiant, possessing an alternative charm.

Xiao Yan observed Tang Huo Er as he revealed a smile on his face. He cupped his hands together and said, "Greetings to Miss Tang."

"Don't call me whatever Miss Tang. If you do not mind, you can just call me Huo Er. You can be considered my savior, hence, there is no need for you to be so distant." Tang Huo Er waved her hand and quickly replied after Xiao Yan formally addressed her.

This Tang Huo Er, who did not possess the haughtiness of a young lady of the Burning Flame Valley, gave Xiao Yan quite a good impression. He immediately nodded with a smile. He was aware that Tang Zhen had wanted to refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill for this lady in front of him. However, it was not his place to ask too much about the use of that medicinal pill. This was, after all, someone else's private affair.

"You have been unconscious for five days. Father has told me to bring you to him once you have awoken… I think that you are intending to look for him now, right?" Tang Huo Er's bright pretty eyes swept over Xiao Yan while she laughed in a lovely manner.

"In that case, I will trouble Miss Huo Er…" Xiao Yan smiled as he responded.

"Follow me, but I wish to also ask you why are you so interested in the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame of my Burning Flame Valley?" Tang Huo Er had just turned around when she suddenly remembered something. After which, she asked somewhat curious about why he wanted it.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "I can only say that the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is extremely suitable for me to practice."

Tang Huo Er was somewhat surprised by Xiao Yan's reply. She raised her eyebrows and said, "There is actually such a thing? But my father has already said that one requires a great talent to practice the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change."

Her words caused Xiao Yan to become dull, especially after he sensed the somewhat fiery eyes of Tang Huo Er. He involuntarily and bitterly laughed. This woman appeared to be even more competitive than some men.

Tang Huo Er covered her mouth and laughed when she saw Xiao Yan become a little embarrassed. She turned her body and led the way in front. She talked to him as she walked, "No matter what you think, I will naturally not be able to say much now that father has promised you. However, I shall remind you that it is not an easy matter to obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. Even if father has given you a chance, it will be extremely difficult for you to obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change if you do not possess some ability."

Xiao Yan quietly tilted his head in acknowledgement. The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was a carefully guarded Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley. It would be unusually difficult for him to obtain it. Nevertheless, he had already come to this place. Why would he end up giving it up?

Xiao Yan followed Tang Huo Er out of the courtyard and walked through the interior of the valley. They met quite a number of Burning Flame Valley's disciples. These disciples hurriedly bowed and said greetings the moment they saw Tang Huo Er. She not only possessed a special status within the Burning Flame Valley, she also possessed outstanding training talent, enough to get the admiration of everyone within the valley.

Xiao Yan, who was beside Tang Huo Er, also attracted quite a great amount of attention as a result. The disciples within the Burning Flame Valley were familiar with this young alchemist grandmaster, who had aided the Valley Chief in refining a pill. During these couple of days that Xiao Yan had been unconscious, talk about him had become hottest topic among the many disciples within the Burning Flame Valley.

Xiao Yan followed Tang Huo Er for over ten minutes in front of the many eyes. Only then did they stop outside a large hall with a magnificent aura.

"The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is the top Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley. According to the rules of the valley, it cannot be taught to an outsider. Although father is the Valley Chief, he alone cannot make the decision over such matters. After all, the interior of the Burning Flame Valley still has an Elders Council. Those pedantic old fellows are not so easy to deal with." Tang Huo Er softly explained after stopping outside of the large hall.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded upon hearing this. It seemed that this attempt would not be a simple one…

"However, you can rest assured that father will definitely put in a word for you since he promised you. He is the Valley Chief. Even the Elders Council cannot easily refute his words…" Tang Huo Er quickly added, appearing afraid that Xiao Yan would have other thoughts.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He replied, "With Valley Chief Tang's status and position, it is naturally impossible for him to deceive an unknown little person like me."

"An unknown little person does not possess the ability to refine a tier 7 medicinal pill…" Tang Huo Er rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan. After which, she maintained a somewhat normal expression and waved her hand to him. After which, she turned around and walked into the large hall. Xiao Yan hurriedly followed behind her.

Xiao Yan successfully entered the large hall with Tang Huo Er leading him. At this moment, the atmosphere within the large hall was somewhat pressurizing. There were quite a number of fully armed disciples of the Burning Flame Valley around the large hall, causing the atmosphere of the hall to become much more solemn.

Xiao Yan's eyes swiftly swept through the hall after having entered it. Tang Zhen, who was bursting with life, was still in the leader's seat. However, there were two additional white-haired, red-robed elders flanking him. These two people wore faces as deep as water and possessed an aura of being mighty despite not revealing any anger. Moreover, the thing that shocked Xiao Yan the most was the majestic Dou Qi that vaguely seeped out of the bodies of these two old fellows. Although they were far from the unfathomable level of Tang Zhen, it was likely that they were not much weaker either…

Around ten old fellows were seated below these two white-haired, old men. These elders possessed great strength. Elder Chi Huo, who had brought Xiao Yan to the Burning Flame Valley, was among them. Clearly, they were the Elders of the Burning Flame Valley.

"Yan Xiao greets Valley Chief Tang."

Xiao Yan's expression was unchanging in the face of the pressurizing atmosphere within the large hall and the many gazes focusing on him. He slowly stepped forward, cupped his hands to Tang Zhen on the leader's seat, and spoke with a deep voice.

"Ke ke, young friend Yan Xiao, what's your recovery like?"

Tang Zhen's eyes swept over Xiao Yan. The smile on his face also increased as he inquired.

"Valley Chief Tang, thank you for your concern. I'm fine." Xiao Yan grinned and replied.

"You are that Yan Xiao who wants the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame of my Burning Flame Valley, right?" An indifferent, old voice suddenly sounded. Xiao Yan's eyes glanced over and saw that it belonged to a white-haired, old man seated beside Tang Zhen.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded in the face of the old man's question.

"The old me is the third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley, Wu Chen. This time around, you have helped the Valley Chief refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill. The old me shall represent the Burning Flame Valley and thank you here." Wu Chen's expression was indifferent. These words had just sounded when he continued, "However, the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame is a secret that my Burning Flame Valley will not pass to an outsider according to the rules of the Burning Flame Valley. May I inquire if you will change your condition?"

"As expected…"

Xiao Yan coldly laughed in his heart. He knew that this matter would not proceed smoothly.

"Third Elder, the old me has promised young friend Xiao Yan. Are you trying to get me to eat my words by saying this now?" Tang Zhen's face sank as he questioned while sitting in the leader's seat.

The third Elder involuntarily became a little dull when he heard Tang Zhen's words before replying, "Although Valley Chief has promised him, according to the rules…"

"The rules are dead while people are alive. The old me is the Valley Chief. Don't tell me that I do not even possess this bit of authority?" Tang Zhen faintly spoke.

"Valley Chief, please do not be angered. Third Elder is only saying such words because of the rules of the valley. After all, the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is not an ordinary Secret Technique. It is likely that even the First Elder would think twice about handing it to an outsider if he was here, no?" An elder on the side, who had yet to speak, slowly opened his mouth. He suddenly glanced at Xiao Yan below when he spoke until this point and continued, "Moreover this young friend, who is called Yan Xiao, has ultimately not revealed his true face. Don't tell me that the valley chief wishes to hand the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to a person whose background is unknown?"

Tang Zhen was also startled in the face of these words. He immediately frowned. With his eyesight he had naturally seen through Xiao Yan's attempt to purposefully hide his appearance. However, he did not expose Xiao Yan.

"Second Elder has overestimated the young me. It is natural to have another layer of protection when roaming around. Hence, I have hid my appearance. Since second Elder does not like it, I will remove it." Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His hand rubbed over his face, revealing his actual appearance.

Everyone present, including Tang Zhen, was startled when they saw the even younger Xiao Yan after he had recovered his original appearance.

That second Elder stared intently at Xiao Yan. His eyes narrowed. A moment later he suddenly and faintly said, "Earlier, the old me coincidentally made a trip to the northern region of the Central Plains…"

Xiao Yan slightly knit his brows when he heard these words.

"Recently, the greatest commotion in the northern region is related to the grudge between an unknown, young man and the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Moreover, this young man had charged to Lightning Mountain alone, defeated Feng Qing Er from the Wind Lightning Pavilion and left…" Second Elder ignored Xiao Yan's expression as he continued to speak as he pleased.

There was an unusual flicker in the pretty eyes of Tang Huo Er by the side. She had also heard a little of this matter.

"That young man is called Xiao Yan…" Second Elder spoke with a soft laugh. Immediately, he looked at Xiao Yan with deeper meaning in his eyes. He continued, "The old me is thinking that Xiao Yan and Yan Xiao should be one and the same, right?"

Chapter 1059: Test

Everyone in the hall was immediately stunned when they heard the words of that red-robed, old man. They all immediately revealed surprised expressions as they looked at the skinny young man present. No one had expected this young man, who had such a great achievement in medicinal refinement skills, would possess this ability as well…

The Wind Lightning Pavilion might not be comparable to the Burning Flame Valley in terms of strength, but it was definitely considered a powerful faction of significant weight in the Central Plains region. Yet, this Xiao Yan was able to leave peacefully after forming a grudge with it. From this, one could tell that this person was definitely not simple.

Tang Huo Er's pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan. The itchiness on her hands suddenly became much more intense. She had never met an opponent of similar age who was on par with her.

Xiao Yan's expression did not change in the face of the many surprised gazes in the hall. He glanced at the red-robed, old man and faintly said, "I am indeed Xiao Yan, but what has this got to do with anything? All I did was simply change my name."

The red-robed, old man, who was also the second Elder of the Burning Flame Valley, smiled when he heard this. He said, "Your enmity with the Wind Lightning Pavilion is because you possess the Wind Lightning Pavilion's Three Thousand Lightning Movement. This has ended up causing them to chase you with killing intent. You are not a disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Where have you obtained the Three Thousand Lightning Movement? Moreover, you currently want to obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change of my Burning Flame Valley. Don't tell me that you have an interest in other people's Dou Techniques?"

Xiao Yan's expression was calm as he replied, "The Three Thousand Lightning Movement is something that I obtained by chance. There is no need for me to account to second Elder regarding this. As for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame… I am in possession of a Heavenly Flame and will be able to unleash the might of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to its peak. This is the reason for me to come to the Burning Flame Valley. Whether I am interested in other people's Dou Techniques is not something that second Elder can manage."

Xiao Yan's words were blunt. Hence, the second Elder's expression slightly deflated.

"Xiao Yan, this place is not the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It will not allow you to act in such a presumptuous manner!" The third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley, Wu Chen, frowned and coldly reprimanded.

Xiao Yan was too lazy to be bother with these two noisy old fellows. His eyes looked to Tang Zhen in the leader's seat, cupped his hands together, and said, "Valley Chief Tang, I have come to the Burning Flame Valley for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. Please say something about how to resolve this matter. If you also feel that the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is a secret of the Burning Flame Valley that will not be passed to an outsider, all you need is to say the word and Xiao Yan will leave immediately. I will not hesitate even a little."

"If I am to really say those words, the hat of being untrustworthy will be worn on my head in the future. Relax, since I have promised you, the old me will definitely keep my word."

Tang Zhen waved his hand. His expression gradually turned cold. He glanced at the two Elders beside him as he indifferently said, "I have already made up my mind about this matter. You two Elders need not make things difficult for Xiao Yan. The old me is also aware of the rules within the valley. Hence, I did not say that I will give the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to Xiao Yan."

"According to the rules of the valley, the core disciples can obtain the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change after passing through the test. Hence, if Xiao Yan is able to pass it, there will no longer be any objections from the others! Anyone who disobeys will be punished according to the valley rules!" Tang Zhen's voice contained a sternness at the end.

The second and third Elders exchanged looks with one another after hearing these words of Tang Zhen. Their expressions slightly changed. After hesitating for a moment, the second Elder finally clenched his teeth and said, "The matter of the core disciple's test has always been designed by the Elders Council. May I know if the topic of this test will be decided by the Elders Council?"

This pedantic old fellow seemed to be really unwilling to allow the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to land in the hands of Xiao Yan, who was an outsider. Hence, he was thinking of all means to hinder Xiao Yan.

Tang Zhen's face slightly sank. He immediately replied, "If second Elder has such an intention, please tell us about the test topic."

Second Elder's heart rejoiced when he saw Tang Zhen being a little less stubborn. He opened his mouth and said, "This matter has serious implications and cannot be done casually. Therefore, the old me shall personally be the tester. If Xiao Yan is able to last ten exchanges in the hands of the old me, the matter of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change shall be decided by Valley Chief."

The large hall was immediately a little quiet after these words sounded. The many Elders below looked at each other and involuntarily let out bitter laughs. They were extremely clear about the strength of second Elder. The peak of the Dou Zong class. He was at a frightening level only one step away from advancing to the Dou Zun class. If he was to be the tester, it would appear as though they were bullies.

Tang Huo Er's eyebrows were bunched up a little. Some fury also flashed through her pretty eyes. This old fellow was clearly making it difficult for others. The peak of the Dou Zong class was a level in which even she would have great difficulty lasting for ten exchanges.

"To think that second Elder is able to say such words…" Tang Zhen faintly laughed. His voice contained a little mockery. This caused the expression of the second Elder to become a little unnatural. He had only voiced such a test because he did not wish to hand the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to an outsider.

"If Valley Chief feels that second Elder is unsuitable to act, please allow me to do so. It is rumored that Xiao Yan even managed to kill an Elder of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. I think that he possesses strong trump cards. It should not be an impossible task lasting for ten exchanges in my hands, will it?" Third Elder Wu Chen slowly opened his mouth to speak after seeing that second Elder faced some difficulty withdrawing his words.

Xiao Yan slightly frowned as he looked at Wu Chen. His strength was a little weaker as compared to that second Elder. However, he was definitely an existence comparable to the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion Chief Fei Tian. He would be a little troublesome to deal with…

Tang Zhen hesitated for a moment when he heard this. He immediately suggested, "There is too much of a difference in the status of the both of you and Xiao Yan. It is not really nice for you to act. I think we should allow Huo Er to do it. If Xiao Yan is able to defeat Huo Er, he will be considered to have passed. What do you say?"

The eyebrows of Tang Huo Er by the side were immediately lifted when she heard Tang Zhen's words.

"Miss Huo Er is indeed a good choice. However, Xiao Yan only recently helped her successfully refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill. Moreover, she is a lady and will involuntarily show mercy. Therefore, she is also not very suitable…" Second Elder slowly shook his head as he continued, "I think that third Elder's suggestion is not a bad one. It is the fairest for him to act. As long as Xiao Yan is able to endure ten exchanges in his hands, he will be considered to have succeeded."

The expression of itching to go ahead, that had appeared on Tang Huo Er's face, stiffened. She furiously glanced at second Elder. Her appearance was as though she really wanted to charge forward and beat him into a pulp.

Tang Zhen's expression sank when he saw that second Elder did not agree with his suggestion. His inner heart became a little frustrated. These two pedantic, old fellows really did not listen to nice words…

"Valley Chief Tang, since second Elder insists on letting Elder Wu Chen be the examiner, we will do as he say…" Xiao Yan, who was standing in the large hall, finally opened his mouth to speak when Tang Zhen was about to open his mouth and reprimand them.

Tang Zhen, Tang Huo Er, and the others were startled when they heard Xiao Yan's words.

"Xiao Yan, Elder Wu Chen's strength is that of a genuine eight star Dou Zong. He is even stronger than Fei Tian from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. Are you certain you wish to let him be the tester?" Tang Zhen's tightly knit his brows. His eyes bore into Xiao Yan as he spoke with a deep voice. There was a tone of reminder in his words.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. His eyes swept toward the third Elder who was also a little startled by his words. Xiao Yan knew that if he did not do as these two old fellows wanted today, it was likely that he would not be able to smoothly take the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change from the Burning Flame Valley. Since this was the case, he would do as they wanted and test this third Elder's strength.

Although the strength of this Wu Chen was not weaker than Fei Tian, the current Xiao Yan had already stepped into the Dou Zong class. His strength was many times stronger than when he had been chased by Fei Tian back then. It should not be as unbelievable as what an ordinary person imagined to last for ten exchanges in Wu Chen's hands. Moreover… if he was really pushed to the limit, he would also get this old fellow to suffer a little today.

Tang Zhen frowned even more tightly when he saw Xiao Yan nodding his head. He glanced at the two rejoicing Elders beside him and helplessly nodded. He said, "Since you have made this choice, the old me does not have any other method. You only have one chance. If you fail to pass the test, it is likely that the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change does not possess any affinity with you. Therefore, I hope that you have your own plans."

Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. He was not a reckless person. Since he had agreed to this test, he naturally possessed some confidence. An eight star Dou Zong might be strong, but Xiao Yan was also not a simple person. He might not dare to say that he could defeat the other party, but when it came to enduring for only ten exchanges, it was likely that these old fellows had underestimated him.

"Valley Chief, please rest assured that the old me is aware that he has done a favor to the Burning Flame Valley. Therefore, I will not hurt him. If the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was not a top tier Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley, the old me would not have intervened. Therefore, I hope that Valley Chief will forgive me." Third Elder slowly stood up, turned his head to Tang Zhen, and requested his forgiveness.

Tang Zhen glanced at him before uttering three words from his mouth, "Pedantic and stubborn."

The third Elder was noncommittal in the face of Tang Zhen's evaluation. As long as he could prevent such a Secret Technique from landing in the hands of an outsider, it was fine that he was pedantic.
"This place is a little too small. We will begin the test outside. Moreover, I think that the disciples in the valley will be a little interested in this. Let's allow them to observe. It will be beneficial to them." The third Elder looked all around the hall and laughed. After which, he took the lead to walk out of the hall. When he passed by Xiao Yan, he uttered, "On account of you having helped the Valley Chief refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill, you will be allowed to choose a Burning Flame Valley Qi Method or Dou Technique that is not in the top tier category even if you fail the test."

"That is not necessary. Moreover, third Elder should wait until after the test before saying such words. Otherwise, you will have difficulty retrieving your face should any unexpected changes occur…"

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. He ignored Wu Chen, who had become stunned as a result. After which, he turned around, and walked out of the hall.

Wu Chen finally recovered after he looked at Xiao Yan's back. He immediately laughed out loud and said, "The young people these days are indeed arrogant. Alright, the old me shall see just how you will cause the old me to be unable to retrieve my face."

Chapter 1060: Fighting Wu Chen

The area outside the hall was a spacious empty tract of land with a great view. At a glance, one's sight would extend until the edge of the empty land. There were some lush green woods located on the edge, forming a circular shape that wrapped around the large hall.

Xiao Yan stood outside the large hall. His expression was a calm, but the Dou Qi in his body had begun to slowly surge. The feeling of being filled with energy spread across every single corner of his body.

Numerous Elders from the Burning Flame valley had swarmed out of the exit of the large hall. The one leading them was naturally Tang Zhen, Tang Huo Er as well as the two Elders. Due to this large hall being a place that many Burning Flame Valley's disciples frequented, quite a number of these disciples caught sight of the Elders when they had just appeared. From this lineup, all the disciples knew that something had happened even without being told. Hence, numerous private conversations spread in all directions like a wave of water. Within less than ten minutes, the surroundings of the large hall were densely packed with red figures.

Xiao Yan ignored the surroundings that had swiftly become lively. His gaze merely stared at a red-robed elder across from him. This person was Wu Chen.

At this moment, Wu Chen's hands were placed behind him. His old face contained a faint smile. The gap between his strength and that of Xiao Yan was like that of the Heaven and Earth. Although he had heard some rumors related to Xiao Yan, this did not cause him to be overly worried. In front of absolute strength, trickery and unorthodox tactics would be completely useless.

Tang Zhen, who was on the stairs, frowned as he glanced at Wu Chen. After which, his eyes helplessly turned to Xiao Yan as he asked, "Are you really certain?"

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded to Tang Zhen in the face of these words. Wu Chen was indeed very stronger. However, from the current Xiao Yan's perspective, Wu Chen was not as thorough as those prehistoric wild beasts that were unmatched. He had the confidence to last for ten exchanges…

"What a stubborn fellow." Tang Zhen could only sigh when he saw Xia Yan nod.

The smile on Wu Chen's face increased when he saw that Xiao Yan did not change his mind midway through. He looked at Xiao Yan and spoke with a faint smile, "There is no need to say anything else. If you can last for ten exchanges in the hands of the old me, it will be considered your victory. The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change will also belong to you. However, if you fail to endure, it will only mean that you do not have any affinity with the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. However, you will still be allowed to choose one of the other high class Qi Methods or Dou Skills from the Burning Flame Valley."

Some of the disciples from the Burning Flame Valley immediately burst into an uproar when they heard Wu Chen's words. Numerous disbelieving eyes looked to Xiao Yan. Although quite a number of people were aware of Xiao Yan's alchemist skill, being a brilliant alchemist did not mean that one was strong. Wu Chen was the third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley. There was hardly anyone whose strength was greater than his, yet this young man, who looked to be of similar age as them, was actually thinking of fighting him?

"There is no need for Elder Wu's reminder. If I fail to endure, the little me will immediately leave and will not have extravagant hopes about other Qi Methods or Dou Skills." Xiao Yan spoke in an indifferent manner. He did not really like this old fellow.

Wu Chen did not mind Xiao Yan's tone when he heard this. He smiled and nodded. As long as he could prevent the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change from landing in outsider's hands, it was fine even if his reputation deteriorated. In any case, there must be someone who acts as the bad guy. Otherwise, everyone would think that the top Secret Technique of their Burning Flame Valley was something that others could just randomly obtain. This was really a little too childish…

Wu Chen gently took a step forward. An unusually majestic, fiery-red Dou Qi surged out of Wu Chen's body. At this moment, his white hair scattered, and his red robe fluttered. The momentum was extremely shocking.

The fiery-red Dou Qi was just like a fire cloud that permeated the air. The originally ordinary and calm eyes of Wu Chen also emitted a piercing glow. He looked to Xiao Yan while his voice contained a powerful and frightening tone, "Are you ready?"

Xiao Yan gently took two steps back. Dou Qi began to flow rapidly within his body. His expression also gradually became solemn. Immediately, he beckoned with his right hand and said, "Attack!"

Wu Chen let out a loud laugh when he heard this. Under the influence of the majestic Dou Qi, the laughter sounded just like thunder as it resonated over the sky. Wu Chen took a step forward and his body instantly disappeared.

In the eyes of an ordinary Burning Flame Valley disciple, Wu Chen appeared to have disappeared in a strange manner. However, in the eyes of Xiao Yan and those with similar or greater strength, it was possible for them to vaguely see a red figure creating a deafening sonic boom as it suddenly arrived.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. A silver glow swiftly surged under his feet and his body immediately shook.


A fiery-red fist appeared in a strange fashion and heavily smashed into Xiao Yan's chest. Immediately, it carried a low, deep sound as it penetrated his chest…

"Afterimage? Hee, this should be the Three Thousand Lightning Movement from the Wind Lightning Pavilion, right? It is unique." Wu Chen's face did not show the slightest change after his punch proved futile. He let out a cold smile and shattered the afterimage. Flames lingered over both of his hands and these hands gradually became a little larger in the process. Looking from a distance, it appeared just like a pair of warhammers.

Xiao Yan flashed and appeared around a couple of dozens of meters to the left of Wu Chen. He lowered his head and glanced at his slightly charred, black clothes. A solemness also flashed across his eyes.Wu Chen was indeed worthy of being the third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley. This strength was indeed quite shocking… however, after the earlier attack, Xiao Yan was able to vaguely estimate Wu Chen's speed. It seemed to be inferior to Fei Tian. However, the strength of his attack was much mightier than Fei Tian's attacks. If Xiao Yan was struck by an attack of such a level, he would immediately lose his combat strength.

Xiao Yan's body had just appeared when a caution flashed across his heart. He strode to his left in a lightning-like manner.


Xiao Yan's body had just moved when a fiery-red, large hand suddenly brushed past the clothes near Xiao Yan's abdomen. The hot Dou Qi contained in the flame caused Xiao Yan's skin to feel a slight pain.

"Pure Yang Cotton Hand!"

Before Xiao Yan could swiftly pull back after narrowly dodging this large hand, a low cry suddenly sounded. Immediately, he saw the fiery red-hand strangely extend by half its size. The wrist turned and slammed into Xiao Yan's waist.


A low, deep sound appeared and Xiao Yan's body flew back amid the exclamations from the crowd. After which, his feet stepped on empty air, forcing him to roll in the air. After which, he landed with one knee on the ground and abruptly raised his head. A trace of blood was vaguely present on the corner of his mouth. Wu Chen's strange Dou Skill had caused him to suffer a great loss.

Wu Chen's body also appeared a couple dozen meter away. His fiery-red hands were clenched while he looked at Xiao Yan. He faintly said, "Pure Yang Cotton Hand, one of the high class Dou Skills of the Burning Flame Valley. If one reaches complete mastery, one would be able to make one's hands extend as one pleases. It will be able to obtain quite a unique effect when fighting with others."

"You are indeed worthy of being the third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley. This tactic is indeed admirable…" Xiao Yan rubbed off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. The Glazed Lotus Heart Flame within his body swiftly surged and swallowed a wild, violent hidden force, which had entered his body, in the most rude, violent method it could manage. After which, he stared at Wu Chen and laughed, "Again!"

Wu Chen was startled when he looked at Xiao Yan, who had not fallen as a result of the earlier blow. He immediately knit his eyebrows together. This Pure Yang Cotton Hand was not only about to catch the opponent off-guard, but its attack also carried a wild, violent hidden force made of fire. This force was able to enter the other person's body and cause a great amount of destruction. Even if the other person was able to quickly react and avoid being injured, it would cause the other party to split his focus while being entangled with that hidden force. However, at a glance, why was Xiao Yan completely fine?

"This fellow really did not get his reputation in the northern region from nothing. Looks like the old me also needs to be a little more serious…"

Wu Chen's face gradually turned solemn as this thought flashed through his heart. His fiery-red, large hand was also became brighter. At the same time, a flame like Dou Qi slowly surged from under both his feet.

"The old me also wishes to experience the Wind Lightning Pavilion's Three Thousand Lightning Movement. I want to see if my Burning Flame Valley's Sky Shattering Stone Steps are stronger or if their Three Thousand Lightning Movement is better!"

Wu Chen laughed. His right foot, covered in flames, suddenly stomped on the ground.


A muffled sound appeared. The tough rock under Wu Chen's foot cracked apart. His body emitted a 'chi' sound as it strangely disappeared!

The solemness on Xiao Yan's face became denser the instant Wu Chen disappeared. A moment later, all the pores on his body opened wide. The Three Thousand Lightning Movement was unleashed by him to its limit as a reflexive action, and an afterimage appeared…


The fiery-red human figure carried a low, deep sonic boom as it ruthlessly collided with the afterimage like a human-shaped tank. The afterimage instantly collapsed.

The fiery-red human figure immediately stabilized his body after having missed. A sonic boom erupted in front of him and a crack appeared on the ground. Without waiting for this sonic boom to spread, the fiery-red human figure once again violently stomped on the ground. His body was just like a rocket that rose into the air. In an instant, he had appeared in front of Xiao Yan!

"What swift speed!"

Xiao Yan's expression changed as he glanced at the red figure, which approached in a flash. The Dou Skill which Wu Chen had displayed might not be as agile and flexible as the Three Thousand Lightning Movement, but its forward momentum and destructive strength were exceedingly terrifying…

A heavy ruler appeared in Xiao Yan's hands while the veins in his arms pounded. He let out a cold cry in his heart, "Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler, Six-Joint Flame!"

The first move that Xiao Yan used was the strongest move of the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler. He did not hold anything back because Xiao Yan was clearly aware that a fight with an eight star Dou Zong was one that was extremely arduous.

The heavy ruler was accompanied by an incomparable wind as it furiously hacked down. It had just been swung when a red figure appeared. The large hands full of a red glow ruthlessly smashed at the heavy ruler while fiery-red Dou Qi surged.


A clear metallic sound reverberated across the sky. Immediately, an intense rippling force spread through the air in a lightning-like manner. After which, the two figures flew backwards in front of the anxious gazes over everyone. Finally, they collided with the towering walls around the large hall…


The wall behind Xiao Yan had been depressed, forming a large hole in the process. Cracks spread out like a spider web. He let out a soft cough before he slowly raised his head and rubbed off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. The wild, heated expression in his eyes revealed his addiction to battle, causing the hearts of those around to be shaken. This fellow dared to collide with an eight star expert Dou Zong. Such courage really caused others to have no choice but to be impressed.


Xiao Yan stepped forward. His voice once again resonated over the ground. That wild heat within his voice caused the skin on one's head to feel numb.

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