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Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Yin Yang Life Soul Pill

By the time Xiao Yan woke up from his unconscious state, he was surprised to find himself lying on a soft bed. The entire room had a serene fragrance drifting within it.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes. A dullness remained within them for a moment before a life force gradually surged into his dark-black eyes.

Xiao Yan lay on the bed for a moment as he roughly glanced at the interior of his body. He did not find anything wrong with it. His originally exhausted Spiritual Strength from having refined the Fire Bodhisattva Pill had also significantly recovered. That kind of weak and weary feeling had also long since disappeared.

“This is…”

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in relief within his heart when he sensed these changes. He immediately sat up on the bed and glanced at the empty room with some uncertainty. After which, he rubbed the Storage Ring on his finger as a reflexive action. Only after he found that he did not lose anything did he let out a heavy sigh of relief.

“You have already been unconscious for five days.”

A familiar voice suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart while he was sighing. It was actually Tian Huo zun-zhe whom Xiao Yan had not heard from for a long time.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the white-colored ring on his finger and involuntarily laughed in his heart, “Old mister Yao, it has been a while. Your condition seems to be good.”

“I can be considered alright. By borrowing your blessing in the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool, my spirit was also nourished by it and gained some benefits. After which, I did not reveal myself due to there being Dou Zun experts appearing around you all the time.” Tian Huo zun-zhe’s voice quickly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan was involuntarily startled when he heard this. He asked, “Has your current strength recovered to the Dou Zun class?”

“How can it be so easy? Do you really think that it is so easy to recover to the Dou Zun class…” Tian Huo zun-zhe snappily replied when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. “If I am unable to find a suitable body, it is likely that I will never be able to recover my Dou Zun’s strength.”

Xiao Yan quietly laughed. With Yao Lao’s ability, even he had difficulty truly reaching the Dou Zun class without a physical body. It seemed that a body was of great use to the advancement of one’s strength.

“Old mister Yao, don’t be anxious. I will help you resolve the matter of refining a body for you as soon as possible.”

After having entered the Middle Region, which was the center of the entire continent, the experts whom Xiao Yan had to face possessed terrifying strengths. Although he had currently broken through to the Dou Zong class, it was not enough to allow him to roam the Middle Region without fear. Any one of the top tier factions in this place has some old demon present within it. He was in possession of many treasures. If someone ended up getting jealous and wishing to forcefully snatch them, it was likely that he would face continuous trouble if he did not have some strength to act as a deterrence.

An elite Dou Zun would naturally provide the most deterrence. If he had an elite Dou Zun guarding beside him all the time, he would be able to straighten his back when he did anything in the Middle Region. Hence, he needed to try his best to bring forward the matter of helping Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a physical body.

However, if one were to think about it, refining a physical body was also not a simple matter. According to what Yao Lao had told him back then, it would require three items: the first was a Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, the second was the essence blood of a tier 7 Magical Beast, and the third was the skeleton of a Dou

Zong. The last two among these three items were not too difficult to find in the eyes of the current Xiao Yan. However, that so-called Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was not an ordinary item.

The Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was a tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill. It was rumored that it was a pill that could save anyone who had a breath remaining. If one were to compare it, this medicinal pill was of a higher grade than the Fire Bodhisattva Pill Tang Zhen wanted to refine. By looking at it from this point of view, it would not be overboard to place this Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill into the eighth tier. Some of its mysterious and unique effects allowed it to possess the qualifications to step into that tier.

Although Xiao Yan had reached the level of a tier 7 alchemist, he was not confident he could refine this Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. Of course, forget about him, even some old renowned alchemist grandmasters, who had remained at the seventh tier for a long time, had a low chance of success when refining a medicinal pill like the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

The level of difficulty when refining a tier 7 medicinal pill was something Xiao Yan had personally experienced. If he had entered into that kind of mysterious condition in the Inner Academy back then, it was likely that he would end up failing. This time around, he could not be considered to have refined the pill alone. Instead, it was the combined effort of Grandmaster Huan, Tang Zhen, and himself in order for it to succeed. Although Xiao Yan had put in the greatest effort among them, it was likely that he would have difficulty successfully refining the Fire Bodhisattva Pill if he had to refine it alone. After all, a high grade tier 7 medicinal pill was not an ordinary item.

Since the chances of successfully refining this Fire Bodhisattva Pill alone were so low, there was no need to even discuss the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, which was a peak grade tier 7 medicinal pill. Based on Xiao Yan’s prediction,unless his strength soared once again, he could forget about refining such a medicinal pill. However, the increase of his strength had become much slower after having advanced to the Dou Zong class. Many Dou Zongs remained at the same level even after training for many years. From this, it could be seen just how difficult it was to advance within the Dou Zong class. Hence, he did not know just when it would be before this so-called ‘soaring strength’ would occur.

According to ordinary circumstances, Xiao Yan could forget about refining the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill without two to three years time. If this was the case, the matter of the physical body refinement would have to be pushed back. However, even if Tian Huo zun-zhe could wait at this moment, it was likely that Xiao Yan could no longer do so. Therefore, he could only think of other methods to help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a physical body.

“The Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill is too high tier and I am unable to refine it at this moment. Hence, I can only use a medicinal pill with an effect similar to it as a replacement. The effect of this might be a little poorer, but there is no other choice. Once I have my abilities increase in the future, I can help refine an even better one.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed an expression of being deep in thought. He immediately shut his eyes and his Spiritual Strength entered the dark-black ring Yao Lao left behind. After which, he swiftly searched within the ocean-like medicinal formulae. He needed to find a medicinal formula that could replace the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

The interior of the storage ring contained Yao Lao’s entire collection over his lifetime. The volume of the collection was extremely frightening. Hence, the search this time around exhausted over two hours of Xiao Yan’s time…

Two hours later, Xiao Yan finally opened his tightly shut eyes. He clenched his hand and a pale-green scroll appeared in it.

Yin Yang Life Soul Pill. A tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill. It possesses the mysterious effect of fusing a soul and returning life. The refining ingredients are the Soul Revival Demon Fruit, Life Soul Ghostface Flower…

This so-called Yin Yang Life Soul Pill possessed an effect that was similar to the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. Moreover, it was only a middle grade tier 7 pill, something Xiao Yan could coincidentally refine. It was quite a good choice to replace the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

“The medicinal ingredients needed to be refine it are a little troublesome. Moreover, there are some extremely rare, precious medicinal ingredients among them. However, it should not be too difficult to find them in this Middle Region. A middle grade tier 7 is something within my acceptable range. I can guarantee the success rate of its refinement. The only flaw is that this pill is not as perfect as the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill… however, overall, it can be considered not bad. The imperfections in the medicinal pill can be made up in terms of the skeleton and essence blood.” Xiao Yan absorbed the information of the medicinal formula into his mind. He mused for a moment before he softly spoke.

“Yes, I will leave this matter up to you. Everything is fine as long as I am able to possess my own body. I have already had enough of being in such a state.” Tian Huo zun-zhe spoke without any objections.

“You can rest assured that I will find the medicinal ingredients to refine the Yin Yang Life Soul Pill as quickly as possible, and I will begin to refine the pill upon having gathered all of them. I will definitely allow you to possess your own body within the shortest amount of time.” Xiao Yan nodded and spoke with a smile.

Tian Huo zun-zhe also grinned when he heard this. He said,”If you have the time, you should practice the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique that I have imparted on you. The might of it when you can form the Five Ring Flame Expelling Formation will definitely not disappoint you.”

Xiao Yan’s heart was also a little excited when he heard this. The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique was a Di class high level Dou Technique. Its might was something that did not need to be described. However, it was quite troublesome to control. With Xiao Yan’s previous strength, he could barely form a fire wolf and it was impossible for him to form a formation. He wondered just how many fire spirits he could form now that he had broken through to the Dou Zong class… if he was able to form all five of them, he would truly be able to unleash the might of this Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique.

Of course, Xiao Yan clearly understood in his heart that only if four of the five types of fire spirits in the Five Ring Flame Expelling Formation were formed from Heavenly Flames, only then would the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique be unleashed at its peak. However, that level was likely something that could only be achieved after Xiao Yan had obtained the Three Thousand Burning Flame…

“Old mister Yao, please relax. The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique is your greatest skill. The old me will naturally not abandon it so easily.”

Xiao Yan’s heart became a little boiling hot when he thought of the skill’s might at the peak level. He softly laughed in his heart when he did so.

“The old me has not lied to you. Back then, this Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique shook the entire continent. Unfortunately, the current Dou Qi continent seems to be unaware of my old name…” Tain Huo zun-zhe’s tone contained some pride. Clearly, he was also quite a famous person in this Dou Qi continent back then.

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. Any expert who could become a Dou Zun were all renowned individuals. Hence, Xiao Yan did not doubt Tian Huo zun-zhe’s words.

After chatting for awhile with Tian Huo zun-zhe within his heart, Xiao Yan leaped off the bed and moved his body a little. After which, he walked out of the room. Since he had already helped Tang Zhen refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill, it should be time to settle the matter of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change.

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