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Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031: Victor

The tiny crack lines on the enormous bell were inconspicuous when compared to its enormous size. However, with the strength of Lei zun-zhe and the others, they were naturally able to see them. Their faces immediately changed. From the looks of it, Feng Qing Er’s Demon Phoenix Bell was unable to block the attack of the frightening fire lotus.

Lei zun-zhe’s expression had turned gloomy at this moment. His fist was slowly clenched. This scene was something that he had never expected from the start. He could not be more clear on Feng Qing Er’s strength, yet regardless of how unbelievable it was, the truth was right in front of him…

Compared with the gloomy expression of Lei zun-zhe, a smile appeared on Feng zun-zhe’s face. Xiao Yan’s performance since the beginning had been extremely satisfactory. Originally he had thought that it was fine as long as Xiao Yan did not lose too badly to Feng Qing Er. He had never thought of Xiao Yan would be able to defeat the other party. Although he knew that Xiao Yan had some outstanding points in order for Yao Lao to accept him as a disciple, he was also aware that Feng Qing Er was not someone ordinary. Being someone from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, her fighting strength far exceeded those at the same level as her…

Jian zun-zhe and Huang Quan zun-zhe by the side were similarly startled. Clearly, Xiao Yan exceeded their expectations by breaking the Demon Phoenix Bell.

“I wonder what the background of this fellow is. He actually knows such a powerful Dou Technique. Moreover, such talent is also quite frightening…” The two of them revealed an expression of thoughtfulness. Regardless of how talented one was, in order for one to achieve this at such an age, one would require a teacher who had similarly great abilities. Moreover, there were not many old fellows who could teach such a disciple even in the Central Plains, yet it seemed that none of them had a disciple called Xiao Yan.

On the edge of the arena, Mu Qing Luan, Tang Ying, and the pale-faced Wang Chen were somewhat shocked as they watched the endless sea of fire in the sky, especially Wang Chen. He had basically felt his limbs become numb. If Xiao Yan had used such a frightening Dou Technique when exchanging blows with him earlier, it was likely that he would not even have the opportunity to escape alive.

“Even Feng Qing Er’s Demon Phoenix Bell is unable to block that fire lotus… this Xiao Yan is really too terrifying.” Tang Ying involuntarily inhaled a deep breath. He slowly spoke as his gaze stared intently at the sky. His voice had a little bitterness to it. By being able to become the most outstanding person among the younger generation in the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion, Tang Ying’s heart naturally held some pride, yet this pride appeared just like a joke in front of Xiao Yan and Feng Qing Er. The fighting strength that the two had displayed had far exceeded him.

Mu Qing Luan by the side also nodded while sharing the same feeling. Although they had heard of Xiao Yan’s name because of his conflict with the Wind Lightning Pavilion, they did not pay much attention to him, perhaps because they were the most outstanding members of the younger generation within the four pavilions. However, this big battle today had caused all of them to submit. Such strength was indeed not something that they could compare with.

Wang Chen grit his teeth when he heard the sighs in the words of those two. Although he was unwilling to accept it, that unwillingness could only be suppressed in his heart in the face of the sea of fire that permeated the sky.

An enormous, dark-black bell stood in the three-colored sea of fire that permeated the sky. Each time the fire wave surged over, it would cause the dark light on the surface of the enormous bell to tremble.

The tiny crack lines on it would also spread even faster…


A slight noise was slowly emitted. In the end, they had begun to continuously sound.

This kind of noise was not very, loud but it was gradually transmitted into everyone’s ears. Hence, the entire stadium was silent. Countless numbers of eyes carried a little shock as they looked at the three-colored sea of fire in the sky. The victor of this battle was about to be determined at this moment!

Xiao Yan was suspended in the air just below the sea of fire. At this moment, his face was a little pale. Although the strength of a Dou Technique like the three-colored fire lotus was extremely terrifying, the exhaustion when one used it was also frightening.

Xiao Yan’s eyes locked onto the dark-black bell in the sea of fire. His heart did not relax even a little because of the spreading crack line on it. His years of experience allowed him to understand a logic. A lion would need to use all its skill even when hunting a rabbit. One must not underestimate any opponent. Otherwise, one might end up being pulled into an endless abyss. Many experts had fallen to his hands during these few years. Hence, Xiao Yan naturally possessed a deep understanding.

Xiao Yan swiftly tossed a couple of Dou Qi recovery medicinal pills into his mouth. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the large bell with its increasing number of crack lines. The Dou Qi within his body circulated quietly as it completely covered his body…

Crack… crack…

The crack lines swiftly spread. A moment later, they finally covered every corner of the large bell. At this moment, the three-colored sea of fire once again unleashed an extremely terrifying fire wave that violently collided with that enormous bell.


The collision this time around was just like a mountain rock being shattered. A shockingly loud sound was emitted. Immediately, one could see the enormous bell violently shake. Dark light shot through the crack lines before the enormous bell was shattered with a bang!

Dark fragments shot out in all directions at a shocking speed. Each fragment contained a frightening amount of energy. Although these fragments would be vaporized into nothingness by the high temperature of the sea of flames, the powerful wave that were created from the explosion had scattered the sea of fire!

Xiao Yan’s black eyes stared intently at the location where the enormous bell had exploded. Some dark-black fragments had whistled past his body while carrying a sharp wind. However, they did not cause him to be the least bit distracted!

A dense, black smoke surged from the fragments of the enormous bell. Xiao Yan’s eyes were focused on them.

After staring at the black smoke without blinking for a moment, Xiao Yan noticed that the black smoke suddenly shrank. Immediately, a figure rushed out from within in a lightning-like manner.

A chill surged in Xiao Yan’s eyes the moment this figure appeared. A silver glow flickered under his feet as his body moved. A couple of afterimages appeared, and his body caught up with that figure in a ghost-like manner. A jade-green flame swiftly surged out of his fist.


When Xiao Yan appeared behind that figure, a colorful cloth that contained a sharp wind suddenly shot at the middle of Xiao Yan’s forehead.

A cold smile was revealed on Xiao Yan’s face. He grabbed the colorful cloth and used it to help him charge forward. Immediately, he violently struck the soft figure like a cannonball.


The strong force from this collision caused the figure to emit a moan. The lovely figure also landed roughly on the ground, smashing heavily against the surface of the arena. That powerful force caused numerous cracks to spread on the ground.

Numerous exclamations sounded from around the stadium once they saw Feng Qing Er, who was injured on the ground.

Xiao Yan seemed to have not heard all of this noise. His fist tightened under his sleeves without anyone noticing. Immediately, he let out a cold laugh. His body moved, descending in front of many shocked eyes. After which, he landed beside Feng Qing Er, raised his foot, and viciously stomped toward her head. From the looks of his stance, Feng Qing Er’s head would likely burst apart like a watermelon if his foot were to accurately strike her.

This sudden vicious act by Xiao Yan caused all the eyes present to become dull. Forget about just how one would meet with an endless amount of trouble by killing Feng Qing Er given her background. Just the very fact that the other party was a great beauty would make a vicious person hesitate a little when delivering such a ruthless strike, wouldn’t it? Yet, at this moment, Xiao Yan… the viciousness of his descending foot and his crisp manner looked as though he was stepping on an ant. There was not the least bit of hesitation. His decisiveness caused one to feel stunned.

Xiao Yan’s falling foot was extremely quick. He did not give anyone the chance to intervene. An instant later, it was viciously stomped on Feng Qing Er’s head without any unexpected changes.

The entire stadium was silent at this instant.


The expected fresh blood splashing in all directions did not occur when the foot stomped on Feng Qing Er’s head. Her head burst apart like a balloon while her body gradually turned into nothing.

Many people present were at a loss when they witnessed this scene. Their eyes descended into a dull state. They were uncertain what had just happened…

Xiao Yan’s face did not reveal the slightest surprise when he failed to see any fresh blood. His eyes were slightly shut as his feet gently strode forward. In a flash, he appeared at a certain location in the air. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile as his fist violently smashed toward the empty space in front of him.


A punch was thrown out. Just when this punch was about to strike empty air, a colorful figure appeared in a strange fashion. In her panic, she waved her hand, and it collided with Xiao Yan’s fist. The powerful strength that erupted caused her to take over a dozen steps back. A trace of blood involuntarily seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

“Who do you intend to deceive with your entry level Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body?”

Xiao Yan raised his eyes and smiled to the pale, pretty face of Feng Qing Er. There was a little chillness in his smile.

Feng Qing Er clenched her silver teeth. Her pretty eyes were furiously looking at the smiling Xiao Yan. Today was the first time that she had been defeated in such a humiliating fashion in all these years!

Humiliation rose within her heart like a tide. A moment later, a viciousness flashed across Feng Qing Er’s pretty eyes. She maneuvered the little remaining Dou Qi within her body. However, before she could unleash an attack, a thunderous roar suddenly resounded. Immediately, a figure appeared in front of her in a ghost-like fashion. An icy-cold hand gently grabbed her long neck like an eagle claw while a soft voice that contained a killing intent slowly sounded. The voice caused Feng Qing Er’s lovely body to suddenly stiffened.

“You have lost…”

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