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Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: Demon Phoenix Bell

Following Xiao Yan’s loud laughter, that descended mightily from the sky, the washbasin-sized three-colored fire lotus in his hands suddenly transformed into a fire glow that shot toward Feng Qing Er in the sky!

Space fluctuated intensely wherever the fire lotus passed. A dark-black spatial line appeared to be just like ink being scattered over the empty sky wherever the fire lotus flew by. That endless darkness caused one to feel shocked.

The fire lotus flew out, appearing to spur the energy of this entire place. Wild wind was stirred as the natural energy of the world also became violent. This unusual phenomenon caused a countless of people watching it to be stunned. Such frightening might was something that even those experts, who been in the Dou Zong class for many years, had difficulty triggering.

From the sky, Feng Qing Er looked at the fire lotus that had transformed into a fire glow that rushed over. Her ice-cold expression had changed for the first time. She really sensed an annihilating aura from the fire lotus. Under such an aura, a storm involuntarily rose in her heart despite her status. At this moment, she had finally understood that she seemed to have underestimated this young man of similar age right from the start…

She had always thought that Xiao Yan had relied on the help of external strength in order to perform his many shocking achievements. However, today, after the appearance of this frightening three-colored fire lotus, she the perception of Xiao Yan in her heart was raised regardless of how unwilling she was at letting that happen. Otherwise, the one who would eventually suffer was likely herself.

Feng Qing Er’s pretty eyes stared at the three-colored fire lotus that cut through the air with its violent energy. A solemness swiftly appeared on her pretty face. She waved her hand and the dark light, which had been sweeping through the air, flew back in a lightning-like manner. It once again entered the illusionary black phoenix behind her in front of the eyes of a countless number of people.

Following the entrance of this strange, dark light, the enormous illusionary black phoenix suddenly became a lot more real. The frightening pressure that spread from it also swiftly became much more intense.

“Holy Icon Demon Phoenix Bell!”

Feng Qing Er’s hand formed numerous dazzling seals with lightning-like speed before her small mouth suddenly emitted a cold cry.

One could see that the enormous illusionary black phoenix behind her seemed to have revived when the cry sounded. A sharp phoenix cry was emitted to the sky. Dark-black light suddenly surged and wrapped around Feng Qing Er’s body.

After wrapping Feng Qing Er’s body within it, the powerful dark light also wiggled a little. A moment later, it formed a large black bell that was over a hundred feet large!

This bell was extremely huge. It was pitch black in color and crafted on the surface of the enormous bell was a flying black phoenix with its wings spread. An unusual black flame repeatedly curled and rose from its body. This enormous bell was a little strange. Clearly, it was agglomerated from energy, but it seemed even more real than something with substance. Even the dark light lingering on it was similar to an actual substance.

The enormous, dark-black bell, that had suddenly appeared, naturally stirred numerous exclamations from the entire stadium. This enormous bell gave one a kind of frightening aura of being indestructible when looking at it from a distance. One could just imagine how shocking the toughness of this thing was. It was likely that even the full force attack by some elite Dou Zongs would not be able to do anything to it…

“Demon Phoenix Bell…”

The eyes of the four great Dou Zuns in the VIP seats coagulated as th

ey stared at the enormous black bell. A solemness appeared on their faces. Among the things that had the qualification to be considered powerful, the reputation of this thing was quite great.

“It is rumored that this Demon Phoenix Bell is a Dou Technique passed down in the Demon Phoenix Tribe since ancient times. It was created by an ancestor of the Heaven Demon Phoenix whose strength had reached the Dou Sheng class. Its defensive strength is incomparably frightening. Moreover, it could be used to unleash an extremely sharp sonic wave attack. It possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities, and it is extremely troublesome to deal with… it is the skill the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe specialize in. There are few in the same class who can break it… however, this girl has clearly only learned superficial parts of it. If those old fellows, who will not die, from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were to use it, it is likely that everything within a fifty kilometer radius would be covered by this Demon Phoenix Bell. All life perishes the moment the bell chimes…” Jian zun-zhe clicked his tongue. He sighed in admiration and explained the situation while he fondled his beard.

“Unfortunately… this Holy Icon Demon Phoenix Bell can only be used by someone with the bloodline of the Heaven Demon Phoenix.” Huang Quan zun-zhe’s eyes revealed some heat before he regretfully sighed. There were few things that could attract them after they had reached such a level. However, this Holy Icon Demon Phoenix Bell could be considered one of those things. If they were to use this Demon Phoenix Bell with their strength, it was likely that they could rely on their own strength to fight against two elite Dou Zuns of a similar strength.

“Huang Quan zun-zhe, you should not lose yourself by being dazzled. Try to avoid touching the things of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Those fellows will not even allow others to stumble upon a corpse of those from their tribe, much less a treasured Dou Technique?” Lei zun-zhe faintly laughed as he chastised.

Huang Quan zun-zhe’s face changed upon hearing this. He immediately laughed, “I was merely joking. This venerable self (Dou Zun) is not that foolish.”

The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s position in the Magical Beast world was similar to the Pill Tower and the ‘Hall of Souls’ in the Central Plains region. They were a kind of superior and detached existence. Their strength was naturally frightening. Although the Yellow Spring Pavilion was also quite strong, it was still much weaker when compared to such a faction.

“Although the Demon Phoenix Bell is strong, a little superficial part of it will not be able to achieve anything…”

Feng zun-zhe glanced at that enormous Demon Phoenix Bell as he faintly laughed.

No one refuted his words this time around. Feng Qing Er’s Demon Phoenix Bell might be strong, but that strange three-colored fire lotus’s might was also similarly terrifying. This was especially the case when one felt the annihilation strength contained within it. That strength caused even experts at the level of Lei zun-zhe to vaguely feel a little fear.

With the eyesight of Lei zun-zhe’s group, they were naturally aware that this collision would likely determine the victor of this fight. However, from the looks of the current situation, they could not determine just who would emerge victorious…

The dark-black bell had just been formed when the fire glow, made from the fire lotus, cut through the air and arrived. The size of the fire lotus could only be described as tiny when compared with the bell’s enormous size. It might be tiny in size, but the frightening energy contained within it was something that no one dared to underestimate.

In front of a countless number of gazes, the fire lotus was just like a tiny grain of sand that violently collided with the enormous bell in a decisive manner!


A thunder-like chime suddenly sounded the moment the collision occurred. An enormous sonic wave wildly spread out from the surface of that enormous bell like a real substance. The wild, violent fluctuation caused even the dark clouds in the sky to churn.

The bell chime had just sounded when a low, deep noise followed. At that instant, the washbasin-sized three-colored fire lotus suddenly exploded!

This explosion did not cause a loud sound. However, the three-colored fire wave that suddenly surged forth was like a hundred-thousand-foot-tall tsunami in the ocean. It rose in a surprising manner. The entire sky instantly turned into a fire world!

The temperature swiftly rose. Some of the places in the distant Wind Lightning Mountain Range had begun to burn because of the high temperature. Waves of smoke rose into the sky.

The fire wave that came from all directions seemed to have covered the sky at this moment. The thick, dark clouds above Lightning Mountain were vaporized at this moment. The thunderbolt that flashed within them were just like mice who had seen a cat. All of them fled in panic when the three-colored Heavenly Flame swept by…

The Lightning Mountain turned into complete chaos the instant the three-colored fire lotus exploded!

Countless numbers of people on Lightning Mountain were drenched in perspiration. Even Dou Qi could not completely isolate this kind of temperature. Everyone was stunned as they stared at the endless three-colored fire sea in the sky. In an instant, their hearts trembled. If this sea of fire were to shift a little lower, it was likely that this Lightning Mountain would be completely destroyed by it!

The expressions of the four great Dou Zuns in the VIP seats underwent various changes at this moment. They never expected Xiao Yan to unleash use such a frightening Dou Technique. Such destructive strength was something that even an expert six star Dou Zong had difficulty achieving. Now, however, it had appeared in the hands of a one star Dou Zong…

With their eyesight, they were naturally able tell that Xiao Yan had completely relied on his own strength to use the attack. Thus, he had not relied on any external strength, yet it was precisely this reason that caused their hearts to shake even more.

Fei Tian was also stunned as he stood beside Lei zun-zhe. His face appeared exceptionally comical against the background of the three-colored Heavenly Flame in the sky. In the face of the eruption of this three-colored fire lotus, even he genuinely felt a kind of dangerous aura that seeped into his bones. If he were to face this fire lotus attack, he might perhaps be able to survive by relying on his strength. However, the price that he had to pay would definitely be a hefty one.

“This person is really dangerous…”

Fei Tian inhaled a deep breath of air. His expression also gradually turned solemn. Xiao Yan’s weight in his heart also swiftly climbed.

Many gazes looked at the sea of fire in the sky with stunned expressions. An enormous bell stood firmly in the middle of the sea of fire. However, the dark-black light on its surface had also formed numerous energy ripples as it was around by the three-colored fire wave…

Lei zun-zhe involuntarily sighed when he saw that the enormous, dark-black bell did not experience much changes after being struck by the three-colored fire wave. As long as Feng Qing Er could endure this attack, this match would definitely end with her victory!


However, just as Lei zun-zhe sighed in relief, a clear, soft sound suddenly broke through the quiet sky.

This sound might be faint, but it did not escape Lei zun-zhe’s ears. Immediately, he tightened his hand and slowly raised his head. His eyes locked onto the enormous, dark-black bell, and were able to see numerous tiny cracks slowly spreading across it…

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