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Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029: Holy Icon Strength

Feng zun-zhe’s face involuntarily changed when he saw the dark-black phoenix icon behind Feng Qing Er’s back from the VIP seats. His eyes turned to Lei zun-zhe beside him as he said in a deep voice. “It is unexpected that she is someone from the Heaven Demon Phoenix Tribe. No wonder you need to personally act to hide her true aura…”

Lei zun-zhe grinned. There was a pride that was hidden in his smile. He glanced at Xiao Yan in the arena and said, “This Xiao Yan is really not an ordinary person to be able to force Qing Er to use her tribe’s secret skill.”

Feng zun-zhe’s eyes were narrowed. A chill flashed through them.

“Ke ke, Feng zun-zhe should not be reckless. You might not be afraid of my Wind Lightning Pavilion, but Qing Er is a person from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would likely not let things be if anything happens to her. You should know just how overbearing that tribe is. It is best not to find unnecessary trouble for the Falling Star Pavilion.” Lei zun-zhe spoke in a faint voice.

“Are you threatening me?” Feng zun-zhe suddenly smiled as he inquired.

Some caution rose in Lei zun-zhe’s heart as he looked at the smile on Feng zun-zhe’s face. Feng zun-zhe had been famous for the longest time amount of out the four great Dou Zuns present. Moreover, he was also the most experienced person. When Lei zun-zhe was still a Dou Zong, Feng zun-zhe already possessed a strong reputation in the Central Plains region. Although their statuses had become equal now, Lei zun-zhe still feared him.

“This cannot be considered a threat. Both you and I know in our hearts whether it is true or not.”

Feng zun-zhe glanced at Lei zun-zhe. Immediately, he looked at the arena and laughed in a faint voice, “I will not do something like bullying someone younger as an elder. Moreover, no one knows just who will emerge victorious in this battle…”

Lei zun-zhe raised his eyebrows as the corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile. “Do you really think that Xiao Yan will be a match for Qing Er? Qing Er, who has used her tribe’s secret skill, is someone that even some of the powerful Elders in the Wind Lightning Pavilion cannot beat, much less Xiao Yan who has only broken through the Dou Huang class a short while ago.”

Feng zun-zhe smiled as he replied in a non-committal manner, “In that case, let’s wait for the final result…”

Lei zun-zhe laughed out loud when he saw this. He said, “Since you have put it this way, let us see just who will have the last laugh in this exchange.”

While these two giants were conversing in the VIP seats, Xiao Yan in the arena, felt extremely uneasy in his heart. After vaguely guessing Feng Qing Er’s identity, he came to a sudden understanding. No wonder he had felt a familiar feeling when he saw her beautifully colorful phoenix wings. If the colorful feathers and flesh were removed, would those wings not be exactly the same as his bone wings…

“Dammit… why is it that this woman is a member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe?”

Xiao Yan involuntarily cursed in his heart as he sensed the green-red blood the fluctuations within the jade bottle in his Storage Ring. It was unexpected that the blood he had refined would act in such an unexpected manner after meeting a member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. This Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was indeed strange. No wonder it could become one of the three top factions in the Magical Beast world.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength repeatedly seeped into the Storage Ring, hiding the fluctuations of the green-red blood. If Feng Qing Er were allowed to become aware that he possessed the blood of

the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe in his hand, it was likely that he would invite an endless amount of trouble. After all, the strength of the Heaven Demon Phoenix was really much stronger than a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion.

A sense of danger suddenly rose in Xiao Yan’s heart after having separated a portion of his mind to suppress the fluctuations of the green-red blood. Bright lightning surged out of his body as he instantly disappeared from his original location.


Xiao Yan’s body had just disappeared when a strange light suddenly descended from the sky. It immediately smashed into the tough silver wood arena. An unusual sizzling sound was emitted as a hundred-foot-deep pit appeared in the arena. Threads of dark-black flames burned around the pit.

Xiao Yan revealed his body in the air. His eyes stared intently at the threads of extremely faint flames. They appeared to have seeped out of hell with their dense chill. Such an unusual flame seemed to be the source of the feeling of danger within Xiao Yan’s heart.

“What kind of flame is this? It should not be a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Otherwise, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ in my body would have sensed something. However, the strength of this flame is not weaker than a ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Surprise danced through Xiao Yan’s heart. The current him was extremely familiar with the ‘Heavenly Flames’ on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking.’ However, one could not find a similar flame to it regardless of how one thought about it.


The dark-black light missed but Feng Qing Er in the sky merely let out a cold laugh. Her delicate finger was lifted and the dark-black light shot forth, like an enormous python, from the enormous pit. It emitted waves of deep sonic boom sounds that crackled over the entire sky.

Xiao Yan knit his brows as he looked at the strange light that pounced over. He could sense that the interior of the dark light contained a frightening energy. If he were to be struck by it head-on, it was likely that he would end up seriously injured even with his current strength.

A lightning glow flickered over Xiao Yan’s feet as his body swiftly pulled back. Numerous afterimages repeatedly appeared in the sky.

“Xiao Yan, there is no dodging the strength of the holy icon. It will follow you for a lifetime if it fails to take your life!”

Ridicule surfaced on Feng Qing Er’s pretty face as she coldly laughed while watching Xiao Yan dodge. The enormous black phoenix icon was much paler compared to before. Clearly, this kind of frightening dark attack was not something that Feng Qing Er could use many times with her current strength.

Xiao Yan appeared as though he did not hear Feng Qing Er’s cold laugh. He activated the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to its limit. Numerous afterimages repeatedly appeared in the sky. However, such afterimages would be instantly shattered into nothingness by the strange light, closely following behind him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Xiao Yan swung the heavy ruler in his hand. A couple of enormous jade-green ruler glows violently struck the dark-black light. However, it was completely useless. Even the speed of the dark light was not the least bit reduced.

The solemness in Xiao Yan’s eyes became denser when he saw that the dark light was completely unaffected. This so-called holy icon strength was indeed a little unusual…

“Dodging in this manner is also not a solution. Using this kind of holy icon strength exhausted a great amount of Dou Qi. Looking at Feng Qing Er’s appearance, it seems that she is only able to use it once. However, she is currently speeding up her Dou Qi recovery. If she is allowed to use another holy icon, it is likely that things will end up even more troublesome…”

This thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart. Ordinary attacks were useless against this holy icon. If one wished to destroy it, one must use a strength that was even more terrifying than it.

A cold glint flickered in Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. He clenched his left hand and a jade-green flame surged out of it. It was swiftly divided into a green flame and an invisible flame. His finger pressed on his brows and a dense-white flame also appeared.

Three kinds of Heavenly Flames rose and withered in Xiao Yan’s palm. Their frightening temperature caused the entire place to become unbelievably hot. Even the dark clouds in the distant sky started scattering because of them.

“Heavenly Flame? Three types?”

The faces of Lei zun-zhe, Feng zun-zhe, Jian zun-zhe, and Huang Quan zun-zhe in the VIP seats changed the moment the three types of Heavenly Flames appeared. A shock surfaced in their eyes. Although they had seen a Heavenly Flame before, they had never seen a person possessing three types of Heavenly Flame!

“This… could this be the ‘Flame Mantra?’ That stubborn old fellow actually even taught such a Qi Method to Xiao Yan?” Feng zun-zhe’s eyes paused on the three types of Heavenly Flames on Xiao Yan’s hands. He suddenly recalled something. He ended up muttering to himself involuntarily in his heart.

The appearance of three types of Heavenly Flames sparked a great commotion. However, there were very few who could recognize the three types of Heavenly Flames. Although they could not tell the origin of the flame, they were nevertheless still able to vaguely sense how extraordinary the three types of Heavenly Flames were from the frightening temperature that seeped out of them.

Xiao Yan did not hesitate even a little after the three types of Heavenly Flames appeared. He pressed the three types of Heavenly Flames violently together in front of the shocked eyes of Lei zun-zhe’s group.

“This fellow… is he nuts?”

Even with Lei zun-zhe’s calmness, he was unable to recover as he watched Xiao Yan. The strength of a Heavenly Flame was extremely frightening. However, the resistance between each kind of Heavenly Flame was mind-boggling. If one were to randomly mix them, the final result would be burning themselves to ashes. It was not rare to see such things in the Central Plains…

Xiao Yan naturally did not have time to pay heed to the shock of Lei zun-zhe and the rest. With his current strength, merging three types of Heavenly Flames might not be considered difficult, but he still needed to focus his mind to try his best to maintain the strange equilibrium.


The unusual dark light once again swept over. Xiao Yan did not even raise his head. A silver glow flickered and he appeared over a hundred feet away. By the time the dark light rushed over again, his body had already flashed, and withdrew a great distance away. During this swift dodging, the three-colored fire clusters in his hands began to slowly fuse together. An exquisite three-colored fire lotus slowly rose from the cluster of flames…

The stadium appeared like the calm surface of a lake after a large rock had been thrown into it the moment the three-colored fire lotus appeared. Numerous spatial ripples materialized. Even the energy of this place had suddenly more wild and violent…

This scene really fit the description of the world descending into chaos when the fire lotus was born…

The expressions of Lei zun-zhe and the others in the VIP seats drastically changed at this moment. They sensed a kind of dangerous aura from the three-colored fire lotus…

“This fellow. How can he unleash such a powerful Dou Technique?”

Feng zun-zhe nodded his head. A smile that was difficult to hide appeared on his face. The eyesight of that stubborn fellow was really as sharp as it had always been. This young man possessed the qualifications to be his disciple…

The fire lotus was successfully formed. This time around, Xiao Yan completely stabilized his body. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, raised his head, and glanced at Feng Qing Er in the sky. He let out a long breath, exhaling the inferiority that he had experienced when fleeing earlier. Immediately, he raised his head and a loud laugh that carried a proud aura surged into the sky.

“Under the Buddha’s anger, all ghosts and evil will cease to exist!”

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