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Chapter 1017: Title

Lightning Mountain


Xiao Yan found a deserted spot on the mountain peak and landed on the ground. After which, he headed to the foot of the mountain. He helplessly shook his head when he saw the densely packed human flow outside of the Wind Lightning Mountain Range. It was likely that these people were all here because of the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting…

"I wonder if the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting has begun?" Xiao Yan muttered softly to himself. He fell briefly thought about before he suddenly took out a thin transparent skin-like item from his Storage Ring. After which, he covered it over his face. Almost instantly, some changes occurred on the contours of his face. If one did not look carefully, it would likely be difficult for one to recognize him.

This item, that could slightly alter one's appearance, was a little thing the Little Fairy Doctor had given him when they headed to the Chu Yun Empire back then. It was unexpected that it would still be of use after so many years had passed.

He was hiding his appearance in order to save himself some trouble. Currently, everyone was aware of his enmity with the Wind Lightning Pavilion. If he were to openly appear in this place, it was likely that the Wind Lightning Pavilion would not simply stand idly by the side. There were many experts within the eastern pavilion. Moreover, the Wind Lightning Pavilion's chief resided here. Even though Xiao Yan had broken through to the Dou Zong class, he could only choose to avoid a head-on confrontation when meeting with an expert of this level.

The reason he had come to the Wind Lightning Mountain Range was to search for Feng zun-zhe. Unless he had no choice, he did not wish to expose himself. After all, he would place himself in a dangerous position if that occurred. Therefore, hiding his appearance was indeed necessary.

Xiao Yan rubbed his face after having altered his appearance. After which, he walked out of the dense forest, joined the human flow on the main road that led into the mountain range, and moved toward the Wind Lightning Mountain Range.

The various noises within the noisy human flow, which Xiao Yan had joined, caused his ears to feel a ringing sensation. However, Xiao Yan could only laugh as he forcefully endured it.

"Dammit, there are too many people. Can the eastern pavilion accommodate so many people?"

"The Grand Meeting is about to begin today. Naturally, there will be a lot of people. It is rumored that the people from the four pavilions have already arrived."

"The final victor in the last competition was the Wind Lightning Pavilion. I wonder just who will be the victor this time around?"

"It is difficult to say. Feng Qing Er, Tang Ying, Wang Chen, and that Mu Qing Luan are no ordinary people. It is rumored that these four entered the Heaven Eye Mountain Range's Heaven Mountain Blood Pool some time ago. Their strength will definitely have improved. Hee hee, I wonder if any one of them borrowed the strength of the Blood Pool to breakthrough the Dou Huang class?"

"These four people have the strength at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Adding their tactics, they are even able to exchange blows with some expert Dou Zongs. Whoever is able to breakthrough during this period of time will definitely win."

"Who knows. There are an unknown number of talented individuals in the Central Plains. There are always some dark horses appearing in each of the Four Pavilion Grand Meetings. I wonder just who will appear this time around?"

"Dark horse huh. Naturally, it is that young man called Xiao Yan, who has stirred an uproar within the northern region recently. Even the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion's chief returned empty-handed after personally chasing him. One can just imagine how terrifyingly strong he is."

"Qi… Xiao Yan might be strong, but this place in the headquarters of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Do you think that he dares to come here?"


Xiao Yan was involuntarily startled when he heard the conversation around him eventually talking about him. His hands could not help, but rub his face. It was unexpected that he possessed such a reputation in this northern region. However, this was not what he wanted. If his name were to spread to the ears of the 'Hall of Souls,' it was likely that things would become even more troublesome.

Xiao Yan successfully entered through the entrance of the mountain range amid a terrible noise. There were disciples from the Wind Lightning Pavilion maintaining order around the entrance. Other than some special guests, ordinary people were not allowed to fly in the air above the Wind Lightning Mountain Range. This had resulted in Xiao Yan, who did not wish to expose his identity, being forced to walk in.

Upon entering the mountain range, Xiao Yan swiftly separated himself from most of the human flow. After which, he turned to a deserted forest, increased his speed, and swiftly rushed to the interior of the mountain range. From the information that he had heard earlier, today should be the start of the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting. Moreover, the thing that excited Xiao Yan most was that the people from the four pavilions had arrived, which meant Feng zun-zhe should have arrived.

"If I really meet Feng zun-zhe, it is best to observe him quietly before making contact with him. Although teacher has said that I can trust him completely, it is always best to be careful." Xiao Yan's figure transformed into a blurry one that shuffled through the mountain range while this thought lingered in his heart.

The heavy burden of rescuing Yao Lao and his father were things that Xiao Yan needed to complete. Hence, he needed to ensure his safety. It was best to be cautious about any uncertain factors.

The Wind Lightning Mountain Range was extremely vast. Even with Xiao Yan's speed, he still spent nearly half an hour before reaching the middle of the mountain range. There was a magnificent and steep mountain located at that spot, Lightning Mountain!

Lightning Mountain was extremely tall. One was unable to see its peak when looking up from its base. The middle portion of the mountain was covered in a dense fog. This fog was a little dark, and it faintly contained lightning flashing within it. Looking from a distance, this mountain peak seemed to be covered by a countless number of bolts of lightning, making it appear extremely majestic.

Xiao Yan let out a praise for the towering Lightning Mountain before moving his body to land somewhere near its base. The top of the Lightning Mountain was the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The defenses of that place were unusually tight. Perhaps it was due to the Grand Meeting approaching, but the surrounding defenses had also been fortified. There would occasionally be human figures flapping Dou Qi wings in the sky. The Lightning Mountain had entered into a tight inspection network.

In order to not alert the experts in the Wind Lightning Pavilion, Xiao Yan would naturally not adopt such a brutal break in method. The line at the foot of the mountain might be long, but Xiao Yan still possessed a little bit of patience.

Xiao Yan advanced along with the group and finally came to a stop when he was about to ascend the mountain. At this moment, there were two rock roads that led up the mountain. One was provided for those people, who had come to watch the Grand Meeting, while the other was provided for some of the young experts who had come to participate in the Grand Meeting.

There were nearly a hundred armored disciples from the Wind Lightning Pavilion guarding the front of the two rock roads. Their stern expressions brought about some pressure. This resulted in no one daring to cause trouble. Additionally, there were two old men in front of these hundred disciples. One was a male while the other was a female. Xiao Yan's eyes solidified when his gaze swept over these two people because the two of them were the two who had accompanied Feng Qing Er to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range back then.

"The strength of these two is quite impressive. I wonder if I will be able to pass through their inspection after having altered my appearance." Xiao Yan slightly frowned.

"It is unexpected that the participants of this competition are filtered by the Huo Mu Elders of the eastern pavilion this time around. These two people hold quite a high position within the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The Wind Lightning Pavilion selections have always been harsh. After seeing this today, they do live up to their reputation. Fortunately, I am only here to watch the fun and need to pass through their verification…" A group of people in front of Xiao Yan softly conversed while he was frowning.

Xiao Yan's heart leaped when he heard this. It seemed that not everyone must be examined by these two people.

"I think that everyone is aware of the rules of my Wind Lightning Pavilion. Anyone who wishes to participate in the Grand Meeting must first reach the strength of a three star Dou Huang or higher. Secondly, he or she must be less than thirty years old. Third, this person must last over five exchanges in the hands of the old me. Only by meeting these three conditions will one possess the qualification to participate. Of course, if you are only here to watch the fun, you can just climb the mountain using the left stone road." A red-clothed Elder Huo explained while everyone was engaged in private conversations.

Quite a big commotion was stirred when these words sounded. Just fulfilling one of these three criteria was not an easy matter, much less all three of them. It was really strict.

Most of the people chose the road on the left side under such strict criteria. Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before following the human flow to the left rock road. His aim was merely to find Feng zun-zhe. He was not interested in fighting within the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Some trouble would be unavoidable if he ended up recognized by others.

While most people were climbing the rock road on the left side, there were also a couple of young people, who felt that they were quite strong, intending to attempt the right path. However, all of them were swept aside by Elder Huo without exception. These people might have barely met the requirement of a three star Dou Huang, but it was clear that they were those that relied on medicinal pills or some natural treasure to support them. Their fighting strengths were similar to that of a two star Dou Huang.

The Huo Mu Elders did not even raise their eyes when fighting these weak fellows. Xiao Yan by the side also laughed in his heart when he saw this. After which, he increased his speed and stepped onto the rock road on the left.


Xiao Yan's feet had just stepped on the rock road when Elder Huo by the side suddenly turned his head before Xiao Yan could even climb up. Elder Huo frowned as he looked at Xiao Yan.

The fist under Xiao Yan sleeves was tightened when he heard this cry. He turned his head slowly and looked at Elder Huo.

Elder Huo's eyes slowly swept over Xiao Yan's face before faintly saying, "You seem to have reached the qualification to participate in the competition. Why don't you give it a try?"

Numerous gazes shot to Xiao Yan when these words sounded. There were many people earlier who had not passed the test, yet this fellow, who appeared ordinary, possessed such ability?

"I am not interested in the Grand Meeting. The reason I have come here is to search for someone." Xiao Yan's voice appeared a little hoarse under his suppression. After saying these words, he ignored Elder Huo, turned around, and climbed to the top of the mountain, leaving behind a group of stunned gazes in the process.

"This fellow… is too arrogant, no?"

The old woman beside Elder Huo knit her brows, glanced at Xiao Yan's back, and asked, "Is there something wrong with that person?"

"I don't know… I only sensed the natural fire affinity energy suddenly fluctuate a little when he stepped onto the stone road. For some unknown reason, this person gives me a kind of inexplicable feeling…" Elder Huo knit his brows and bitterly laughed. He sighed, "It is most likely just an illusion…"

Chapter 1018: Title

Four Great Zun-zhe


The rock road was extremely long. At a glance, it was just like a large meandering snake that followed the mountain range to the top before disappearing in the distant dark clouds. One would feel exceptionally small while walking it.

Xiao Yan's footsteps proceeded at a steady pace as he slowly walked to the top of the mountain. Both sides of the mountain road were covered with large silver-colored tree. Such a tree was quite strange. This kind of tree did not have any leaves. Its entire being was just like a straight pillar. The thing that caused Xiao Yan to be surprised was that the interior of this enormous silver-colored tree contained a dense lightning energy. If one used one's Spiritual Strength to sense it, one would be able to discover a wave of lightning aura at the top of the enormous tree that repeatedly surged out. Finally, it rose into the dark clouds in the sky.

Xiao Yan halted his feet as he looked at this scene, falling deep into thought as he did so. The reason the Lightning Mountain possessed such a frightening Wind Lightning Strength was probably related to these unusual trees. With the silver trees providing a lightning strength, the dark clouds in the sky would never scatter. Thus, one would be able to achieve double the effect with half the effort when practicing a lightning affinity Qi Method in this place.

"This Wind Lightning Pavilion really knows how to choose a place…"

Xiao Yan praised them in his heart. His feet had just moved when the clear cry of a crane suddenly resounded. Everyone immediately looked up to see a beautiful and colourful crane flapping its wings as it flew from the bottom of the mountain all the way to the peak.

"Seven Colored Large Crane? Could it be that Miss Feng from the Wind Lightning Pavilion is the one on it?"

The mountain road immediately emitted numerous exclamations and envious noises when they saw the Seven Colored Large Crane.

Xiao Yan's gaze also paused on that Seven Colored Large Crane. He did not take another look at the colorful crane. Instead, his gaze locked onto the graceful figure on the back of the enormous crane. Looking at that familiar back, this lady was indeed Feng Qing Er.

The enormous crane did not pause because of the numerous exclamations from the mountain road. With a flap of its enormous wings, it charged into the clouds and quickly disappeared.

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes after the enormous crane disappeared. His brows were involuntarily knit together. There was definitely something on that lady hiding her aura. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Xiao Yan to not be able see through her strength with his current ability.

"Looks like this woman is not simple. I have seen the people from the four pavilions. If I really want to compare them, this Feng Qing Er is the most dangerous…" Xiao Yan revealed an expression of being deep in thought as he muttered to himself in his heart. Those that he did not know were the most frightening things. Tang Ying, Wang Chen, and Mu Qing Luan might be strong since they possessed their own trump cards that could fight with an expert Dou Zong. However, the three of them did not give Xiao Yan such a dangerous feeling. Only this Feng Qing Er… caused him to be unable to see through her.

"If I have guessed correctly, it is likely that the final victor in this Four Pavilion Grand Meeting will be this woman…" Xiao Yan softly sighed. Although there was no basis for this thinking of his, he vaguely had a feeling that caused him to think in this manner.

Perhaps it was due to the Wind Lightning Pavilion, but Xiao Yan did not have a good impression of Feng Qing Er. Although the other party had an outstanding appearance and demeanor, Xiao Yan had a grudge with her right from the start. Hence, his heart felt a little displeased if he were to see her obtain victory in the Grand Meeting.

Xiao Yan curled his mouth and muttered in his heart. After which, he ceased remaining still on this mountain road any longer. He increased his pace. In the end, he transformed into a black line that swiftly rushed to the top of the mountain.

Although the Lightning Mountain was quite tall, Xiao Yan successfully reached the top of the mountain within less than ten minutes.

Xiao Yan had just ascended to the peak when a demon-like noise poured into his ears, causing him to feel a little giddy due to him not being to prepare. When he recovered, his eyes swept around with some lingering fear. He was immediately stunned. All he could see was an unending human sea.


Even with Xiao Yan's character, he could not help, but feel somewhat speechless at this moment. He did not expect this Four Pavilion Grand Meeting to actually attract such a crazy flow of human traffic.

Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment before he sighed in resignation. His body moved and he rushed to an enormous silver-colored tree. At this moment, quite a number of people were also standing in those strange silver trees around. Therefore, Xiao Yan did not attract many eyes.

With the help of a good view, Xiao Yan was able to roughly see the peak of the Lightning Mountain. The place they were currently at was a stadium. This stadium's building material was clearly the enormous silver-colored tree that Xiao Yan was currently standing on. Its entirety was bright-silver in color and quite glaring. There were some potholes in the stadium. It seemed that this was the place where the disciples of the Wind Lightning Pavilion usually trained.

The most eye-catching part of the entire peak of the Lightning Mountain was an enormous silver-colored tower. This tower was at least three to four hundred feet in height, appearing extremely majestic. A lightning glow flickered around the tower while the peak of it was inserted into the cloud layer, giving it an extremely mysterious feeling.

There were many buildings on the top of the mountain, likely the quarters of the Wind Lightning Pavilion's disciples. Xiao Yan merely swept his gaze around this places before pausing it on the front of the enormous silver-colored stadium. There were some silver wooden chairs placed at a spot with an extremely good view. Quite a number of stern-looking Wind Lightning Pavilion disciples were standing in front of those seats. Looking at the aura that faintly seeped out of them, it was clear that they were not ordinary disciples.

At this moment, these seats were all empty. Clearly, those who had the qualification to sit in them were the heavyweights in the four pavilions.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged in the silver tree when he saw that the Grand Meeting had not formally begun. After which, he shut his eyes and recuperated…

The time Xiao Yan recuperated did not last for long when a clear gong sound suddenly appeared on the Lightning Mountain. Immediately, numerous agile figures flashed from the mountain top. After which, they spread apart. The positions in which these scattered individuals occupied was excellent. They coincidentally surrounded the entire mountain top. Any unusual movement would be locked onto by the sharp eyes of these guards.

"The disciples of the Wind Lightning Pavilion are indeed well-trained…" Xiao Yan's eyes opened when the gong sound appeared. He randomly glanced at the positions the human figures occupied as he quietly spoke in his heart.


An enormous thunderbolt suddenly rushed down from the cloud layer while Xiao Yan was muttering to himself. The instantaneous bright light caused most people to reflexively shut their eyes.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes, studying the enormous thunderbolt. A couple of people were slowly walking out of that spot. Finally, they sat on the silver wooden seats.

Xiao Yan's eyes swept over them and his gaze immediately paused on a familiar figure. A coldness flashed across his eyes. "Fei Tian…"

"It's actually the Wind Lightning Pavilion's four pavilion chiefs. Tsk tsk, the Wind Lightning Pavilion is indeed filled with experts. The person in the middle should be the rumored Lei zun-zhe, right?"

Some exclamations resounded over the place when everyone opened their eyes and saw the four people at the seats.

Xiao Yan's heart jumped when he heard this. His gaze turned and instantly paused on a person at the middle. This person had a large build and looked as though he was only forty or fifty years old. However, his chin was covered in a silver-colored beard. He was wearing a silver-colored robe with lightning pictures sewn on it. Looking from a distance, those pictures seemed to be alive as they continuously flowed. A slight lightning aura even vaguely seeped out of it.

This person's aura seemed to be far inferior to Fei Tian and the two others. He even had the feeling of an ordinary person. However, by relying on his exceptional Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan clearly sensed a dangerous feeling from this person. Such a feeling was something that even Fei Tian did not give off.

"Is he the chief of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, the one called Lei zun-zhe? He is indeed extremely frightening…" Xiao Yan exhaled. This was the first time his actual body had faced a real Dou Zun for the first time. Although the purple-clothed, old man whom he had met at the 'Hall of Souls' was also a Dou Zun, Xiao Yan was merely a wisp of Spiritual Strength at that time.


An ear-piercing wind sound suddenly resounded over Lightning Mountain when Xiao Yan was feeling amazed in his heart. Immediately, everyone was stunned to see an enormous sword that was over a hundred feet in size cutting through the distant space, rushing over. Within a flash, it appeared in the sky above the stadium.

"Ha ha, Jian zun-zhe, you are the fastest to arrive this time around." A silver-robed Lei zun-zhe stood up when he saw the enormous sword in the sky. After which, his laughter sounded over the Lightning Mountain like rolling thunder.

The enormous sword shook gently and transformed into countless light spots as it collapsed. Two figures slowly descended from the sky above, landing at their seats.

The two figures consisted of an old and young man. Xiao Yan was familiar with the young person. He was Tang Ying from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. The old man beside him was small in size. He was wearing linen clothes and seemed like an inconspicuous, small, old man. However, everyone present knew that this small, old man was a frightening existence who was on the same level as Lei zun-zhe.

"It is unexpected that even Jian zun-zhe has arrived. Looks like those who have arrived at the Wind Lightning Mountain Range earlier are merely the advance party of the four pavilions. Those who are arriving now are the core individuals."

Jian zun-zhe's appearance instantly caused the stadium's atmosphere to become fiery hot.

Jian zun-zhe did not really bother with Lei zun-zhe's laughter. He rolled his eyes and sat down in a chair. Tang Ying behind him respectfully stood with his hands lowered.

"Hee hee, old Jian still has such temper. It looks like the match back then is still a blotch in your heart." A strange laugh, that carried a sinister feeling, sounded when Jian zun-zhe had just sat down. Immediately, a dark-black glow rushed over from the foot of the mountain. It appeared to have teleported as materialized in their seats. With a wave of his sleeves, the figure unceremoniously sat down.

The human figure, who had appeared, was an old man in black robes. His facial complexion was pale and a somewhat shady look was present between his brows. One of his eyes was black while the other was white, giving him an extremely strange appearance. A familiar figure was behind him. This person was naturally Wang Chen from the Yellow Spring Pavilion.

"Back then, the old me was unlucky and narrowly lost to him. It is at least much better than some people who have merely lasted for a hundred exchanges in Feng zun-zhe's hands before being defeated by him. Don't you agree Huang Quan zun-zhe?" Jian zun-zhe glanced at the black-robed, old man as he spoke in a neutral voice.

The eyes of the black-robed, old man immediately turned chilly when he heard these words. Before he could retort, however, there was a slight change in his expression. His sinister eyes locked firmly on the sky. There was a dragon-roar-like wind suddenly transmitted over from that spot.

"This fellow clearly has the fastest speed, yet he always likes to be the last to arrive…" Jian zun-zhe raised his eyes. His turbid gaze looked at the distant sky as he laughed.

Jian zun-zhe's voice had just sounded when the dragon roar like wind was transmitted over with a 'bang.' Immediately, an enormous green whirlwind appeared above the mountain in front of a countless number of eyes.

Xiao Yan's eyes suddenly shifted when this green-colored whirlwind appeared. He stared firmly at it and the fists in his sleeves abruptly tightened.

"Feng zun-zhe…"

Chapter 1019: Title

The Commencement of the Grand Meeting


The enormous green-colored whirlwind appeared to be twinkling as it materialized in the sky above the enormous stadium within a couple of breaths. The whirlwind gently shook and suddenly paused. After which, it transformed into a countless number of light spots, which scattered. Two figures rode a breeze as they slowly landed next to their seats.

"It is actually Feng zun-zhe? Unexpectedly, four zun-zhe (Dou Zun) have arrived at this Grand Meeting. This trip has indeed been worthwhile."

"Usually, it is difficult to see even an elite Dou Zun, yet four of them have appeared together at this moment. The Four Pavilion Grand Meeting is extremely grand. No wonder it attracts so many people."

"Hee hee, I wonder just who will be the final victor of the Grand Meeting this time around?"

The two people, who were the last to appear, naturally attracted the gazes of the entire stadium, more so for Xiao Yan. The two figures had just appeared when his gaze instantly turned to them.

Xiao Yan had already met the green-clothed Mu Qing Luan. Hence, his eyes did not pause for long on her before they suddenly paused on the old man in front of her.

The old man was wearing a green robe. His long hair spread over his shoulders, giving him a sort of free and easy appearance. That face of his could not be considered ordinary. Even though he was already very old, one could still vaguely see a handsomeness. It was likely that his appearance was definitely breathtaking when he was young. Looking at his outer appearance, he was clearly superior among the four Dou Zuns present. Perhaps it was because he practiced wind affinity Qi Method, but his demeanor appeared ethereal, giving others an unfathomable feeling.

"Is he Feng zun-zhe?"

Xiao Yan's eyes slowly sized up the green-clothed, old man. An excitement also flashed across his eyes. He had heard about this Feng zun-zhe quite a number of times from Yao Lao. This person could be considered a friend of Yao Lao that had undergone life and death situations with him. If these words were true and he valued the relationship as greatly as what Yao Lao had described, Xiao Yan should be able to achieve a truly great helper this time around.

An excitement rose within Xiao Yan's heart. Lei zun-zhe and Jian zun-zhe on the seats smiled and cupped their hands together when they saw Feng zun-zhe arrived. Feng zun-zhe had become famous much earlier than any of the three others. Hence, these two people still cupped their hands politely despite all of them currently sharing the same status. However, Huang Quan zun-zhe by the side seemed to have a conflict with Feng zun-zhe. After narrowing his eyes and glancing at him, he turned his head and looked as though he had not seen him.

The green-robed Feng zun-zhe's face wore a warm smile. He reciprocated the courtesy of Lei zun-zhe and Jian zun-zhe. However, he did not give Huang Quan zun-zhe by the side another look. Although the four pavilions were afraid of each other, Feng zun-zhe was at odds with this Huang Quan zun-zhe. Moreover, the other party's shadiness and ruthless character were things that Feng zun-zhe disliked.

After the couple of them politely greeted each other, Lei zun-zhe raised his head and looked at the sky. After which, he slowly stood up and swept his gaze over the stadium. Immediately, the noisiness that shot toward the clouds became completely silent under those eyes that contained a faint lightning glow.

"Today is the auspicious day that my Wind Lightning Pavilion will hold the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting. Thank you all for coming to the Lightning Mountain to support my Wind Lightning Pavilion. However, I think that everyone is aware of the rules of my Wind Lightning Pavilion. I hope that there will not be anyone interrupting the Grand Meeting when it is being held." Lei zun-zhe's faint voice was just like a thunder as it resounded over the entire Lightning Mountain. Moreover, his voice contained a hint of lightning might. Some of the weaker individuals involuntarily trembled.

Lei zun-zhe's words were filled with a domineering tone. It was just like an unyielding thunderbolt that did not allow anyone to refute it. Some people might not like to hear such words, but no one present dared to oppose him with his frightening strength. The frightening deterrence of an elite Dou Zun was really extraordinary.

Lei zun-zhe only nodded slightly when he saw that no unusual noises had appeared. His hand was waved and a clear gong once again sounded in an unhurried manner.

"The number of participants of this season's Four Pavilion Grand Meeting is fifty-three, including the four disciples of the Four Pavilions. The old rules will still apply. It will begin with a chaotic battle until there are only eight people remaining. All the competitors please enter now." Lei zun-zhe's voice once again sounded when the gong appeared.

Waves of rushing wind resounded over the stadium when Lei zun-zhe's voice finished speaking. Immediately, numerous young figures flashed into the arena. Finally, they landed one after another and were spread around the arena. All of them were alert.

The appearance of these people immediately caused the Grand Meeting to turn into one with a fiery hot atmosphere. Deafening cheers surged around the mountain in an overwhelming manner. They charged to the sky. The distant dark clouds had also begun to ripple as a result.

Mu Qing Luan, Tang Ying, and Wang Chen in the VIP seats exchanged glances when the participants entered the arena. After which, their bodies moved and they gently landed in the arena. The moment these three people entered, their surroundings emitted a flapping sound as they became empty. Everyone present knew the strength of these three. Naturally no one would automatically deliver themselves to them.

Being one of the main characters of this Grand Meeting, the entrance of Mu Qing Luan and the two others caused the cheers in the stadium to surge even more. The atmosphere on the mountain top had swiftly entered an extremely excited one following their entrances.


A clear crane cry suddenly sounded in the sky the moment the three people entered the arena. Immediately, an enormous, colorful crane came gliding over from one side of the mountain top. A beautiful figure pressed her toes on the enormous crane's back. The moving figure rushed down and landed in the arena without emitting the slightest noise. Xiao Yan's eyes glanced over. The figure was naturally Feng Qi Er. Her noble demeanor was something that no one could compare with.

The atmosphere outside of the arena immediately soared when Feng Qing Er entered. Everyone knew that the chances of this lady winning this season's Four Pavilion Grand Meeting were the highest among all the participants.

The moment Feng Qing Er appeared, surprise flashed across the eyes of Feng zun-zhe, Qian zun-zhe, and Huang Quan zun-zhe in the VIP seats. Immediately, Jian zun-zhe laughed, "Looks like Lei zun-zhe has really invested. You have even personally helped hide her actual strength. Are you planning on catching us by surprise?"

Lei zun-zhe laughed out loud when he heard this. He said, "What is Qian zun-zhe saying? This girl's status is a little unique. Therefore, I can only do it this way. There is really no other choice."

"Looks like Lei zun-zhe really wishes to continue holding the top seat of this season's Four Pavilion Grand Meeting. The Wind Lightning Pavilion likely has the highest chance of victory in this competition." Feng zun-zhe's gaze paused on Feng Qing Er's lovely body as he softly spoke.

"Feng zun-zhe is thinking too much. That girl Qing Luan is someone from the Mythical Bird Tribe. If her bloodline awakens, she can also be considered an outstanding person among the younger generation." Lei zun-zhe waved his hand and laughed. However, his eyes revealed a pride that ordinary people had difficulty detecting. He indeed coveted the thought of gaining the top spot in this season's Four Pavilion Grand Meeting.

Feng zun-zhe merely smiled noncommittally in the face of Lei zun-zhe's words.

Huang Quan zun-zhe by the side frowned. Wang Chen could be considered one of his most outstanding disciples after all these years. However, there was still a little gap when he was compared to Feng Qing Er. It seemed that the position of the Yellow Spring Pavilion would not experience too much change during this season's Grand Meeting.

The Yellow Spring Pavilion had always been ranked last among the four pavilions. However, Huang Quan zun-zhe was helpless to improve this. After all, the Yellow Spring Pavilion was indeed unable to compare with the other three pavilions when it came to the method of grooming the younger generation.

Xiao Yan's eyes were firmly locked onto Feng Qing Er while he sat on the silver wood. He had always felt a vague sense of danger when facing this woman. This had nothing to do with strength. It was just a vague feeling that was inexplicable…

Xiao Yan knit his brows. His eyes slide as they slowly swept over the arena. At this moment, every corner of the arena had some competitors standing with a cautious faces. These people were all quite young, but they were exceptionally strong. Of course, those who had the qualification to participate in this Grand Meeting were definitely not ordinary people. They were either those with outstanding training talent or people supported by a strong faction.

"This place is indeed worthy of being the Central Plains. Even in the Black-Corner Region, one would be hard pressed to find a couple of young Dou Huangs. It is unexpected that the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting has attracted so many of them…" Xiao Yan softly sighed. The Central Plains were indeed worthy of being the part of the Dou Qi continent with the most strong people. This place was filled with tons of talent. No one knew if there would suddenly be a complete dark horse appearing.


While Xiao Yan was feeling amazed, his shifting gaze suddenly paused. A surprised 'huh' escaped from his mouth.

The spot where Xiao Yan's eyes had paused was coincidentally a corner of the arena. There was a black-clothed figure there. This person's back faced Xiao Yan. Despite being a great distance away, Xiao Yan felt that this back was somewhat familiar for some unknown reason.

Xiao Yan slightly frowned. With his current strength, this kind of familiar feeling would not appear without reason…

While Xiao Yan was feeling uncertain, the black-clothed man clenched his hand, and a long spear flashed and appeared. His body also coincidentally shifted, allowing Xiao Yan to see the outline of his face.

Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment when he saw that familiar face from the side. Finally, he abruptly clapped his hands. A stunned expression flashed across his eyes.

"Lin Yan? What is that fellow doing here?"

The person who had appeared in front of Xiao Yan's eyes was surprisingly Lin Yan who had accompanied Xiao Yan from the Jia Nan Academy to the Jia Ma Empire back then. However, when Xiao Yan went to the valley to undertake a retreat, Lin Yan, Lin Xiu Ya, and Liu Qing left the Jia Ma Empire together. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan would actually be able to meet this fellow in this place…

The surprise in Xiao Yan's eyes gradually withdrew and he involuntarily shook his head. He had just arrived in the Central Plains for less than half a year, but he had actually met quite a few familiar people from back then. Fate was really unpredictable.

"Since everyone has gathered, let the competition begin…"

Lei zun-zhe from the leader's seat ceased chatting when he saw that everyone had gathered in the arena. He raised his head and waved his hand. That faint voice of his resonated within everyone's ears.

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