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Chapter 1015: Title



During the next few days, Xiao Yan would spend nearly ten hours to help Jin Shi expel the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison within Jin Shi's body on a daily basis. Under his effort to expel the poison, Jin Shi's spirit was getting better everyday. Hence, his attitude to Xiao Yan gradually changed from the a treatment of someone equal to the current courteous and respectful one. Although Xiao Yan had just broken through to the Dou Zong class not long ago, his other status as an alchemist was sufficient to cause a person at Jin Shi's level to treat him politely. After all, everyone knew what a lucky thing it was to be able to befriend a high tier alchemist.

Xiao Yan's remaining effort during these couple of days was spent on the Demon Poison Spot within his body. Everyday that this time-bomb-like thing, which had pestered him for a few years, was not removed, it would stay a thorn within his heart that would cause him to always feel a little uncomfortable.

Through his study during this period of time, Xiao Yan had also gained a much deeper understanding of the Demon Poison Spot. However, he did not recklessly do anything. This Demon Poison Spot was extremely frightening. If the Little Fairy Doctor had not placed a seal on it back then, it was likely that it would have long since erupted. Xiao Yan might have already broken through to the Dou Zong class, but it was best if he did not take the initiative to remove the seal. It would not be too late for him to act when he had more confidence.


A fire was burning fiercely within the wooden basin of a rock house permeated by hot air. Only the middle spot of the house was void of hot air. That place was where Jin Shi's head was protruding from the medicinal water.

At this moment, Jin Shi appeared extremely energetic. Both his aura and his liveliness were far from what his previous sickly-self could compare with. Clearly, the expelling of the poison by Xiao Yan during this period of time was quite effective.

The fog permeated the place for a long time before it slowly thinned. The medicinal water within the wooden basin had also become clear. The medicinal liquid within it had already entered Jin Shi's body.

Xiao Yan waved his hand and returned the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame to his body. He also sighed in relief. It was fortunate that he had currently reached the Dou Zong class. Otherwise, with his previous strength, it would have been difficult for him to perform such a long period of poison expelling in such a relaxed manner.

Jin Shi leaped out of the wooden basin after having put on his clothes. He sensed the lifeforce that seeped out of his body and a joy surfaced on his old face. He cupped his hands and solemnly said to Xiao Yan, "Little brother Xiao Yan, a simple thanks does not do such a big favor justice. The old me shall remember this."

Xiao Yan grinned. He took out two jade bottles from his Storage Ring and handed them to Jin Shi. He uttered, "I will leave tomorrow. This is the medicinal liquid and medicinal pill needed to expel the poison. Most of the fire poison within your body has already been expelled. Hence, there is no longer a need for me to use the 'Heavenly Flame' as a catalyst. You should have already learned the poison expelling method during this period of time. Hence, I shall not say anything more about it. If you follow the method, the fire poison in your body will be completely removed within two to three months."

"You are leaving tomorrow?" Jin Shi was startled upon hearing this. He hurriedly confirmed what had been said.

Xiao Yan nodded. The so-called Four Pavilions Grand Meeting was likely to begin. If he wished to find Feng zun-zhe, he could only head to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Otherwise, those elite Dou Zuns were all so elusive. He did not know just when he would be able to find the other party again. Due to the 'Hall of Souls,' Xiao Yan was unable to openly speak about the matter. He could only quietly search by himself.

Jin Shi could only nod his head when he saw Xiao Yan's insistence. He received the two jade bottle and said in a deep voice, "Little brother Xiao Yan, if you meet with any trouble in the future, you can come and find me in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Even that old fellow Fei Tian would not dare to do anything to you in this place."

Xiao Yan smiled. Although Jin Shi was a Magical Beast, he valued relationships. The strength of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe was weak when compared to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. However, he was still able to say such words. From the looks of it, he was a worthy person to befriend.

"In that case, I shall thank elder Jin Shi first."


Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged on a bed within a room that was filled with a gentle light. His upper body was naked. There was a dark-black ink-like spot on his chest, which was vaguely emitting a stench. Surrounding the black spot were some unusual symbols. They wrapped around the countless number of black lines spreading from the black spot. These symbols were the seal that Little Fairy Doctor had placed on him. However, the symbols had become a lot paler after the erosion of the Demon Poison Spot during these few years. It seemed that it would not be able to hold out for long.

Xiao Yan's eyes paused on the black spot. There were two methods if one wished to remove this Demon Poison Spot. One was to find a Dou Zun class expert to help him while the other was to find another 'Heavenly Flame.' After the three kinds of 'Heavenly Flames' merged, it would be an easy matter to refine this Demon Poison Spot. Unfortunately, the current Xiao Yan did not meet either of the requirements.

Although he had not met both conditions, Xiao Yan vaguely sensed that his current self was no longer as helpless against this Demon Poison Spot as he was back then. His breakthrough this time around was a great benefit to him.

Xiao Yan frowned and thought deeply for awhile. After which, he suddenly clenched his teeth. A thought passed through his mind and the jade-green flame swiftly moved within his body. It quickly gathered at his chest and surrounded the Demon Poison Spot.

Looking at the pale seal, it was obvious that it would not be able to endure for long. Hence, Xiao Yan must quickly settle this Demon Poison Spot. Although it was somewhat difficult for him to refine the Demon Poison Spot in one go with his current strength, he could choose to do it over a prolonged period, gradually refining it. Hence, he could reduce the pressure felt by the seal.

After having made up his mind, Xiao Yan's mind controlled a thread of flame that sprang out. It came to the Demon Poison Spot and coiled around it. After which, it suddenly pounced forward.

The flame collided with the circular symbol seal. Its high temperature immediately caused the seal to emit a white smoke and 'chi chi' sound. Following the erosion of the 'Heavenly Flame,' the complete seal gradually began to break open, forming a small gap in the process.

Xiao Yan controlled the flame perfectly. The small gap was insufficient to cause the Demon Poison Spot to erupt, but it was also able to drag a small portion out.

The crack had just been formed when the Demon Poison Spot within it, which had been quiet for many years, suddenly began to surge. The black cluster wiggled and a thumb-sized, black line separated from the body before rushing to the gap.

Xiao Yan's mind tensed up when he saw that black line shoot out. The jade-green flame around the seal became turbulent, like a sea of fire, as it surrounded the area around his chest until nothing could seep out.

The black line successfully penetrated through the gap and a dense wave of fishy stench spread out. This fishy stench contained an extremely corrosive strength. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan had the protection of the 'Heavenly Flame.' The moment these fishy stench appeared, it immediately emitted a 'chi chi' sound and swiftly turned into nothing.

A coldness also flashed through Xiao Yan's eyes as he looked at the dark-black, somewhat sinister line. If he had yet to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class at this moment, it was likely that this Demon Poison Spot black line would have turned his body into a complete mess. Fortunately, the current him had truly reached the Dou Zong class.

A thought passed through Xiao Yan's mind and the jade-green sea of flames around his chest immediately transformed into numerous fire dragons. These dragons were accompanied by a low, deep roar as they surged toward the black line.

The Demon Poison Spot black string seemed to display an uneasiness when it faced such a large scale encirclement by the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. With the growth of Xiao Yan's strength, the power of this Glazed Lotus Heart Flame had also soared. Back then, just refining a tiny Demon Poison Spot black line had exhausted a long period of time. If Xiao Yan were to do it again at this moment, he had the confidence that the refinement speed would decrease by at least ten times the amount of time it took before.

While the thread of the Demon Poison Spot was feeling uncertain, the fire dragon instantly arrived. The flame swept over and surrounded the black line. After which, the flames twisted together, transforming into a cluster of fierce green flame that wrapped the black line and swiftly began to refine it.

Faced with the refinement of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame, the Demon Poison Spot black line also began to resist. Waves of corrosive fog unceasingly surged into his body. After which, the fog collided with the surrounding flames.

"Chi Chi!"

The black fog collided onto the flame and a 'chi chi' sound immediately erupted. The current Glazed Lotus Heart Flame might have difficulty completely refining the Demon Poison Spot, but it did not have a problem refining this small portion of it.

Under the control of Xiao Yan's mind, the 'Heavenly Flame' swiftly shrank. A 'chi chi' sound once again appeared. Immediately, one could see the Demon Poison Spot black line swiftly paling. Within an hour or so, the black-colored poison within it was completely refined by the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame.

After the poison within was removed, an extremely pure, substance-like Dou Qi appeared in front of Xiao Yan's mind.

This cluster of Dou Qi did not possess the slightest consciousness. It simply remained within the flame without moving.

A satisfied expression surfaced on Xiao Yan's face when he sensed the purity of this Dou Qi. This Demon Poison Spot might be dangerous, but it could be considered a great tonic. If he completely refined it, Xiao Yan estimated that his strength could at least leap to the level of a three star Dou Zong.

Danger and reward indeed coexisted in everything in this world.

Xiao Yan's mind controlled this wave of Dou Qi, and directed it along the route of the Flame Mantra, immediately making it his own.

Xiao Yan's heart laughed when he sensed the tiny increase of strengthened Dou Qi within his body. His mind once again reached into the Demon Poison Spot. After which, he continued to drag a small amount of Demon Poison Spot poison from it…

Although he could not refine the Demon Poison Spot in one go, all he needed to do was to remove a little of it to refine each time. Over time, this Demon Poison Spot would naturally collapse because it lacked Dou Qi. At that time, the time bomb in his body would also automatically disappear…

"The effect of this thing is something that even some tier 7 medicinal pills cannot compare with. Hee hee, that old fellow Xie Bi Yan has really given me a great gift…"

Chapter 1016: Title

Wind Lightning Mountain Range


Xiao Yan continued to dragging poison out of the Demon Poison Spot and use the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame to refine it throughout the night. Only when the sky gradually became bright did he, who was still in a rock house, slowly open his eyes.

An entire night's refinement did not cause Xiao Yan to feel the least bit tired. Instead, due to the replenishment of the enormous amount of Dou Qi, his condition was perfectly at his peak. A faint glow was flickering while he blinked. This was due to the great surge of Dou Qi in his body that was difficult to hide.

Xiao Yan lowered his head and looked at the Demon Poison Spot on his chest. At the moment, it's size had clearly shrunk a little. Xiao Yan shook his head with some dissatisfaction when he saw this. He had at least removed ten bundles of poison during the night. It was unexpected that this amount was such a small portion when compared to the Demon Poison Spot as a whole.

After having absorbed all the Dou Qi within the ten clusters of poison, Xiao Yan could vaguely feel that his strength had improved. Although this feeling was not very obvious, it was considered quite incredible. After all, each star within the Dou Zong class required an extremely great amount of energy. If Xiao Yan were to train in an orthodox fashion, it was likely that he would require nearly three to four months in order to reach this stage even with his speed, yet he was able to reach it in one night. This effectiveness was already quite great.

There was a massive gap between every star within the Dou Zong class. Hence, the classification within the expert Dou Zongs were a little more detailed in the Central Plains. Every star was divided into four levels. They were entry, intermediate, advance, and peak. However, such differentiation was too subtle. Hence, very few people would measure another in such a manner. However, it was quite useful when using it to measure one's own strength. According to Xiao Yan's guess, he should be currently at the intermediate level after having absorbed the Dou Qi within the Demon Poison Spot.

"Ugh, it is indeed very difficult to raise one's level in the Dou Zong class. No wonder First Elder's level did not experience a great increase despite having trained for so many years…" Xiao Yan sighed softly in his heart. He took out his clothes and put them back on. Currently, the Dou Qi in his body had reached saturation and needed a period of time of adaptation before he could once again absorb Dou Qi from the Demon Poison Spot. Fortunately, with his current strength, the Demon Poison Spot no longer posed a fatal threat to him. Instead, this thing was treated as a movable Dou Qi warehouse by Xiao Yan…

"Looks like it is time to leave. The Four Pavilion Grand Meeting is about to be held in a few days…" Xiao Yan leaped down from the bed. He mused for a moment before packing his things properly. After which, he did not stay any longer. He pushed opened the door and simply walked out.

When Xiao Yan walked out of the room, the Gold Swallowing Mice guards standing by the side hurriedly bowed to Xiao Yan. His waved his hand and without saying anything, stepped onto the empty air, and appeared to be walking on the stairs leading to heaven as ascended into the sky in front of the envious eyes of those few guards.

Xiao Yan overlooked the Heaven Eye Mountain as he stood in the sky. He involuntarily smiled and walked forward. This was something that he had dreamed of. It was unexpected that he was able to fulfill it now…

Two figures hurried over when Xiao Yan rose into the air.

"Little brother Xiao Yan, are you going to leave now?" Jin Shi appeared. He looked at Xiao Yan and hurriedly asked.

Xiao Yan nodded and laughed, "I still have some matters to attend to and cannot remain here for long. Thank you both for your great hospitality. If I have time in the future, I will come and visit."

Jin Shi and Jin Gu could not say any other words to get Xiao Yan to stay after they heard this. They immediately replied in deep voices, "Little brother Xiao Yan, the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe owes you a big favor. If you meet any trouble in the future, please do not forget about us old fellows."

Xiao Yan titled his head. The Gold Swallowing Mouse faction a large population, and remained up to date with the news in the Central Plains region. It was naturally a good thing to befriend them.

"Ke ke, looking at your anxious face, the two of us shall not hold you back any longer. We will pray for your journey to be smooth." Jin Gu smiled, cupped his hands, and spoke.

"In that case, I shall borrow elder Jin Gu's blessing. Goodbye!"

Xiao Yan smiled. He cupped his hands to the two of them and did not stay any longer. His body moved and transformed into a light figure, which rushed out of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range with a 'swoosh' sound. Within a couple of blinks, he had already disappeared from Jin Shi's and Jin Gu's sight.


With Xiao Yan's speed, he had already exited the region of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range within ten plus minutes. Originally, with his current strength, his speed would have been a little faster if he used the bone wings. However, the words of the Gray Wolf King were firmly etched in his heart. Although he had currently advanced to the Dou Zong class, this strength was really insignificant when compared to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Hence, unless it was a critical moment, it was best that he used the bone wings as little as possible in the future.

Xiao Yan's figure stopped on a mountain peak outside of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. He took a map of the northern region from his Space Ring. The map he had purchased in Bone Transforming City back then. After which, he began to search for something on it.

According to what Mu Qing Luan had mentioned, the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting this time around would be held at the headquarters of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, which was the eastern pavilion. Based on the map, the position of the eastern pavilion should be near the border between the northern and middle region of the Central Plains.

"It is so far away. Looks like I will need about five days just to travel there…" Xiao Yan bitterly laughed after putting the map back into his Storage Ring. It was fortunate that had reached the level of a Dou Zong. Otherwise, it was likely that he would not have been able to hurry to the eastern pavilion without ten days to half a month’s time. At that time, it was likely that the gathering would have ended.

"Looks like I should travel quickly. Otherwise, it will be unlucky if I miss it…"

Xiao Yan sighed as he faced the eastern sky. A bright-silver glow slowly surfaced on his feet. Immediately, muffled thunder sounded. His body disappeared in a ghost-like manner.


The name of the Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion held a heavy weight throughout the Central Plains region. Being the headquarters of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, this place was filled with many experts. Its defenses were also extremely solid. During the years since the Wind Lightning Pavilion had been founded, it had experienced quite a number of tribulations. However, the eastern pavilion had always remained standing. Its reputation had gradually formed from many fights between factions. Only after all that, did it gain its current status.

The Four Pavilion Grand Meeting, as the name suggested, was naturally conducted by the four pavilions in the Central Plains. Although the main characters were the four pavilions, each season of the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting would be a grand event within the Central Plains region. Although it could not be put in the same category as the Pill Gathering of the Pill Tower, it was also a rare event.

This Four Pavilion Grand Meeting was not a competition between the experts of the older generations. Instead, it was a competition for the younger generation. Of course, the younger generation, who could represent the four Pavilions, were naturally the most outstanding people among the younger generation of each party. New blood was the most important thing if each faction wanted to survive. Hence, the four pavilions paid great attention to the younger generation.

Under their great focus on grooming the younger generation, it was natural that quite a number of outstanding individuals had appeared among them: the Wind Lightning Pavilion's Feng Qing Er, the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion's Tang Ying, the Yellow Spring Pavilion's Wang Chen, the Falling Star Pavilion's Mu Qing Luan, etc. All of these people possessed some reputation across the entire Central Plains region.

Of course, the Central Plains was one where many outstanding individuals were hidden. No one knew just where dark horse would suddenly appear. Even though this was the case, each of the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting would attract a countless number of strong young people from many factions. The main characters of this Grand Meeting were usually the four pavilions, but it did not reject some other competitors. However, in order to increase the quality, it naturally possessed a necessary filter. Moreover, it was rumored to be extremely harsh. This had eliminated some of the people who were there simply to inflate the numbers.

After all, among the competitions between the younger generation, the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting was considered to be of a superior quality. Even some of the experts from the older generation had difficulty achieving the requirements.

The location where the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting would be held was usually decided by the party who had won the last season's competition. The victor of the last Grand Meeting was the Wind Lightning Pavilion, Hence, the location this time was decided to be the Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion.


The Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion was situated in the Wind Lightning Mountain Range near the border of the northern region. This place was extremely unique. Perhaps it was because the terrain was too high, but there was always a rumbling thunder sound. The weather was also unpredictable. At first it may be extremely sunny, but the next moment, a thunderstorm may appear.

The entire Wind Lightning Mountain Range was the territory controlled by the eastern pavilion. This place was just like their backyard. Other factions who were not strong did not dare to encroach into this area.

The Wind Lightning Mountain Range during this period of time was unusually lively. A countless number of people came from all over the place and gathered at the Lightning Mountain within the mountain range. This was because above the Lightning Mountain stood the headquarters of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, the eastern pavilion!


A ray of light bounded across the sky outside of the Wind Lightning Mountain Range like a falling star. It transformed into a person that landed on the top of a mountain. He lowered his head and looked at the ant-like human flow below only to be stunned.

The person who had hurried over was naturally Xiao Yan, who had increased his speed along the way. He had basically gone all out during these few days, and had seldom rested along the way. Even by hurrying in this manner, he had exhausted four days in order to reach this place.

"This area has a very dense Wind Lightning Strength…"

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. He looked into the distance and saw the mountain range, which was many times larger than the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. There was a shocking rumbling thunder within this mountain range he could feel despite being a great distance away. The Wind Lightning Strength contained within the mountain range caused his expression to alter.

"This place should be the Wind Lightning Mountain Range where the Wind Lightning Pavilion Eastern Pavilion is located. Looks like I'm not late…"

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