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Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: Soul Refining Effect

The dark-fiery-red bottom of the Blood Pool was completely silent. Everything was progressing amid this silence. Even time seemed to have lost its purpose in such a place.

A jade-green color was vaguely visible within the fiery-redness. It was exceptionally eye-catching. If one were to take a closer look, a figure, seated cross-legged, would finally be revealed. Naturally, that figure was Xiao Yan, who had entered the Blood Pool to train.

Xiao Yan had never exited his training state ever since he had entered it. He was just like an old monk maintaining an immovable posture as he absorbed the vast and mighty energy from around him. After which, he used it to refine his veins, bones, muscles, and even cells.

A dark-red-blood color covered every single inch of Xiao Yan’s body. Even his face was filled with this blood color. At a glance, Xiao Yan appeared savage. However, it was fortunate that there were no other people present other than him. Hence, no one saw this scene.

By estimating the time, Xiao Yan should have already remained in this place for around two days. He did not rest for even a moment during these two days as he continued to absorb the powerful energy from around him. During this quick and fierce absorption, the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body gradually became stronger as it repeatedly flow through his veins in a crashing manner, like a river flow.

According to Xiao Yan’s estimation, it was likely that he had reached the peak of the nine star Dou Huang. However, there was still a distance that was difficult to estimate from this point. If he wanted to successfully breakthrough to the Dou Huang class, it was highly unlikely that he could achieve it within two to three days even with the help of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Xiao Yan was naturally clear about this in his heart. Therefore, he did not feel any irritation. He maintained a calm mind as he followed the right method and absorbed the blood-red energy, allowing himself to control most of the soaring energy. After all, regardless of how strong he was, how would he fight with others if he was unable to easily control the Dou Qi within his body?

Xiao Yan’s calm mentality made it difficult for his bitter training to affect his mental state. His body was completely still as he absorbed the energy, once again sinking into the mysterious feeling of having his body completely transformed…

While this calm training continued over time, Xiao Yan’s black hair grew longer like wild grass. Perhaps it was because the interior of his body was full of too much blood-colored energy, but his black hair gradually turned blood-red in color. Looking at him from a distance, Xiao Yan appeared just like a blood person, emitting a faint terrifying aura.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned about the transformation on the surface of his body. He knew that this change was due to him being unable to appropriately control the overly large amount of energy that he had absorbed. After he got control of the energy within his body, everything would naturally return to its original state. What the current him needed to do was completely focus his mind and sense the powerful strength within his body…


Time flowed by like flowing water within the dark-red Blood Pool. In the blink of an eye, nearly ten days passed. Xiao Yan’s body did not move even a little during this period of time. His blood-red hair had also become denser. However, it was worthwhile mentioning that Xiao Yan’s current aura had gradually soared to a frightening level. Although he had yet to breakthrough the Dou Huang class, he was at least two to three times stronger compared to ten days ago.

The transformation of his aura did not bring successfully break Xiao Yan through the Dou Huang class. From this, one could tell just how

difficult it was to reach the Dou Zong class. If not for this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it was likely that Xiao Yan would have required at least half a year to reach this stage even with his incredible training speed.

Wave after wave of viscous energy unceasingly poured into Xiao Yan’s body. At a certain moment, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly moved. His eyes twitched a little, and they were slowly opened.

The eyes of Xiao Yan revealed some surprise when he opened them. What had suddenly woken him up from his training state was not due to any external factor. Instead, it was due to Xiao Yan discovering something about his training in this place, the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body’ spiritual avatar between his brows was also absorbing the blood-colored energy. Perhaps it was due to his suppression of it, but the avatar did not manage to absorb much of the energy. Hence, it was only now that Xiao Yan suddenly discovered that his avatar was growing stronger…

“The energy in this place can strengthen a soul?” Xiao Yan uncertainly muttered. He hesitated for a moment before flicking his finger. A shapeless light rushed from between his brows, and finally landed beside him.

The avatar had just appeared when the interior of its body automatically emitted a suction force. The surrounding blood-colored energy also seemed to be dragged by it. A portion of this energy was separated and poured into the avatar’s body. When this viscous energy made contact with the Fallen Heart Flame on the surface of the avatar’s body, it immediately emitted a crackling sound, which appeared due to the fire poison within the energy.

“It is fortunate that the Fallen Heart Flame is protecting the avatar. Otherwise, the moment this avatar appeared, it would have been eroded by the fire poison until it scattered.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw this scene. He spoke joyfully in his heart.

After a vast and mighty energy entered the avatar, one could see a dense red color immediately surge out of its body. In an instant, the originally transparent avatar immediately turned blood-red in color.

Although its color had changed, Xiao Yan, who had a spiritual contact with the avatar, was surprised to discover that the strength of this avatar was swiftly rising at a speed that caused one to be shocked!

“According to this speed and the refinement of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame,’ it is likely that the avatar will be able to reach the intermediate stage soon. The energy in this place also possesses the effect of refining a spiritual avatar?” Xiao Yan muttered to himself in surprise after being shocked momentarily by this speed.

Within less than half a year, Xiao Yan would be able to train his Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body to the intermediate stage. If this news were to spread to the ears within the Wind Lightning Pavilion, it was likely that those people who practiced this Dou Technique would immediately spit out blood on the spot. This was especially the case for Fan Tian. It should be known that this old fellow had spent nearly five years to train his avatar to the intermediate stage, yet Xiao Yan had shortened the amount of time needed from five years to a time frame over ten times quicker. This gap was as vast as the gap between the clouds and the ground.

This miraculous effect of the blood-colored energy in this place was likely something that even Jin Shi was unaware of. After all, he did not possess a ‘Heavenly Flame’ to protect his body. Thus, he would not have dared to release his soul. Should his soul be contaminated by the fire poison, he would have reached a point of being incurable, and he would have certainly ended up dying.

Xiao Yan jumped for joy within his heart because of this discovery. His eyes firmly focused on the transformation of his avatar. This continued for a long while. Xiao Yan only completely relaxed when he saw that no problems had occurred. He placed his avatar beside him and allowed it to absorb the energy. In any case, the bottom of the Blood Pool had a vast amount of energy, enough for them to squander.

Xiao Yan’s mind sensed the interior of his body after shifting away from the avatar. The joy on his face became even denser as he softly muttered, “The peak of the Dou Huang class… that Jin Shi did not lie. This place is likely really able to allow me to successfully breakthrough the Dou Huang class and advance to a Dou Zong. However, it is likely that this will require a long time…”

Xiao Yan raised his head. He glanced up. The vicious blood-red energy did not allow his sight to reach a great distance. The uniform dark-red color caused one to feel a pressure. However, in order to successfully breakthrough the Dou Huang class, Xiao Yan could only grit his teeth and endure.

“If I am able to successfully breakthrough to the Dou Zong class, it is likely that I will be able to hold my own for even against that old Fei Tian, who will not die. Should I borrow old mister Yao’s strength again, I might really be able to fight with him head-on.”

Dou Zong and Dou Huang were two completely different classes. If Xiao Yan were able to successfully break through, the gap between him and Fei Tian would no longer be so distant and unreachable. He might even be able to fight with Fei Tian if he borrowed the help of some external things.

Moreover, if he reached the Dou Zong class, his chances of successfully refining a tier 7 medicinal pill would also significantly rise. He would no longer need to rely on his luck. With this ability, Xiao Yan was quite confident that he would be able to enter the top ten of the Pill Gathering organized by the Pill Tower!

Xiao Yan’s heart also became hotter as he thought about the various benefits he would receive upon reaching the Dou Zong class. He inhaled a deep breath of air, glanced at his spiritual avatar absorbing energy not far beside him, and once again formed the training seal with his hands. His eyes were gradually shut. This time around, he had decided that he would definitely not leave the bottom of the Blood Pool until he breakthrough to the Dou Zong class!

After Xiao Yan entered his training state, the bottom of the Blood Pool once again became completely quiet. The only thing different, however, was that there was an additional figure absorbing the energy, like an empty pit, within this dark-red world…


Time passed extremely quickly in this place. Xiao Yan, who had completely entered his training state, had completely forgotten about the flow of time. He gradually entered a condition that was completely oblivious to his surroundings. The only way to get out of this place was to wait for the day of his breakthrough!

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