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Chapter 1001

Mouse Tide Sound Array


Two human figures slowly descended from the air, landing on the platform. The figures who appeared were Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran. They were the last to arrive.

The appearance of these two people naturally attracted quite a lot of attention from those present. Numerous gazes shot toward these two people. However, most of them, with the exception of a few, were not acquainted with Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran. Although Xiao Yan’s name had spread far because of the recent grudge he had with the Wind Lightning Pavilion, there was still a little gap between him and Miss Feng, Tang Ying, and the other outstanding individuals from the younger generation in the hearts of some people.

Xiao Yan appeared to have not sensed these gazes. His eyes swept over the place. Upon seeing that there were nearly twenty figures present, his heart was involuntarily a little startled. It was unexpected that these people’s speed was all so fast. He was unable to catch up with them despite traveling through the night…

Of course, most of the reason for this was because Xiao Yan was unfamiliar with the route. The people present mostly had a great understanding of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Moreover, they were also clearly aware of some shortcuts. Compared to them, Xiao Yan, who was unfamiliar with the place, was naturally at a greater disadvantage. If he had not ended up meeting Nalan Yanran at the last minute, it was likely that he would have difficulty arriving at this place in time.

While Xiao Yan’s gaze was sweeping around, he managed to see a couple of familiar figures. His eyes first paused on Miss Feng, whose body permeated a noble aura. This woman’s appearance was not inferior to Nalan Yanran. Moreover, her demeanor was something that gave certain men the desire to subdue her.

Miss Feng, who was a short distance away, also seemed to have sensed the focus of Xiao Yan’s gaze. Her eyes moved and stared at Xiao Yan. There was a slight provocation within her eyes. The matter between Xiao Yan and the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion had become quite a big issue. In the end, even Fei Tian failed to successfully capture him. This caused the Wind Lightning Pavilion to lose a great amount of face. If she were able to capture him and hand him to be northern pavilion this time around, the northern pavilion would owe her a favor. They might end up being a great help in the fight for the successor of the pavilion chief.

The corner of Miss Feng’s mouth was involuntarily lifted when she thought about this. It seemed that she really cannot let this person off. If he were allowed to successfully leave the Heaven Eye Mountain Range, he would be able to borrow the help of the powerful spirit. At that time, even she would have difficulty contending against him.

“Since you have delivered yourself to me, this miss shall unceremoniously accept you.”

Xiao Yan was naturally unable to tell just what this woman was thinking in her heart. Even if he was aware of it, he would merely scoff. Perhaps he was indeed afraid of those old fellows from the Wind Lightning Pavilion. However, there were extremely few people from the same generation who could force him into an extremely miserable state. At the very least, he had never met someone since he had first started training.

Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted away from Miss Feng before pausing on two other figures. He had met these two people within the mountain range. They were Tang Ying from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion and Wang Chen from the Yellow Spring Pavilion.

Tang Ying smiled and nodded slightly when he felt Xiao Yan’s eyes. On the other hand, Wang Chen face was dark. His eyes carried a chilly look. He seemed to dislike Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also nodded to Tang Ying and completely ignored Wang Chen. He was about to withdraw his gaze

when the corner of his eyes suddenly caught a green-colored figure.

This girl appeared to be the youngest on the platform. She was wearing green clothes and her watery intelligent eyes appeared exceptionally cute. Her moving face still faintly contained a tenderness and naivety. She was a complete mismatch with the present environment.

“Be careful of that girl. She is not as simple as she appears on the surface.” A soft voice was emitted from Nalan Yanran’s mouth beside him while Xiao Yan was observing the girl.

“Why?” Xiao Yan spoke without a change in his expression.

“Because she is the most outstanding person among the younger generation in the Falling Star Pavilion.” Nalan Yanran slowly said.

“Falling Star Pavilion? Mu Qing Luan?” Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. He had also heard a little about the most outstanding member of the younger generation from the four pavilions.

“Yes. The number of disciples within the Falling Star Pavilion is perhaps the least among the four pavilions. However, all of them possess outstanding abilities, yet this Mu Qing Luan was the top among them. Additionally, she might appear like a little girl on the outside, but she looked the same a couple of years ago. There has not been the slightest change in her appearance during these years. Needless to say, she is extremely strong.” Nalan Yanran nodded as she explained.

Surprise involuntarily flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard this. The disciples from the four pavilions all did indeed live up to their reputations. However, he found that it was only normal after thinking about it. With the four pavilions being such large factions along with the shocking talent that these people possessed, it was not too unbelievable for these people to possess such an achievement.

Mu Qing Luan suddenly turned her head while Xiao Yan was focusing on her. She gave him a crafty smile. Seeing this, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded to her with an impassive face.

When Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran entered the platform, the small, old man near the rock stairs also glanced at the former. Immediately, he said in a slow manner, “The old me is the tribe leader of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe, Jin Shi. Since all of you have arrived at this place, I think that none of you are ordinary people. You should clearly be aware that only by passing through the checkpoints that we have set will you be able to obtain the remaining eight places.”

There were two enormous mice with dark-gold hair on the two sides of Jin Shi. These two Gold Swallowing Mice’s Size were exceptionally large. Moreover, there was an intelligence and consciousness that was not inferior to a human flickering within their eyes. These two Gold Swallowing Mice were clearly rank 6 and should be the other two chosen ones to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool this time around. As long as they could breakthrough the Dou Huang class and undergo the lightning tribulation, they would be able to transform into human form and become a true core member of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe.

Only the weak voice of Jin Shi sounded on the platform. Although this old man might appear very weak, no one present dared to offend him. Other than Xiao Yan, it was likely that everyone present was familiar with this name Jin Shi. Back then, this old fellow had revealed his might in the big battle for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Even Fei Tian and those old demons of his level were unable to defeat him. From this, one could tell just how powerful this person’s strength was.

Xiao Yan’s gaze paused on Jin Shi body. A moment later, he slightly knit his brows. From his voice, Xiao Yan could vaguely hear that Jin Shi seemed to possess quite a serious injury within his body. Moreover, this injury did not appear to be a new one. Instead, it was something that came as a result of long term accumulation.

“*Cough*…”Jin Shi’s eyes swept indifferently across the entire platform. After coughing, he suddenly waved his sleeves. One could only see the rock stairs that led to the mountain top behind him suddenly moved. Immediately gold-colored Gold Swallowing Mouse appeared in a densely packed manner. There were so many of them that it caused one’s head to feel numb just looking at them.

“The checkpoint selection this time around is not very difficult. There is only one of them. As long as one is able to successfully reach the mountaintop amid the sonic wave of this mouse tide, one would be considered to have successfully passed.” Jin Shi pointed at the dense mouse tide behind him and spoke indifferently.

The expressions of quite a number of people present changed when they heard this. Quite a number of private conversations broke out on the platform.

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw the reaction of the people around. He just began to have some doubts when Nalan Yanran beside him softly explained, “The Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe specialize in sonic wave attacks. If the sonic wave from such a large mouse tide was to be emitted together, it is likely that even an expert Dou Huang would have difficulty enduring it. Looks like there won’t be many people who will be able to pass.”

Xiao Yan only came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this. Sonic wave attack huh… it was indeed a little unorthodox.

Jin Shi ignored the present commotion. He raised his eyes and said, “I will give all of you five minutes of preparation time. After which, the sound wave formation will be activated. Whether you will be able to successfully pass through will depend on your own abilities. Of course, according to the agreement, there will be eight people who will be chosen. If there are fewer than eight people who pass, the remaining spots will be determined by drawing lots.

After saying this, Jin Shi slowly shut his eyes and recuperated, ignoring everyone in the process.

The entire place was full of commotion again after seeing Jin Shi shut his eyes. Quite a number of people began to whisper to each other. Some even began to find helpers to break through the checkpoint together.

“Later, all you need to do is to try your best to use Dou Qi to cover your ears and follow behind me.” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at the densely packed Gold Swallowing Mouse around the rock stairs before turning his head to speak with Nalan Yanran.

“The sonic wave of the Gold Swallowing Mouse can ignore any Dou Qi blocking it. Once it enters one’s mind, it will cause that person to feel an illusion or giddiness. One will be hard pressed to defend against it. At that time, all you need to do is to take care of yourself. Arriving at this place is already almost my limit. Everyone here is extraordinary. It will be quite difficult if I compete with them.” Nalan Yanran mused for a moment in the face of Xiao Yan’s good intention before gently shaking her head and replying.

Xiao Yan frowned when he heard this. It was unexpected that this Gold Swallowing Mouse’s sonic wave was actually so troublesome. Immediately, he asked, “How can we fight against it?”

“One can rely on one’s powerful Dou Qi and forcefully endure through it in the face of the sonic wave attack by the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe. Alternatively, one can also use sonic wave Dou Technique to fight with it. However, the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe is a naturally born expert in sonic wave attacks. It is likely that an ordinary Sonic Wave attack would have difficulty charging through the mouse tide sound array.” Nalan Yanran hesitantly replied.

“Sonic wave Dou Technique…” Xiao Yan softly muttered. His eyes brightened slightly when he heard this. The Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar was coincidentally quite a high grade Dou Technique. More importantly, Xiao Yan had consumed a tier 7 medicinal pill, the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill,’ in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then. From it, he had absorbed a thread of dragon roar. This had caused the strength of his sonic wave Dou Technique to become even stronger. He wondered if he could rely on it to charge through this mouse tide sound array.

When Xiao Yan recalled this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill,’ he also recalled the mysterious effect that this medicinal pill had in aiding one to breakthrough. However, this kind of effect was something that had never appeared ever since he had consumed it. Xiao Yan also felt helpless in the face of this. It was rumored that Feng zun-zhe had relied on this medicinal pill to breakthrough the Dou Zun class. Could it be that he also needed to reach that level for this medicinal pill’s miraculous effect to appear?

While Xiao Yan was quietly sighing in his heart, Jin Shi’s eyes were slowly opened. His gaze swept over the platform. After which, he waved his hand and his faint voice reverberated beside everyone’s ears.

“Time’s up. The checkpoint break through shall begin…”

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