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Chapter 888: 888
Chapter 888: So Many Tricks

The Warlock Saint emitted a golden glow as he looked down at the city gate from the sky . He looked at Wang Zhong, who was on the ground . Although Wang Zhong was wearing a strange mask, with his physique, aura, and soul, there was no doubt that he was the wanted master criminal who had played tricks on this fortress a few days ago . Even if he turned into ashes, Sauron would still be able to recognize him .

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“You really aren’t afraid of death . ” There was some amusement in Sauron’s expression . He would never have even dreamed that this fellow would dare to come . “How did you learn our Mizobudapi language?”

“You don’t seem like you can kill me . Why do I have to be afraid? As for your low-leveled aboriginal language, it is far too easy for humans to master it . ” Wang Zhong tried to think of ways to incite the Warlock Saint . The Warlock Saint was very irritable . Wang Zhong wanted to use his rage to his advantage .

But the Warlock Saint was not angry . To him, his prey had walked into their net and was already trapped . He was not anxious . Instead, he curiously observed this rare specimen . Wang Zhong’s soul could probably fulfill the requirements of his experiments . He just had to inform the Sword Faction .

“The ignorant are truly fearless . I can chop off your head with just one hand . ”

“Earlier, one of your Sword Saints also said that . Then, I chopped his head off,” said Wang Zhong aggressively . Of course, he had made preparations so that he could slip away at any time .

“Heh heh, do you want to chop off my head? You low, petty being . ” The corners of Sauron’s lips curled up . He never expected this piece of meat to fly back by himself after running away previously .

This time, he did not rush to kill Wang Zhong . Instead, he was still suspended in mid-air and used his divine senses to explore the surroundings . Humans were very cunning, and Sauron did not think that this fellow had come here just to seek death . If Wang Zhong dared to strut up to him, there was definitely something strange about this . The fact that he had escaped by chance once was already a great humiliation . Sauron would not allow him to escape a second time .

As expected, he immediately discovered what was happening .

A chain was concealed underground . One end of the chain corresponded to wherever Wang Zhong stood, while the other end of the chain was somewhere far away, held by a Soul Beast whose entire body was covered in blazing flames .

He knew all of these . According to the description given by his subordinates, the human had used this chain the previous time he had sneaked into the Shadow Moon Fortress . The chain was probably what the humans called a Dharma Idol, a type of symbiotic energy body . This was also something that Sauron found interesting in his research on humans . Humans were a low-leveled civilization that knew nothing about rules, but they were able to develop a form of energy to accompany and protect them . Furthermore, this form of energy could be maintained for a long period of time . This was one unique characteristic of humans .

Sauron was already aware of this . He even wanted to laugh as he looked at Wang Zhong with disdain . It was evident that this fellow was very arrogant and knew nothing about the strength or realm of a Warlock Saint .

“That’s right . Who is the Sword Saint that I killed? Is he a very prominent figure among your race?” Wang Zhong laughed out loud .

“Heinrich is a member of the royal family and the Young Master of the Sword Faction . You should rejoice . Because of this, you are very famous . Now, you are very valuable to us . ” Sauron did not panic . He continued to observe his surroundings as he spoke, but it was not because he was concerned or worried . Everything in his surroundings was under his supervision and control . Even the creature helping Wang Zhong could not escape his sight . The only problem was that strange baldy was not around . Of course, Wang Zhong was still the most valuable in his eyes .

Human souls were rather interesting as they were very different from that of the Mizobudapi . Sauron even felt that in this aspect, although humans lived in a low-level civilization, they had endowments that far exceeded the Mizobudapi people’s . Thus, he was very interested in humans . While he helped the higher-ups conduct experiments on living specimens, he also frequently used the souls of these humans to conduct his own experiments . It was a pity that the souls of humans were exquisite but weak . Earlier, he had captured 100 humans who were the elites among the elites in their exploration teams . However, their souls were still weak and could not be used . He would use up one soul after conducting just one or two simple experiments . He could not even think about using them for slightly more complex experiments . Their souls would definitely not be able to endure .

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Sauron wanted to capture the Great Teachers among the humans . The souls of experts would definitely be able to endure the intensive experiment process . But the problem was, they had to capture these experts first . The human Great Teachers were all locked up in their bases and would not come out . To Sauron, this was a great pity . However, this human called Wang Zhong was able to kill Heinrich . He was definitely different from the ordinary Heroic Souls . The higher a human’s combat level was, the stronger their soul would usually be . Sauron had proven this fact many times in his experiments . Although this was not absolute, it was true 90% of the time .

“Then will I become even more famous after chopping off your head— Your fly is open!” Wang Zhong suddenly pointed at Sauron’s pants .

Sauron looked down almost unconsciously . Civilized creatures were all the same, especially those who respected social status and loved to show off . Lao Wang would definitely not play his cards normally . The chain immediately wrapped around his waist . The moment Wang Zhong activated Zoom Shadow, Salamander also started to pull on the chain, allowing Wang Zhong to quickly retreat from the city gate .

The chain was extremely speedy in its actions . Attacking speed and moving speed were two completely different concepts . In a flash, Wang Zhong was pulled several hundred meters away .

Hyde and Noraba, who were observing this through their Night Vision Telescopes in the distance, knew that Wang Zhong had planned this . As they watched him being pulled away by the chain, they were secretly excited . “He was successf—”

Before they could finish speaking, there was a dazzling brilliance in the sky .

“Did you think that your childish trick could escape me?” Sauron laughed coldly .

The dazzling brilliance was like the wind and was as sharp as a blade . Most of the Mizobudapi Warlock Saints were skilled in two or three elemental systems . Arcane skills were also fundamentals that they had to master; that included fire and wind skills .

He waved his hand and the black iron chain broke immediately . Sauron had already noticed it using his divine sense . It would not be able to help them pull off a miracle .

The black chain was broken . Wang Zhong, who was being rapidly pulled back, immediately lost this support . They had used Salamander’s black iron chain to try out their luck . When Wang Zhong felt Sauron using his divine sense, he already knew that the chain would not escape Sauron .

Although Wang Zhong had lost this support, he did not lose his balance in mid-air . He rolled and landed on the ground . As he turned, he violently stomped on the ground and rapidly dashed forth .

The Warlock Saint laughed coldly and kicked up a wind . This human was the fastest low-leveled soldier he had ever seen . He had never encountered a weakling with so many tricks either . He had seen through the human’s tricks, but the human acted quickly and escaped to a distant place in a flash .

Wang Zhong was relying on various tricks that could, hopefully, take Sauron by surprise . Sauron had been careless the previous time, but this time…

“Let’s see whether you go up to heaven or go down to hell!”

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The golden ray of light glimmered in the sky and then disappeared . He was even faster than before . He raced after Wang Zhong, and the two of them instantly disappeared in the distance .

The guards in the fortress looked at one another helplessly . When the human came to challenge the Warlock Saint as if he was looking for death, the guards were already stunned . Later on, they realized that the human could still speak frankly and with confidence, even under pressure from the Warlock Saint, and the human continued his challenge . To be honest, even the Octopus people and the taurens who were his enemy respected how daring this human was .

But this was the Warlock Saint, someone who was like a god high above the masses in the Mizobudapi World . How many people on the city wall could speak frankly with him?

“This human is such a loser…”

“He is extremely daring, but the Warlock Saint will bring him back in less than a minute . Let’s see how the human gets turned into minced meat . ”

The guards on the city wall started to discuss . While they were feeling emotional, they suddenly heard an alarm from the other side of the fortress .

Beep beep beep…

“An enemy attack!”

“Don’t panic! Guard your places!”

The soldiers at the north gate did not move . Instead, they turned to look at the south gate, while the griffin legions who lingered in the air rapidly flew to the south gate .

At that moment, human tracks had appeared outside the south gate of the Shadow Moon Fortress .

There were not many humans, only two: Napier and Mu Zi .

Mu Zi had sent Hyde and Noraba to the sewers outside the south gate and asked them to wait for orders . Then, he walked out and met Napier at the east gate . At that moment, he felt the aura of the Warlock Saint that suppressed the entire fortress coming from the north gate . He knew that Wang Zhong’s plan to lure the Warlock Saint had succeeded . Thus, he immediately stepped out .

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Wang Zhong was risking his life with every second . Thus, everyone else could not waste their time either .

Mu Zi stood beside Napier and looked at the city wall that was not too far away from them . He was on alert .

There was already restless movement at the city wall .

“Kill them!”

“Kill kill kill!” Humans had appeared outside their city gates one after another to cause trouble . The guards were furious . This was a challenge!

The griffin legion was still at the north gate . They did not have enough time to immediately get into position, but tauren soldiers had already started gathering together inside the city gate . As the city gate slowly opened, the loud and jarring howls of the tauren soldiers could be heard . The speed at which they gathered and reacted to their enemies was shockingly fast .

Napier, who was behind Mu Zi, was holding the horse cannon that they had obtained from the one-eyed man’s exploration team . He was not satisfied with just attacking people . This time, he would use the cannon to attack a city . However, just using the gunfire from the horse cannon itself was evidently not enough to show off . If they wanted to play it big, they would have to exhaust many resources as well .

Over twenty pieces of energy crystals had been prepared . They were neatly stacked up in Napier’s space crystal, allowing him to reach for them easily . These crystals were standard military-use energy crystals from the commissariat and were extremely expensive . They were of very high quality and brimming with energy . Just one piece cost several thousand Holy Coins . Napier had also obtained these energy crystals from the one-eyed man’s exploration team . Back then, when they attacked Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, they could not bear to use too many of these crystals . They had probably used only two or three crystals . As it was not a fight, it would simply be wasting money . However, Napier stuffed the horse cannon with as many energy crystals as he could . He managed to fit a total of 10 crystals!

To be honest, even after spending a long time in the Holy City, many veterans had never even used such an extravagant item . This feeling was very satisfying!

The moment he pressed the button on the cannon, he could feel the energy wildly surging into the horse cannon .

Hum hum hum hum hum…

Even before any firepower was released, he could already feel the surging energy . It was as if a small black hole had appeared at the opening hole of the horse cannon . It produced an extremely strong suction force that pulled in the space within a ten-meter radius, causing the air to look distorted . On the other hand, the cannon buzzed and trembled non-stop .

The energy accumulation only took slightly over ten seconds . The glittering and translucent energy crystal that shone brightly was completely absorbed by the cannon, causing it to lose its luster . The cannon had finished accumulating energy .

Napier had already aimed at the city gate . He pressed the button to shoot .


There was a loud sound . The terrifying recoil sent Napier flying . If Mu Zi had not reacted quickly, Napier might have been sent flying dozens of meters away .

Right in front of them, a burst of energy that was as dazzling as the sun shot towards the open city gate .

The tauren guards on the city wall were stunned . They had just been preparing to open the city gate to capture these two lowly humans . At that moment, a large group of soldiers was preparing to rush out of the city gate, but what they faced was a ball of energy that was as dazzling as the sun .

They were dumbfounded for one moment . The next moment, the ball of energy had exploded among the tauren soldiers with an earth-shattering force . The tauren soldiers who were the first to be affected did not even have the time to shout in pain . They had immediately turned into dust when the ball of light exploded . That was not all; the explosion produced terrifying shockwaves that sent the dozens of people nearby flying . Even a portion of the sturdy city walls started to crumble, causing many tauren soldiers on the wall to fall . The south city gate was in chaos!

That was only from one attack! Not only were the guards on the city wall shocked, even Napier and Mu Zi were slightly stunned .

Many people had heard of the famous horse cannon as a heavy-duty military weapon . But no matter whether it was the attack that Wang Zhong and the rest had experienced or the power of the cannon when Napier used it to attack the one-eyed man’s exploration team, they had seen the prowess of the cannon . Even though the cannon had not displayed its full potential, they felt that the results would be limited even if the cannon was fully charged . When they started to attack, Napier and Mu Zi had thought that the best result would be to disperse the first wave of guards that gathered at the city gate . However, they had even managed to cause the city wall to collapse .

“This thing has a lot of power . ” Mu Zi could not help but look at the horse cannon with some shock . When potent energy crystals were loaded into this machine, it could display such a strong force . The humans in the Holy Land could make use of external items to such a powerful extent . This was a characteristic of human civilization . Ever since they arrived at the Holy Battle, everything they saw and heard had overturned Mu Zi’s existing preconceptions of the world .

The fall of Tutankhamun was because they were not adept at using external items . However, it was hard to blame them . After all, they had the most disadvantageous position on Earth . Thus, although the people of Tutankhamun had the identity of humans, they were no better than Octopus people . So instead, it should be said that this was an advantage specific to the Federation and the Holy Land .

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