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Chapter 85 – Ignored

That wasn't possible. He had always thought of achieving a result that would shock the instructors, so he hadn't lowered his speed at all…

As Wang Zhong and Grai's forms appeared in the distance, Reeves gawked once before immediately accelerating.

He definitely wouldn't let those two catch up to him.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong and Grai didn't care who was in front of them, or who they had overtaken. The two were fully immersed in the wonderful contest between themselves.

It seemed that they were running shoulder to shoulder, but if one were to watch them, it would be easy to discover that the rhythm between the two were in complete disarray as they ran.

Yes, everything one did interfered with the other's rhythm; from breathing to pacing.

This was also a type of competition.

Comparing notes between them didn't require pursuing victory. As members of the Prodigy Society, moreover with one being senior to the other, there was obviously no meaning to winning. As such, they competed through fine and minute details with regards to their physical endurance.

Grai was truly confident in his own physical capabilities. Before reaching Tianjing, he believed there was no one else who had reached a level anywhere close to his. Heck, don't even speak about Tianjing, he felt no one could reach his stage within the entire Federation.

Yet, he had to meet Wang Zhong of all people when he first arrived. He was a very strange person, a weirdo in fact.

Throughout their run, Grai had already switched between three different paces in order to sound out Wang Zhong, yet none were able to affect him. What made him truly apprehensive was that Wang Zhong seemed to be simply observing, allowing to make those actions.

At the very front, Reeves couldn't help but turn his head back. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Even after he accelerated, these two fellows had become unexpectedly closer to him!

Reeves clenched his teeth and maintained his speed. From physique to physical energy reserves, the two might hit their limits soon. As long as I endure for a while longer, they'll soon give up.

Reeves' arrogance simply wouldn't allow anyone to catch up to him!

One was a freshman, the other a trash. These two would only be able to follow after him…

Wang Zhong and Grai suddenly accelerated and rapidly rushed to Reeves' position.

When he sensed this, Reeves almost used his soul power. Fortunately, he still managed to forcibly restrain his anxiety. They are still chasing me, those two guys are really something.

Reeves still underestimated the two's speed. Just as he was about to ponder about the two, Wang Zhong and Grai dashed past Reeves from both sides.

There wasn't even… a greeting.

Yes, Wang Zhong and Grai were so completely immersed in their wonderful contest that they treated Reeves like a common bystander.

Before their surveillance monitor, Big Crazy and Second Crazy looked at each other with dismay. Were these two brats monsters?

Having ran for so long, how they could still speed up?

Isn't one of them a ranged combat soldier, while the other an assassin type soldier?

"Ah, Captain, when did you arrive?"

Grace smiled faintly and said, "These two very interesting fellows had always bring along surprises."

Yes, Reeves had actually been overtaken. We'd assumed he was the one with the best physical prowess."

When she heard this, Grace shook her head. "No, you two have it wrong. They absolutely do not care who they overtook. They only care for the mutual contest between them."

It seems that the observational capacities of her two squadron members were still a bit lacking. And it appears that she has found some hope for Tianjing Academy.

Wang Zhong's physical capabilities, insights, and techniques might make up for his deficiency in soul power, enough for him to become a substitute. As for Grai, he was Tianjing Academy's trump card.

Compared to them, the rest weren't on the same level.

Wang Zhong and Grai totally didn't care for the rest and were currently running at the forefront of the entire group.

"Senior, how about we go a bit faster?" Grai asked with a smile. After running for so long, his breathing was unexpectedly even, his words neither fast nor slow.

"Alright!" Wang Zhong replied. He really wanted to find out Grai's limits, as he felt that he was finally meeting his match.

Comparing on the level of soul power, everyone was his opponent. Yet when considering physical capabilities, Wang Zhong truly hadn't met an opponent that was on his level yet.

The two increased their speed once more. Before the monitor, Grace and the other two glanced at one another with dismay… What kind of monstrous body was this?

By this time, the weather had turned extremely hot. Although the basic stats of new humans was much higher than that of average humans, it wasn't at this level…

Not only had the two not slowed down, they'd actually begun to continually increase their speed. They'd already reached a level that even the Markis and Markos brothers weren't able to achieve.

Naturally, this didn't mean that they weren't formidable, just that on aspects of pure endurance and speed, they weren't a match for these two youths.

The two siblings weren't yet thirty years of age and were at the peak of their physical capabilities and had adequate endurance. Yet, if they were to maintain such an explosive speed, even if their bones and muscles could handle it, their hearts wouldn't be able to.

Wang Zhong and Grai had begun to sweat as their current level of physical energy consumption made their bodies exceed a temperature of 50° celsius. This was already lethal for the average new human.

The rest of the group had slowed down as it was necessary for them to conserve their physical energy. If they had kept at their original pace, they wouldn’t be able to complete this training. The hardest part of this training was persisting through the high temperatures for three hours. If they were to actually encounter any mutated beast during this moment of weakness, they would truly pay for it with their lives.

Emily, Scarlet, and a few of the other girls had no choice but to slow down to a walk. Though the influence of dimension energy had manifested strong soul power and special abilities in women, the males were still stronger in terms of physical capacities. As such, this training was indeed a bit tough for them.

Compared to Saint Judgement's individualistic nature, the members of Black Rose mutually supported one another. Although their instructors gave strict orders to not help with carrying each other's load, no one said anything about moving together.

Barran stayed at the front of this final group. Any obstruction they met would be handled and cleared by him in order for them to maintain a constant speed. It was common knowledge that the person at the forefront of the group often used up the most physical energy, while the rest just had to follow.

Perhaps there had been a few from the Black Rose and Ability Society who had looked down on Barran. But after walking all this way, although they wouldn't admit it out loud, they held some appreciation for Barran in their hearts. Every single person had weak points as well as strong points. At least, in terms of physical capabilities and endurance, Barran far exceeded them.

Reeves had also slowed his pace down. His eyes were unfocused and it was hard to tell what he was feeling. Maintaining this speed will really kill me. I don't wanna die in this place… It had to be said that Reeves felt some anger… and he also felt a bit threatened.

Wang Zhong and Grai didn't care about the rest. The two had been nonchalant since the beginning, and although they had revealed a little of their true self,  their temperament remained the same. Although they made sure to pace themselves extremely well, they didn't know that their competition had honestly frightened Grace and the other two.

What did physical strength and endurance represent?

Perhaps it was commonplace for academies to only look at soul power, but people who fought in actual combat would know that physical capability was a critical factor in determining if a person lived or not. A tenacious body was fundamental for combat.

The quality of these two's physiques could be considered first grade, even if they were placed on the frontlines.

Yet, to have appeared in a place like… Tianjing. While Markis and Markos didn't have the nerve to ridicule Tianjing as they feared Grace, they still felt that this place was lousy. It had only produced a single talent, which was Grace.

Grace was very satisfied with their current reactions. She knew they hadn't quite approved of her returning to this place, and after they had came back, they were further disappointed by the situation of the academy. Simply put, they had viewed the academy to be a lost cause. 

The shock they felt in their hearts made Grace feel proud.

"It looks like they'll arrive within the hour," Grace said with a smile.

Still finding it hard to believe, Markos nodded and said, "Captain, if these two are properly trained, they could bring about numerous miracles."

Markis also added, "This Barran isn't half-bad. Honestly, one's physical energy consumption is higher if one has to take care of a group of people. While his foundation is a bit weak, there's still time for him to train. After undergoing some tempering, he will become a great heavy soldier." He held the greatest right to speak on this aspect.

This time, the two brothers felt a sense of caution and excitement. A good teacher would obviously wish for a good student.

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