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Chapter 831: 831

“Let’s do it here . It is not a bad place for your grave,” said Saalehkurt as he looked at Mu Zi and the magical Life and Death Coffin .

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 Mu Zi smiled slightly, revealing his pearly whites . “I can’t beat you, so I got someone else who can . ”

 A sneer formed at the corner of Saalehkurt’s mouth . He couldn’t sense anyone’s presence, and no one could hide from him in the desert . “Do you think there’s any expert I don’t know about in the entire Tutankhamun?”

 “What if he’s not from Tutankhamun?”

 A flicker appeared out of nowhere, and a figure brimming with golden Soul Power emerged, lighting up the entire area as though he was the sun .

 Aiolos cracked his knuckles and stared down at Saalehkurt, revealing a bright smile . “Hope this guy can last a little while at least!”

 With that, he threw a powerful punch at Saalehkurt . Even Katchirda, which was a fair distance from here, could feel the earthquake-like battle going on .

 The battle between two Peak Heavenly Souls was truly a catastrophe . Meanwhile, Sister Hong was taking care of Gong Yi and Reynolds . If… they were defeated, then they would die together . They would definitely not be alone in the afterlife .

 The earthquake lasted for about two hours before Aiolos spat out a mouthful of saliva mixed with sand . “Pfft! What a useless guy!”

 Sand poured out of the Life and Death Coffin and Mu Zi stepped out of it . He couldn’t help but shrug . Aiolos was definitely the only freak among Heavenly Souls . At times, Mu Zi really wondered whether Aiolos was unkillable . Anyway, the poor Desert Emperor had met his end . It was just that his face was now a little unrecognizable . Anyway, after this, Katchirda would be peaceful for a long time .

 Somewhere in the Fifth Dimension, 10 suns hung from the sky, and golden wind raged . A gust of wind soared into the sky, disintegrating the golden clouds in the air . As the clouds cooled, bead-sized gold rained down as thunder ravaged the sky . In the valley and on the grassland, gold beads were scattered everywhere .

 But soon, under the heat of 10 scorching suns, the gold turned into rivers of molten gold bubbling above the ground and eventually flowed into a huge sea of gold .

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 This was a sea of liquefied gold, filled with gold that had been melted at a high temperature . The gold here was tumbling and bubbling . The heavier gold sunk while the lighter gold rose to the top . The lightest of all turned into metal vapor and rushed into the sky, forming golden clouds…

 In the bubbling sea of metal, a streak of golden light flashed, and a large fish with a golden luster suddenly jumped up . It quickly transformed in the air, causing golden wind to swirl around it and fan out in all directions . Then, the big fish turned into a shiny golden bird . It gave out a loud cry before it flew toward the 10 suns in the sky . In a flash, it became a shiny spot in one of the suns, similar to a solar flare .

 This was a kingdom with gold life, and it was one of the secret realms that had allied themselves with the Holy Land . Of the conquests by the Holy Land, only those which were powerful enough and had sufficient use to the Holy Land could obtain such opportunities . This was exactly the case for this Golden Kingdom .

 Although it was golden, their composition wasn’t made up of traditional gold .

 “The Mo Family really has a lot of influence . You guys even have connections in this place . ”

 A sigh sounded abruptly in a gold wasteland as runes flickered . Four figures were suspended in mid-air under the protection of a runic array .

 “In the early days of the Holy Battle, the Mo Family advocated for peace here . Therefore, we’re friends . Sort of…”

 These four people were not anyone else . Indeed, they were the Mo family and associate who Wang Zhong had encountered in the Life and Death Realm previously . They included Lao Du, the Grand Wards Master, the Mo Family elder, Mo Jiu, as well as Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen .

 Bang! The ground suddenly shook, and golden trees began to grow at an unprecedented, fast speed . Amidst the golden wind, they transformed once again, this time into human-like figures . They were the Golden Men!

 Mo Jiu lifted up his hand, and in his palm was a Golden Stone Slab!

 Seeing the Golden Stone Slab in Mo Jiu’s hand, the golden man who grew out of the largest golden tree stepped in front of Mo Jiu and opened his hollow mouth . Even so, his voice came from his stomach . “Mo Jiu… I haven’t seen you in a long time . I can’t believe you’re not dead yet . ”

 Mo Jiu wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry . “Buffett, you are still alive . How could I die? This time, I brought someone to complete a contract . I hope you can help us get the strongest Soul Guard . ”

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 The Leader of the Golden Men, Buffet, then set his sights on Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen, directly ignoring Lao Du .

 In an instant, Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen felt extreme pressure . Buffett’s gaze seemed to carry a heavy weight and was like two hot laser beams!

 This was not just a metaphor but a fact . Mo Wen gave a deep growl while Mo Xingchen pursed her lips together tightly . Both of them were sweating profusely, trying their best to resist the gaze of the Leader of the Golden Men .

 It took a long time for the Leader of the Golden Men to retract his gaze . Following that, his stomach produced an ear-piercing sound of gold scraping against each other . But this time, he was not communicating with Mo Jiu; it was just an order for the other Golden Men to stand down . Soon, the entire army of Golden Men who had just grown out of the grounds immediately turned back into golden trees and disappeared into the ground .

 Only the Leader of the Golden Men stayed behind .

 Mo Jiu knew that Mo Wen would definitely pass this test, but he was still very relieved to get confirmation . “What do you think? He is a rare genius from our family . ”

 Buffett nodded and said, “This power is a curse you humans will never understand . ”

 For the Golden Kingdom to survive, allies were necessary; these referred to the humans in the Holy Land who would speak up for them . The Golden Men were rather intelligent . In fact, any race that could quickly learn foreign languages would not be too bad .

 “Kiddos, don’t listen to his nonsense,” said Lao Du as he scoffed . “First of all, the Golden Stone Slab is a real treasure artifact, and it does not belong to the Fifth Dimension . It is an object from a higher dimension and was first studied by the Holy Saint Teacher . There are twelve pieces in total . The first group in the order are gold, wood, water, fire, and earth . The second-order includes darkness and light . The third-order includes space, destiny, order, and chaos . And finally, the fourth-order is domination . This is also the origin of Holy Land’s Battle Chess, but the twelve slabs have never been gathered in one place before . ”

 “The only problem is the Heavenly Calamity . Mo Wen, now that we are already here, I have to ask again . Are you sure you want to do this?”

 Mo Wen nodded with a calm expression . “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

 Boss Du gave a thumbs-up . He really liked Mo Wen’s character . He was cruel to his enemies and crueler to himself . He was definitely a freak .

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 With the Leader of the Golden Men leading the way, the passed through several levels filled with terrifying auras . At last, a magnificent natural altar appeared in front of them .

 At the moment when the natural altar came into view, Lao Du, who had originally seemed to be at ease, grew excited . His interest had definitely been piqued . He widened his eyes and sized up the natural altar inch by inch . There were no traces of artificial construction . It was an art of heaven . The altar was divided naturally into five areas by five colors of metal . In each area, there were different runic wards, which Lao Du tried his very best to memorize .

The Leader of the Golden Men stood there motionlessly . For the Golden Men, time was of little significance . Although they could not achieve true eternal life, their life span was indeed much longer than that of humans .

 Lao Du watched in awe for a long while, but he didn’t go deep into it because he didn’t have the vitality to be immersed in these things anymore . It was a pity . The threshold was high enough to make any powerful person sigh .

 “Mo Wen . Let’s begin . Relax yourself completely . Lao Jiu and I will back you up . As for what kind of Soul Guard can be summoned, it depends on your fate and your destiny . ”

 Mo Wen nodded, without revealing any fear . He was open in the pursuit of strength, and he was willing to put his life on the line for it!

The energy of the altar began to surge, and the Golden Stone Slab began to shine with a faint light . This was the stone slab that represented gold of the five basic elements .

 Surging energy gathered above the altar, and Mo Wen felt as though he was a small boat in a rough sea, helpless and weak .

 However, Mo Wen was extremely determined . No matter how bad the situation was, he would not waver .

 On the other hand, Mo Jiu and Mr . Du kept inputting Soul Power while protecting Mo Wen with all their heart . This contract was completely random . It might fail or turn out to be useless .

 However, as a giant Soul Guard emerged from the golden light, Mo Jiu and Mr . Du couldn’t believe their eyes .

 Was this possible???

 Another week had passed since he talked to Murphy . Wang Zhong kept to himself and ignored everything else . He didn’t have any intention to strike while the iron was hot to boost his name . Due to the strength he displayed previously, most people no longer dared to provoke him, and he was pleased with his newfound peace . However, his progress in Cellular Cosmology was still not great . Wang Zhong also realized that it was not possible to ‘build cars’ behind closed doors . There was a certain understanding he had to grasp about the Soul Power Circuit . Mentioned in the mechanical language of the old civilization, complex circuits were also composed of many basic circuits .

 There were three main foundations within the circuits that Wang Zhong had come up with: the Power Circuit, the Speed Circuit, and the Agility Circuit .

 The Power Circuit would determine the strength of his attack and defense; the Speed Circuit would determine his movement speed, and the Agility Circuit would determine the speed and flexibility of his reactions . The combination of these three circuits would make it possible to diversify his modes of attack and even create a unique way of fighting for himself .

 Wang Zhong’s current level was probably enough for him to strike back at his enemies . He had two major weapons . One was the Domination Dharma Idol, and the advantage he had with this was obvious . However, once it encountered a similar type, it was hard to say whether this advantage would still exist . After all, the Holy Land was filled with hidden talents . The second major weapon was his Soul Guards . After understanding the situation of his Soul Guards, Wang Zhong now had a clear understanding of them . These two weapons could be used as auxiliary aids during battle, but his own fighting system was the key, and it would be the winning determinator if he encountered strong enemies .

Wang Zhong wanted to talk to Lao Zhang . Even though he was a Heavenly Soul who had failed his Heavenly Calamity, he was still a Heavenly Soul . Also, as a senior in the Holy Land, his vision was sure to be more accurate . This was something that Aiolos lacked . Although Aiolos might be more powerful, he had his own method of cultivation and strength . Simply put, a powerful person might not necessarily be a good teacher .

 However, Lao Zhang seemed to be very busy recently . Wang Zhong hadn’t seen him at the lake for several weekends . The strange thing was that other people shouldn’t have been able to come into this place, but the last time he visited, the lake had actually disappeared, as though it never existed . As such, Wang Zhong grew a little worried about whether Lao Zhang was in trouble . Later, he finally asked Oscar about it . As an old Holy Disciple, he surprisingly didn’t even know that there was such a place . He even thought that Wang Zhong had gone a little crazy . It was impossible for such places to exist, and they were definitely not allowed in the Holy Land .

 This gave Wang Zhong goosebumps . Did he encounter a ghost?

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