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Chapter 803: 803

The Headless Knight only hesitated for a moment, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking Mo Xingchen . He got into position, and his battle steed let out a long whinny . The clattering of horse hoofs could be heard again as the Headless Knight dashed towards Wang Zhong and Mu Zi this time . There seemed to be something that drew him to Wang Zhong, and he wanted to take a look at it .

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 As a black flash appeared again, Mo Jiu had also recovered from the attack previously . The few youngsters tried their best to help him block a few attacks from the Headless Knight, buying him time . Seeing that Wang Zhong was in danger, Mo Jiu intercepted in the nick of time . This time, his attack was just to disrupt the Headless Knight’s attack and not to defeat him . He didn’t expect a few youngsters to be able to buy him time, especially in this battle . Frankly speaking, his decision to intercept was spontaneous . Had he hesitated, the Headless Knight would have killed Wang Zhong and Mu Zi . However, Mo Wen’s assault just now led Mo Jiu to realize that Mo Wen treated Wang Zhong as a yardstick on his cultivation journey .

As a member of the Mo Family, he admired that attitude . If he didn’t have that attitude, Mo Wen would only be able to reach the same level of power as him at most . He hoped that Mo Wen would be able to surpass him . Having lived for so long, other than wanting to lead a relaxing life for the rest of his days, he wanted someone to succeed his legacy!

 “Mr . Du, hurry up!!!” Mo Jiu shouted while intercepting .

 “It’s done!”

 At the moment Mo Jiu turned around, a beam of white light flashed brightly .

 Previously, the ordinary red crystals that were in front of Mr . Du were now adjoined together . The color of the crystals turned transparent from its original red color as if its inner power had been extracted completely .

 Mr . Du pushed his hands forward into the air . “Break!”

 Suddenly, a few dozen floating transparent crystals that were connected together as one produced shockwaves that spread out to the surroundings . Immediately, it dissipated the death aura that had been lingering in the air . The mysterious force that sealed this space ever since the Headless Knight appeared was also overcome by the shockwaves, revealing the passage of the canyon that was previously closed off .

The Headless Knight raged . He could feel the seal on his territory being broken . This group of people wanted to escape?

 While shouting, he dashed forward with a faster speed and stronger power than before . Nonetheless, Mr . Du’s hands were in sync with the Headless Knight’s movements .

“Seal!” Mr . Du waved his hand .

 The 16 connected transparent crystals broke off from their linked arrangement and appeared at 16 corners around the Headless Knight as if they teleported .

 Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Bang!

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 With a series of thunder-like sounds, a power grid condensed, forming a cage-like ward that trapped the Headless Knight in the middle of it .

At the same instant the power grid ward was formed, the Headless Knight knocked into a side of it violently in the midst of his high-speed dash . The ground shook violently . The thunderous collision sound upon impact echoed throughout the entire canyon . However, the Headless Knight wasn’t able to break out of the ward . The ward just quivered slightly before the rebound force caused Bolsanches to ricochet off a side of it .

 What kind of ward was this? How could it withstand a full-blown attack from a Heavenly Soul Stage Warlord and not be damaged at all?

 A sliver of surprise and enthusiasm could be seen in Wang Zhong’s eyes . That was the Headless Knight! Having seen him attack, Wang Zhong knew this dude was extremely strong, but he was actually contained by this little ward? Was the power of a wards master that strong?

 “Let’s go . The ward can’t hold for that long!” Mu Zi reminded him . Wang Zhong immediately pulled Mu Zi to him and rode on Ham Sausage, retreating as fast as they could . They had to be decisive . If the ward collapsed, it was highly possible that he and Mu Zi would be killed first, so they must escape now .

 Although he had succeeded in trapping Bolsanches the Headless Knight, Mr . Du didn’t look relaxed at all . The Headless Knight was a Warlord indeed . The collision impact stunned him . Despite the fact that the ward just shook slightly, this was the 16 Patron Saint Ward, which was considered top-notch even in the Holy Land . Even a half-hearted attack by a Warlord who was not at full strength was so powerful!

 The others didn’t dare to delay any further . Mo Jiu propped up the hurt Mo Wen while Mr . Du carried Mo Xingchen . Speed was the most important thing at this point in time . Even if a soul tool was destroyed, there was nothing they could do . A defense soul tool was insignificant compared to people’s lives .

 Everyone used all their strength to escape toward the canyon passage . Frankly speaking, Mo Jiu and Mr . Du didn’t think that Wang Zhong could keep up with the both of them . It was like that famous joke: if a few people were being chased by a tiger at the same time, you didn’t need to run faster than the tiger; you just needed to run faster than your companions .

 If the Headless Knight broke out of the ward before everyone could get out of the Headless World, he could catch up to them in a few seconds based on his Warlord power that allowed him to control everything in this space . It would be a nice insurance to have two guys whom they weren’t close to behind them in case anything happened .

 It wasn’t that they were trying to harm them or make them the bait intentionally . Mo Jiu and Mr . Du had already done everything they could . Everyone had a chance to get out of this alive, but just in case, if sacrifices had to be made, it was better that other strangers died rather than one of their own .

 In the midst of their mad rush, Ham Sausage suddenly opened its gigantic mouth and swallowed Wang Zhong and Mu Zi . Immediately after that, this shrewd dude turned into a ball of gray mist and disappeared .

 Mr . Du and Mo Jiu were stunned for a moment, accelerating their speed . What the hell!? These two fellows were sneakier than them!

 Even with their experience, they hadn’t seen such a strange Soul Beast before that was useful for both combat and escaping!

 Actually, Ham Sausage’s forte was acting cute .

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 Everyone galloped through the canyon at lightning speed . They could hear Bolsanches’s angry howling behind them, as well as terrifying vibrations and pounding . The Headless Knight was attacking the 16 Patron Saint Ward madly .


 Every hit on the ward sent huge tremors across the entire canyon . The ground cracked, and even the mountains at the edges of the canyon were crumbling . Large boulders rolled down and even blocked their path, increasing the obstacles and difficulty of their escape mission .

They finally caught sight of the broken bridge after much effort . Currently, the Headless Knight couldn’t control the canyon, so there wasn’t any fog on the broken bridge . They could see it clearly .

 At the same time, a deafening explosion could be heard behind them . A huge blanket of fog was spreading outward rapidly from a center point far away .

 The 16 Patron Saint Ward was broken!


 Bolsanches the Headless Knight’s voice reverberated across the canyon into everyone’s ears once again . He was catching up at an extremely swift speed . With the blanket of fog that was spreading out rapidly, the Headless Knight was about to seal this space again .

 Everyone’s hearts were in their mouths . They had injured people now . If they were trapped by the Headless Knight again, they might not have a chance to escape even if the two elders fought to the best of their ability .

 No one dared to look back . They were so close to escaping, so they just boosted their speed, as much as they could, to the extreme . Fog was spreading and chasing after them, closing on them rapidly . They could already feel the strong pressure that the fog radiated on their backs . Luckily, they made it in the nick of time and got on the broken bridge the same time the fog did .

 Swish! Whoosh! Swish!

 As Mo Jiu and the others left, the fog that was chasing them at high speed suddenly came to an abrupt stop at the part of the bridge that was broken off . There seemed to be a distinct force that isolated the other side of the bridge, preventing the Headless Knight’s control and the fog from reaching them .

 Even the two people at the Heavenly Soul Stage heaved a sigh of relief . It had been long since they had done something so thrilling, and they were still in a state of shock . If anyone was slower by just a little bit, they might not have been able to make it out .

 Thud thud thud…

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 The sound of hoofbeats rang on the other side of the broken bridge . Everyone turned to see the fog there condense rapidly as the Headless Knight appeared again .

 He didn’t shout anymore or take any action . He just stood there with his battle steed and spear . He wasn’t looking at Mo Jiu and company but at an empty space at the side . He just kept staring and staring…

 It was the space that Ham Sausage was at . Its space stealth ability didn’t seem to work against monsters like this Warlord .

Both sides looked at each other from their own end of the bridge . Mo Jiu and Mr . Du were prepared to fight . They didn’t know if the Headless Knight would continue chasing them, but even if he did, he would lose his Warlord advantage as they wouldn’t be in his territory anymore . It would be slightly easier to deal with him; at least they wouldn’t be so passive and helpless like they were in the Headless World .


 The Headless Knight didn’t continue attacking . He raised his spear and pointed it in their direction before tightening the reins on his battle steed and turning it in another direction .

 The fog appeared again, obscuring Bolsanches the Headless Knight from sight . They could faintly hear the lonely sound of hoofbeats disappear into oblivion at the other end of the broken bridge . It was only now that everyone heaved a long sigh of relief .

 Frankly speaking, everyone looked calm while staring at the Headless Knight just now, but they were actually rather nervous . If the Headless Knight really continued to pursue them, his terrifying brute force would be a lot for them to handle even if he lost his Warlord advantage . The two elders might be able to escape if they tried their best, but they would need to pay a hefty price to do so .

 After experiencing a life or death situation, they didn’t gain anything, and their own people were injured . Mo Jiu’s eyes were full of fury . The source of the news about the Headless World was too suspicious . If the other party succeeded in whatever they were planning, the consequences were unthinkable . It was lucky that he asked Mr . Du to come along before he set off . If he was a bit more complacent, they would have perished there .

 Mo Jiu was an impatient person . If there weren’t outsiders at the scene, he would have cursed out loud already . He wanted to go back to the Mo Family headquarters to investigate immediately . In addition, Mo Wen took a direct hit from the Headless Knight and looked pretty lethargic, so Mo Jiu wasn’t in the mood to talk to Wang Zhong .

 Mr . Du was examining Mo Wen’s injuries, but Mo Wen just waved his hand, having the energy to do so despite taking a direct hit from the Warlord . “Senior Du, I’m fine—” He managed to say before coughing .

 After some coughing, Mo Wen coughed out some coagulated blood, but he looked better after that . “A Warlord is indeed powerful . It was a good lesson . ”

 Mr . Du and Mo Jiu were stunned for a moment before reassuring smiles appeared on their faces . Judging by the bravery and resilience Mo Wen displayed, perhaps their trip wasn’t in vain .

 “Wang Zhong, I will definitely come to you after my Dharma Idol is complete . Don’t let me down!” Mo Wen said in a low voice . He didn’t care whether Wang Zhong heard it . This time, Mo Wen took the initiative to go all out . Since he was a step behind in the CHF, he should be the one to declare war this time . This was a courtesy that Wang Zhong should be able to understand .

“Mo Wen, we elders think highly of you . We won’t make things difficult for that fella . That being said, the Holy Land has a lot of annoying rules . It’s none of our business if he gets hindered by those rules . ” Mr . Du laughed .

 Mo Xingchen smiled too but didn’t rebut . She knew that Wang Zhong wasn’t one to abide by rules .

 At this point in time, Ham Sausage had already brought Wang Zhong and Mu Zi back to the coordinates of the pyramids . Mu Zi looked slightly better after escaping from that place . Getting injured was no big deal since it was a regular occurrence for him . Wang Zhong watched over him for about a day before color returned to Mu Zi’s face . That Life and Death Coffin was a divine weapon indeed; it seemed to be able to revive someone as long as they were not dead .

 While Mu Zi was healing, Wang Zhong was reflecting too . This battle proved the importance of Soul Power . Without Soul Power, anything else he practiced would be in vain . Aiolos’s bravery and confidence came from his Soul Power too . He must think of a way to boost his Soul Power to the peak after going back to the Holy Land . This way, he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone in the Heroic Soul Stage as long as they weren’t like Mu Zi . He would have to find more information about Vicinity Dharma Idols too . He was more determined to do that after looking at Mo Wen’s Dharma Idol . Wang Zhong’s Dharma Idol probably couldn’t withstand an attack from a Warlord, but Mo Wen was able to do it . Even though he was injured, it wasn’t serious .

 The key thing was, he dared to attack a Warlord directly! That was very domineering of him!

 It seemed that Mo Wen had made much more progress than him after the CHF . Honestly, if he hadn’t gained his Dominator Dharma Idol with the help of the heavens and earth in that Tutankhamun desert, he would probably lose out now .

The two great techniques that he came up with were not bad when used in group attacks or when attacking a single target, but the problem was, this fighting style was only suitable for battles against Dimensional lifeforms with no intelligence . Were these techniques really suitable for real-life combat?

 At this level, who would give him so much time to think and prepare? He would have died a hundred times already .

 This was a difficult situation for Wang Zhong . He had to figure out how to unleash his power to the fullest in the Heroic Soul Stage . There were so many things to do: tempering, alchemy, gourmet foods, wards, and Cellular Cosmology, which was like a bottomless pit . He couldn’t be in multiple places at the same time .

 Putting those aside for the time being, boosting his Soul Power was the most important thing now . He might have to seek help from Teacher Lan Daier too . This was not the time to be shy or pretentious, but of course, he wouldn’t freeload off her . Although she probably didn’t care even if he did, he cared since he was a man .

 Looking at Mu Zi who was visibly better, Wang Zhong could only pin his hopes on him . The Samsara wine had a decent demand . Of course, the ordinary Holy Disciples wouldn’t be able to afford it; this was only supplied to ranked teachers and above . Still, there wasn’t enough Samsara wine supply at the moment .

 On the second day, Mu Zi was pretty much recovered, and he was in a very good mood too . It seemed that he was rather happy whenever he had friends around him . Mu Zi didn’t forget about the Samsara wine . The place to make Samsara wine was in the Life and Death Realm too but not somewhere like the Decapitation Canyon . Mu Zi brought Wang Zhong to another place that the Life and Death Realm led to — Lotus Land .

This was a world completely different from Decapitation Canyon . As its name suggested, exotic flowers and plants were everywhere, and it was all blue skies and clouds . There were all kinds of weirdly shaped small animals running around that were not scared of humans at all .

 However, upon reaching the other end of Lotus Land with Mu Zi, the scenery changed . All sorts of energy spirits floated around while letting out shrill screams . The spring water was a dead gray color that carried a disgusting corpse smell . A few strange rotting fish floated to the surface from time to time, and this border was where Samsara wine was made .

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