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Chapter 799: 799

“If they can’t handle it, shall we help them?” Mo Xingchen had the intention to lend a hand . She could see that the headless dead around them had completely awakened, as though they had completed an awakening process, and their actions were no longer as slow as before . They all rushed in the direction of Wang Zhong, including those who crawled on the ground and those who had wings . There were running footsteps and the sound of rolling rocks everywhere, and she even saw a pair of huge eyes in the sky above the canyon . That was a higher-level dead soul, and it definitely had the power of the Heavenly Soul Stage .

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 “Why? Have you taken a fancy to that kid?” teased Mo Jiu .

 Mo Xingchen’s cheeks grew flushed and replied, “Uncle Jiu, don’t tease me . ”

 “Tsk tsk, our little girl has grown up, but I don’t think this boy is worthy of you . If you are looking for a partner, you should at least wait till you are at the Heavenly Soul Stage, or do you need me to introduce you to some of my contacts?” teased Mr . Du .

 While the people on this side of the canyon chatted leisurely, the people on the other side had completely entered combat mode .

 Even though Wang Zhong was mentally prepared, to be suddenly surrounded by this infinite wave of dead souls made a chill run down his spine . The feeling of fighting with the dead was definitely the worst and the most awkward among his various combat experiences . They were different from those enemies with strong intent to kill . They had no hatred, no anger, no nervousness, nor any fighting spirit . They were in a very strange state .

 No one could sense any killing intent because they were not attacking for the sake of killing . It was merely a subconscious instinct to destroy all living beings .

 No shouting or yelling could be heard either . They were all headless; thus, they couldn’t produce a sound, much less shout or howl .

 What could be heard was just the intensive crawling and gliding sounds .

 Sha sha sha sha .

 The rustling came from all directions, similar to that of a well-trained mechanical army that recognized only one target . They rushed toward him emotionlessly, mechanical and cold, endless and fearless!

 Wang Zhong did not activate his Dominator Dharma Idol . It was not that he wanted to hold back, but his Dominator Dharma Idol’s balancing function would only make matters worse in this type of situation . Although these headless dead souls were all at the Heroic Soul Stage, a considerable part of them only had one or two thousand Grassos of combat power . If they were all forcibly upgraded to 5,000 Grassos, it would truly be shooting himself in the foot .

 He wasted no time in summoning Salamander . Sensing the critical situation, Salamander did not greet Wang Zhong this time, and the moment he materialized, he flung out his black iron chain . It could be seen that after his Soul Power increased to 5,000 Grassos, Salamander’s momentum was completely different from before . The flaming imprint between his eyebrows also seemed to have changed slightly, as though it had evolved simultaneously with the increase of his Soul Power .

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 The flaming black iron chain produced dangling sounds with every strike and had a strong burning effect and impact . The first to bear the brunt of the attack was a few headless creatures that looked like some kind of mount; they were covered with thick armor and had horse-saddle-like things on their backs . These things were also the fastest in the army of the headless dead . Not only did they have strong attack force, but their thick armor also made them appear indestructible, as though they were moving fortresses . However, at the moment when the flaming black iron chain swept across them…

 Pa pa pa pa!

 Their huge attack force was offset, and several headless dimensional mounts were sent flying backward at the same time . The thick armor of their bodies was instantly smashed to pieces, and the impact knocked down several headless dead at the back . Wang Zhong lifted the soles of his foot slightly, and Salamander, next to him, mirrored his actions . These two figures were clearing the path and charging all the way .

 “HOHO, they don’t seem to be powerful at all . Look at us! Ham Sausage, burn them!” Simba hid behind Wang Zhong and Mu Zi . This was the safest and most suitable place for the Great Simba . He thought of himself as a marshal: all he had to do was to sit in the midfield, wave his fingers, and press the button to signal the attack . As for the real combat, it was the job for small fry .


 Ham Sausage was indeed cooperative . As it opened its mouth, a pillar of thick black flames spurted out . This was the same move it had used to clear the path in the tree demon forest . Simba had been thinking about it and was looking forward to Ham Sausage doing it again .

 However, it was a pity that this near-invincible move in the tree monster forest was unable to bring its due effects into play in this world of the dead . Black flames were not considered a pure fire attack, but instead, they were a dark force that came from hell and belonged to the dead . These enemies in front of them were completely dead . Thus, the black fire spewed by Ham Sausage not only did not cause any harm to them, on the contrary, it was like Ham Sausage had just given them a supplement . For any headless dead who was touched by the pillar of black flames, their entire body instantly grew bigger, and their Soul Power response seemed to increase greatly as well .

 “The dead are not afraid of death-aura attacks . Ham Sausage, you are in charge of defense,” said Mu Zi . “Wang Zhong, this is not working . We need to go faster . ”

 On the other hand, Simba was very upset . Damn it! As the Grand Marshal, he only could sit on the sidelines? This stupid Ham Sausage… How was it even helping by biting those things? Looking at the countless headless monsters surrounding them, Simba grew speechless .

 Wang Zhong nodded . He had comprehended a lot, and it was rare to have such an opportunity to verify them .

 He had actually sort of grasped the theory of the New Crosswheel Slash a few days ago, and the technique had already taken shape . The only thing he lacked was practice . At this moment, the dense army of the dead in front of him had turned into countless wooden stakes in Wang Zhong’s eyes .

 Wang Zhong stretched out his hands . His Soul Sea grew active, and golden Soul Power began to surge violently . Compared to the past, his Soul Power had not only become stronger, he also had better control over it . His palms unleashed Soul Power similar to spider threads, and it began to spin and spiral continuously . The ends met, and they pulled at each other as they continued to spiral .

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 His Soul Power was like thread, but it was actually steel wire . At the same time, it had extreme toughness . The positive and negative double helix structures combined Wang Zhong’s understanding of rotational force . The core of this move was the true essence of Laforgue’s Infinite Revolutions and the true meaning behind Laforgue’s infinite attacks . Naturally, true infinity did not exist; it was just close to infinity .

 This was also one of Wang Zhong’s steps to break off from the crosswheel . He wanted to verify his ideas and surpass the power of Laforgue’s Infinite Slash .

 A frisbee-shaped golden disk rapidly took shape in his hand . Unlike stationary weapons, this spiral crosswheel released strong wind pressure at the moment of formation, evoking a violent airflow around it . The air spiraled and circled according to the crosswheel’s movements!

 Around ten seconds later, the crosswheel had become more than two meters in diameter and produced an ear-piercing, whistling sound . This flat, golden disk seemed to contain a sealed devil, sounding like an ancient wild beast trying to escape its cage .

 This alone was not good enough . He still had to compress the Soul Power further . His pursuit of the minute details of warfare had been passed down from the Casted Soul Stage . Although it was said that those techniques were useless, Wang Zhong felt that he should not completely cast them away . Any form of understanding when it came to power could actually be transferred . However, it could not be copied and pasted directly; one had to gain a deeper understanding of it!

 Combining his understanding of Soul Power characteristics, it was clear that only this amount of Soul Power could support this combat technique .

 The rotation of the crosswheel was not fast, but it produced low roars . At this time, the huge army of undead was already approaching, and Salamander, who was in front of Wang Zhong, had attracted the first wave of attacks from this army . The long-range advantage of the iron chain at the beginning had made it easy for Salamander to sweep over and crush dozens of headless dead people . It sent them either flying directly or smashing to bits, but this damage was nothing to the endless army . It didn’t even affect the advance of the army . There were countless headless dead replacing the position of those that were destroyed . Those that died were just like a small piece of dessert before the main course .

 Salamander’s black iron chain only managed to have the upper hand for a few seconds before he immediately changed to defense . It began to extend infinitely, spreading out like a circle on the ground . Powerful energy condensed into a defense formation through Salamander and his chain . Blazing flames burned on the black iron chains, forming a huge circular sea of fire and almost blocking the entire passageway of the canyon .

 The terrifying flame power instantly burned the corpses that stepped on it, and the disgusting stench of rotten meat permeated throughout the canyon . The dead who rushed into the flame circle turned into flaming fireballs and eventually turned to ashes . The powerful flames devoured all those who rushed into it .

 Still, it wasn’t enough . If Salamander’s flaming chain was like a cobweb, the dead were like countless locusts rushing into it . The power of the flaming chain formation was expended rapidly by the countless bodies of the dead . This savage and absurd overpowering force had destroyed the entire spider web in minutes!

 As the flaming chain dissipated, the army of the dead in front of it charged past, creating a meat wall . There was no stopping them .

 “Wang Zhong, stopping dilly-dallying . Attack now, or we’re all going to die!” The ‘Marshal in the Midfield,’ aka Simba, was already extremely worried, jumping about impatiently and shouting at the top of his lungs .

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 Now, it could be seen that the crosswheel in Wang Zhong’s hands had completely taken shape . More Soul Power was poured into the whole crosswheel to generate a strong internal and external pulling force, which made it become thinner . The spiral airflow that was originally formed by the crosswheel gradually disappeared, and even the buzzing sound of the crosswheel spinning was gone . One could not even see a trace of the crosswheel spinning; it was as though it was a completely static and thin light wheel!

 It was done!

 Being under strong pressure was really the best occasion to create things of essence . At this moment, Wang Zhong knew that his combat technique was finally perfected .

 Almost immediately, Salamander sensed Wang Zhong’s will . As he raised his black iron chain up high, he also jumped up into the air . Although these dimensional creatures were not intelligent, they held the power of the dead . As such, Salamander couldn’t hold them back over a long period of time .

 Soul Domination Combat Technique — Laforgue’s Heroic Crosswheel Slash!

 Most of the essence of this technique was from Laforgue; Wang Zhong had to pay tribute to this hero!

 The golden wheel in Wang Zhong’s hands flashed slightly, and there wasn’t even any sound of wind blowing . It was as though a wave of broad golden light had swept forward .


 The speed of the golden crosswheel was extremely fast, leaving long golden trails in the air . It passed through the bodies of all the headless dead in front of it as though it had no physical form . Following that, the light of the golden crosswheel became wider and larger in size . In an instant, it was nearly twenty or thirty meters in diameter, then it directly entered the endless sea of undead . It didn’t take long for it to reach the end of the canyon, and it could no longer be seen when it flew off into the distance .

 What the hell was this? Did Wang Zhong actually have times that he missed? How could his gifted student fumble the ball during such a precarious situation?

 Simba was stunned and froze in his tracks . There was no blood splattering nor any horrible sound . All the headless dead in front of him appeared to be fine . It seemed as though Wang Zhong didn’t even manage to hurt them by a little . Was it because he hurried Wang Zhong just now?

 However, following that, the sound of bones crumbling could be heard . The headless dead who had rushed to the front had just lifted up its feet when it stopped in its tracks; the upper part of its body had slid down . Its entire upper body fell down in one fell swoop . The cut was extremely smooth; even its sliced internal organs appeared smooth, as though it was cut by the finest surgical Gamma Knife . The cut surface was so smooth that it resembled a mirror!

 The sound of the corpse’s upper part falling off was like a bell signaling the start of a show .

 Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

 Clamor clamor…

 Beautiful sounds began to resonate in Decapitation Canyon . The sound was like music to their ears, and the scene was extremely spectacular . The entire canyon battlefield — all the places that were sliced by Laforgue’s Heroic Crosswheel Slash — seemed to have been split in two .

 Countless headless dead were cut in half, and there were thousands of them! Countless broken limbs fell down to the ground . Bones, internal organs, stumps, all gathered together and piled into mountains in that canyon!

 At this moment, Laforgue’s Heroic Crosswheel Slash, which everyone assumed to have disappeared, came back roaring as though it was the sickle of the God of Death, harvesting its kills . Although these headless creatures had no wisdom, the death aura on their bodies was legitimate . Yet, they had no power to resist when faced with the Heroic Crosswheel Slash . Even though the Heroic Crosswheel Slash had just gone through a round, it had not weakened . With a wave of Wang Zhong’s hand, the harvesting crosswheel swept out toward the left . Its tracks were also erratic . When it came to powerful undead creatures, it would have multiple trajectories .

 On the other side, Mu Zi revealed a look of curiosity . In fact, at his level, he could see what had happened, but he knew he couldn’t do the same thing . This kind of absolutely crazy level of Soul Power control was already inhuman . Some things really depended on natural talent .

 It wasn’t just him who was shocked . The foursome far away at the other end of the canyon was really startled at the same time . Due to their distance, they had no way of witnessing Wang Zhong’s preparation process . They only thought that it was weird that he took so long to prepare that Soul Domination Combat Technique .

 At this point, the two were really speechless . It was not just a matter of power, but the fact that they made an error in their judgment . The effect of this crosswheel was almost like one wielded by a Heavenly Soul Stage soldier . Also, only the strongest among the Heavenly Soul Stage and those who wielded the Space ability could do that — kill unknowingly, appear invisible and silent, and at the same time, be unstoppable .

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