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Chapter 797: 797
Chapter 797: Headless World

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Fortunately, Mu Zi shook his head . The Life and Death Boundary was too dangerous . Even if he visited this place all year round, he dared not say that he could go anywhere . Some things were only meant to be looked at . If one were to get closer, even if one was a Heavenly Soul, one would soon learn the feeling of despair . Humans were too insignificant in the universe . The more powerful or knowledgeable one became, the more insignificant one would feel .

Wang Zhong also grew very emotional . Probably only Holy Saint Teachers had the ability to explore such a place .

They went around the bottomless abyss while they kept a fair distance . Following Mu Zi’s lead, they continued on their journey . It had to be noted that after they crossed the boundary, more and more dead souls appeared around them, but the souls didn’t seem to notice their presence . Simba had originally thought that they had no consciousness and stretched out his hand to touch one of them . However, he was stopped by Mu Zi .

“Don’t think that they have no consciousness . The dead are quite easily provoked . Once the army of the dead is alarmed, even we will have a lot of trouble on our hands . My aura can conceal Wang Zhong’s aura while yours is concealed by Ham Sausage . After all, it came from this world originally . ”

Wang Zhong was rather amazed by what Mu Zi said .

After walking for a while, they noticed that there were fewer undead around them, and a narrow bridge surface appeared in front of them, as though it was connected to some secret place . There was dense fog over there, and the area was exuding a strange aura . That seemed to be Mu Zi’s destination, and Simba began to ramble on once again . Although the fear he got from this fog was not as strong as compared to the bottomless abyss, that was because there was something to compare to . He sensed that there was something wrong with the fog, making him dislike the place .

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When walking near, Wang Zhong saw that the narrow bridge was broken and that the bridge was rather ancient . Huge square-shaped blue stones paved the bridge, and it was covered in all kinds of moss, exuding an aura of primitive simplicity .

“After we cross the bridge, we will reach the altar . I call it the Headless World . I have seen it once before . It is similar to the stone slab altar we saw in the pyramid last time, but it doesn’t seem to have an energy core, unlike the one we saw previously . It’s rather strange . ”

“What the heck do you mean by headless?” Simba widened his eyes . From the name, it was obvious that it would be a scary place .

“It’s a world purely for the dead . Also, I presume all decapitated creatures have gone there . This broken bridge is the place that connects life and death . Follow me . ”

As Mu Zi spoke, he also stepped on the broken bridge . No one saw him release any form of strange energy; he merely walked straight toward the broken bridge . The dark abyss was directly below, but he continued to walk . Surprisingly, he didn’t fall and appeared as though he was hovering in mid-air . He smiled and said, “Is it strange that only the living can step on the dead’s broken bridge?”

Wang Zhong also followed suit and tried to step on the empty space . Except for the visual discomfort, his footing was quite stable . There was some sort of cushioning material, as though he was stepping on cotton . For every step he took, there was a feeling of space conversion from under his feet . When he looked back, even though he had only taken a few steps, the broken bridge behind him was already out of sight . He was surrounded by dense fog, and the scope of his sight was not more than three meters . Walking forward for about a dozen steps, the view suddenly became clear, and they walked out of the fog into an empty canyon . It seemed like an ancient battlefield, and the sky was a dark blood-red color . On the ground, there were some broken weapons or battle flags scattered around, and black flames were burning on some remnants .

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“The altar is just behind this canyon . We just walk through it . ”

Most prominent were the broken carcasses of those creatures on the ground; they were densely scattered throughout the entire canyon . These creatures were strangely shaped, but surprisingly most of them had armor and were of different sizes . Some were more than 10 meters long, while some were merely the size of an ordinary puppy . However, they all had one thing in common: they were headless .

“No wonder it’s called the Headless World . ” Simba finally understood . There was the stench of rotting flesh permeating the air here, and it was disgusting . Fortunately, these headless corpses were even ‘stupider’ than the army of the dead outside . Or rather, these guys were already dead and were merely carcasses, lying quietly in this canyon .

Although the air was not very fresh, Simba was still happy as long as the place was not dangerous . He jumped on Ham Sausage’s back and clamped his legs . “Well then, let the Great Simba guide you . Ham Sausage, charge!”

The order was issued, but Ham Sausage, which had always been rather cooperative, did not move this time . Instead, it revealed a wary look and waited for Mu Zi’s orders, making it rather awkward for Simba . Wang Zhong was also speechless . How could a place extending from the Life and Death Boundary not be dangerous? Maybe there was, but it definitely would not be here . He could feel that the whole canyon was shrouded in a dense atmosphere and was rather certain that there was a ward surrounding the area .

“I can conceal our living aura, and we will walk through the canyon just like wind or stones, but the dead here are too dense and too close . I haven’t tried to do so with two people, so try to stay close to me when I walk and match my breathing . Also, be prepared to fight at any time . ”

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Mu Zi’s expression was neither too serious, nor too relaxed . He had countless experiences with Life and Death Boundaries all year round . He knew all too well about the horrors of the dead . Even if he was merely slightly negligent in this world, he might not be able to leave the place alive .

Seeing Mu Zi being on the alert and combat-ready, Simba, who had already relaxed his vigilance, became nervous again . He rode on Ham Sausage and followed them slowly in the canyon battlefield . In the beginning, Simba was so nervous that he could not even breathe . He was extremely careful when he dismounted, for fear of touching the so-called terrible dead people and waking them up . However, after walking for a fair distance, he realized that it was rather safe . He even found that the occasional accidental physical contact did not seem to alarm these dead guys . They had no response at all .

“The world of the dead is different from the living . Physical contact is meaningless and will not cause them to be awakened . What they’re sensitive to is aura . ” At this time, they had already reached the center of the canyon . The first half of the journey was smooth-sailing, but Mu Zi had yet to let down his guard . His frown only grew deeper and deeper . It seemed that he had been overly optimistic: he was not strong enough to conceal the aura of two people at once . Mu Zi began to feel a little powerless, especially when they arrived at the center of the canyon . The aura of death grew stronger . It became increasingly difficult to conceal their living aura, and he felt like he couldn’t defend Wang Zhong any longer .

Mu Zi stopped in his tracks, looked up into the sky, and noticed that the dark red sky had become dimmer and dimmer and that a slight breeze had formed in the originally deathly still valley for no reason .

He smiled helplessly . “Wang Zhong, I guess it’s time to fight . ”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sound could be heard .

It was as though a small pebble had rolled down from above the canyon, breaking the silence .

“Wang—Wang Zhong…” stuttered Simba, as he shivered .

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