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Chapter 79 – Personal Service

"I'd rather starve for a month!"

"This thing isn't actually alive, right?"

A continuous number of complaints resounded within the dining hall. A few of the girls didn't even want to open their eyes.

"It still hasn't died yet? Let me try." Wang Zhong grabbed one and ate it.

While he didn't think it tasted as great as what Barran's expression made it out to be, it was alright, and slightly better than what he'd imagined. Moreover, it hadn't jumped about in his mouth.

"We're not here to live comfortably. We are soldiers," Reeves said, standing up with a smile. "We shouldn't dread any challenge."

He grabbed a Rot Devouring Rat and ripped off a large mouthful. It was obvious from his twitching face that he was trying his hardest to chew the rat, but he still managed to stop himself from choking as he swallowed it down resolutely. Bite after bite, he continued to eat the meat. That so-called tranquil expression, however, had already become extremely twisted.

Only when that last mouthful had entered his stomach did Reeves regain some normality. "For glory!"

Grace still nodded when she saw this. These little guys seemed to make a big deal out of it. It was as if eating something was such a strenuous action, yet this really seemed like it.

Barran, Wang Zhong, and Reeves made groaning sounds as they ate. Everyone else looked at one another with blank dismay on their faces. They didn't know what to do with their lower jaws.

Grai opened his mouth. "Teacher Grace, all we need to do is eat them, right? Regardless of the method?"

"Yes, it's fine as long as it enters your stomach."

Was there even a need to care about the way to eat them?

They watched as Grai unhurriedly took out a fork and knife from the side. In reality, those utensils had been placed there in order to tease them. Everyone had automatically ignored the tools, but Grai still took it seriously.

When a Rot Devouring Rat was placed on his tray, Grai moved.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

That small silver-coloured knife traced beautiful paths into the rat, and in the blink of an eye it had already completely dismantled the Rot Devouring Rat. Bones were placed to one side, while the meat was laid out in strips. With the faint bloodstains, it looked like a plate of rare steak.

After completing his preparatory work, he leisurely pierced each piece with his fork and placed it into his mouth… all he was missing was a glass of red wine in order to create a standard French feast!

Those who saw this gaped… where did he learn this? Was this even okay?

Grace didn't say anything about it and just looked at everyone else before glancing at the time. "You guys still have five minutes to eat."

"Fuck. This big brother, still have a few moves!" Terrence shouted as he jumped forward and grabbed a Rot Devouring Rat. He used his bare hands to clenched it hard, squeezing out the stomach, intestines, blood, and other internal fluids. Fuck this mouse!

He pinched his nose and closed his eyes. Resigned to his fate, he stuffed the rat into his mouth.

Humans were never weak in their creativity. The originally spiritless dining hall was revived as a few squeezed the rat empty, while others tried to follow Grai and sliced it into pieces…

Whoosh… Emily stood and waved her small hands. A lump of flames started to rise, and within ten seconds that bloody scent transformed into a barbeque smell. The fragrance filled the air and one could even hear the sizzling sounds made by the fat on the meat. Although it didn't taste good, it was a delicacy when compared to everyone else's.

They all became excited. No matter how much one cut it up, it was still raw rat meat. Only Emily could make this a genuine dish!

City people truly knew how to have fun!

"Cough cough. Junior sister Emily, is it possible for you to roast a tray for me?"

"Me too!"

"Me, please help me!"

Everyone's zeal came into play as the scene was thoroughly ignited. Without bothering to wait for the second round of orders, Grace's cold voice was like a bucket of cold water poured directly over them all.

"Help you roast?" Grace's voice resonated throughout the large dining hall as she looked at every individual there. "Then when you guys face the battlefield in the future, will she also help you die!?"

The great hall immediately turned tranquil.

"Those who have the ability will eat roasted meat. Those who do not will have to swallow it down with the blood. For those really can't eat it, no problem! I'll let others come and teach you guys. Markis, Markos!"

Two humongous, two-meter-tall men walked over. Their arms were almost as thick as Barran's leg!

The students had previously seen these two within the all-terrain vehicles; they were the drivers and had driven the vehicles as chaotically as a rollercoaster. It was said that they were Teacher Grace's personal guards when at the frontlines. They were true heroic soul soldiers, bathed in fresh blood and baptized in the flames of war. A star and stripe on their shoulders designated these two as frontline 2nd Lieutenants!

These two were different from the majority of soldiers outside. Not only did no one dare to despise them, they would even look at them with awe in their eyes. From their appearance, they seemed to be in their late twenties. To be able to climb to their current rank of 2nd Lieutenant at that age wasn't something any average person could achieve.

"Guide them," Grace ordered with a smile.

"Yes, captain!" The two heavy soldiers shouted. They wore blank expressions. Facing these newbies and wimps, they had no patience for them.

Everyone stared, wondering what instructions they would give. Markis grabbed the closest student, Adams, and a Rot Devouring Rat. "Open your mouth!"

Adams hesitated, but Markis pinched Adam's neck. It was like pinching a little chick; Adam's mouth opened straightaway.

He immediately felt a large lump of something being shoved directly into his mouth. Markis patted Adams' mouth with all his strength and it was done.

Squeak. The mutated rat directly slid down his throat with that pat. He hadn't even taken a single bite.

Adams was terrified. The pain he felt from having his mouth being forced open was secondary. Didn't they say it was still alive? What do I do if it bites its way out of my stomach!?

"Will there be anyone else needing such personal service?" Markis asked.

They all fell silent instantly and began to eat. That picture had been too beautiful; they definitely didn't want to see it again. Yet, Grace and the others didn't have a single change in expression. Instead, there was a trace of disappointment. The newer generation has too much fun and seems to have forgotten that humans are still living in a dangerous world. Not only are we not the masters anymore, we are even facing extinction, which could happen at any time…

But these were matters they couldn't speak about.

"Let me introduce them to you all; these two men are my junior brothers Markis and Markos, and they will be your instructors for this group training. They are heavy soldiers from my squadron," Grace explained. "They will be evaluating your training and grading you guys!"

Early mornings within the wilderness was extremely cold.

Ever since the arrival of the hyperdimension, the Earth's magnetic field became chaotic and caused the temperature to fluctuate greatly.

It was much better inside the cities as there were anti-radiation rune energy barriers in place. This allowed them to maintain a relatively constant temperature.

In the wilderness, however, it was horrible. During daytime, the temperature would reach as high as 50° celsius. This would then drop to -20° celsius at night. This truly was an extremely difficult test of survival that humanity had to face.

It was now 3:30 am, and the coldest period of the night had already passed. Even then, the temperature was still around -10° celsius.

An ear-piercing police siren forced every student to wake up. After enduring a day of being tossed around, everyone felt mentally depleted and wanted a good sleep. Yet, this ringing noise that sounded like it had come from right beside them woke them abruptly from their dreams.

"Everyone is to gather in the drilling grounds. Hurry up! I will give you five minutes. If you are late, then I will deduct three points!" Markis' seemingly demonic roar clearly transmitted to everyone's ears.

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