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Chapter 773: 773

Within the short timespan of standing up, Black Crow had already transformed from a thin and boney little woman into a hot and sexy mixed-race girl . When she raised her hand, a set of waitress clothes appeared on her body .

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Contortion and camouflage were special skills that members of the Assassin clan had, and Black Crow was the best expert in this area . That was why she could easily escape when Assassin’s base was under siege . Only Assassin’s true heir could have a hold on her whereabouts . Now, that person was Emily .

It was just that she did not expect Emily’s power to be so terrifying .

She was a true genius! Hold on . No, that was not enough to describe her! She was a god, the God of Assassins! Black Crow silently thought about all these as she slowly backed away while remaining in the bowing position . Once again, she retreated into the shadows of darkness .

A waitress came out from the corner of the corridor and immediately quickened her pace when she spotted Black Crow . “Kelly, I finally found you . Mrs . Newman is looking for you! The reception is about to begin,” she said .

“Noted . Thanks, Ning . ”

Black Crow, aka Kelly, smiled widely, making her look extremely appealing . Although her youthful face was not alluring, it was because of this that her smile appeared more natural; thus, she was able to make people feel comfortable .

In a short span of time, Mrs . Newman had already begun to feel that she couldn’t do anything without Kelly . Many things in the mayor’s mansion were handled by Kelly, and she never made a single mistake . Naturally, this reception was also organized by Kelly .

On the second floor, Mayor Williams was hurrying down the stairs, but he stopped when he saw Kelly . “Kelly, how do I look?” he asked .

For some unknown reason, Williams felt that Kelly’s words could boost his confidence . The guests he was about to host at this reception were extremely important to his future career path .

“Mr . Mayor, Mrs . Newman has great taste . You look perfect . ”

“Great . Remember, today’s guests are very important . Don’t make any mistakes during the reception later . ”

After Williams was done with his instructions, he headed downstairs joyfully and nervously . When he arrived at the main entrance, his secretary and a group of officials from the City Hall were already waiting there . He joined them and then looked at the time . He had chosen to come 30 minutes in advance . This reception was extremely important and was definitely worth his time .

Half an hour later, a fleet of cars arrived . The leading ones were three armored police cars, followed by an entire row of black luxury cars . Each and every one looked exactly the same, which endowed the fleet of cars with a solemn yet noble style .

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“They’re here . ”

Williams hurriedly led all the officials of Tianjing City to the road to greet the guests . The servants and helpers in his mansion had also entered a state of hurry . All of them moved like wheel gears: at high speed and with precision . Naturally, those with low statuses were not qualified to welcome the nobles at the door . They could only wait to be called upon from their predetermined posts .

Black Crow followed closely behind Mrs . Newman and waited at the main gate with the officials’ family members .

Not long after, she saw those officials walk in, clustered around a middle-aged man .

The smile on the Black Crow’s face deepened . The distinguished guest the mayor was receiving was none other than Zhao Zhongxin, the one responsible for Assassin’s massacre .

Zhao Zhongxin stopped in his tracks and scanned everyone’s face, including Kelly’s . He was trying to match everyone’s face, height and body shape with the information stored in his mind .

Only after confirming everyone’s identity, then he smiled slightly, nodded at everyone, and walked in upon the mayor’s invitation .

Zhao Zhongxin was obviously not the main target of the officials’ family members . Instead, their targets were those descendants of the Zhao family he brought along with him . It was especially the case for those with daughters . After Zhao Zhongxin entered the place, the ladies pulled their daughters to socialize with those Zhao descendants who held Tianjing’s future in their hands . Copperfield was eventually defeated in the battle for Tianjing . They had originally thought that they could pick up a bargain, but ultimately, power was the deciding factor, and Copperfield was still the weakest of the 10 Great Families . The Zhao family had already invested so much in this; they would never give it up .

At the banquet, the drinks never stopped flowing and both the guests and hosts were happy . At this moment, Zhao Zhongxin was heavily guarded, and the security in the vicinity of the castle had been replaced by his soldiers . Recently, the remaining Assassins were very active . Zhao Zhongxin treasured his life a great deal; thus, he had three people at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage protecting him . Unless the other party found an expert in the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would not succeed in assassinating him . Furthermore, in fact, no expert would be willing to help the Assassins, as they had already fallen .

Black Crow was a conscientious servant girl through and through . She dutifully drugged everyone present . Ordinary drugs or those targeted at the mind were definitely not strong enough as all those that were present were experts . The Zhao family specialized in this area as well, but her ability was different .

Her Dharma Idol itself was not lethal, but instead it had an extremely calming effect . It could provide treatment and acted like anesthesia . To put it simply, she was once a promising therapist, but she eventually fell into darkness and never looked back .

Under the influence of alcohol and her Dharma Idol, those people’s minds soon turned hazy; their consciousness was a little confused yet relaxed .

At that moment, the whole villa suddenly disappeared, and the whole group suddenly reappeared in a hall surrounded by blood . There was also a huge blood pool in the center .

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On a throne made from bones, Lolly was spotted with her fair-skinned calves . Zhao Zhongxin recognized this little girl almost immediately . She was the most wanted member of the Assassins, the culprit behind the series of recent assassinations, Emily .

Zhao Zhongxin sneered slightly and seemed totally unconcerned about the others’ confusion . “Boys, kill her!”

However, no one responded to him . Emily, who was on the throne, revealed a cold smile . On the other hand, Black Crow stood silently among the crowd .

This was the power of the great Queen of Darkness — The Fallen Bowtie . Within a certain range, as long as the target was asleep or even if their consciousness’s defense was reduced, they would be directly projected into a dream world called the ‘Bowtie’: in other words, a soul world .

Here, Emily controlled everything .

From the blood pool, a skeleton with a pink bowtie emerged, carrying a huge sickle in his hand .

Accompanied by screams, the harvest began . The color of the blood pool became extra bright as well .

Here, time and struggle had no meaning . The outside world did not even realize what was happening . Black Crow quickly woke up from her coma . People who had fallen into the dream world could not be woken up unless they were experts in the mind or released by Emily .

Black Crow continued to stare at the people who behaved like puppets but with expressions full of sorrow and fear . If one’s soul died, only an empty body would be left behind . It was time for her to leave .

Emily, who was on the Boney Throne, continued to watch the massacre . She didn’t want to stain her hands originally, but she could not stop . That was because the Assassins had already collapsed . As such, she had to embark on a path of no return . She had originally thought she could stay true to herself, but she eventually could not escape her fate .

She was part of Assassin’s bloodline . She was not sure if she could ever see Wang Zhong again . She could not resist her desire for revenge after all…

Miluo World .

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Although its name had the word ‘world’ in it, this was a dimensional space, long conquered by the Holy Land . This world was not huge, but it was home to a primitive race . It was also the first place conquered by the Holy Land . The inhabitants were the Miluo people who claimed that they were Yashenians . They were belligerent and loved to fight .

In general, these two attributes were also human in nature . Especially in the early days of the Holy Land, humans and Yashenians fought, and eventually, humans wiped this place clean . The place then became one of the early territories of the Holy Land . It also marked the beginning of the Holy Land’s path to conquer the Dimensional World .

They were once the rulers of this continent, with the power to battle against powerful aliens of other dimensions . Now, the best of them was only a handful at the Heroic Soul Stage; they were truly weak . They appeared to have survival rights, but what they didn’t know was that they were under the Holy Land’s supervision . The moment their descendants were found to have reached the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage, the Holy Land would immediately send experts to eliminate them; this was, of course, to prevent them from causing trouble to the rulers of the Holy Land, in case they ever entered the Heavenly Soul Stage . Other than that, powerful lifeforms like these were of great help to the Holy Land’s study of worldly mysteries . They were also the source of excellent slaves, but all this was not known to ordinary people .

Currently, a group of tall and big Yashenians was trapped in a small space; there were about a dozen of them . They were not only made up of powerful men but also women and children . It looked like a transient population from a small tribe, migrating with their family members .

At this moment, it appeared as though there was nothing around them but a vast plain . However, no matter how they ran, they couldn’t escape the scope of a hundred meters . It was like they were spinning around in the same place .

Their eyes revealed huge fear as they could not understand what was happening . Then, they saw two women appearing from thin air about a hundred meters away .

These two very beautiful females were ‘Holy People,’ who had the appearance of humans just like them . However, they did not have a tall stature nor bronze skin like them and were rather fair . To them, fair skin was a symbol of nobility, after all; only rulers had such fair skin . Indeed, it was these short individuals who called themselves ‘Holy People’ who were currently dominating their world .

They were a god-like existence . For them, the most powerful among them were only Middle Phase Heroic Souls . Additionally, they were also strictly monitored secretly . As such, these outsiders were all extremely powerful in their eyes, and these outsiders had gained a highly respected form of address: ‘Holy People . ’

They had quite a lot of interactions with these Holy People . It was common for some young ‘Holy People’ to come here for training opportunities, collect rare resources, or handle those evil creatures hidden in the depths of Miluo Heights . Most of the Holy People were friendly… Naturally, this was merely a saying among the Yashenians . If they really met unfriendly Holy People, they would basically have zero chance to spread the news .

These Yashenians clearly believed in such rumors and trusted these so-called ‘Holy People . ’ They began to have a glimmer of hope . Perhaps these two kind-looking Holy People would help them solve their present problem . These two were saviors in their eyes .

The Yashenians beckoned at them desperately and yelled at them for help in their local language . A few children also couldn’t help but cheer .

Scarlet clearly had doubts . It had been a while since she came out with her teacher to train, but they had yet to visit any special dangerous places as mentioned by her teacher . It was more of visiting common secret realms, just like this current one . The strongest of them were only Middle Phase Heroic Souls . Not to mention Sophia, even Scarlet alone could wipe them out .

Perhaps her teacher wanted to hone her adaptability as much as possible . Scarlet still had absolute trust in her teacher; it was just that she was a little puzzled by the current situation .

Scarlet had personally witnessed her teacher laying down the Labyrinth Formation to trap that group of aliens . However, these aliens did not seem evil and had no intention of attacking . They did not even manage to notice the two’s presence as they were focused on their journey . What’s more was that they were not powerful at all . The strongest and tallest male alien in the group had only just reached the Heroic Soul Stage . No matter what her teacher wanted to do to them, it was not necessary to resort to such lengths .

“Kill them,” Sophia spoke without any emotion . It was unbelievable that such a beautiful and elegant person could speak such words . It was as though she was asking Scarlet to slaughter a group of cattle .

“Teach— Teacher?” Scarlet froze . Throughout the trip, her hands were already stained with a lot of blood on her teacher’s orders, but those that she killed were mostly monsters or things that were obviously evil . It was just like dealing with those mutated beasts on Earth . There was no psychological burden . However, these tall aliens looked very kind and gentle; thus, she could not bear to kill them, let alone kill the children among them .

“Don’t be fooled by their appearance . ” Sofia was not in a hurry to force her . Instead, she spoke calmly . “Evil creatures don’t always show their true colors . Have you forgotten what you saw in the video I just showed you?”

Of course, Scarlet could not forget what she saw . It was a video of Miluo people killing humans . The video was very clear . That particular Yashenian was very powerful; she even felt that he was stronger than Sophia . Many humans who died in his hands were torn apart, and all his kills were accompanied by crazy laughter, as though human lives did not matter at all .

However, the weak people in front of her were not that same cruel person .

“But…” Scarlet was still hesitant .

“But they are not as strong and not as threatening like in the video? But there are children among them?” Sophia stared into Scarlet’s eyes . She then began to speak with a hint of guidance . “For practitioners on the path of cultivation, the most taboo thing is to be deceived by appearances and to be controlled by your hormones . In essence, Heroic Soul Stage soldiers mostly still haven’t gotten rid of the adrenaline and confusion caused by their emotions . You might think they are pitiful, but it’s merely a kind of emotion generated by your heart based on your life experiences, and this is not necessary nor helpful in spiritual cultivation . Remember, even if you see something with your own eyes, it may not be true . Carry out the mission!”

Under Sophia’s unmoving gaze, Scarlet eventually faltered . She understood her teacher’s point of view and sort of understood why her teacher went to so much trouble to trap those aliens . As she had shadowed her teacher for quite some time, she was already clear on her teacher’s temperament . She was a powerful woman who absolutely could not tolerate anyone defying her . They were teacher and student in name, but in actual fact, her teacher could take her life at any time; thus, she had no choice but to obey .

“Do it!”

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