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Chapter 756: 756

Small Eyes had obviously acted out of anger and irrationality . Oscar knew that, but he couldn’t blame her for it . He was still slightly worried . Although it was true that their defeat previously was due to their carelessness, he still felt that something was off about this secret realm . It was just that it was the first time they suffered such a great loss, and neither the Wanderlust Team’s core beliefs nor his feelings allowed him to take it lying down . This time, they were going to give it their all .

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They were in the middle of a vast plain now . Although the Wanderlust Team was small in numbers, their combat power was definitely not weak . Also, Oscar wanted to know what those tree demons were protecting!

At this moment, a rustling sound could be heard . The ground was shaking as if an earthquake was happening…

It was the same forest and the same secret realm, but different people experienced different things in it .

When the battle with the tree demons commenced, Aiolos was already standing in front of the small wooden cottage in another parallel world of this secret realm .

It was a small wooden cottage indeed, an extremely tiny one too . It was hard to imagine that all seven dwarfs could fit into the cramped wooden cottage even though dwarfs were small creatures .

What was inside exactly?

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The small wooden cottage seemed to have been there since the dawn of time, staying still at the same spot . No sound came from it, and it only gave off a mysterious aura .

Simba swallowed and stood far away from the cottage with Ham Sausage, while Wang Zhong and Mu Zi stood behind Aiolos .

“It’s starting . ”

Aiolos spoke in a low murmur, raising both hands to his chest .

He was forming a runic pattern . Unlike the one he created casually when he was in the forest of tree demons, the scale and structure were much larger and more complicated this time . He waved his hands non-stop in mid-air, and with every movement, a complicated three-dimensional runic pattern on par with Wang Zhong’s Subwoofer Cannon was formed, becoming one with the massive runic array .

Wang Zhong was considered an expert in runic patterns . He was exceptionally talented and also spent a lot of time and effort on this area, but frankly, he could only be considered a beginner or even at ‘preschool’ level compared to Aiolos . If Old Potter saw what Aiolos was doing now, he would totally disregard his senior status and worship Aiolos . Aiolos’s expertise in this area was an eye-opener for Wang Zhong . It was evident that Aiolos was extremely gifted . Technology in the Empire was almost rendered obsolete after the Dark Ages, causing the Empire to fall behind in technology ever since . However, this situation also triggered mankind’s resilience and intelligence, and so, to some extent, the people from the Empire had a better understanding of how to use Soul Power .

This runic array was enormous, having a width of four meters . It formed a huge cube that seemed like it was solid on the inside . Countless gold threads made up the runic pattern, looking way more superior than the blue threads Wang Zhong used . A terrifying energy could be seen hovering above the cubic runic array . When it was fully completed, all the runic patterns hummed in unison, making the whole runic cube ‘vibrate . ’

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Clang clang clang clang!

It sounded like machinery starting up . Although the runic array was formed by illusory powers, it moved like a solid object . The cube had a square-shaped surface, which became a hexagon, then a twelve-sided polygon, followed by a twenty-four-sided polygon, forty-eight-sided… In just two or three seconds, the three-dimensional runic array turned into a huge matrix . It was aesthetically pleasing, yet a little over the top, and it looked like the heavy artillery used to attack castles!

It was aimed at the direction of the small wooden cottage, emanating a terrifying energy, as twenty-four strange spherical objects revolved around it .

With Aiolos’s agile hand gestures, the twenty-four rotating objects produced light beams of various colors . An immeasurable amount of energy collected at the bottom of the runic matrix through these beams of lights, forming a black hole that secured the matrix firmly .

A terrifying force was created then . With the black hole as the center, everything within a hundred meters of it was sucked in . Pure energy from the secret realm was continuously absorbed, and even the remaining energy of the seven dead dwarfs on the ground was sucked in .

The surroundings became darker visibly, and it became harder to breathe . Energy and element fluctuations couldn’t be felt, as even the space they were in now felt distorted as if it was being pulled by a great force .

This was the scary power of the Heavenly Soul Stage . Once you reached the Heavenly Soul Stage, you had an abundant amount of Soul Power, and you could even manipulate the power of the heavens and the earth to create terrifying attacks that normal humans couldn’t execute . If such overwhelming power was spread over a large area, it would cause an apocalypse . However, Aiolos was able to compress this power well; thus, it was evident that Aiolos was well past the Initial Phase Heavenly Soul Stage .

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Besides, with the runic array, Aiolos could create even more attacks . This strong guy from the Hero’s Continent was meticulous and paid great attention to detail despite his boorish and manly appearance .

It was the first time Wang Zhong witnessed a force of this magnitude that carried the power of the heavens and the earth . It was difficult to imagine who could withstand such an attack . Special abilities, attributes, and talents were nothing in front of absolute power . Even techniques such as spatial instantaneous movement could not withstand such an attack . Spatial power could be affected by energy if the energy was powerful enough .

The suction force disappeared, and the pulling sensation around them vanished too . All the energy from the runic matrix gathered together, forming a formidable cannon where pillars of energy burst out from .


Sound waves were distorted instantly, and Wang Zhong still experienced tinnitus even after he prepared himself . The sky changed, and the powerful recoil force caused the sophisticated runic matrix of several meters to explode immediately before dissipating into nothing .

The pillars of energy caused several weird phenomena to happen as this monumental attack headed toward the wooden cottage with a power too great to describe . Wang Zhong didn’t doubt for a second that this attack could destroy the whole hillside .

This was the power of a Heavenly Soul Stage warrior . No wonder they said one Heavenly Soul Stage warrior was a match for ten thousand enemies; it was too easy for them to destroy an entire city .

However, everything halted when the pillars of energy hit the wooden cottage . When the surge of Soul Power hit the small cottage directly, an eerie black glow appeared around the cottage, and the attack was absorbed continuously…

Until the attack was… fully absorbed .

Everything returned to normal again, and the small wooden cottage was still there . It suffered no damage as if everything that happened just now was an illusion .

“No damage… Ahem, the weather seems pretty bad today . How about we come again next time?” Simba patted his chest in relief . He had an innate fear toward that cottage, just that he didn’t say anything since Wang Zhong wanted to come . It would be best if they didn’t disturb anything inside .

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