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Chapter 739: 739

Wang Zhong grew a little obsessed . Maybe he was crazy, but he truly felt that the author made sense, even though the author was a tad whimsical . From an atomic point of view, there was indeed a terrifying theory in it . This was the prototype of the super-powerful weapon in the olden days . Back then, applying it to the human body was completely a pipe dream, but now that times were different and humans could use Soul Power, a possibility was opened up .

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The author of this book was definitely a transcendent lunatic, but one thing was certain, he understood the civilizations of both eras rather well . The old era was in favor of technology while the new era was in favor of utilizing the soul . In fact, both stands were superficial . If one only utilized one’s soul while neglecting the body, one would not be able to achieve balance . Only if the body and the soul worked hand in hand would one be able to reach the highest possible level .

For a specific principle, 10,000 people could understand it in 10,000 different ways, and this reasoning was undoubtedly the craziest and deepest one . The author had only proposed a concept and possibility, or maybe a direction to understand the principle . In the process of pursuing this reasoning, Wang Zhong would encounter numerous problems and difficulties . However, he had already accepted this theory from the bottom of his heart because he simply did not deify the existence of Soul Power and believed in the need for the human body . The human body was indeed fragile even with the existence of Soul Power, and the human body was still a far cry from dimensional creatures .

However, there would always be two sides to the story . The human body might really be fragile, but there was a possibility that humans had not found the right way to utilize it . His theory of cellular capacity and his theory regarding the conversion of mass energy to conservation were acceptable to Wang Zhong . The difficulty lay in stimulating and controlling the energy . There was something that humans did not have in the past but had managed to obtain now . That was Soul Power .

Soul Power was the key to unlocking nuclear energy .

One who found the key would become a deity; it would not be too much to call him a God, but it was also possible that… he would explode in an instant . This powerful nuclear energy needed to be matched with sufficient control over one’s soul and Soul Power . The author himself seemed to be caught in an extreme contradiction . On the one hand, he illustrated the possibility of success, while on the other, he specified the danger and how likely it was to be a path of no return .

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Wang Zhong felt that the author was not crazy but, instead, more sober than anyone else . He had just put forward a bold assumption and conjecture, but he himself did not know if one could succeed .

Wang Zhong was absolutely entranced . Holding the thick book Cellular Cosmology, he sat in the library for three days, as though it was an intoxicant .

“Someone is actually studying Cellular Cosmology? Oh my god, it’s the ‘great’ second-class apprentice, Wang Zhong!”

“Haha, he’s on the path of becoming a god!”

“He can do it . A cell is a universe, and a union could make him become a god . ”

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The library was the place where freshmen most frequented . When people saw a freshman holding that thick infamous book and getting so addicted that he did not move for three days as his stubble grew out, it was truly difficult not to attract attention . There was a saying: Honor goes on crutches while discredit flies apace . One end was the most well-known divine book of the Tyrants and another was a freshman who had become the talk of Holy Land . As such, new gossip began to spread among the freshmen .

“Wang Zhong is going all-out reading the divine book . He is determined to become a god, to keep the glory of his status as a second-class apprentice!”

As the news spread, more people laughed at it . Frankly, the people in the Holy Land were not that nosy and ordinary gossip was not likely to last long .

Be it Wang Zhong being the strongest in CHF or being beaten up when he first came to the Holy Land, to most people, it was actually just a three-day hot topic . No matter how they felt about him or how funny the news was, it had nothing to do with them . However, with the status of a second-class apprentice, things were different . For all three supreme forces, there existed a clear replacement system . During the semi-annual competition, as long as he was defeated, the winner could replace him . That was basically what everyone aimed to do .

It was no exaggeration to say that Wang Zhong was now a fattened-up guinea pig who was definitely ripe for the picking . Naturally, there would be countless people keeping an eye on him for fear that he had accidentally provoked someone and got wiped off the map . Now, if there were still seniors who wanted to teach Wang Zhong a lesson, no one would agree to that . It was like raising a pig of their own; thus, they had to pay close attention to the pig feed . When it was ready for slaughter after six months, the pig would become the common target .

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Wang Zhong knew nothing about the rumors . Although he heard a little murmur about it several times through the Skylink when he was chatting with Grai and Laura, they did not spell it out for him too clearly . It was impossible for them to mention phrases like ‘raising a pig . ’ As for the fact that people considered him to be a fattened-up guinea pig, Wang Zhong felt that it was normal . If he was in their shoes, he would probably do the same if there was a supposedly easy way to earn Holy Coins .

As Wang Zhong stayed a few more days in the library, he realized that Holy Coins were truly too important . Although Cellular Cosmology was free, the methods of stimulating nuclear power introduced inside required the investment of Holy Coins . Not to mention formal cultivation, even in the initial beginner stage — to feel the existence of the nucleus — one would need to get his hands on several alchemy products and even dimensional treasures . The first of which was the Glazed Crystal Glass . According to the book, through the special Wan Ling grinding method, the glass is made into a lens . It would then be assembled with some specialized equipment to produce the so-called ‘Micro Mirror,’ which could be used to observe the microscopic atomic world .

Although it was only a part of the preparation for understanding before actual practice, it was a necessary step . Although Wang Zhong knew the principle of the nucleus and could understand the literal meaning of the words, he did not know what the so-called nucleus actually was or what it looked like . How could he even practice it if he did not know anything about the nucleus? After inquiry, he found out that a palm-sized piece of Glazed Crystal Glass would cost 300 Holy Coins . Including other auxiliary materials to manufacture the entire Micro Mirror, the end-product would cost at least 500 Holy Coins .

In the Holy Land, there was basically nothing one could not get as long as one could afford the price . One could issue any task, whether on the Dimensional World or on Earth, the new civilization or the old civilization… Those did not matter one bit . Only one thing was needed to become omnipotent — money .

Money makes the world go round .

Sure enough, there was no worst situation, only worse situations . It was no wonder that the divine book was not practiced even when it was free of charge . Wang Zhong was not even at the stage of formal practice . It was just a preparation process for the so-called micro-atoms . This was worse than daylight robbery . Which freshmen could afford this? Even if one was really brainwashed by this divine book, seeing the price alone was enough to scare one to death .

However, Wang Zhong did not hesitate too much about this . He was skeptical before because he had not understood . If he were to remain skeptical even after he had understood, he would be out of his mind as well as irresolute . The main problem he had now was where to get the 500 Holy Coins .

This did not seem to be a complicated choice for freshmen .

Dimensional Exploration was the main way to earn Holy Coins in the Holy City . Be it Great Teachers, teachers, or even the legendary Sacred Teacher, they would often have various needs during cultivation, such as Evil Demon Blood or precious treasures from a certain type of Dimensional World . Although it might not be difficult for them to obtain these things, there was no need for them to waste their time . Certain things did not rely on strength but rather, on the number of people or whether it was the right time .

Simply put, the reason why humans were powerful was efficiency and optimization!

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