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Chapter 729

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This incident was unexpected, but it did not affect Wang Zhong's rhythm . He did not want to waste his time pretending politeness and compliance toward those guys . If he did, there would only be more trouble in the future; therefore, he chose to start off strong . In terms of power, he felt that the only people who could pose a threat to him would be teachers . Obviously, none of the people present had reached that level yet .

Soothing music began to play in the hall, and the crowd dispersed . Everyone began to drink and dance . At first, someone wanted to ask Scarlet for a dance, but after getting rejected, no one bothered their group anymore .

After all, everyone within the circle of Holy Disciples understood the rules and conventions in the Holy Land . Here, they were extremely particular about rank and hierarchy . Wang Zhong had truly taken it too far today . However, it did not matter . On the surface of it, the situation diffused due to Molton, but in fact, it was also partly due to Scarlet's presence that made the seniors have qualms . Soon, Wang Zhong would have to pay for his words and deeds; it was just inevitable .

Moreover, Scarlet still had feelings for her friends from Earth because she had just entered the Holy Land not long ago . However, when she reached greater heights in the future, she would eventually drift away from them . By then, she would naturally know which side she belonged to . They did not need to rush into roping her as she might be averse to that . The seniors had already seen similar happening too often .

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After the unexpected situation, it was meaningless for Wang Zhong and the others to stay . Wang Zhong excused himself, and Molton did not urge him to stay; instead, he said a few words as a civility . To be honest, although he had a good opinion of Wang Zhong, his impression of him only stopped at that level . Although he himself brought Wang Zhong to the Holy Land, it was really for Laura and Mu Zi . But this dude did not really know how to get along with others! If one came to the Holy Land while retaining the same bad temper as on Earth and assuming that one was the best, one would really suffer a lot here .

Since Wang Zhong wanted to leave, Scarlet, Grai, Sharmie, and Mario naturally followed suit . Laura had also decided to leave, but unfortunately, Molton insisted on her staying, as he had yet to build a network of relationships for her .

Okuyama Domoto constantly smiled as he watched . As the owner of this villa and a well-known Holy Disciple of the Mystic Sect, he remained magnanimous . Even after experiencing that moment of perturbation earlier, he appeared unaffected, as though nothing had happened . This made Scarlet and the others feel a little more relieved . After staying in the Holy Land for more than a month, they had gradually become familiar with some of the hidden rules here . Although it was obvious that Okuyama Domoto was interested in Scarlet, it was definitely not wise to make an enemy out of such a well known Holy Disciple . Gui Hao was like an overturned cart in front, being a warning for those behind . Fortunately, Molton and Scarlet got involved, so he did not seem intent on pursuing the matter .

As Wang Zhong and the others left, the singing and dancing in the villa continued on . After watching them leave, Okuyama Domoto walked to the side with a glass of wine and shot a meaningful glance . Almost immediately, a Holy Disciple with a mini mustache walked over respectfully . "Senior Domoto . "

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There was no trace of anger on Okuyama Domoto's face . In fact, he had seen too many impulsive freshmen like Wang Zhong in the Holy Land every year . There were always lessons to be learned for such people . Normally, with his high status, he need not have to do anything . However, he was the host today, and Wang Zhong was, in fact, truly too proud for his own good . It was almost unbelievable .

He spoke in a calm manner, "Some freshmen need to learn the rules of the Holy Land . Just don't kill him . Also, make sure he stays away from Scarlet . "

"Got it . "

When they left the villa, Sharmie and Mario's hearts were still beating furiously . Previously, due to loyalty, they instinctively stood by Wang Zhong without thinking about it . But in hindsight, what the hell happened… They had been here for a long while now and understood the rules and regulations . They had never heard of any freshman being rewarded with a fruitful result after offending the seniors . Gui Hao had merely offended one person, and he had been miserable since . Now, he dared not even speak loudly in the Sparta Clan . But Wang Zhong did not just offend one person, he had offended almost every senior in that room with just one outburst . That was freaking daring .

However, Scarlet and Grai seemed indifferent . Grai was naturally indifferent to things around him, but for Scarlet, she really did not mind a single bit . She had her teacher to back her, but even if she did not, she would still act the exact same way . For Wang Zhong, she would not mind facing immense dangers and difficulties .

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Wang Zhong was still hungry, while Sharmie and Mario claimed to need a drink to calm their nerves .

The food industry in the Holy Land was not as deficient as imagined . Before Wang Zhong arrived, he assumed that all people here were lunatics of cultivation and that they would not spend too much time eating; but he eventually learned that this place was literally a food paradise .

On one end, the Federation would provide more-than-sufficient resources for the Holy Land . It could be said that whatever was considered very expensive outside, was very common here . These included Copperfield beef, of which 80% was given to the Holy Land . The food here was not just delicious . During preparation, besides taking the taste into consideration, the amount of energy present had to be taken into account as well . The Fifth Dimension had never lacked high-level ingredients . The flesh of those high-order Dimensional life forms contained a variety of extremely powerful energy . Through various cooking methods, not only could that energy be retained in the cooking process, some energy fusion and transformation could even be made to make them more suitable for absorption by the human body . Additionally, the harmful components contained in the meat could be eliminated as well .

With such high demands, the occupation called dimensional gourmet was born . This was also a support occupation in the Holy Land . Good taste was only the most basic thing for one of them . As a dimensional gourmet, one would specialize in refining the food and putting the power in the dimensional ingredients to good use . This started as food but went beyond just food . Not only could one gain dimensional energy and treat injuries, but he might even reach the point where he could grasp certain powers .

Naturally, dimensional gourmets were at another level . Not to mention the Federation's currency, even if one had Holy Coins, it depended on whether the gourmet wanted to acknowledge his presence . To become a dimensional gourmet, one had to be talented and powerful . Be it identifying the ingredients themselves or understanding the different energies contained in them, it was not something that ordinary people could do .

Naturally, everyone was already very satisfied with ordinary food . They even felt like the food on Earth was like pig feed . This was especially true for Wang Zhong, as he had not eaten anything nice for a long time due to his journey in the desert . They were not greedy when it came to food, but as normal people, they naturally would not refuse food either .

Be it the Federation or cultivation on Earth, it was not abandoning human nature but rather exerting human nature . The reason why people were human was to understand the laws of the natural order with human characteristics . Only then would they achieve success . If not, they would just become monsters .

"This is really delicious!" Wang Zhong couldn't help but praise the food . The incident just now did not affect his mood . He was not a little kid anymore, so he did not bear grudges .

"This is nothing . " Sharmie could not help but chew loudly . "We'll bring you to the Sparta Clan's cafeteria tomorrow . Tsk tsk tsk . I'm not exaggerating at all . Whatever we eat can open up our pores . Then, we will feel like every pore has energy shooting out of it . I've been here for more than a month, and I'm the most satisfied with their food!"

"Congratulations, you have been promoted to the Holy City's glutton . You get a medal of honor," joked Scarlet as she laughed beside the stall .

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