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Chapter 719

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That great power could be felt across hundreds of miles . Although he had heard that there were several mysterious experts in Tutankhamun, he still couldn't believe his luck . If he could get a few pointers, he might be able to break through his current bottleneck . Ever since he encountered Mu Zi, Molton had fallen in love with Tutankhamun, a place where infinite miracles could happen . Although it was considered a backward place, it had retained many original powers .

At that moment, Wang Zhong appeared to be asleep . His body began to float in the air slowly, and golden light radiated from him like X-rays . In the sky, the sun was awakening bit by bit while Wang Zhong's body continued to rotate at the same pace . The earth under him also interchanged between darkness and light continuously .

Thunder sounds could be heard from the clear sky . At that moment, countless people in the oases near the desert looked up at the sky . They were already originally troubled by the atmospheric anomalies; thus, the loud booming of thunder this time gave them such a huge shock that they fell on all fours . At the same time, the experts among them sensed a wave of dominance and an out-of-the-ordinary presence .

A top-ranked expert had just emerged???

The corner of Mu Zi's mouth moved to reveal the faintest hint of a smile as he too looked up at the sky . He closed his eyes slowly, while his coffin constantly absorbed the power radiating from heaven and earth . It seemed that his friend had truly gained some insights . He had always expected Wang Zhong to succeed, but he was still a little taken aback by such a strong aura . This presence… was a little too huge!

Wang Zhong opened his golden eyes as light shone from them, seemingly able to project thousands of miles through space . This time, the power that supported him did not originate from Soul Power but from the Fate Stone, which had transformed due to the changes in the surroundings . The thunder in the sky symbolized the anger from the natural order's power, and both sides were stuck in a powerful confrontation . However, the eclipse had caused a loophole in the natural order .

A seamless world would actually be imperfect; therefore, loopholes had to exist in the natural order . Absolute perfection signified an imminent collapse . Only with both light and darkness can there be a cycle, ensuring a balance in nature .

This particular loophole happened to be in line with Wang Zhong's strong aura, stimulating the activation of his Fate Stone . This laid down the most important step for Wang Zhong, an unprecedented one .

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In the sky, lightning flashed and thunder boomed over a shockingly wide range . Was it going to rain? In Tutankhamun??

This hadn't occurred in decades!!!

Molton lay sprawled on the ground . What the f*ck was happening? He was extremely close to the origin of power . Was that a person at the Heavenly Soul Stage or some random primitive mutated beast? What could cause such a huge commotion? Was it a Heavenly Calamity???

Legend had it that whenever a 9th rank Dimensional lifeform tried to forcibly break through the void, it would trigger a punishment from both heaven and earth, which was a terrifying force of the Dark Ages . Molton suddenly felt like a fool . It was such good luck that he could witness such a rare event, one that had not occurred in at least two hundred years . The problem was that he had foolishly run into the origin area!

That distant golden light seemed to be in a confrontation with the earth's powers . That was an incredible and huge power; it inconceivably challenged the powers of the natural order . Molton felt that he was about to pee in his pants as he could not move an inch .

The Dharma Idol revealed the natural order's power!

Human beings were the medium for Dimensional powers to connect . This was also the first step for human beings to truly make contact with the universe .

This step represented a change in the current situation and also symbolized the future .

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Wang Zhong spread out his arms while he was in the air . An alternating grid of darkness and light began to spread from his feet and it constantly expanded, extending to the seemingly boundless end .

Heaven and earth became part of the chessboard!

The natural order became part of the chessboard!

Everything became part of the chessboard!

Perception changes with the soul, with will comes power . Beyond fate . A loophole of the natural order!

The lightning bursts continued to grow more terrifying . At this moment, the sun had already almost returned to normal, but the sky was filled with dark clouds as thunder roared wildly amidst the lightning bolts .

However, all of that could not hinder the expansion of the Heaven and Earth Chessboard .

Wang Zhong was suspended in the middle of it with his arms spread out . Everything around him disappeared, leaving only the chessboard .

That was his Dharma Idol!

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It was a terrifying existence that should not have belonged to him, and one that he would never have been able to comprehend . However, with a loophole in the natural order, it was formed, via the Fate Stone . As such, it was an unprecedented existence .

As the full solar eclipse ended, the projection of the chessboard disappeared with it . Then, a flaming giant materialized beside Wang Zhong . He was around four meters tall and floated in the air . He wore a crown that was burning with flames .

He was the attached bodyguard of the Dharma Idol belonging to Wang Zhong — The Flaming Spirit King .

The huge Flaming Spirit King slowly fell on his knees and spoke, "My Great King, Salamander's back . "

It was as though there was only Wang Zhong left in the entire universe .


At the end of the full solar eclipse, 60% of Tutankhamun's land began to experience heavy rainstorm . The amount of rainfall this time was equivalent to the total amount over the past 10 years; it was definitely a good rain after a long drought . Numerous Tutankhamuns began to sing and dance . This huge amount of water could lead to the formation of many new oases and replenish the water sources for countless people .

As rain poured from the sky, a hint of joy could be spotted on Mu Zi's face . It really was… beyond fate . It seemed even the order of heaven and earth could be broken .

At the same time, there was a big explosion at the top of Mount Gasmar in this boundless jungle of Hero's Continent . A huge part of the mountain peak was blasted off . Originally the tallest mountain in the jungle, it was now ranked fifth .

. . . …

Molton finally stood up and wiped the water off his face . It was really weird; the rainwater did not contain large amounts of radiation . What in the world? He had already decided to report back to the Holy Land after being in the Empire for such a long time . Who knew he would witness such a shocking event? Even so, he did not actually manage to gain any form of inspiration from it .

Should he continue forward or go back?

That was a problem . However, there would not be much hesitation for a successor of the Potter family . He believed in fate . If he was supposed to die, he wouldn't be able to escape death . Since he was already here, it was not his style to just leave . He would definitely regret doing so for his entire life .

Soon, Molton saw a blurry figure . Damn, this time he was really going to gain something good from this . There was really a senior trying to defy the heavens . It seemed like he was exploding with luck . What a lucky dog . He was determined to bootlick the senior and learn something from him!

Wang Zhong was also elated . He felt that he had impossible luck! The full solar eclipse gave him the opportunity to borrow the heavenly power of the Fate Stone to create the incredible Dharma Idol of the Heaven and Earth Chessboard . Even as a Heroic Soul Stage rookie, Wang Zhong could feel the incredible power emitting from it; there was a vision beyond the chessboard, which was at an extremely high level .

His flaming bodyguard was also a part of the Dharma Idol . The Heaven and Earth Chessboard was a foundation: one he could not assume control over or even fathom to understand right now . However, the flaming bodyguard could be used right away . Salamander was the name of the Flaming Spirit King in mythology . Due to the power from the Heaven and Earth Chessboard, this part of his Dharma Idol had also become out of the ordinary . It was not just a simple imitation of human thought, but a… reflection of illusion into reality .

His Dharma Idol might have been a projection of the Spirit King . The silver Soul Power made Wang Zhong feel inexhaustible . He clenched his fist and power came at will . A huge amount of Heroic Soul Power surged throughout his body instantly . The crackling sounds from his fist made it seem like there were electric currents flashing about . Wang Zhong could only roughly estimate the Soul Power response, but he could feel the state of his body and it was overflowing with power . He felt that he should have already reached one thousand Grassos, the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage's Initial Phase . Obviously, only rookies would calculate the strength of their Soul Power . At the Heroic Soul Stage, it was not enough to control principal laws; however, it was the stage where one could learn and understand them . Everything else was just a means to an end, and this starting point was very high indeed!

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