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Published at 11th of March 2020 10:09:44 AM
Chapter 688

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Although they couldn't be compared to new humans, through the use of all 4 limbs, they were able to move at high speeds, and were much faster than ordinary humans . Just like a swarm of locusts, they lunged crazily towards the tall mountain of garbage, hurriedly searching for anything useful, with food being their highest priority .

At this first instant, the vagrant had also rushed forward . Compared to the other refugees, his movements appeared more nimble, powerful and faster . Appearing to have suffered under his hands, the others were fearful of him and kept their distance from him .

Very quickly, he managed to find a can of luncheon meat . Being more than half empty, the leftover meat was covered in a layer of oily green mold that gave off a pungent odour . However, this was already a high-quality meal for the refugees . This caused countless dread-filled eyes to turn green with envy, some even having a tinge of malevolence .  

The vagrant extended his hand into the can, digging out a piece of rotten luncheon meat . The piercing smell burst forth, instantly exciting the surrounding mutated humans to uncontrollable levels .

"Awoo Awoo!" The 2 nearest mutated humans lunged forwards madly, forgetting their previous lesson; all they could see was the can of luncheon meat before them .


Giving a fierce kick, the vagrant unleashed an astonishing amount of power from his leg, sending the fellow lunging from the left flying away . As this happened, the mutated human on the right had already arrived behind him .

Perhaps due to the unending hunger, the powerful vagrant was unable to block the attack . Two pus-covered, foul-smelling arms gave their all as they pulled the vagrant's collar backwards . Losing his balance, the vagrant fell over . Instantly, 7 to 8 more pairs of berserk-looking red eyes erupted in his surroundings .  

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Pacing about on their hands and feet while grinding their teeth, these group of mutated humans appeared just like a pack of wild beasts .

"Ahhhhhhhh!" The vagrant's eyes instantly turned bloodshot, appearing as though he wanted to vent all of the anger that had built up inside him over the past few days .

Soul Power erupted from his body, displaying the power of a Casted Soul Stage . A powerful surge of strength gushed out from his left hand as he lifted the mutated human grabbing onto his hand and flung him away fiercely .  

Bang bang bang bang!

3 to 4 mutated humans lunging towards him were instantly swept away as the vagrant unleashed his madness, opening his mouth wide to give a fierce bite at the hands that were wrapped around his neck and cutting off his breathing . Inky green mutated blood instantly spurted out as the mutated human shouted out in pain, immediately reducing the strength of the stranglehold .  

Standing up, the vagrant grabbed the mutated human with his left hand before forcefully throwing it off himself .


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Despite knocking 4 to 5 people away, this was utterly incapable of fazing the mutated humans that had been stimulated by the smell of the luncheon meat, as 4 to 5 more shot over . At the same time, more mutated humans started to stir, their eyes revealing a maddened murderous intent within .

The vagrant had been here for over ten days, and had stolen many of the things that would have originally went to the mutated humans, which had infuriated them . Previously, they had dreaded him . However, with everyone now focused on him, and coupled with the stimulation from the luncheon meat, everyone's killing intent had skyrocketed .

Even more people lunged over, biting and clawing in an attempt to rip the vagrant apart . Nevertheless, despite evidently having previously undergone combat training, the vagrant didn't seem to excel in combat . In the beginning, there was some order to his defence, with some martial arts moves present in his movements . However, as more and more people started to surround him, the physical burden and exhaustion started to show, resulting in bite marks quickly covering his entire body .  

Within this frenzied encirclement, there were only 2 outcomes . Every single mutated human had to be killed, or he would end up being killed by them!

Growing mad, the vagrant started to throw order out of the window with his movements . His strength, agility, and viciousness were still greater than these mutated humans that lived in this garbage pile!

A mutated human bit into his hand, causing his eyes to turn bloodshot as he retaliated with a bite of his own, directly ripping off his target's stinking ear . While this happened, another mutated human had grabbed onto his thigh in a frantic attempt to pull him down . Immediately, the vagrant disregarded all other attacks, before creating depressions in the chest of the mutated human with his fists .

The fight quickly died down, with the vagrant covered in blood; there was his own blood, and there was blood from the mutated humans, in a revolting mix of red and green .

Pressing down on a mutated human, he continued to pant heavily as shivers racked his body . In his mouth was a piece of rotting flesh, which he had ripped off from the face of a mutated human .

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The mutated human shrieked out in pain, while dozens more others were strewn across his surroundings . Spitting out the disgusting piece of flesh, the vagrant's eyes lit up with a berserk red glow as he looked towards his surroundings .

A fierce gaze swept out, shooting towards the squirming mutated humans, just like a silent but menacing roar .

Every single mutated human turned silent, and stopped their squirming, not a single one daring to attack again .

The straightforward ones feared the shrewd ones, the shrewd ones feared those who fought without a care for their lives, but all of them feared the mad .  

If he dared to bite even the toxic and infected, foul-smelling flesh of mutated humans, what else would he not dare to do? Even mutated humans weren't this insane . .  

Every single mutated human here had eyes filled with dread . Timidness and cowardness were ingrained in their being . Despite the allure of food, all of them were bullies, never challengers .

Carrying his injury-laden, completely exhausted body, the vagrant climbed up from the body of the mutated human .  

Sizzle . . .

Looking towards all of the mutated humans, he shoved open the luncheon meat can, before proceeding to shovel its contents into his mouth, even sticking his tongue into the can to lick the crumbs up . Mouths drooling with saliva, the mutated humans continued to stare at him, though not a single noise was made . After finishing the meat, the vagrant appeared to be sated; or perhaps, the earlier fight had drained his energy .

Limping away, he returned to his original spot beside the pile of garbage, before lying down after covering himself with a blanket .

The place started to quieten down . Hearing for any sounds coming from his surroundings, the vagrant quickly heard sounds of people shuffling through garbage, as though the fight had never happened .

"Hee…" A self-ridiculing laugh rang out from the vagrant's mouth, before his bloodshot eyes turned dim and muddy, reverting into 2 hollow orbs filled with deep despair .

He closed his eyes .

As he did so, the scenes that occurred a dozen days ago appeared in his mind .

"Through the Federation's Parliament, Tianjing Police Commissioner, as well as dozens of jurors, we have come to a verdict . "

"Ma Dong, for stealing Federation secrets, bribing a high-ranking official in the Dimension Research Institute, and organising illegal construction for a new region, you will be stripped of your Federation citizenship and all of your assets, and are banished to exile in the wilderness . You are hereby ordered to leave Tianjing City! No appeal is allowed, and your sentence will be executed with immediate effect!"

Despite having managed to escape the moldy prison and witnessing sunlight once again, Ma Dong's heart had become even heavier than before .

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